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on September 24, 2013
(Background: Used-not owned-a last-generation Macbook Pro 15; used an iMac; Generally well-disposed to OSX. Extensive Windows use past and current-plenty of decent long-lasting Dells. No experience with Windows 8.)

I've been looking for a laptop as a teacher for some time, and really balked at the idea of spending over $1000 for a laptop when I could get a decent Windows laptop for about $700. But the Windows laptops were just not compelling at that price. Decent but not compelling. The ones that caught my eye were even with or more expensive than the MacBook Air (Series 9 Samsung/Vaio Pro/Ideapad Yoga). And on top of that, I really wanted a Mac for durability and support reasons as well as that great trackpad. Other features that attracted me were the SSD, the design and portability.

So I bought it.

My advice is that you do the same, because I am pleased.


-Haswell battery life is something else. I only watch the battery meter out of curiousity now. This thing was projecting 2 - 3 hours at 17% charge. I can go to work on a 50% charge and do just fine well into the night when I come home. This means, by the way, that with moderate use (a few hours at a time) this thing lasts two days on one charge quite easily. For this reason alone I recommend the Air.

-I have not heard the fan yet. Granted I do not do heavy lifting, but I have yet to feel this laptop get hot. I couldn't tell you if the fan has ever come on since I've owned it.

-The speakers are quite loud. I was worried about this for no reason.

-I hefted the old model years ago, so I was somehow expecting this to feel lighter than it does in real life. It is light, but I suppose the 11-inch would be more dramatic.

-The screen is no worse than I am used to although Mac fonts need to be a little bigger by default in my opinion.

So my recommendation is a buy. I think it's a decent value when compared to the competition. Shop according to your needs, however, and be happy with your purchase.

(128GB version)
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on June 19, 2013
So first I will say I am coming from a MacBook air 11' mid 2011 with 2GB ram and 64GB harddrive. This one I got has 4GB of ram and 128GB harddrive. I use this laptop mainly for browsing the internet and some programming. Now that you have a little background Ill give a quick review.

From the get go this laptop is MUCH faster then my previous Macbook air. When you open the lid you are ready to go that second. On the old one I would have to wait a little for it to load and if I left chrome up and clicked on it right away then I would get the loading wheel. I havent seen this do it once. That could be because of the harddrive being so much faster.

When I opened the box the laptop was already charged to 91% so im trying to kill it. Well I was on it ALL NIGHT last night and now its the morning and its only at 60%. That battery life is amazing and let me honest thats what we ask for in a laptop.

If you are up in the air about this laptop(no pun intended). I would say give it a go. You could even buy it from the Apple store and if you dont like it just return it.

If you are replacing an older Macbook air and have one thats because the mid 2012 then I would say get it but if you have the mid 2012 I dont know if I would suggest spending the money unless you really want battery. I hope this helps anyone trying to purchase this laptop.

I am not an Apple fan boy. My desktop is a custom build Window machine so I know both worlds. Please if you have any questions just comment and I will be happy to try things for you or just answer questions.

I am a Computer Engineer so im use to testing things so feel free to ask.
(This is my first review)
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on September 12, 2015
Best laptop ever. So light and fast. I've been using mine for 2 years and it still looks and works like brand new. Battery still lasts over 10 hours. I multitask like crazy including multiple browsers and video/photo editing, this handles it with no problems ever. Extensive traveling the whole time and not a scratch. I'll be upgrading to the newest version from Apple with 8gb ram and the core i7 purely for video editing reasons, otherwise this laptop would easily last another 2 years as is. Fan only comes on after editing video for a while otherwise it's completely silent. I would give this laptop 6 stars if I could because it's worth every penny.
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on April 8, 2014
This is my first computer with a solid state hard drive, but it will not be my last. It is so fast, it is absolutely amazing. The newer MacBook Airs are much better than the older versions, the computer handles all of my daily multitasking with ease, and I can also play my video games on it with no issues.
I was not sure if I would be able to go with this because of the graphics, and I play games like Borderlands 2 on Steam. But I've been able to play solo and online with friends with absolutely no issues, and the game looks great.
I cannot stress how fast this is. It can completely reboot in less than 20 seconds. It is not the powerhouse of the MacBook Pro, and no, it doesn't have a huge hard drive, but if you want a great computer that will last for a while, I would highly recommend it.
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on August 2, 2014
Apple products very rarely disappoint. This MacBook Air is no exception. I'm currently writing this review from it, and I can say with total confidence, this is the best laptop I've ever owned.

I decided to go with a MacBook Air instead of replacing my 1st generation iPad because of my disappointment that Apple as no longer updating the software for my iPad. I purchased an iMac at the same time I purchased my gen-1 iPad, and the software is still updated and upgradeable for my iMac- but not my iPad. So, I decided to go the route of an ultra-portable MacBook- so I can keep the software up-to-date with the latest features and get the most "bang-for-my-buck" in longevity.

The chassis is made from precision cut aluminum unibody- the the seams and access screws are located underneath the main cpu for a clean and sharp look. The backlight keyboard is perfectly bright and the "trackpad" with all the different gestures you can do to perform different tasks with a single swipe- is a brilliant addition. Its light, and thin, however the metal unibody gives it a solid feel. The screen is bright, crisp, and doesn't have any glare issues- at least not for me. The solid state hard drive provides an "instant" on when the screen is flipped open. No more waiting for the hard drive to boot up from sleep mode.

