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on December 21, 2016
I purchased for my 9th grader to use at home for assignments and his iMovie projects. The laptop definitely exceeded expectations. If I didn't know it was refurbished I would think it was new. We are both more than satisfied with the computer and would buy refurbished again.
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on April 7, 2014
I laughed recently when I was told about an outlaw (an in-law's in-law) who read my wife the riot act because we use Apple products. It took me back to the time a number of years ago that I did the same to people who chose Macs over PCs. That was in the days before iPhones and iPads, even before iPods. At the time, it seemed that everybody except a few college students was using machines that ran on windows. I remember bragging about how great my laptop was and what I could do with it.

Fast forward to today, when we use an iMac at home, iPads for a variety of tasks and I carry an iPhone. I have gone through a succession of MacBooks, from a basic MB to a MB Pro that I loved. I had reached the place, however, that I just carried my iPad with me in a nice Zagg case with keyboard. I wasn't sure I would ever carry a laptop again.

My travel got bumped up a bit this year and I found some weakness with my iPad. I'm a touch typist who found that the loss of my bluetooth keyboard or airplanes was more than a small disruption. I was also missing some robust software that just couldn't be matched by the company's IOS app. Therefore, I decided to try out the 11.6-Inch MB Air. Here is what surprised me:

1. This Air is so small and light that I have no problem carrying it and my iPad with a smart cover. The weight gain from this little computer is negligible.
2. My former MB Pro had 8 GB of memory and I was concerned that this one only had 4GB. The updated processor and the SSD drive make the new computer significantly faster.
3. The keyboard is full-size and helps me stay focused on the screen, where my work is taking place.
4. The display itself, though small, is just enough workspace for the word-crunching that I do.

For those who are considering a migration from windows, imagine life without the "blue screen of death." Think about the ease of document management between your laptop and those other i-devices you probably already have. When people ask me today why I love a particular Apple product, I usually say, "It just works!" Try one and see.
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on April 14, 2014
There are so many reviews of this item, another might seem unnecessary but maybe a word would help someone. I had an older Toshiba running windows 7. Like many I was concerned about learning a new Operating System. Not too worry. Within a few hours i was comfortable. This machine is light years ahead of the Toshiba. It took over 4 minutes to boot up the Toshiba. This Mac is ready to go in 15 seconds. The various functions seem designed more with the user in mind. The pad can be used for most functions while surfacing the web using one, two, or three fingers. Battery life is amazing compared with other laptops i have used. I regularly use the Mac for two days, several hours a day before recharging. As I write this, the battery indicator says over 15 hours.
A friend who has had his Mac for several years says going back to windows is like going back to a model T. If you have any reservations about getting a Macbook Air, I say give one a try. 98% of users can't be wrong. Highly recommended!
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on March 18, 2015
Battery life is amazing.. I heard upgrading to the new os hurt battery life so I'm sticking with mavericks for now. Standby will last for days and days usage will last one day he with heavy use 2days with moderate use and 3 with light use all at about 50% screen brightness and back-lit keyboard off. The back-lit keyboard really takes a crap on the battery life so try to keep it off when not using it. There is a button for turning back-lit keyboard on and off do this shouldn't be an issue. You can also adjust the settings in mavericks to only turn on the back-lit keyboard when typing.
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on June 29, 2014
Like every Mac product that I have every purchased, this s flawless in design and execution. It boots in a snap due to the flash based hard drive and runs applications with the expected speed. Not much more to say on this front, it's a premium product for a premium price.

The real story is in the durability, and on mine that has been put to the test. I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old autistic child that share (using the term very loosely) this MacBook. Mostly it is used to watch "monkey" (Curious George), Barney, god awful videos on YouTube (think hour after hour of Gangnam Style and Annoying Orange) or for learning on the ABC Mouse website (surprisingly effective site). Needless to say, the boys do not ever want to watch the same thing and the same time and a battle begins with the MacBook at ground zero.

Tug, pull, drop on the floor, accidentally tossed, dropped again, pulled on some more... and that is before the first video or activity starts. Rinse, recycle, repeat about 30 times a day, everyday. Add in baby drool, splashes from cups of water, sticky PB&J hands and spaghetti covered fingers, and it is a miracle this thing survives the day. But survived it has... day after day after day. We are 8 months into owning it and it shockingly still runs as good as the day we bought it.

There are plenty of reviews on tech specs and peoples various opinions on the Mac ecosystem, so I am not even going to go down that path. Instead, I want to provide an insight into the quality and durability of the machine. Believe mw when I say, if this thing can stand up to my destructive little spawns then it will surely last for whatever it is that you are using it for. I would recommend this to anyone who A) has children close in age that will wage wars for its use B) is clumsy, prone to spills and drops or has family that fits that description C) Likes reliability and stability and worry free performance (despite aforementioned A and B) and D) you have broken, damaged or otherwise made unusable a computer before because of spills, drops, children, neighbors, extended family, pets, aliens, sea monsters, prophecies of the mayans or dementia.

