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on August 1, 2010
I have been using a Mac Mini for my home theater for 3 years now. When Apple announced they were upgrading the Mac Mini 2010 to include a HDMI port, I put my older mini on Ebay and sold it for 400.00. For 3 years that Mac Mini cost $200.00. You cannot get this type of return on any other computer brand except Apple.

I searched all over and could not order this Mini any where, to new. I looked on Amazon and there it was. I could not believe my new Mac Mini was on my front porch in three days! Thank you Amazon.

This Mac Mini is used for Amazon movie watching, and I stream video from many popular internet sites. along with video blogs that I am registered with. The system is fool proof and is controlled by a Logitech bluetooth keyboard or my iPad or my iPod.

I am not using this Mac Mini for all its capabilities to say the least. This Mini is the hub for my home theater.

The performance, style, small size, and noiseless operation makes this Mac Mini just perfect for home theater applications. With its solid aluminum case, it is stunning. The build quality is second to none. It has as standard features; built in wifi, bluetooth, USB, remote control capable, Firewire 800, DVD player-burner, digital audio, HDMI and wired network. The Mac Mini has all that you could ever ask for in this type of computer.

Because this Mac Mini is on my network I have access to all my media from NAS drives and Drobo making the included Front Row media program simply perfect.

The MAC Mini is now a very powerful computer, if the Mac Mini can handle my video intensive needs, it can handle almost anything else you may what to throw at it.
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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2010
Update after several months of use. Not so great. VERY slow when multitasking. VERY slow with Aperture. Spotty wi-fi connectivity, even with an AP Express four feet away. Unpredictable graphics performance. Would buy an iMac instead for the better graphics capability. MM is only good for browsing and other tasks that are not CPU-heavy.

I decided to try the Mac Mini as our base for photos, videos, and movies. It performs moderately well, but I have noticed of late that is has trouble displaying embedded graphics in many applications. A red "X" shows up saying I need to reboot or install more memory to see the graphic. Happens sporadically, apparently independent of what other applications I have open. Also, as iss typical with many Apple products, wireless networking is unreliable. The connection breaks down and the Mini forgets the Wifi password quite frequently. This may be more of an OS X issue?

Overall, this is a nice light workhorse computer. iPhoto works fine, albeit it is very sluggish. Aperture is painfully slow. My 3-year old MBP has more zip than this new Mac Mini.
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on December 22, 2014
I just got this from Apple Mac Mini MC270LL/A Desktop Sold by: PacificMacs
WELL........let me tell you all something
the pictures DO NOT REPRESENT what you will get.
I called the company when I picked this up at the Post Office them:(831) 338-6982 and they told me that the pictures are supplied by Amazon and they can't change them. So the pictures used are of some DREAM used item that you WILL NOT GET.
I got one, it works, everything is ok BUT it came wrapped in bubble wrap and a black power cord that was all messy and did NOT fit the power receptacle on the Mac Mini.
It looks like it came from a electric shaver, but just snip the corners and it works.
You do NOT get manuals, adapters, keyboard and of that, including DVD with the original OS X 10.6 on it.
Good thing the other one I bought like 2 years ago, the guy had everything because he bought it new (off CL not Amazon).
It is exactly the same, so I did disc 2 AHT (Apple hardware test) on it, it passed ok.
It's a good thing I deal in Mac's, because I tried to update the OS and it kept crappin out. why? Don't know....maybe Comcast
Anyway updated it to OS X 10.9.4 from a USB drive that I had used to upgrade my other one.
Now online updating to OS X 10.9.5
Bottom line is this:
BE AWARE that you are buying a USED Mac Mini (which is STILL so much better than the crap Apple is pushing out now that you CAN NOT upgrade the memory, it's soldered on the main board OR the hard drive because of the way it's installed. You take it or leave it)
The one I got the DVD drive works just fine
Now I need to upgrade the memory to 8GB (which is the MAX you can upgrade to on these Mac Minis)
I wanted it to put on the living room TV just like the other in the bedroom so I can watch a lot of things (legal and so-so) online because the other 2 tv's have a Apple TV2 on one and one is a new 21" Vizio with wi-fi built in BUT it's not a computer so you only get to watch NetFlix or Amazon,etc.
I wanted to get everything right for cutting out the cable TV, at $80/month from Crapcast and we only watch like at the most 10 channels, and 4 are local, I want to finally cut the cord and just have the net.
Going from $110/month to even $70 a month is $40x12, so I would be saving $480/year....the Mac Mini's make good home theater mac's (but I would not use it as a work Mac, just doesn't have the power).
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on July 12, 2010
This is Mini number 3 for me. I purchased the first (and only) Motorola mini to use as a server and general workstation at home and liked it alot. About a year later, Apple switched to Intel and I snatched up the original Duo Mini and it's been my main machine since. It was limited to only 2GB of RAM, but other than that, it performed amazingly for the last 4 years. I push these little machines pretty hard for their class, as I do iMovie/iDVD/FCE work, plus Photoshop along with Eclipse for Java development. When Apple intro'd this latest model and it's capacity for 8GB RAM plus faster processors etc... I was all in. I have to say that it's been a great ride so far. On my previous Intel mini, I've replaced the RAM, the HD and the SuperDrive myself (got very good with a putty knife!) so I'm curious to see how easy that will be...someday. Love the memory upgrade panel on the bottom, my new memory is still in transit. With 2GB of RAM it runs just fine. My iMovie renders are cut to about half (down from a killer 8 hours to a still tough to endure 4 hours but half is still half). Hooked it up temporarily to my Vizio TV and this thing would make a killer Apple TV replacement. Front Row, Hulu Desktop and Boxee work fabulous. I'm curious to see what Apple is cooking up there. I like the internal power supply, no external brick. It's significantly quieter and even a little cooler when doing some long renders in iMovie/iDVD. I'm pleasantly surprised that the internal hard drive seems to be pretty speedy. It's listed as a 5400 rpm, but it outperforms my external Firewire drives (admittedly they are FW400) but I'm probably going to move the OS back to the internal drive.

