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Size: 32GB|Item Shape: Wi-Fi + Verizon 4G|Color: White|Change
Price:$589.46+ $10.00 shipping

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on April 18, 2016
I have a sincere love for electronics. Even older generations out of stock and out of style. Anyways what they offer here is pretty self explanatory. But, the ways of the system goes is if you want a cheaper price buy a older generation. However you have to accept the back handlers that come with that. The apps are only so far, and it didn't offer much storage space. But what it does offer 's top notch screen voltages speed, looks design, and usage. The internet works fast as well. But here is where the huge warning. If you don't have a fast connection speed like Comcast, because of the processor which takes up a lot, it might not even work. The bars will get lower and by the times your out of the room of the voltage the whole system will stop working with internet. That's why I had to return mine. However it might work for you. It's worth the shot and the return process 's rather easy. Happy shopping! (;
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on July 20, 2012
Just got my IPad the other day, and have yet to find anything to dislike about it. I'm glad I got the one with 32gigs of storage! Although my primary motivation for getting the IPad was for the wonderful apps, which are way better than the ones on the IPod touch, mainly because of the bigger screen. I decided to sync the IPad with my ITunes library and that filled up 16.5gigs, but the photos and movies look great on the IPad, and make them easier to share with friends and family, the music, not so much. Anyway, with the extra hard drive space I wont have to worry about running out of space, at least for the next year or two. I'm sure to replace this IPad with a later model by then and hopefully it will have a port for an SD card. I ordered through Amazon for 2nd day delivery, and it got here on time and undamaged. One thing that I liked about my Ipod touch was the weather app, on the IPad the weather app is not included, but if you buy the WeatherBug Elite app, you not only get detailed weather, current and forcast with dangerous weather alerts, but you also can watch the national weather forcast on the WeatherBug.com website! How cool is that? Get it you'll love it! dump that laptop or netbook!
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on June 1, 2017
Took a gamble getting a used Ipad. I had purchased a used one before for my son a few years ago and it's still kicking (Ipad 1). Needed one for work purposes and didn't want to cough up the full price on a new one. Got it in a timely matter. I love the fact that they do signature confirmation in order to release the package. So many people fall victim to some a-hole stealing their stuff that's left outside and lots of the time the USPS are so lazy that they don't even knock to let you know that it's there (I was home when they attempted and they didn't knock at all >:( ) But seeing that they had to get my signature, it worked out fine.

It was fully charged when I turned it on. It works fine and the battery life is great. Took me a while to decide where to purchase a used one because there are so many sellers who sell duds but this one was a great choice. No scratches. Looks like new. Happy customer.
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on October 22, 2015
I can not say enough about this iPad. Previously, I bought my husband and son iPad airs for Christmas and they work great as well. At the time, I was an Android user. Well, it turned out that I really missed my iphone so I switched back. But the prices of the newest iPad were so high, and honestly the 3rd generation fir my specs fine on paper. I am not lying when I say I use this for at least 6 hours every single day. It has become my most coveted possession - and I only paid a portion of what I would have paid on a newer generation. It is a little heavier than the Air, but honeslty, I'm not toting around 24 hours a day - and even if I was - it's still light - I don't think I'd strain my arm or anything! 8-)

It's one of my best purchases ever on Amazon - and I buy something on Amazon almost every single day.
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on April 24, 2014
Buying a first generation anything Apple is always a little risky. I usually wait for the "S" model phones to come out, personally.

This is a great iPad. The retina display is mind glowingly sharp. Games? Unbelievable. Movies? DONE. Laptop replacement? Pretty much!

It is the last 30-pin model, so if you're all iPhone 5 and 5S with the lightning connector, don't throw out your 30 pin cables yet!

Only legit complaint about this dude is the charging time. This thing takes literally 8 hours to get a full charge. EIGHT. HOURS. A little absurd. But it's the first retina display iPad! And it can get a little warm when playing a graphic intensive game. But, stick it in a case and you won't notice.

Overall, great buy! I kept checking the "used" section on Amazon until I found a perfect condition, used-like new 16GB iPad 3 being sold for under $300. Not a scratch on it. SCORE!
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on May 21, 2012
Instead of going through all the review aspect of the device I will simply touch upon the basics and what means the most to me. I'm familiar with Apple products ranging from the iMac, Macbook, iPhone(s), iPod(s) and iPad(s). I owned the first gen iPad while my wife owns the second gen. After all of this time I knew it was time to upgrade. My 1st gen. iPad was slowing down and the laggy moments were really starting to get to me. I don't like to wait....I admit it, Im impatient!

So after getting irritated with some lag I ordered the iPad 3. Immediately there is a huge speed increase compared to the 1st gen. Compared to the 2nd gen, you won't notice much of anything. What you will notice of course is the screen. It looks absolutely amazing. Very clear. Perfect.

So what else is there to say? It's light (compared to the 1s gen, almost the same as the 2nd) an roughly the same size. I'm using the Apple case from the 1st gen for this one even though it is a bit loose. I had to punch a small hole in the back for the camera but that was easy enough. The camera works great and takes good photos in 'house' lighting. No flash but that's ok with me. I usually taking random photos and not counting on this as my primary camera. All in all, it's better than the 2nd gen, worse than a point and shoot. Video is good quality though. Not bad at all.

Battery life is like the other iPads.....AWESOME! No issues with it being hot (it does get luke-warm).

For me this is the king of the tablets. I have android tablets and they are good but not great. When it comes to having something that simply works and works very well, then you can't beat Apple and the iPad. You can do the same with other tablets but not as easily or as seamless. That I assure you.

