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Capacity: 13.3-inch|Style: 128 GB|Change
Price:$889.99+ $14.99 shipping
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on June 19, 2013
So first I will say I am coming from a MacBook air 11' mid 2011 with 2GB ram and 64GB harddrive. This one I got has 4GB of ram and 128GB harddrive. I use this laptop mainly for browsing the internet and some programming. Now that you have a little background Ill give a quick review.

From the get go this laptop is MUCH faster then my previous Macbook air. When you open the lid you are ready to go that second. On the old one I would have to wait a little for it to load and if I left chrome up and clicked on it right away then I would get the loading wheel. I havent seen this do it once. That could be because of the harddrive being so much faster.

When I opened the box the laptop was already charged to 91% so im trying to kill it. Well I was on it ALL NIGHT last night and now its the morning and its only at 60%. That battery life is amazing and let me honest thats what we ask for in a laptop.

If you are up in the air about this laptop(no pun intended). I would say give it a go. You could even buy it from the Apple store and if you dont like it just return it.

If you are replacing an older Macbook air and have one thats because the mid 2012 then I would say get it but if you have the mid 2012 I dont know if I would suggest spending the money unless you really want battery. I hope this helps anyone trying to purchase this laptop.

I am not an Apple fan boy. My desktop is a custom build Window machine so I know both worlds. Please if you have any questions just comment and I will be happy to try things for you or just answer questions.

I am a Computer Engineer so im use to testing things so feel free to ask.
(This is my first review)
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on September 20, 2013
A lot has been written about how great the Macbook Air is. I agree, this is a truly fine thing. Forget the "feeds and speeds" metrics so many people seize on (although the performance is pretty good on this for what most people do), I just feel that this thing is in total harmony with me. It is powerful yet light and agile. I have a 13" Macbook Pro and it is great but a bit heavy. The Macbook Air is insanely light and yet very sturdy.

The one thing I really stressed over was whether to get the 11.6 inch model or the 13 inch model. Years ago I had an early netbook. It was nice as a novelty but it was really underpowered. It turned out the 10 inch screen was just too small. The size of the screen on the netbook was just too much of a compromise (my eyesight isn't what it used to be!). I was concerned that the 11.6 inch Macbook Air screen might be too small also. I really wanted to get it instead of the 13 inch screen because to me, getting a larger Macbook Air just seemed to defeat the purpose of getting a small, light computer in the first place. I really wanted the 11.6 inch model to work out. The price difference really wasn't an issue, I just wanted to have the perfect size for me. I saw a few 11.6 and 13 inch models and I thought the 11.6 inch would be okay but I had the nagging feeling that when I started using it, I would regret getting the smaller version. You know how that goes, your first look at something is brief and you don't really get a feel for how you will use it in the real world. Sometimes your initial conclusions turn out wrong and you regret your choice. Well, I took a chance on the 11.6 inch version and after using it for a while, I am really happy with the choice. It is the perfect size for me for a portable computer. If you are struggling with the same decision, I hope this helps.
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on November 17, 2013
Perfect machine except for a couple of things:

-sleep/wake failure: sometimes that screen dims and then immediately sleeps while the backlit keyboard and hard drive/sound/network card are still active and the only way to use the display again would be to force a restart. a search on google would show that MANY people who have bought the 2013 MBA have this problem ("black screen of death"). I still have not found a fix and I would assume that if I brought in my MBA to an apple store, they'd replace it for free. it does not happen often enough to force me to replace my machine though. I might do it in the future

-it is so thin that the end of the machine feel sharp and if you aren't using the laptop on a desk, they will jab into your wrists and it will be painful. i guess i got used to it.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2013
My oldest son works in the Performing Arts and most of the software they use runs on Mac. The raw specs of every Apple notebook are sufficient to run the specialized software he uses, so it just comes down to individual preference of "battery life, portability and price" vs "screen resolution and hard drive space". In my analysis (see below) I came to the conclusion that 128gb is fine when supplemented with the SD card slot,an external drive and cloud storage (iCloud, DropBox, Box, etc).

I also came to the conclusion that the $300ish price premium for the retina display would be better spent on a very nice external monitor and/or a large external hard drive. The HD5000 video supports up to 2560-by-1600 resolution and with a tiny Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter you can use any HDMI monitor (Tera Grand - Premium Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter). We also owned notebooks with screens 11" and larger and have come to the conclusion that 13" is the minimum size needed to do "real" work.

