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on January 6, 2016
This computer is amazing and the buying process was fantastic. This computer is not new but runs like new and looks almost perfect. The battery when I first turned on the computer was new and the computer itself has run so smoothly and amazingly. The physical appearance is in near perfect condition... they never said the mac was new and untouched so it has the smallest dent in one corner and maybe 2 very faint scratches but these flaws are very hard to notice. I wanted a mac for so long and the price they asked for this computer seemed fair and well worth the purchase. I was a little skeptical buying it from a different organization than apple and also the computer being refurbished made me unsure too, but I am very glad I bought it through double dex macbooks. I had a ton of questions before purchasing it, so I emailed them, and they responded with clear answers in a friendly and polite manner within the next day. I would highly recommend purchasing a computer through this company.
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on February 21, 2017
It's great! I absolutely love it! It shipped and was delivered to me within the same week that I had ordered it which was great. There were some scratches on the bottom that I care absolutely nothing about because no one will turn the laptop upside down to see them. One small dent on the back, again hardly noticeable. Very clean, track pad works wonderfully. The camera is not the clearest so it doesn't make the best visual for FaceTime. Also it seems to have some trouble keeping a long charge. At 5pm, I took it off the charger at 100% by 8:15pm it is at 13%. That is with wifi and streaming Netflix the whole time. However considering the age of this used computer, I must say it operates beautifully and looks great. It came with OS sierra installed. I'm very happy with my purchase and feel that I did get a good deal. It's quick, responsive and suits my needs very well. It truly looks just as good as a new laptop. The cosmetic issues are so minor. If I need to update this review later I will. But for now I'm extremely satisfied.
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on March 1, 2016
It is very bad. It was dammaged before i got it.
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on December 2, 2016
I love Macintosh Computers!!!! The device had slight blemishes..no problem, it is refurbished and to be expected. My own Macbook Air has significantly more blemishes than this unit.. so no problem.

However what is inexcusable is that the battery in the unit was completely shot !!!! The battery had a Cycle Count of 1754, and would not hold a charge for more than 30 seconds. We bought this for our niece who is traveling to Canada and other countries. We received the unit 2 days prior to her flight, so she had to bring this laptop that would not hold a charge with her.

I have changed Macbook Air laptops for others, but there was no way I could get a $75.00 battery in time before her flight.

The seller has POOR quality control.
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on April 19, 2017
I only paid about $500 for this MacBook and it's working amazing. I have a bunch of updates I need to do on it, because it's the older version, but otherwise it is absolutely amazing. I can't believe a got an amazing MacBook Air for $500. I purchased this refurbished, and their is only 2 very small scratches on the front and a teeny tiny dent by the trackpad but i don't even notice it honestly. I'm so glad I took the chance and bought this! I can't wait to buy other things from this seller.
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on December 4, 2017
I have owned this laptop before previously from my time in high school and switched to a Dell XPS 15 9560 which was great until i dropped it off my bed which was lofted 6 feet in the air. I am a college student so I needed a new computer instantly. Since I am familiar with Macs i fired buying this device for the low price that it was would have been a good investment. I read the condition it was in and it seemed to be okay on paper. The first thing that was off putting was flimsy the screen felt. It stays up but it feels like it will fall down at any point. I was well aware this was a pre owned laptop but the term lightly used should not have been used to describe this product. The screen has scratched on it, and dust that wont come off. When the screen is on, this is not much of a problem but when it is off the laptop looks terrible. Before i even turned on the machine I had to wipe down the computer because of how dirty it felt and there was a lot of dirt that came off so make sure you clean this before touching it because it is FILTHlY.

The next thing I noticed about this device was the backlighting. First off, only a small portion lights up at all. This doesn't matter to me as much since I always keep it off but it was left out of the description and something like that needs to be included.

