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on March 17, 2016
So my mom has been using my old 2006 white MacBook, it's basically completely outdated now. After months I finally talked her into buying a new one. I asked her what she wanted to spend and found what she needed in this 2008 15.4 inch MacBook Pro. This one was able to upgrade to El Capitan which is exactly what she needed since she's in the middle of Publishing a book. I'm amazed at the condition of this MacBook Pro since it's used but it's almost in perfect condition.
My mom is very please. :)
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on August 30, 2015
I almost forgot about this order, found it accidentally when searching my Amazon purchases, but I still remember the bitter lesson I learned - not to buy second hand computers anymore.
The computer I received turned out defective and very dirty, somehow I negotiated a replacement, which worked for just 3 months. The price I paid to Apple to fix was $1100.00: they found the display was replaced with some third party display, the logic board was messed up, the upper case, the keyboard, the HDD, one ribbon cable, the super drive was not functional...just a computer piled from random parts. I paid the price and later I fixed more things to this computer, for instance Apple's labor turned out not perfect too, they did not assemble properly the new display which I fixed later myself.
This computer still works and I gave it two years ago to a friend who can not afford to get a new one.
At least I learned how to diagnose and fix macs.
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on December 14, 2017
This was purchased for one of my clients. It arrived and I configured it for my clients needs. The laptop was "Like New" and I need another one for another client. Slowly but surely I am getting my clients away from microsoft and into a reliable laptop that does not require support after purchase.
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on May 31, 2015
I learned the hard way that buying used computer equipment like this isn't as good a deal as you hope it could be. The quality of the machine was worse than described. The closing latch didn't work from day 1 and the hinge was loose. Should have sent it back then but it was a gift and my kid was very excited about it despite those 2 things. Now the hard drive is completely dead. Disappointing customer service from this seller. If you can't afford new, only buy used computers you can see and use first. Hope you have better luck than I did.
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on August 28, 2015
I was initially excited once I ordered this laptop. I knew I was rolling the dice with a referb, but I figured with good reviews it would be worth it. Sadly once I received it, It didn't come with the software I was promised and the battery was unable to keep much of a charge. To the sellers credit, they sent me a knew battery and the software promised. Kudos to you! And thank goodness, weeks after I took out the old battery it popped open! What the heck! Now here we are within 6 months of purchase and it won't even turn on. I've have replaced batteries, bought a new charging cord, ran all updates, it the laptop is a big paperweight. I'm at a loss. So much for my safe roll of the dice.
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on June 25, 2014
I just want to say thank you so much to Discount Mac Depot for my very first Apple Mac laptop. This company is very dependable and true to their word. The laptop arrived a day early! The battery works, the charger works, and the laptop is beautiful with a few very minor dents on the top. Everything works smoothy and it came with many applications such as Adobe and Microsoft Office. Great for simple web browsing, school work, recording music, and many other things. This is a steal. For a new macbook pro it will run you $1000 or more. This is a 2008 model and it works and looks just like the new ones minus the retina display. You can even upgrade the OS to mavericks for free through the apple website. (although I have decided to stick Mountain Lion, because of the complaints I've heard with mavericks and garage band). Don't wait any longer if you have the money and you've been searching for the best deal for a mac, this is it!!!
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on November 30, 2008
I have been using the Macbook Pro for over 2 months now. I find it a delight to use. Stable, fast and a very user friendly keyboard. I installed iWork, MS Office 2008, Fusion 2.0 and Windows XP for general use. I have been working on both my Dell Vista system and my Macbook and find the Macbook more user friendly and stable than the Dell Vista system. Most of the teachers I work with use only Windows and I was concerned that the documents that I produced with iWork or Mac Office would be a problem, but that has not been the case. All have been very easy to open and use. I am using Fusion and Windows XP Pro very little since the programs on the Mac work perfectly. I can even write PowerPoints on the Mac (MS Office 2008) put them on a Flash drive and read them at school on my HP Vista system without any problem.

