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Capacity: 13.3-inch|Style: 128 GB|Change
Price:$889.99+ $14.99 shipping
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on April 7, 2014
I laughed recently when I was told about an outlaw (an in-law's in-law) who read my wife the riot act because we use Apple products. It took me back to the time a number of years ago that I did the same to people who chose Macs over PCs. That was in the days before iPhones and iPads, even before iPods. At the time, it seemed that everybody except a few college students was using machines that ran on windows. I remember bragging about how great my laptop was and what I could do with it.

Fast forward to today, when we use an iMac at home, iPads for a variety of tasks and I carry an iPhone. I have gone through a succession of MacBooks, from a basic MB to a MB Pro that I loved. I had reached the place, however, that I just carried my iPad with me in a nice Zagg case with keyboard. I wasn't sure I would ever carry a laptop again.

My travel got bumped up a bit this year and I found some weakness with my iPad. I'm a touch typist who found that the loss of my bluetooth keyboard or airplanes was more than a small disruption. I was also missing some robust software that just couldn't be matched by the company's IOS app. Therefore, I decided to try out the 11.6-Inch MB Air. Here is what surprised me:

1. This Air is so small and light that I have no problem carrying it and my iPad with a smart cover. The weight gain from this little computer is negligible.
2. My former MB Pro had 8 GB of memory and I was concerned that this one only had 4GB. The updated processor and the SSD drive make the new computer significantly faster.
3. The keyboard is full-size and helps me stay focused on the screen, where my work is taking place.
4. The display itself, though small, is just enough workspace for the word-crunching that I do.

For those who are considering a migration from windows, imagine life without the "blue screen of death." Think about the ease of document management between your laptop and those other i-devices you probably already have. When people ask me today why I love a particular Apple product, I usually say, "It just works!" Try one and see.
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on January 16, 2014
I got the upgrade with 8gb memory. This is my go to machine. Its very fast, very user friendly, and can handle many programs running at once. I'm a teacher so my typical day is as follows: MS word, MS excel, Chrome (10 tabs), Safari (5 tabs), evernote,, iBook,pdf viewer. My husband is a software architect so he has lots of other things open as well. This still out performs all our machine in speed. By the way, this machine NEVER GETS HOT and makes ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE!

I especially wanted a machine that would be easy to use and I don't have time to fix viruses, software glitches, and such. I also don't want to trouble my husband with anything as he is usually very busy. He is looking it that I never bother him at all. As a matter of fact, I think he is considering getting a high powered apple machine because of the ease of use I have with this one.

Our last apple machine was an ibook in 2001 and that was a real disaster and considered never going back to Apple. But Apple has come so far in the last few years.
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on June 19, 2013
So first I will say I am coming from a MacBook air 11' mid 2011 with 2GB ram and 64GB harddrive. This one I got has 4GB of ram and 128GB harddrive. I use this laptop mainly for browsing the internet and some programming. Now that you have a little background Ill give a quick review.

From the get go this laptop is MUCH faster then my previous Macbook air. When you open the lid you are ready to go that second. On the old one I would have to wait a little for it to load and if I left chrome up and clicked on it right away then I would get the loading wheel. I havent seen this do it once. That could be because of the harddrive being so much faster.

When I opened the box the laptop was already charged to 91% so im trying to kill it. Well I was on it ALL NIGHT last night and now its the morning and its only at 60%. That battery life is amazing and let me honest thats what we ask for in a laptop.

If you are up in the air about this laptop(no pun intended). I would say give it a go. You could even buy it from the Apple store and if you dont like it just return it.

If you are replacing an older Macbook air and have one thats because the mid 2012 then I would say get it but if you have the mid 2012 I dont know if I would suggest spending the money unless you really want battery. I hope this helps anyone trying to purchase this laptop.

I am not an Apple fan boy. My desktop is a custom build Window machine so I know both worlds. Please if you have any questions just comment and I will be happy to try things for you or just answer questions.

I am a Computer Engineer so im use to testing things so feel free to ask.
(This is my first review)
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on February 15, 2017
Great product and just as nice as the 13", however, it is much smaller than I thought the two inches could be. The reviews made it seem like just loosing out on a little screen and the keyboard and the rest about the same. If you want tiny and functional, this is the one, however, if you would like decent sized and usable, but still small, go 13"
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on December 21, 2016
I purchased for my 9th grader to use at home for assignments and his iMovie projects. The laptop definitely exceeded expectations. If I didn't know it was refurbished I would think it was new. We are both more than satisfied with the computer and would buy refurbished again.
review image
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on March 20, 2014
Everything I could want in a computer. Great battery life, great keyboard, easy to use - it's nearly flawless. I think my single complaint is the bulk of the charger and the fact that the battery lasts so long that I tend to misplace the charger because it's needed so infrequently.

This was also my first Mac - a big switch for a long time PC user. Not sure I'll ever go back to slow loads and bulky computers that are slammed together with inconsistent manufacturing standards. This is a work of art that is also a great computer.
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on March 20, 2017
Received my computer and it worked great for the first two days, but began to freeze up and not even turn on at some points. Went to Apple Store for answers and they informed me that the whole RAM was fried and that they recommended buying a new computer because it would be $500 for the parts and labor for a new hard drive.
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on March 10, 2017
Wonderful laptop! This was a gift for my grandson and he just loves it. He is very happy with it and has nothing but good things to say about it. It did arrived in great shape and on the date that it was promised for delivery.
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on February 22, 2017
Laptop is in good condition! Came with Microsoft Windows software which is a plus. I had to call Apple care multiple times to get certain software changed to my personal information. But the computer is running effortlessly. Also I bought a case and keyboard skin to protect it... which also hides the nicks
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on April 19, 2017
I am very happy with this laptop! The overall layout is great, the screen has such a clear picture. I love how light the laptop is, and it is great for writing papers. I really like the keyboard. The speed is fairly quick, and I seem to be getting less ads on the internet.
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