The next disappointing thing about this device is the horrible battery life. As I previously stated earlier, I have owned this model back in high school. That computer lasted me an easy 8 hours with constant use and still gave me another 2 when I got home. I started typing this review when the Laptop was at 89% and since then it has dropped to 80%. I ordered a new battery for it and hopefully that will be the end of the problem otherwise I need to return this because it only lasted for an hour and a half which is PATHETIC.

Other then the minor wear and tear which is to be expected and then the other cons to this device such as the keyboard and battery this machine runs smoothly and is decently fast for a device thats 7 years old. Overall if you need a back up computer this should to the trick if you get lucky and have one with little wear.

Battery level at the end of this review - 77%
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on February 2, 2012
As a computer scientist who spends a lot of time programming and cares about both the functional and aesthetic qualities of my electronics, the ultrabook craze as of late has excited me a lot. The fact that I have used PCs almost exclusively for the last 12 years initially lead me away from considering a MacBook Air--after all, Apple's computers are expensive; they do have a reputation for all looking the same, acting the same, and being generally uncustomizable; and they have had a reputation for being incompatible with a lot of software out there. But I found myself in a position where I want a secondary computer that is small, light, attractive, and dedicated for light use, like text editing/coding and recreation. As it turns out, Apple has done something with this laptop that I never thought I'd dream of.

The Macbook Air--*gasp*--is price competitive with its competition.

Most comprable Windows ultrabooks, like the ASUS Zenbook UX31E-DH72 13.3-Inch Thin and Light Ultrabook (Silver Aluminum), right now are often only about $100-$200 or so cheaper than the Macbook Air now. I think that there are many things that the Macbook Air brings to the table that make the premium worthwhile. This review is not going to focus much on the actual specs of the laptop, as you can glean that from any of the 90 5-star reviews this laptop has at the moment. I will focus instead on why this is great against the competition.

1) The user experience is fantastic. The trackpad alone could win me over for this one. For some reason, other laptop manufacturers can't get multitouch gesturing right, but Apple clearly put a ton of effort into something so overlooked--but so constantly used--as the trackpad. Multitouch gesturing on Lion is just the best you'll find on any computer anywhere. It feels natural and makes navigating your computer effortless. Even ignoring that, I've rarely seen any hiccups while using the laptop in terms of things freezing up or the computer becoming unresponsive. While I do love Windows 7, the benefits of Apple's closed in environment is that they can control everything about the user experience, and so slowdowns and UI problems become a rarity. You really can presume that nearly everything's going to work right. Finally, all the components seem very solidly built. The keyboard has great tactile feedback, and the port selection, while limited, all works perfectly. The hinge of the laptop even clearly was thought about, as the resistance is pretty much ideal (no wobbling, but not difficult to move around). The screen resolution (1440x900)--while not as good as the Asus Zenbook--is better than most of the rest of the competition, and that's something that's important to me as a software developer since I like to be able to read documentation and type out code at the same time, a feat difficult on a low-resolution screen.

2) The customer service is also great. AppleCare has a great reputation, and you get it for a year for free. I've used ASUS support before, and it's really, really annoying to have to wait a month without your laptop for service. There really isn't much comparison.

3) As a software developer, I find it irking that Apple forces iOS developers to code on a Mac with a subscription fee to the SDK. But that's the nature of the beast--so having this laptop gives me the ability to do just that. Sure, it seems unfair and maybe I ought not develop for iOS because of the many subversive choices Apple made, but hey--it's not up to me, and it's easier and more stable than making my laptop into a Hackintosh, so I guess I'll play the game :P

And finally, there are some complaints about heat. Using the laptop on your lap does make your legs feel pretty warm. I haven't had the laptop crash due to heat ever, though. It is to be expected, though, since the metal chassis is part of the laptop's cooling system, though I hope that in future revisions of the macbook they come up with a good way to avoid this issue.

