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on April 7, 2014
I laughed recently when I was told about an outlaw (an in-law's in-law) who read my wife the riot act because we use Apple products. It took me back to the time a number of years ago that I did the same to people who chose Macs over PCs. That was in the days before iPhones and iPads, even before iPods. At the time, it seemed that everybody except a few college students was using machines that ran on windows. I remember bragging about how great my laptop was and what I could do with it.

Fast forward to today, when we use an iMac at home, iPads for a variety of tasks and I carry an iPhone. I have gone through a succession of MacBooks, from a basic MB to a MB Pro that I loved. I had reached the place, however, that I just carried my iPad with me in a nice Zagg case with keyboard. I wasn't sure I would ever carry a laptop again.

My travel got bumped up a bit this year and I found some weakness with my iPad. I'm a touch typist who found that the loss of my bluetooth keyboard or airplanes was more than a small disruption. I was also missing some robust software that just couldn't be matched by the company's IOS app. Therefore, I decided to try out the 11.6-Inch MB Air. Here is what surprised me:

1. This Air is so small and light that I have no problem carrying it and my iPad with a smart cover. The weight gain from this little computer is negligible.
2. My former MB Pro had 8 GB of memory and I was concerned that this one only had 4GB. The updated processor and the SSD drive make the new computer significantly faster.
3. The keyboard is full-size and helps me stay focused on the screen, where my work is taking place.
4. The display itself, though small, is just enough workspace for the word-crunching that I do.

For those who are considering a migration from windows, imagine life without the "blue screen of death." Think about the ease of document management between your laptop and those other i-devices you probably already have. When people ask me today why I love a particular Apple product, I usually say, "It just works!" Try one and see.
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on February 15, 2017
Great product and just as nice as the 13", however, it is much smaller than I thought the two inches could be. The reviews made it seem like just loosing out on a little screen and the keyboard and the rest about the same. If you want tiny and functional, this is the one, however, if you would like decent sized and usable, but still small, go 13"
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on February 8, 2014
Not much else to say other than what has already been said about the MBA '13. It's simply a great laptop, and gets tremendous battery life. Windows also runs okay in boot camp, but really requires an external mouse to do anything useful. The trackpad works in Windows, but it's not really a good experience (navigating and especially right-clicking are somewhat unintuitive and cumbersome).

I'd like to point out a couple things that are more particular that others might not have mentioned or that potential buyers might be wondering:
- For coding, it's more than adequate. Running a 10,000 particle custom C++/OpenGL SPH fluid sim, I got about the same performance as a baseline-model Mid-2012 MBP that my coding partner was using. For XCode, I can run the iPhone simulator on my apps and games at the full 60 fps. All this can be attributed to the HD5000 GPU. For raw CPU compute power, it won't be as powerful as a recent MBP and will be comparable to the previous generation MBA, but that's the tradeoff for the 9 hours of battery life.
- For graphic/2D design, it's got enough compute power for pretty much anything, but the screen leaves something to be desired. In a pinch, it works, but you'd be better off with something else as your primary laptop.
- For 3D design / CAD, its got enough compute power for basic objects, but you should try to keep the poly count of the scene/model fairly low, as the HD5000 isn't really intended for such use.
- If you are a user of Lyx, it is very problematic on Mavericks (10.9). I've yet to actually get it working, and other users who seem to have gotten ti working report a lot of error. You'll either have to use Lyx on Linux/Windows, or revert back to writing up in pure Tex/LaTex.
- If you are a Windows user, there are many applications you can get that more closely replicate the Windows experience. The two main ones are KeyRemap4Macbook and Hyperdock. KeyRemap lets you customize your keyboard shortcuts to be the same as Windows (or anything else you want), and Hyperdock gives you taskbar previews and Window snapping like in Win7/8.
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on November 17, 2013
Perfect machine except for a couple of things:

-sleep/wake failure: sometimes that screen dims and then immediately sleeps while the backlit keyboard and hard drive/sound/network card are still active and the only way to use the display again would be to force a restart. a search on google would show that MANY people who have bought the 2013 MBA have this problem ("black screen of death"). I still have not found a fix and I would assume that if I brought in my MBA to an apple store, they'd replace it for free. it does not happen often enough to force me to replace my machine though. I might do it in the future

-it is so thin that the end of the machine feel sharp and if you aren't using the laptop on a desk, they will jab into your wrists and it will be painful. i guess i got used to it.
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on June 29, 2014
Like every Mac product that I have every purchased, this s flawless in design and execution. It boots in a snap due to the flash based hard drive and runs applications with the expected speed. Not much more to say on this front, it's a premium product for a premium price.

The real story is in the durability, and on mine that has been put to the test. I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old autistic child that share (using the term very loosely) this MacBook. Mostly it is used to watch "monkey" (Curious George), Barney, god awful videos on YouTube (think hour after hour of Gangnam Style and Annoying Orange) or for learning on the ABC Mouse website (surprisingly effective site). Needless to say, the boys do not ever want to watch the same thing and the same time and a battle begins with the MacBook at ground zero.

Tug, pull, drop on the floor, accidentally tossed, dropped again, pulled on some more... and that is before the first video or activity starts. Rinse, recycle, repeat about 30 times a day, everyday. Add in baby drool, splashes from cups of water, sticky PB&J hands and spaghetti covered fingers, and it is a miracle this thing survives the day. But survived it has... day after day after day. We are 8 months into owning it and it shockingly still runs as good as the day we bought it.