I have used Windows for many years and finally got fed up with Vista hanging, crashing and it loading time. I purchased the Mac to get away from Microsoft and have had great success. If it were not for a few problems with Keynote (maybe I will be able to solve them) and converting to PowerPoint I would not be using any Microsoft products! As a long time Windows user, I recommend you switch to a Mac, you will not be sorry.
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on January 14, 2014
Starting off with delivery time, was very quick, and in secure packaging so you knew it would arrive in good condition.

I wanted a used MacBook that could be upgraded for much cheaper than a new one. This was perfect. The computer looks brand new. There weren't any chips, scratches, or signs of wear on the keyboard. Started up perfectly fine right away. Came with OS 10.6, so was able to upgrade to Mavericks for free with no disk needed, which was fantastic. The computer runs fantastically, and I plan on upgrading the RAM from 2GB to 8GB eventually. I was concerned initially that the CD drive may not work, due to an odd 'crunching' sound it would make on startup (best descriptive word I can think of). But I tried it and it works fine, just sounds a little funny sometimes. Overall, VERY pleased with this purchase. Would highly recommend purchasing from this seller
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on November 12, 2008
I wanted to buy the new unibody MacBook Pro.
Tried it at the Apple store and here are my findings and opinions,
and comparisons with the March 2008 model (MB134LL/A - the one I bought and am reviewing).

Display on unibody model is super glossy and very reflective - and has no option for matte finish.
Keyboard on unibody model did not feel as nice as the March 2008 model.
Unibody model is slightly larger - bezel width is more than the March 2008 Model.
Also, the March 2008 model is a lot cheaper (about $700),
and there is an additional $150 rebate from Amazon.
Meaningful specs difference:
2.5 GHz versus 2.53 GHz CPU in the new high end one,
2 Gigs of RAM versus 4 Gigs of faster RAM in the new high end (I upgraded to 4GB myself for $60),
8600M GT 512MB versus 9600M GT 512MB in the new high end (20-30% faster),
250GB 5400RPM versus 320GB 5400RPM in the new one (more on this below),
The new one also has dual graphics (use the lower power one for more battery),
but I'd always use the higher one, which would lead to less battery life
than the March model.

Like I said, I prefer matte finish (or a glossy that is not like a mirror).
The default colors were a little dull, so I went to System Preferences/Display/Color/Calibrate and
tweaked around and saved a new color profile. It is MUCH improved now - much better saturation
and has the contrast of glossy without the reflections.

In less than 5 minutes, I upgraded to 4 Gigs RAM - bought that for about $60 from Amazon.
I am keeping my two original 1 Gig sticks in case I need them in the future.
I have VMWare Fusion running Windows XP Professional for some of my
must-have Windows apps. I have given the VM 1 Gig of RAM and 40 Gigs of disk.
Performance of Mac apps and Windows apps is superb.
I am using a WD Passport 320GB USB drive for backups with Time Machine.

Last about 2.5-3 hours with almost constant usage. The best thing is when I close the lid,
it goes to sleep instantly, and wakes up instantly when I need it again, with no loss of
battery regardless of how long it sleeps. That is VERY DIFFERENT from my experience with
Windows laptops that lose battery even when sleeping. No idea why.

It came with a 5400RPM 250GB HD. I bought a WD 7200RPM 320GB with a big buffer from
Newegg - I plan to swap out the HD - that requires "minor surgery" so I am doing my research
before I do it this weekend. The new disk will be a lot faster, although the it comes with
seems to be pretty fast already. I am swapping as I like doing stuff like that.
UPDATE: I swapped the hard drive and did a full restore from Time Machine - it now is exactly
the same as my las back-up with all apps and settings, except with a bigger and faster hard drive.
This "surgery" is t for the faint of heart. :-) And is probably totally unnecessary for most folks.