All in all a great improvement to the Mini lineup. About my only gripe is that I was truly expecting life changing speeds, moving up from a 1.66 GHz Core Duo to a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo with better graphics and all that. For the most part, it seems about as fast as my old one....but I'm betting that with 8GB of RAM things will rock a little bit. Naturally Amazon's service was first rate. Free shipping and no tax, plus a great price. We have multiple Apple stores in town and I could get a corporate discount through work or student discount through one of my daughter's colleges, but this was still the best price.
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on August 14, 2010
Just set up (what a breeze!) my new Mac Mini with this monitor, ViewSonic's VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with Integrated Stereo Speakers attached to this amazing monitor arm, 3M(TM) Easy Adjust Monitor Arm - Desk Mount.

For me the Mac Mini is perfect. It's small, it's beautiful, and really pulls in a great wireless signal (much better than my 4 year old Mac laptop ever did!) I haven't seen a need to upgrade the RAM but I know that's an easy thing to do if I ever need it. I downloaded Open Office to save on having to pay for a windows or apple version of an office suite.

Honestly, I have had no problems with this, whether in setting it up or using it. Others are far more able than I am to tell you all the technical reasons why this is a good purchase. I'm just here to add my name to the chorus of pleased purchasers! As well as to tell you how pleased I am with the two things I paired it with. I was a bit nervous about how the Mac Mini would pair with a new monitor, but it worked like a charm! (Adapter that comes with the Mac Mini pairs perfectly with the HDMI cord that came with my monitor.) I just followed the onscreen directions when turning on the Mac Mini and the monitor. Within half an hour I was up and running - maybe even less than that!

If you're a crazed PC owner, as I once was, do not hesitate to make the switch! (And if you want a cheap monitor that works easily with the Mini, you can't go wrong with the one I chose. Both came out around the same time and pair well together. Check out the monitor arm too; if you like flexibility, you cannot go wrong.)