Apple's OS is very, very well done. It's stable, has many different apps and software (both Apple and third-party) available, and the battery life is amazing. I average about 7 hours, 20 minutes per charge. Mac's OS and Apple's iOS for iPad and iPhone work seamlessly with iCloud, Mail, Pictures, Maps, and Notes on the MacBook. I can open the iMessage app on my MacBook and continue a conversation I was having on my iPhone without having switch usernames. I just open the app and type- and it's sent to the recipient just like it came from my iPhone. It's almost like my iPad, iPhone, and Macs are all one single device.

And a HUGE plus for Mac's... the last OS upgrade was free; as well as Apple's productivity suite: Pages, Keynote and Numbers (Apple's version of Microsoft Office)- so you're never burdened with yearly upgrades that cost $70+.

And if I ever needed to run Windows on this MacBook... All I have to do is install "Bootcamp" and then I'm all set.

It is probably the most expensive option for a "ultra-book" laptop, and some people cite the "better" hardware in PC models selling for a cheaper price. But keep one thing in mind- Samsung, Apple's largest competitor, makes an ultra-book that is nearly IDENTICAL to the MacBook lines. Seriously, check them out sometime. Silver metal body, black- back light keys, etc. So whereas you're getting "better" hardware with other models, you don't need that "better" hardware for Mac's OS to operate quickly and smoothly. Why? Because Apple designs its hardware around its software. PC makers don't have that luxury- since the market is very fragmented and Microsoft, up until lately, has only made the software. All the PC makers added in their own hardware components from all over; and usually no 2 were alike. The result was an unstable OS. Not to mention all the viruses and malware out there affecting Windows based machines. Apples OS doesn't have those problems. And if all the competitors copy the design down to the smallest details- why shouldn't you go with the one all others strived to compete with?

Bottom line: I've had my iMac for 4 years- not one single problem. I had a PC laptop- 2 years and it needed repairs. You spend more for the machine.... but you definitely get your money's worth in free software for life and the longevity of the unit. The customer service is unparalleled. You will not be disappointed with your purchase!
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on March 18, 2015
Battery life is amazing.. I heard upgrading to the new os hurt battery life so I'm sticking with mavericks for now. Standby will last for days and days usage will last one day he with heavy use 2days with moderate use and 3 with light use all at about 50% screen brightness and back-lit keyboard off. The back-lit keyboard really takes a crap on the battery life so try to keep it off when not using it. There is a button for turning back-lit keyboard on and off do this shouldn't be an issue. You can also adjust the settings in mavericks to only turn on the back-lit keyboard when typing.
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on February 24, 2014
This computer is the second favorite gadget I've ever owned behind my first iPod Touch. There's just a novelty and a fondness to everything that I could do with that little iPod that I'll not soon forget. With that, this little laptop is more capable than any other computer that I have ever owned. It only weighs about a half a pound more than an iPad 2 and gets 2 more hours on a charge (12 hours) thanks to the Haswell processor that was introduced with the mid-2013 update. This is also my very first Mac and it couldn't be a better choice. I can't say enough about this machine!
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on June 2, 2014
As a convert from PC's, I can't say enough about how wonderful Mac's are. They work flawlessly and the customer service and technical support are exceptional. I have literally five PC laptops, all from the same manufacturer - a well known brand. And while I would buy another one from this manufacturer if I was to ever get another PC, there is no way I could ever do that to myself or my clients. Why?

1. Mac's boot up quickly and consistently. I had a one year old PC laptop in great condition. From the time I booted up the computer to the time the document loaded into my email, 7 minutes passed! On my Mac, it's about 30 seconds, even the one that's over a year old. No issues over time.

2. Battery life - PC battery life is about 2 hours maximum. I get 3 times that and more from my Mac, even one that I've had for over a year.

3. Support - got a problem, take it to the Apple Store. I had an issue with the new one. Took it in and within 8 hours it was diagnosed, fixed, and back in my hands for free.

4. Impressive - the impression people get when they see me pull out my Mac is that I mean business, I've stepped up my game, and that I can get the job done.

The other day, my wife was complaining about how slow her PC was after a year of ownership. She was trying to place an order online and couldn't. I gave her my Mac to try; within 2 minutes, she had the order completed. It was her computer, not the website.

So, if you want a computer that is problem free, impressive, and just simply works, get a Mac. If you don't have enough stress in your life and have plenty of time to sit and wait, then get a PC.
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on November 20, 2013
Another perfect laptop in the Macbook Air line. It's my 4th Mac laptop and best yet. The illuminated keyboard wasn't on my 2009 Air and man, did I miss not having it. Other speed and port enhancements make the Air the finest laptop computer going, be it for home, work, travel or school. With DVD and CD's on the way out there seems no call to lug the added bulk an optical drive adds.

Note: I bought a Square Trade Warrantee this time around instead of Applecare; hopefully I won't need it, but Applecare is overpriced in my view. It's been helpful for my Mac Pro's, but for a portable product, the Square Trade deal covers possible disasters Applecare omits.
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on April 14, 2014
I don't usually write reviews, but after owning this laptop for a bit over 6 months I felt compelled to give it the glowing review it deserves. This is simply a fantastic machine.

Speed! With the SSD, everything is so snappy and waking up the laptop is virtually instantaneous.
Trackpad is second to none. Make sure to configure custom gestures for common tasks.
Battery life is absurdly long under normal use conditions. After 6 months I'm still getting 8+ hours per charge.
Great looking screen with high brightness.
Lightweight while still feeling really solid & sturdy.
OS X is a pro for me.

Bigger SSD is unjustifiably pricey.
Speakers are just okay.
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