Here are the Accessories I recommend:
Apple Magic Mouse or other Bluetooth Mouse
Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter
Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter
External Hard Drive (examples 1tb,4tb )
Apple USB DVD Superdrive or other USB External DVD Drive
SDXC or microSD Cards (there are some adapters on hte market that let the microSd sit flush)
Office for Mac 2011

[::: 2013 13.3" MacBook Air vs 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A :::]

[+Air] 2.96 pounds vs 3.56 pounds
[+Air] HD5000 Graphics vs HD4000 Graphics (40% faster)
[+Air] PCIe based SSDs Drive vs ATA SATA drive
[+Air] 17.3 mm thick vs 19.1 mm thick
[+Air] 12 hours battery vs 7 hours
[+Air] 802.11ac Wi-Fi vs 802.11n
[+-Air] 128 GB SSD vs 500gb SATA (faster but less space)
[-Air] 1440-by-900 pixels vs 1280-by-800 Resolution
[-Air] no FW 800 Port
[-Air] no Gigabit Ethernet
[-Air] 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 vs 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5

[::: 2013 13.3" MacBook Air vs 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro with Retina MD212LL/A :::]

*** See above plus differences below
[+Air] $1099 vs $1419
[+Air] 128 GB PDIe SSD vs 128gb SATA SSD (slower interface)
[-Air] 1440-by-900 pixels vs 2560-by-1600 Resolution
[-Air] 4gb RAM vs 8GB Ram

[::: 2013 13.3" MacBook Air vs 2012 13.3 MacBook Air MD231LL/A :::]

[+] Faster PCIe based SSDs instead of SATA SSD drive
[+] DDR3L to LPDDR3 for faster RAM memory
[+] 802.11ac Wi-Fi for faster wireless
[+] 12 hours battery life vs 7 hours
[+] HD5000 video for better graphics and supporting DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 4.0. It also features an improved decoder for 4K video
[+] Dual mics
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on April 7, 2014
I laughed recently when I was told about an outlaw (an in-law's in-law) who read my wife the riot act because we use Apple products. It took me back to the time a number of years ago that I did the same to people who chose Macs over PCs. That was in the days before iPhones and iPads, even before iPods. At the time, it seemed that everybody except a few college students was using machines that ran on windows. I remember bragging about how great my laptop was and what I could do with it.

Fast forward to today, when we use an iMac at home, iPads for a variety of tasks and I carry an iPhone. I have gone through a succession of MacBooks, from a basic MB to a MB Pro that I loved. I had reached the place, however, that I just carried my iPad with me in a nice Zagg case with keyboard. I wasn't sure I would ever carry a laptop again.

My travel got bumped up a bit this year and I found some weakness with my iPad. I'm a touch typist who found that the loss of my bluetooth keyboard or airplanes was more than a small disruption. I was also missing some robust software that just couldn't be matched by the company's IOS app. Therefore, I decided to try out the 11.6-Inch MB Air. Here is what surprised me:

1. This Air is so small and light that I have no problem carrying it and my iPad with a smart cover. The weight gain from this little computer is negligible.
2. My former MB Pro had 8 GB of memory and I was concerned that this one only had 4GB. The updated processor and the SSD drive make the new computer significantly faster.
3. The keyboard is full-size and helps me stay focused on the screen, where my work is taking place.
4. The display itself, though small, is just enough workspace for the word-crunching that I do.

For those who are considering a migration from windows, imagine life without the "blue screen of death." Think about the ease of document management between your laptop and those other i-devices you probably already have. When people ask me today why I love a particular Apple product, I usually say, "It just works!" Try one and see.
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on October 14, 2013
I come from using a 2011 Macbook Pro 15" with 1GB discreet video, 8gb memory, i7 2.5ghz quad and 128MB SSD. I was a bit weary of moving to this machine, but wanted something a bit more portable, and with a better battery life. Also, I decided that I really had too much computer for my needs (web, email, word processing and some light to moderate gaming). After reading the reviews of this machine, I decided I would try it. If I didn't like it, I could always return it.

Well...I will not be returning it. This machine is as fast, and often times zippier than my previous MBP. The games I play run incredibly (and surprisingly) smooth, the computer is much faster at startup and program loading/switching. The size is incredible...and the battery life is unbelievable. One of my concerns was the memory size (and the inability to upgrade said memory). I was a bit saddened that Amazon didn't offer a version with 8GB ram. However, after some heavy use for 4 days, I can honestly say I have not had any problems with the 4gb memory size, and performance. I think if you do a lot of photo or video editing, 8GB will be a requirement. However, if you are a standard to moderate user...this machine's configuration will be more than sufficient.

Those of you considering this as a switch from a Windows machine...get this thing now. Mac is leaps and bounds ahead of almost any windows machine. Better design, more durable units and the operating system is almost perfect. No more adware, spyware, machine slow-downs after 6 months of use (or installation of programs).