Mac OS X:
So simple. After using Windows PCs and laptops for over 15 years, I am amazed how easy
and intuitive it was to use a new OS. I know Mac OS X is very powerful and I am just beginning
to learn the advanced features to play with. Being able to run Windows XP in a VM with such a small
load on the system is very nice. I use software apps that are either not available on the Mac yet,
or have much older versions on the Mac. This is not specifically about the MacBook Pro but the
fact that the MacBook Pro has enough juice to do this is what is worth noting.

Boot Times:
When I shutdown and restart, it comes up in 30 seconds or so. Much faster than my experience
with Windows laptops. Here's the best part - if I put the Windows VM to sleep in my Mac,
it comes back up in seconds! Much faster than Windows used to wake up on a Windows laptop!
So for a portable laptop, the MacBook Pro is quite powerful and fast.

I am glad I bought this model instead of the new Unibody model. This is by far the best portable computer
I have ever owned. I've always felt that the MacBook Pro carries a price premium over "equivalent" or
more feature rich Windows laptops, but now I know why. They are better.
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on February 25, 2009
My Windows XP desktop has really been showing its age lately, and as a college student I've been increasingly frustrated by not having a laptop. The computer labs at school are always packed, and professors are increasingly assigning online activities and posting lecture notes online -- all of which it is very helpful to be able to access during class, without having to print out a ton of materials from the web at home. Besides school, I also planned to migrate all my photo processing and video editing tasks over from the XP machine to this one.

I have generally had to reinstall Windows XP on a fairly regular basis to keep my desktop running like new, and I'd been hearing a lot of things about how macs don't have a lot of the problems associated with windows. Ultimately, I decided to definitely go mac after trying Vista on a few different PC's and hating it.

I started doing my research. The new macbook pros had recently come out (the ones with the "unibody"), but after reading myriad complaints about the super-glossy screen just being obnoxious, I hastily bought this previous generation of Macbook pro with the matte screen option. If you look at it, the specs are nearly the same. OK, the RAM speed is 667 instead of 1066. The video card was the previous model from nvidia, although with 512 mb of dedicated RAM. To get comparable specs in the latest generation, you'd have to pay a LOT more (over half of a thousand dollars, *since amazon is so good at censoring dollar figures*)

Anyway, I've been using my mac for about two weeks now, and here are my thoughts:

This machine runs great. It's fast. I really like OS X so far. The touchpad is great, and HUGE compared to others I've seen. AND it still has a button, which I prefer to the new MB pro's giant buttonless pad. Scrolling with two fingers is SO much better than a mouse wheel or clicking the scroll on-screen. I purchased 4 gigs of RAM to upgrade this (it comes with 2). It's a cheap upgrade, and I definitely noticed a difference right away. I'd recommend it. Someday I plan on upgrading the hard drive to a 500gb 7200rpm -- again, not much money for a huge upgrade. The factory drive is just fine for now though.

Anyway, there was one little problem. After using the machine for a couple of days, I noticed a dead pixel on the screen! It's about a quarter of the way from the left side, in the middle of the screen. I really had to think about sending the unit back for another one. If I hadn't already installed a whole bunch of software and pretty much "moved in", I probably would have exchanged it. I read about the problem online, and it's not uncommon. Apple doesn't even consider it a warranty issue unless there are 5 or more bad pixels. I thought about it, and after using the machine for a couple more days, I realized that in practice I simply did not notice the dead pixel. I generally only see it if I look for it -- and unless the screen is all white, it's pretty much invisible the rest of the time. I decided just to keep the unit, and the pixel really hasn't bugged me since, although I subtracted a star because for the price, I really feel the screen ought to be flawless.

Anyway, at the end of the day this is a fine machine -- I'd highly recommend it -- especially if you think the high gloss screen of the new model will be a problem, or if you are faced with having to get a Vista machine. I'd definitely recommend OS X over Vista or XP. Hope that helps!!

PS, I've noticed that the price on these has gone up appreciably. If you think you want the older model, you might be running out of time! All glossy screen haters are gonna be snatching 'em up!
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