Good luck with your decision-making in any case.
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on February 14, 2015
If you are in a situation that you may NOT know what operating system you'll be using next week, month, year then you might want to consider one of these. Expensive than most ? Possibly ? But when you consider that the operating systems are either free or cost very little, the basic Programs and Apps are included, and Apple ID with iCloud for network storage is included for LIFE, support for a minimum of 90 days is included, and the guarantee that the software, that may NOT be included that you need or want, WILL work and errors like the software is NOT compatible with your graphic, network, chipset, etc. will never show up on your computer screen. As the advertisements say, the computer for the rest of US ! If you are not interested in becoming a computer guru, maybe this is something for you. You have 30 days to return it. If you need more than three days to make it do what YOU want then you can always send it back. I am sure for 98% of you that won't be the case.
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on January 18, 2011
The Mac Mini complements my new HDTV by adding DVR and Internet video capabilities. The Mini's HDMI connection and video capabilities support 1080 high definition, higher than Apple TV's 720. The money that would otherwise have gone to never-ending cable fees went for a one-time purchase of the Mini and an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid (10021020) tuner. Additional accessories included Apple's Magic Trackpad Apple Magic Trackpad, Apple Remote Apple Music System Remote Control for iPhone, iPod, DVD PlayerMusic System, and HP Wireless Elite Keyboard HP Wireless Elite Keyboard (for the numeric keypad and easy channel selection).

This combination allows me to record over-the-air digital broadcasts (my location receives 71 channels), record one program and watch another (using the TV's tuner), play DVD movies on the Mini, stream video from YouTube, Hulu, or any other Internet source (such as CBS or SyFy), in up to and including high definition.

Gotchas? The HDMI connection disables the computer's volume control, so you need to switch to the television remote for that. Also, you need a broadband connection with adequate bandwidth. The Mini doesn't support Blu-ray, so you'll need a separate player for that. And for 3-D -- this equipment doesn't address that.

The combination may not work for you, and there may be cheaper alternatives. But so far it is doing what I wanted. Television manufacturers, studios, and other media companies are all trying to grab a piece of the future of home entertainment, and I didn't want to buy into a single company's service or wanna-be standard that may go away tomorrow. Using the Mini as the main component seemed to provide the most capability and flexibility at this time. It works great.
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on July 7, 2013
After deciding to go with a Mac Mini we settled on this one. It had the best all around specs for the money.
Once we placed our order I had a few questions and contacted the seller. He was very courteous and answered all
my questions in a timely manner. The Mini had the Snow Leopard OSX and when we received the Mini there was
an upgrade that the seller had placed for us to install. That helped us out tremendously.

What I liked about this Mini is it has the CD/DVD feature that the newer models do not have. For someone starting
out with Mac this is a good choice if you already have a monitor,mouse and keyboard. I have chosen a new keyboard
that is compatible with Apple so I can use the shortcut keys and also have the feel of a full Mac product.

I am coming from a Windows pc and moving to an Apple Mac. There is a slight learning curve but I have also searched the
web for tutorials and have found many helpful ones. In the short time that I have had this Mini I am glad that I have switched.
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on February 13, 2017
very good computer. the seller included 8GB of RAM and Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse for free. Very pleased with the purchase
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on December 26, 2010
I also own one of the older edition Core 2 Duo Mac Mini's, which I was not terribly impressed with.

Apple has done more to hit the mark this time. The HDMI & Mini Displayport options were better considered than the old DVI port. USB 2.0, Firewire 800. Excellent. I'm putting the built-in Bluetooth to good use with Apple's wireless keyboard and magic mouse.

If you're just checking email and web surfing, you're going to be more than happy with this machine. If you're doing something more intensive (photography being my vice) you'll be happy to find that it is cheap & easy to upgrade the memory on this system to as much as 8GB.

The hard disk on this model is not as slow as what I had on my older Mac Mini. The slow hard disk on the older model was part of the reason I hesitated to purchase this model. No so anymore. It's not going to set any speed records, but this system is VERY usable compared to its predecessors.

The SD card slot on the back seems like an afterthought. I'd rather Apple save some money and not include it in the next generation. It's too hard to get at back there. It's easier for me to just plug in a USB cable and attach it to my camera or to an external reader.

Why did I give it only 4 stars and not 5?
* It's stuck on the old Core 2 Duo platform. Offering the Mac Mini at this price point with a Core i5 processor would be awesome. I would have paid a little more to get an i7 processor.
* Apple's phobia of Blu-Ray Disc support. The built-in superdrive really should have been Blu-Ray.
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