I'll update in the future.
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on March 23, 2016
The ipad came without instructions and I am new with ipads I don't know how to use them and I certainly wasn't going to print a whole manual off the internet, the power chord didn't fit the pad so I could charge it. I definitely wasn't going to force it in the ipad and damage it. I was very disappointed. I thought I would try to get a used one because I can get the insurance for two years because they didn't offer that with new ones so to be safe I gave it a try with the insurance. Now I had to call for a return label and total refunds on the order, such a disappointment. But Amazon gave me such good customer service and understanding which made the experience a lot better. Now I have to start over with another one and this time I will not buy a used one. Bummed.
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on May 23, 2013
I always wanted a iPad but fell in love with the kindle fire hd so much I bought two one 7 inch and 1 8.9 .
They were pure entertainment devices and very family friendly but they did have there limitations.
My work required me to have access to apps that the fire didn't have increasing my need for a full tablet experience with that said I did keep my 7 inch fire hd.
I love hd entertainment and the iPad didn't disappoint me at all yes I did pay more for the iPad for the extras I needed but its the real deal if you have the luxury of having a fire hd 7 inch and a 10 inch iPad do it because the I pad mini is not a fire hd.
Now that I told you my story I have to say the iPad retina has been with me every where I go my tablet is no longer my bedtime device it's a part of my life and yes it does everything it should do well movies ,music ,apps and more and it does it very well .
I believe that until someone makes a device that is easy to use and is main stream the 9.7 inch iPad will remain the best tablet on the market
Everyone competes and compares there tablet with the iPad the reason is they have to its that good but most important you need a tablet in today's world .
As a Amazon customer I didn't want to write this review but respectfully I will say if you want a pure entertainment device the 8.9 fire hd is a excellent tablet for half the money and it was totally out of need that I spent the extra money for the iPad and you will have to buy a iPad to even be close to a amazon product or buy both .
My only regret was I had to buy a used open box item described as like new and it was like very used in fair and dirty condition the power cord was crazy dirty the tablet had the dirtiest box and finger prints all over the glass it did clean up well but it was only $10.00 less then the same one new at apples online store with a one year warranty but I only found that out after I bought it .
Service with amazon is one of the best online and maybe I got the wrong iPad because they sell good,very good, and like new and anything I ever bought like new was either new or real close who knows maybe after this review they may offer me a new one .
Remember the iPad is a great tablet there is no way you won't like it but for the small difference maybe you should buy new and get the real experience .
It's like staying in the best hotel and getting a bad room .
I plan to give a update so stay tune.
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on September 11, 2012
So in short, because this may be a long review, get the iPad 3 with the Retina display. Awesome, Awesome piece of technology and tool.

Now for the long version. I had an iPhone for two years before purchasing the iPad. I had played around with my friends when the first one came out and thought it was a fun (expensive) toy great for surfing, playing music and games.

When I got the chance to get one for myself finally, I honestly wasn't sure that I would use it. I had been given the first gen Kindle Fire and thought the UI was s#@t! Not to mention that the Android store was neutered and I wasn't able to download any app that I wanted because of the Amazon operating system that was on it. So even after rooting the Kindle and installing the Android operating system I was even less thrilled about the tablet idea. The touch technology between my iPhone and Kindle were significantly different. That difference equated to annoyance when I couldn't get the Kindle to recognize the correct link I was trying to get without having to zoom in all the time. The iPhone would figure out what letter I was picking on a page and get it right 98% of the time... unzoomed. What I did like was the idea of being able to not have to have my laptop around all the time (which is 17inches of screen) and that I could use it as a reader.

However, I didn't want to squander my work bonus on something that would sit on the kitchen counter next to the Kindle Fire because I had no use for it. After researching what apps were available like iWorks, Flipbook, Note Taker HD that would serve a utilitarian purpose for my job. I went ahead and got the iPad. I honestly can't remember being more stoked about Apple since my first experience on the Apple IIe as a kid learning basic and playing games. This muthafkr goes EVERYWHERE with me now along with my iPhone in my back pocket LOL!!!

The clarity, visual smoothness, quality of the metal... Steve and his team really out did themselves. As a reader, there can occasionally be some glare as I've come across when reading outside. For a true person wanting an eReader, I think one of the other Kindles would work (Kindle Fire had glare too). However, very few come close to the experience of the iPad... and the total solution architecture experience that Apple has created for and around their products.

It is art, design, and technology merged.
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on March 13, 2013
Be very careful when ordering an iPad 3rd generation. They aren't New! I started to unpack the one I ordered and I am now in the process of returning it. How I found out is I watched 4 videos online of people unpacking a new one. In all 4 videos the ipad 3, itself was wrapped with some sort of cellophane. Mine didn't have any wrapping around it! I, also, found out they are discontinuing making them. I really wanted one. If you look closely at the ad on Amazon nowhere does it say it is new!! BUYER BEWARE!! I called an Apple store nearby me and they do still have some "REAL" new ones in their store for $499. Another thing that bothered me is there was no packing slip in the shipping box from Amazon that the iPad 3 came in. That never has happened to me before when ordering from Amazon. I've ordered many big ticket items from Amazon in the past and I never had a problem before. Now it's the hassle of returning it, getting a credit on my credit card, and then purchasing a "NEW" iPad 3 from the Apple store. From now on I will be very wary of ordering from Amazon (if I ever do), even though they have good deals.
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