Last tip, get the Apple Care on it. It's worth its weight in gold the first time that you need to replace the charger, make a repair or simply pick the brains of tech support (that is what we use it for, especially with some of the things that those boys can do to it),

Hopefully this helped and gave you a little different perspective from the other reviews. :)
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on December 30, 2013
Finally I overcame my fear of moving away from windows, and there is not a day regretting why I didn't make that decision earlier. Honestly I used to compare prices of windows based laptops like ASUS versus mac and to consider only the hardware specs, but I had totally forgot the true meaning of laptop... then when I considered the mental pressure of the heat boiling up my finger tips and the processor noise tearing up my ears, I discovered the self-abnegation I had long endured for just a couple of dollars less. Long story short, don't get fooled by seemingly similar hardware specs of windows based laptops of much lower price, there is a lot more you can't think of, but when you find something with those unthinkable factors, you know it's the one to stick to forever
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on August 2, 2014
Apple products very rarely disappoint. This MacBook Air is no exception. I'm currently writing this review from it, and I can say with total confidence, this is the best laptop I've ever owned.

I decided to go with a MacBook Air instead of replacing my 1st generation iPad because of my disappointment that Apple as no longer updating the software for my iPad. I purchased an iMac at the same time I purchased my gen-1 iPad, and the software is still updated and upgradeable for my iMac- but not my iPad. So, I decided to go the route of an ultra-portable MacBook- so I can keep the software up-to-date with the latest features and get the most "bang-for-my-buck" in longevity.

The chassis is made from precision cut aluminum unibody- the the seams and access screws are located underneath the main cpu for a clean and sharp look. The backlight keyboard is perfectly bright and the "trackpad" with all the different gestures you can do to perform different tasks with a single swipe- is a brilliant addition. Its light, and thin, however the metal unibody gives it a solid feel. The screen is bright, crisp, and doesn't have any glare issues- at least not for me. The solid state hard drive provides an "instant" on when the screen is flipped open. No more waiting for the hard drive to boot up from sleep mode.

Apple's OS is very, very well done. It's stable, has many different apps and software (both Apple and third-party) available, and the battery life is amazing. I average about 7 hours, 20 minutes per charge. Mac's OS and Apple's iOS for iPad and iPhone work seamlessly with iCloud, Mail, Pictures, Maps, and Notes on the MacBook. I can open the iMessage app on my MacBook and continue a conversation I was having on my iPhone without having switch usernames. I just open the app and type- and it's sent to the recipient just like it came from my iPhone. It's almost like my iPad, iPhone, and Macs are all one single device.

And a HUGE plus for Mac's... the last OS upgrade was free; as well as Apple's productivity suite: Pages, Keynote and Numbers (Apple's version of Microsoft Office)- so you're never burdened with yearly upgrades that cost $70+.

And if I ever needed to run Windows on this MacBook... All I have to do is install "Bootcamp" and then I'm all set.

It is probably the most expensive option for a "ultra-book" laptop, and some people cite the "better" hardware in PC models selling for a cheaper price. But keep one thing in mind- Samsung, Apple's largest competitor, makes an ultra-book that is nearly IDENTICAL to the MacBook lines. Seriously, check them out sometime. Silver metal body, black- back light keys, etc. So whereas you're getting "better" hardware with other models, you don't need that "better" hardware for Mac's OS to operate quickly and smoothly. Why? Because Apple designs its hardware around its software. PC makers don't have that luxury- since the market is very fragmented and Microsoft, up until lately, has only made the software. All the PC makers added in their own hardware components from all over; and usually no 2 were alike. The result was an unstable OS. Not to mention all the viruses and malware out there affecting Windows based machines. Apples OS doesn't have those problems. And if all the competitors copy the design down to the smallest details- why shouldn't you go with the one all others strived to compete with?

Bottom line: I've had my iMac for 4 years- not one single problem. I had a PC laptop- 2 years and it needed repairs. You spend more for the machine.... but you definitely get your money's worth in free software for life and the longevity of the unit. The customer service is unparalleled. You will not be disappointed with your purchase!
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on April 8, 2014
This is my first computer with a solid state hard drive, but it will not be my last. It is so fast, it is absolutely amazing. The newer MacBook Airs are much better than the older versions, the computer handles all of my daily multitasking with ease, and I can also play my video games on it with no issues.
I was not sure if I would be able to go with this because of the graphics, and I play games like Borderlands 2 on Steam. But I've been able to play solo and online with friends with absolutely no issues, and the game looks great.
I cannot stress how fast this is. It can completely reboot in less than 20 seconds. It is not the powerhouse of the MacBook Pro, and no, it doesn't have a huge hard drive, but if you want a great computer that will last for a while, I would highly recommend it.
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on April 11, 2014
I've had Dell and HP computers before buying the MacBook Air. The HP laptop literally fell apart in 15 months and their support would not fix the problem although obviously a manufacturing defect. It was difficult for me to justify spending extra money for an Apple, but have absolutely no regrets. Should have done it much sooner.

I am not a techy and do not understand all the internal greatness of these machines, but know from Apple's reputation and family and friends that have them that they have been pleased with the laptop and service Apple offers. In my unprofessional opinion, this Mac is awesome - lightweight, easy to use, everything I want/need and more. Buying through Amazon was quick, easy, AND I saved money! Don't hesitate - buy it!!!
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on November 13, 2017
I must say-- this is the first time I have splurged and bought a laptop this expensive-- I had been surfing from a Chromebook, cheaper dell computers at around 250$, and am ashamed to only now be discovering the speed, elegance and efficiency that comes with owning this MacBook! I am typing this review as I speak on it, and so far so good. I will most likely edit this review to give an update, but I am almost starstruck as to how awesome this laptop is. Go apple!
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