There's one other laptop that I haven't taken into consideration that in retrospect I wish I considered more seriously. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 (129126U) 13.3" LED Notebook - Core i5 i5-2520M 2.50GHz - 4G DDR3 320G HDD (Windows 7 Professional) - Black is a pretty good, and overlooked, ultrabook that seems like a great alternative, especially considering that you can get an extended battery that brings the battery life of that beast to an inhumane 22 hours or so while still being pretty small and light. If you're looking into high-end ultrabooks, I'd limit my search to the Macbook Air, the Asus Zenbook, or the Thinkpad X1 at this point (the Sony VAIO VPC-Z212GX/B 13.1-Inch Laptop (Black) is very cool too, but also too expensive for me to take seriously). Also, you may want to wait for the near future when one of two things happens: a) the new Intel "Ivy Bridge" chips come out, as this may make laptops have even better performance and battery life; and b) Windows 8 comes out--I think that Microsoft's latest revision to their OS may have the potential for changing things big time in the market, so unless you feel good about Apple as it stands, I would consider waiting for that to come along.

Hopefully this review will help some of you in the search for the latest and coolest laptops around :) Let the best manufacturer/operating system win!
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on April 26, 2013
I have had about 5 different windows laptops over the years and have always wanted a macbook air. Finally found one here on amazon for $800 and snagged it. It is far and away the best laptop I have ever used. The trackpad alone is worth the purchase. Add in the keyboard, screen and form factor and this thing is a beast. Very fast, have never wished it was faster. Never had a problem. My classmate who sits right next to me has the exact same laptop. He has thrown in now 3 times while he was drunk. The thing took a few dents but it didn't slow it down in the least bit, nothing wrong at all!

Pros Everything from the size and weight to the screen resolution to the keys and trackpad. Oh and lets not forget OSX.

Cons: The screen color is not as bright or vibrant as the macbook pro, it is noticeable side by side but you only notice when they are next to each other. Also wish it had a glass cover over the LCD screen like the pro.

Going price right now for around $750 is a bargain. I bought this about 10 months ago and have used it daily for about 12 hrs a day. (medical school). It hasn't slowed down one bit while the sea of black PC's around me have numerous problems. I have had it for 10 months and the value has only dropped $50! Also apple will usually give you a new 1 year warranty for used purchases from amazon, just shoot them an email and ask.
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on April 30, 2012
I have traditionally been a 13" Macbook Pro user since they have been the most fully outfitted laptops in Apple's line-up. When the AIr came out a few years ago, I remember thinking that I really liked the idea of an ultra portable, but was worried about the lost functionality that came along with it (ethernet port, fire wires, optical drive). Since then my usage has changed a lot. I print and connect to the internet wirelessly, so the ethernet port does not matter anymore. All of my software is downloaded (legally of course) and I have not needed to burn a CD or DVD in 3-4 years, thus the optical drive issue is gone. This latter point matters because I use flash drives to move large files and anything up to 15MB I just e-mail. Port issues aside, there is a lot to recommend the Air over a 13" Pro. The air's screen is less reflective and higher resolution. To my eyes it's just better. The air is light. I never thought a 13" Pro was heavy until I used an Air for a bit. The Air is faster in day-to-day usage than the 13" pro. Both use i5 processors, the same GPU and have 4GB of RAM. The kicker is the flash-based drive in the AIr is WAAAAY faster than the regular HD int he 13" Pro. Side by side, I think the air is the way to go. If you really must have an optical drive, you can sync the Air up to another Mac and use its drive or Apple sells one for $80, but before you buy one, try the Air on its own and you might just be surprised about how well you get along without it. Note: The 15 an 17 inch Pro have much more sophisticated graphics processing and for those needing the extra GPU power, neither the Air nor the 13" Pro is the best choice. I mention this because my review compares the 13" Pro to the Air only.
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on February 2, 2017
I bought a MacBook Air. It had scratches and dings but nothing to be mad about. The computer wouldn't turn on until I plugged it in and when I did it had a x in the battery symbol so I took it to apple and they said my computer is rejecting the battery because it's broken and it doesn't want to hurt the computer. Then started making a loud blow dryer noise and wouldn't stop until I unplugged it. DO NOT BUY. DEFECTIVE.
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