There are plenty of reviews on tech specs and peoples various opinions on the Mac ecosystem, so I am not even going to go down that path. Instead, I want to provide an insight into the quality and durability of the machine. Believe mw when I say, if this thing can stand up to my destructive little spawns then it will surely last for whatever it is that you are using it for. I would recommend this to anyone who A) has children close in age that will wage wars for its use B) is clumsy, prone to spills and drops or has family that fits that description C) Likes reliability and stability and worry free performance (despite aforementioned A and B) and D) you have broken, damaged or otherwise made unusable a computer before because of spills, drops, children, neighbors, extended family, pets, aliens, sea monsters, prophecies of the mayans or dementia.

Last tip, get the Apple Care on it. It's worth its weight in gold the first time that you need to replace the charger, make a repair or simply pick the brains of tech support (that is what we use it for, especially with some of the things that those boys can do to it),

Hopefully this helped and gave you a little different perspective from the other reviews. :)
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on September 24, 2013
(Background: Used-not owned-a last-generation Macbook Pro 15; used an iMac; Generally well-disposed to OSX. Extensive Windows use past and current-plenty of decent long-lasting Dells. No experience with Windows 8.)

I've been looking for a laptop as a teacher for some time, and really balked at the idea of spending over $1000 for a laptop when I could get a decent Windows laptop for about $700. But the Windows laptops were just not compelling at that price. Decent but not compelling. The ones that caught my eye were even with or more expensive than the MacBook Air (Series 9 Samsung/Vaio Pro/Ideapad Yoga). And on top of that, I really wanted a Mac for durability and support reasons as well as that great trackpad. Other features that attracted me were the SSD, the design and portability.

So I bought it.

My advice is that you do the same, because I am pleased.


-Haswell battery life is something else. I only watch the battery meter out of curiousity now. This thing was projecting 2 - 3 hours at 17% charge. I can go to work on a 50% charge and do just fine well into the night when I come home. This means, by the way, that with moderate use (a few hours at a time) this thing lasts two days on one charge quite easily. For this reason alone I recommend the Air.

-I have not heard the fan yet. Granted I do not do heavy lifting, but I have yet to feel this laptop get hot. I couldn't tell you if the fan has ever come on since I've owned it.

-The speakers are quite loud. I was worried about this for no reason.

-I hefted the old model years ago, so I was somehow expecting this to feel lighter than it does in real life. It is light, but I suppose the 11-inch would be more dramatic.

-The screen is no worse than I am used to although Mac fonts need to be a little bigger by default in my opinion.

So my recommendation is a buy. I think it's a decent value when compared to the competition. Shop according to your needs, however, and be happy with your purchase.

(128GB version)
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on January 4, 2015
I am a tech guy and have been using laptops several years. As most of you, I started with basic models and getting upgrades once a while.

I have used a lot of Operating Systems as well including Windows, Linux, Solaris and of course OS X. I will not talk about the OS this time but the hardware itself.

As a customer oriented, I have to carry out my laptop every day so when looking for a laptop, I have to think in a couple of more things that performance and capacities. I decided to buy this Macbook Air about a year ago due to its lightweight. While having a great processor with turbo boost, enough RAM to run all of my apps, Flash Storage and a great battery life, I decided this was the one I needed.

Previously my first Laptop Apple was a MacBook, the white 2011 model. After entering in Apple ecosystem, I have owned MacBooks Pro thru the years with no complains.

About this particular model, I have to say:

- Lightweight rocks. It is about 3 pounds which is perfect if you have to carry everywhere with it, like me.
- Flash Storage make it boot in seconds
- Battery life is phenomenal
- Size is perfect (13inch)
- Apple Care is a must if you plan to keep it for years

- Aluminum body gives it a great and stylish look, but is weak. If you don't like to use covers or protectors that change the great appearance of your laptop, you have to be very careful with it. Just touching a strong surface (for example a wall corner) will scarf the edges of this laptop
- RAM capacity (as the specs says) could be up to 8GB which lot of people could find not enough. Same thing with the storage capacity

Overall, I thing this is great for work, light and powerful.
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on September 12, 2015
Best laptop ever. So light and fast. I've been using mine for 2 years and it still looks and works like brand new. Battery still lasts over 10 hours. I multitask like crazy including multiple browsers and video/photo editing, this handles it with no problems ever. Extensive traveling the whole time and not a scratch. I'll be upgrading to the newest version from Apple with 8gb ram and the core i7 purely for video editing reasons, otherwise this laptop would easily last another 2 years as is. Fan only comes on after editing video for a while otherwise it's completely silent. I would give this laptop 6 stars if I could because it's worth every penny.
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on January 1, 2014
10+ hours of battery life.

You could say just about anything else you wanted to about this computer and it still wouldn't be as important to me as the 10+ hours of battery life I get every day. No more taking a charger in my bag. No more looking for the seat near an outlet at Starbucks. Who needs it? Charge it over night and you'll have all the power you need for the next day.

Of course, it's great that the computer is so thin and light, relatively powerful (only slows down for me in Photoshop Lightroom) and completely quiet (except, again, when using lightroom or watching long stretches of HD video).

It really is an excellent machine, it's worth every penny and, just to be clear, the battery lasts for more than 10 hours of real-world use.
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on March 10, 2017
Wonderful laptop! This was a gift for my grandson and he just loves it. He is very happy with it and has nothing but good things to say about it. It did arrived in great shape and on the date that it was promised for delivery.
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