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on February 7, 2014
I doubt that I'll ever go back to Windows again (other than the machine that I use at work). This is something that I've wanted to do for a while but I didn't want to take the time to learn it. I finaly bit the bullet and did it. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Wednesday (free shipping).

Within a few days, I'd figured out most of what I care about. I bought a book but found it only marginally helpful. In the several days bewteen ordering it and the arrival, I watched tons of YouTube videos on the iMac and that's where I learned most of what I know so far. Note: FINDER is to the iMac what Windows Explorer is to a PC.

I keep all personal files on an exernal drive, the only thing on the internal drive is the OS, applications, etc. That's a holdover from my Windows days.

Music is loaded although I don't like iTunes so I downloaded WinAmp. Pictures are loaded including some old photos that I've scanned, retouched and then saved back to disc (not just in iPhoto). It has a fairly decent photo editor;basic but good for someone like me who doesn't have the patience for spending 2 hours fixing a picure. Disc formatting and partitioning is quick and easy. I downloaded SuperDuper (free) and created an image in one of the partitions of an external drive. I'm used to using things like Ghost and Acronis on Windows platforms so this SuperDuper image is comforting.

It goes to sleep and remembers how to wake up. I don't think I ever owned a Windows machine that could handle that through several sleep/wake cycles, they always seem to get confused and need a forced shutdown. I attached a watt meter to it and it uses about 40 watts when awake and about 2-3 watts when asleep. The battery in the keyboard is still at 100% but the batterry in the mouse is at about 90% after 10 days. That's understandable considering how much more the mouse is used. A wired mouse would fix that but I like not seeing wires anyplace.

It's incredibly quiet and I'm very sensitive to PC noise.

I bought MS office because it's so much easier (for me) than using what the iMac came with or things like OpenOffice. The interface is not identical to the Windows version; it's close but not identical - don't know why Miscrosoft couldn't have done a better job of that.

It comes with some parameteers set in 10.9 Mavericks that didn't make sense and I thought I was stuck with them until I figured out that they could be changed. The 2 that come to mind are (1) the vertcal scroll bar is not always visible on a web page and (2) a right click on the mouse is not active. I changed both of those things.

I was able to play with the 27 inch version at a local library and found the sceeen too big. Maybe I would have gotten used to it but the 21.5 inch version that I got seems just right.
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on July 9, 2015
Love our new computer. The screen looks amazing and is so big and bright. The computer is easy to use, even when switching from PC. I don't regret not getting the retina screen. This computer is beautiful and quick.
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on November 3, 2014
Revised: 11 August 2015

I still Love this iMac and Amazon.com's customer support. I ordered the new Retina iMac October 31st and had it delivered the next day. We got it all set up and everything was going great. That's when I saw a strange line just left of center on the wallpaper. The line was small, the width of a single column of pixels. I then got another image and moved it around which allowed me to identify that the line went the entire height of the screen. I restarted the computer several time and didn't notice it when the screen was white or all black. Then opened up Photoshop changing the color of the layer until we were able to figure out that it was in fact the screen. When the Photoshop layer was painted brown or blue, the line was distinct. I snapped some screenshots (later realized that screen shots are at the software level, hot hardware thus didn't show anything) and called Amazon. They sent a new one right away. I did have to deal with re-licensing all the software which was a pain ad required I call Microsoft to get office to work.

The image is amazing (other than the dead pixels on the first machine), the computer fast & Amazon support is great. just make sure it's all working before you re-license everything so you don't have to do it a second time if it need replaced. And inspect the screen like a hawk. Given that's what you're buying this computer for, you should make sure it's 100%

Since it's a more expensive model, I advise getting some sort of coverage such as Square Trade or Apple Care. Pick the one that works best for you. NOTE: if you're a student, showing your student ID will save you $50 when getting Apple Care from an Apple store.

