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on February 7, 2013
My 5 1/2 year old Dell PC finally bit the dust, and since my family all have Macs and rave about them, I thought I would take the plunge. Wow, am I glad I did! This thing is amazing. Gorgeous, sleek, fast, and did I say gorgeous? I bought the 27" 2.9GHz for $200 less because it was the model Amazon had in stock. I was a little afraid it would not be powerful enough for my needs, but it turns out it exceeds them. I am using it for amateur photography needs, and just basic home use and internet use. I bought an external "Apple SuperDrive" at $75, a pair of 8GB memory cards "Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204-Pin 1.35V/1.5V Memory Modules For Mac CT2C8G3S160BM" at $85, and a "Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for Mac" to back up my photos at $137. I also bought the $169 Apple warranty. Though I have been told Macs have a rep for not going bad, if they do, an Apple Tech told me the cheapest repair is $800. So, I got the warranty for peace of mind. Anyway, back on the performance of this has more than exceeded my expectations...I am glad I saved $200 and got the 2.9 since that money helped pay for the other items.

Note that some bad reviews were over this super thin model not having a built in DVD/CD drive. What is the big deal? You can live without one, but if you do want it, just buy the Apple Super Drive for $75; it plugs into the back of the iMac via USB and is very thin and small. It sits on the iMac stand and is the same color as the stand, so just blends right in. Or if you prefer a blu-ray, there a black Samsung Bluray read/write external drive. So, adding an external player is NOT an issue. Actually, I think it is an advantage to have it as a peripheral, since dying DVD/CD drives have been an annoying problem in the past with PCs. With it being an inexpensive peripheral on this iMac, I can simply buy another down the road should it go out.

Note also that the 1TB internal Hard Drive and 8GB of memory should be PLENTY for almost all needs and I found the standard configuration to be very fast and efficient as shipped. I bought the external drive as added protection for my photos, and the extra memory because I use Photoshop and work with a lot of memory-sapping RAW images. But unless you are into photography or heavy graphics, I do not think these additions are necessary at all...and actually a waste of money.

You could just buy this iMac without warranty, external DVD drive, extra memory, external Hard Drive and save yourself almost $500. I guarantee you will be very happy with this awesome machine as shipped and you probably will not have need of the warranty in the first 3 years anyway. These tweeks depend on your point of view and your personal needs.

Overall, I could not be happier with this iMac and highly recommend it. The display is stunning and the machine is powerful and glitch free.

I was hesitant to purchase this from Amazon vs directly from Apple (not sure why...I guess because Apple has traditionally been the exclusive seller of their products)...but had no problems or issues at all in doing so. It shipped via UPS with signature required....arrived in two days packed in a very heavy and form-fitting outer box. It's delivery was no different from my experience buying online from Apple, with the exception that Apple usually uses FedEx. Of course, if you buy from Apple, you can configure your IMac a little bit...but adding memory from Apple is very expensive (even if you buy from Apple you should buy your memory separately and install yourself. It is very easy to do). And buying a larger internal HD is not necessary either if you get an external. The external is better anyway in that you can use Time Machine to backup your computer in case a calamity hit your desktop.
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2013
I held out for a while to buy another iMac. The last one I had bought in 2007 was limping along sadly and highly suicidal. He repeatedly tried to end it completely (death by hard drive failure) and I had to use an external hard drive to use as the computer's hard drive. That would have been great except for the fact that the external hard drive wasn't up for the task and had a very public meltdown, taking all my precious files with it. Cloud storage anyone?

Hopefully the latest iMac won't make me endure a similar fate. It's hard to imagine that the computer--light years of improvement in every way from the 2007 model--wouldn't also be able to hold on to its hard drive a bit longer.

This machine is absolutely brilliant. It's not completely different than the older model, but it's so much faster and more capable. Tasks that would crash the programs in my suicidal machine are welcomed with open gigabytes on my new one. I like to have 10029 tabs open on my Firefox browsers and that was a big no-no until I got a modern machine. The main improvement is the operating system. Apple likes to force you to buying the new operating system by cutting off updates (even security updates) to older OSs. Now that I have the new OS X, I can get updates and manage my iPod and everything else. I feel like a new man.