Great machine. Don't hesitate...worth every penny.
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on September 24, 2013
(Background: Used-not owned-a last-generation Macbook Pro 15; used an iMac; Generally well-disposed to OSX. Extensive Windows use past and current-plenty of decent long-lasting Dells. No experience with Windows 8.)

I've been looking for a laptop as a teacher for some time, and really balked at the idea of spending over $1000 for a laptop when I could get a decent Windows laptop for about $700. But the Windows laptops were just not compelling at that price. Decent but not compelling. The ones that caught my eye were even with or more expensive than the MacBook Air (Series 9 Samsung/Vaio Pro/Ideapad Yoga). And on top of that, I really wanted a Mac for durability and support reasons as well as that great trackpad. Other features that attracted me were the SSD, the design and portability.

So I bought it.

My advice is that you do the same, because I am pleased.


-Haswell battery life is something else. I only watch the battery meter out of curiousity now. This thing was projecting 2 - 3 hours at 17% charge. I can go to work on a 50% charge and do just fine well into the night when I come home. This means, by the way, that with moderate use (a few hours at a time) this thing lasts two days on one charge quite easily. For this reason alone I recommend the Air.

-I have not heard the fan yet. Granted I do not do heavy lifting, but I have yet to feel this laptop get hot. I couldn't tell you if the fan has ever come on since I've owned it.

-The speakers are quite loud. I was worried about this for no reason.

-I hefted the old model years ago, so I was somehow expecting this to feel lighter than it does in real life. It is light, but I suppose the 11-inch would be more dramatic.

-The screen is no worse than I am used to although Mac fonts need to be a little bigger by default in my opinion.

So my recommendation is a buy. I think it's a decent value when compared to the competition. Shop according to your needs, however, and be happy with your purchase.

(128GB version)
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on January 1, 2014
10+ hours of battery life.

You could say just about anything else you wanted to about this computer and it still wouldn't be as important to me as the 10+ hours of battery life I get every day. No more taking a charger in my bag. No more looking for the seat near an outlet at Starbucks. Who needs it? Charge it over night and you'll have all the power you need for the next day.

Of course, it's great that the computer is so thin and light, relatively powerful (only slows down for me in Photoshop Lightroom) and completely quiet (except, again, when using lightroom or watching long stretches of HD video).

It really is an excellent machine, it's worth every penny and, just to be clear, the battery lasts for more than 10 hours of real-world use.
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on February 24, 2014
This computer is the second favorite gadget I've ever owned behind my first iPod Touch. There's just a novelty and a fondness to everything that I could do with that little iPod that I'll not soon forget. With that, this little laptop is more capable than any other computer that I have ever owned. It only weighs about a half a pound more than an iPad 2 and gets 2 more hours on a charge (12 hours) thanks to the Haswell processor that was introduced with the mid-2013 update. This is also my very first Mac and it couldn't be a better choice. I can't say enough about this machine!
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on February 8, 2014
Not much else to say other than what has already been said about the MBA '13. It's simply a great laptop, and gets tremendous battery life. Windows also runs okay in boot camp, but really requires an external mouse to do anything useful. The trackpad works in Windows, but it's not really a good experience (navigating and especially right-clicking are somewhat unintuitive and cumbersome).

I'd like to point out a couple things that are more particular that others might not have mentioned or that potential buyers might be wondering:
- For coding, it's more than adequate. Running a 10,000 particle custom C++/OpenGL SPH fluid sim, I got about the same performance as a baseline-model Mid-2012 MBP that my coding partner was using. For XCode, I can run the iPhone simulator on my apps and games at the full 60 fps. All this can be attributed to the HD5000 GPU. For raw CPU compute power, it won't be as powerful as a recent MBP and will be comparable to the previous generation MBA, but that's the tradeoff for the 9 hours of battery life.
- For graphic/2D design, it's got enough compute power for pretty much anything, but the screen leaves something to be desired. In a pinch, it works, but you'd be better off with something else as your primary laptop.
- For 3D design / CAD, its got enough compute power for basic objects, but you should try to keep the poly count of the scene/model fairly low, as the HD5000 isn't really intended for such use.
- If you are a user of Lyx, it is very problematic on Mavericks (10.9). I've yet to actually get it working, and other users who seem to have gotten ti working report a lot of error. You'll either have to use Lyx on Linux/Windows, or revert back to writing up in pure Tex/LaTex.
- If you are a Windows user, there are many applications you can get that more closely replicate the Windows experience. The two main ones are KeyRemap4Macbook and Hyperdock. KeyRemap lets you customize your keyboard shortcuts to be the same as Windows (or anything else you want), and Hyperdock gives you taskbar previews and Window snapping like in Win7/8.
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