And if you need to call Apple Care, expect to be on the phone for an hour before they get to you. If you need to call Amazon, it's like 2 min. (my experience when I called)
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on April 3, 2016
I was excited to get this new imac. But early on things went wrong. The operating system was doing strane things. I became convinced that the computer came with malware on it and returned it. When i went to a local apple store and bought the newest version of this model i became aware that this package had been previously opened. The usb cable to charge the mouse and keyboard was not included and the tape that is removed by pulling a tab was not on the package. Though it otherwise appeared that the package was original these 2 items show it had been opened. I can only surmise this had something to do with it malfunctioning. I am writing this 5 days after returning and amazon has neither acknowledged receipt of the item or processed a refund. Based on my experience i would not purchase this item here but pay the $200 more and buy from apple directly. My experience with amazon has been very positive over time but this was not good. This comes also a few days after returning a copy of windows 7 sold on amazon that was originally packaged with a computer and will only work on that computer. Say what? This should not have been resold. So both these experiences make me cautious about computer related purchases on amazon.
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on January 4, 2014
Great experience buying this computer. It was delivered on time and the set up was very easy. My family had a Dell PC for a while but ever since I got an iPhone we were headed towards buying an Apple computer. There certainly is a transition period. But the times I go back and use the old computer I am reminded of all the really nice iMac features. Bright screen and quick response time. Also if you have old Microsoft files to use, we are trying Open Office which is free. Was a bit difficult to load (part of the transition), but it runs and allows you to save files with MS file extensions.
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on December 18, 2014
I think it's great. I haven't had a nice new mac in ever. We went for it. I don't really have another screen to compare it with but the Retina display is damn nice. So far I've edited video on this bad boy and no lags of any kind. And I have the basic model.

Oh and the shipping on Amazon is always awesome. Two-three day delivery and this comes in a nifty protective box.

*My one complaint is that it loses wifi everytime it goes into sleep mode. Anyone have an idea how to fix that I'm all ears.
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VINE VOICEon August 13, 2014
I have had my iMac for a week and I really love it. I have used Microsoft Windows for 24 years . I thought I was too old to learn a new system and would never buy an Apple product. My children gave me an iPad for Christmas and I was hooked. When it was time to get a new computer, I decided to try the iMac. It was very easy to set up right out of the box. Imagine the entire computer, speakers, everything in the monitor. Such a space saver. I bought the 21.5 inch screen.
I was able to transfer all my Word documents and photos from my PC to the iMac with a flash drive. The iMac has a word program (Pages), a spreadsheet (Numbers) and a Powerpoint (Keynote) that I was able to transfer my Microsoft Office files into. It does take some practice getting use to the difference between the PC and the iMac. I am still learning my way around, but it is a great experience.
The iMac does not come with a CD/DVD drive. You have to buy that separately if you want or need to use CD's. I highly recommend the iMac for anyone considering a new desktop computer.
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on March 2, 2015
Seller shipped fast, which was good. Price? Ehh it's an apple computer, what are you going to do. I was going to get a pc, but for a $200 more I got what I really wanted. Plus that new windows program was a little lame for me. Switched over to mac and I'm glad I did. I'll have to get a how to for this, but so far so good.
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on June 7, 2015
This machine is awesome. Been since 2007 since I upgraded my iMac. All I have to say is wow. I had extra RAM waiting here for it but out of box would have been just fine. GoPro 4K video on thi sthing is amazing! Picture editing amazing. Apple as always hit it out of the park offering this resolution. Previously and still the case for other builders this screen alone is 2K plus. So they basically are giving you the computer after paying for the screen....ENJOY.
I want to add. If you also intend to upgrade the RAM. Get it up and running plus all updates. Install ram restart, Shutdown unplug for 5 minutes to clear all cache. Restart again. All RAM sticks must be same size. 4's are installed. Just some info Ive learned with these upgrades.
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on June 5, 2014
I have wanted this computer for a long time, since I have every other apple product except one of the computers. I alternated between getting an apple laptop or an iMac and finally decided on the iMac because I believed I got more for the money. I was not familiar with the McIntosh OS so I brought a book to help me understand it better. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box is that it is a beautiful looking computer. This computer looks expensive!!! I was kind of surprised that there was so much in this computer, yet it is all in one. I love the way the mouse works, and the brightness of the screen. Because I am school, I still use my IBM compatible for school work since I go to school online, and assignments have to be turned in on that type of computer, but if it wasn't for that I would use the Mac computer exclusively. I enjoyed learning how this computer works. I also love how it interfaces easily with other apple products. the face that it did not have a CD/DVD drive didn't bother me. I just brought the apple external CD/DVD drive and it matches the computer. iTunes movies and tv shoes looks great on this computer. Because the computer is all-in-one, I purchased a portable desk on rollers from Amazon, and I place this computer on top of it, and mess around with the computer while I am simultaneously watching TV. Doing this allows me to use it like a laptop. The keyboard is small, but the key configuration is roomy, so it foes not seem like the keyboard is small at all. I plan on keeping this computer for a long time, so I got a warranty on it, since I read that repairs are expensive. I definitely recommend this computer, and it was well worth the wait.
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