Drawbacks: Apple, being a slave to industrial design that they are and unabashed promoters of their proprietary systems only gave the new iMacs thunderbolt and USB jacks in addition to the ethernet. No firewire, so the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock may be useful. Also, there is no DVD drive, so you may have to get an external drive for that or try to use your PC's drive to play movies from the 20th century (I'm still trying to get this to work).

All in all, an excellent purchase. I hope it will last longer than 6 years this time.

*** Update: well, it didn't last 6 years. It didn't even last 6 months before the screen conked out. I did some research and it looks like a common failure of the LG screens. There's even a class action suit because the screen fails right after warranty. Luckily, mine was still under warranty. It's still annoying and worrisome when the end of the warranty is here.
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on February 28, 2015
This is definitely not the newest Apple offering on the market but it has served me well in a multitude of ways in the past few months. 27 inches of screen real estate is a huge jump from the 17 inch laptop that I was using and the efficiency of the IOS environment has taken the guessing game out of will certain devices work with my home cpu. I'm not a serious gamer so I won't dive into the spec sheet in that arena but I have recorded multiple tracks of audio with Logic Pro X with no problem. Photoshop experiences no lag even with heavy editing task and Final Cut Pro runs smoothly as well. Unless you're running a professional business that needs insane output from a machine; this iMac will blow you away.
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on March 10, 2016
Wasn't truly refurbished. Condition was not as expected nor claimed. The machine has been troubleshoot tested and has a failing hard drive per analysis. Seller did not include operating system disks nor user guide or other documentation. The peripherals were not OEM status. The OS was not a clean install. The icloud Apple ID was not removed and device not unregistered. No warranty information was provided for AppleCare nor were my emails returned from seller. Reformatting and reinstalling has left system issues and the device is not operating reliably. Issues upon booting every time on startup. Device was dirty and dusty. Appearances were that a new iMac was bought and the new box used for an older machine which was never refurbished according to specifications required to be considered refurbished. Next step to take to official Apple Store. Very disappointed in false advertising.
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on June 19, 2013
I can find no flaws in this product. I have never had a Mac before but I love this computer! It is very easy to use and has lots of tutorials to learn functions if needed. I had a little trouble with the magic mouse at first until I learned I could change the settings and right click...what a world of difference that made for a PC user. I would recommend this product to everyone.
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on October 22, 2013
I love the new Mac !

I killed two birds from one shot. I was thinking to buy a Tv. for my bedroom, also needed a desktop computer. And for the prices and twelve months free charge of interest using the Amazon Store card, It was more that I was bargain for !
I'm enjoying my very own Tv. and Computer among other things that it could been done with this beauty. If you want to buy a desktop computer, the new Mac is the way to go. No complains at all !. Don't forget to buy the services plan with it, and if you want higher sound buy separate speakers. Love It !
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on February 1, 2013
What's striking is the size of the display... It's freaking huge!

No dead pixels, everything is running fast (enough).

My gripes are with the peripherals. Both the keyboard and the mouse are inferior, in my opinion, to logitech's high end offerings. The keyboard is not comfortable to type with, and has no backlight (though that's not that big a deal since the monitor will illuminate brightly enough to effect KB visualization). My gripes with the mouse are the plastic-y clicking sound and battery drainage. Logitech's mice sound much more solid however, they doesn't properly support OS X, so their mice won't support the gestures that the magic mouse does (such as their touch series mice, which work great on my windows based based machines). So we're kind of stuck with their setup. The battery consumption on the mouse is significantly higher than other wireless mice I own. Further, I recommend getting a keyboard skin to keep the KB clean. Unlike laptops, the computer doesn't "breathe" through the KB, so having a skin on the KB won't be a detriment, and macbook based KB skins fit this KB perfectly.

I have been on the wait list for this product for 2 months, and received it yesterday. I'm pretty happy about it all in all. It is a looker, and will make a great hand-me-down to the family when the time comes.

The best feature is the screen, although it's something that takes a bit of getting used to.

Those people that complain about the lack of an optic drive don't mention the built-in card reader. That is enough for me and am happy to save a little having not have an optical drive installed. I'll burn a dvd once in a blue moon and all my other computers have it, and rarely use it.

I wouldn't recommend this unit however, I think the 21 inch would be more appropriate for most people, and significantly cheaper, not to mention lighter, making it somewhat more portable, however, the size of the display may fit the needs of certain customers.

For everyday computing, the 21 inch would probably be ideal and is what I recommend to friends.

Note: After a month's use I noticed that my network speed fluctuated quite a bit. I used Wifi exclusively to connect to a home wireless N router (linksys e1500) and aside from my inconsistent internet speed, I noticed that even internal network speeds were slow (laptop, iPhone and tablet transfers to and from my iMac).

I happened to have a wireless network device (TrendNet TEW-647GA) in storage, so I took that out for some testing. It connects to the same wifi network, and uses an ethernet cable to provide connectivity to my iMac through it's ethernet port. The result was a dramatic speed increase, with consistency!

In conclusion, the wifi adapter on this iMac is garbage, or at least, desperately needs a firmware upgrade. If you will be using Wifi exclusively, as I do, you will want to invest in another solution to avoid using the built in wifi adapter. Either a usb-based wifi or a device similar to the one I'm using.
It's quite disappointing that such a high end computer would be using such a low grade wifi adapter. I don't appreciate having to resort to the solution I'm currently using, but the effects are prominently better.
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on October 10, 2013
Exactly what I wanted! This mac has incredible definition. I was using a 21 inch but decided that the investment was worth it. 27 inches is the way to go.
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on October 17, 2013
WOW --This is a computer--it is twice as fast as my other MAC and have more and
better features. The display is incredible--what a picture with the new display!! This is not the
OLD Version--It is the new version. Delivery was great and packaging is the best for a computer
I have ever seen!! Apple at it's best again!! A+++++
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on February 25, 2013
I purchased this for my fiancé to use for business and pleasure. It is a well manufactured, very responsive computing system. Not going to get into holy wars about Mac VS PC because I use both but prefer the Mac because of its under the head Mach kernal and *nix guts that I grew up with as a developer.

I like this machine for a couple of reasons,

1) The view is beautiful! you can't find a monitor on the market that could beat this without shelling out $700+.

2) In spite of the hd speed (5400), it still gets the job done. Photoshop works well, compiling etc... I'm a little greedy so It could be faster though. Just go ahead and pay for the fusion drive or if they have a pure ssd option, go for it.

3) Aesthetics, Ergonomics - They matter!! Stop pretending that they don't! The machine looks very modern and well thought out. Just think Ferrari. It looks way better than my cheap ass black dell at work.

1) Because I do like to optimize my machines periodically, I don't like the fact that in order to swap out the hard drive, I would have to do some critical surgery separating the led panel from some frame or something according to That is why I will keep my Mini w/ 27 inch thunderbolt display. It is not the end of the world because I like to write code and don't have time to be fixing a computer anyway. I just want it to work 99% of the time.

2) Price - I'm frugal so $1800 for a computer is a little steep. I would feel more comfortable spending maybe $800.

In reference to the people that complain about the drive being missing, I just so happen to have a drive left over from an older Macbook Air that works fine. I have not used it a single time in the month owning it. Not everybody needs a drive. I would rather have a skinny machine with no drive and attach it on demand. For those who have to have one sorry, Apple can't please everybody.

At any rate, if you enjoy Macs, you won't be disappointed by the sleek profile, crisp graphics and fairly fast cpu. I have compared it to my Mac mini with a 2.3 ghz i7 and 16 gb of ram and it is similar in response time doing common chores such as browsing and streaming video. If you are an ultra performance geek, buy a 12-core Mac Pro and run near meaningless benchmarks but for the rest of the people that have work to do (also fun), it is likely this machine will get it done.
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