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on January 3, 2014
Always a fan of MacBook this is lightweight and packs all of the features of the old pro in a smaller package!
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on January 9, 2014
I have owned many Laptops Operated with windows Microsoft OS and i never felt the Quality i'm looking for after Spending hundreds of dollars.

Light-bulb *Flashed".. and thought why not give Macbook a try AND thank God i did, beside the high prices compared to other laptops this experience was Superb.

After accepting the idea of macbook i got confused between (macbook pro-retina) vs( macbook air), The (air) Basically was lighter (not much) and lasted nearly 15-hours which is 7+ more hours than( macbook pro). The air had less specs in all aspects than (Pro).

The (air) was the winner for me since i'm willing to use the laptop mostly for traveling and carrying it with me to college.

The (Pro) in other-hand wins the battle in case of specs (as i mentioned) but in case of my usage i wouldn't Care-less for the specs because i'm a light user (browsing,movies,chatting and facebook..ect).

***Note: The previous Confusion between Air vs Pro was Before I witness the RETINA in my Eyes.

After Experiencing Retina in the Store, I immediately Went for (MacBook Pro Retina). For me, Not seeing pixels on a screen was a game changer in my laptops experience, I cant simplify this more than that Retina screen worth every penny.

* I gave this 5 stars because it was The Best laptop i have ever Used in my Life. No-Crashes,no-sluggish responses And after all a great Screen!!!

** I like everything about this laptop.

*** I recommend this for everyone, Only if you are so eager to have a crazy light laptop go with (Air) Although the (PRO) is not that heavy I take it everywhere i go with no problems.

Hope i helped. Thanks.

Edited: I bought Two for me and My DAD !! we couldn't be happier.
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on November 30, 2013
Apple can keep the price the same year to year because they keep removing and downsizing items. CD/DVD is sold separately and attaches via USB, much like PCs in the 90's, $80. There's no ethernet port and if you want one to connect to your modem or if you want to easily use Migration Assistant, then you need to get a Thunderbolt to GigaEthernet cable, $30. Your disk storage drops by 60% to 120 usable gbs; filling up my 600gb backup disk is no longer a concern. The Retina display is nice. You might want to consider a non-Retina Mac which does come with a CD/DVD player, an ethernet port, and much more storage and pocket the extra $500. I wish I had. The laptop is nice and I like it, I am just not sure I would buy it again.
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on October 5, 2014
For years I refused to move from PC to Apple. Tried it at a friends and hated it. Then, all of a sudden my PC laptop became obsolete, well I was running XP Professional, so this may not be a fair comparison, but it's the only comparison I can make.

After many smart people advised Apple, I figured that solid state and nearly free of viruses should be important (I actually needed this one for work). So I got myself an Apple notebook. Took just a few days to get used to the new OS, and now I can tell you this is the wisest decision computer wise that I'v ever done: It starts in seconds and needs no time to stabilize itself; it's quicker than my top of the line PC by light years, it is extremely friendly and ergonomically near perfect. The PC mouse that used to be the command center, which I swore never to let go, has been recycled and long gone: Apple's touch pad is eons ahead of any mouse you can throw at. Not only is Apple in another dimension, it is also a pleasure to work with. At times it seems like it guesses what I want to do.

Best advice I can give you if you switch to Apple is to spend a few hours with someone already familiar with Apple after (or before) you get yours, learn all key stroke shortcuts (which aren't that many), and smile all the way while using this computer.

As for the computer itself the screen colors and sharpness are outstanding (retina display), best ever seen; hard disc crashing (not that ever happened to me) a thing of the past, virus and virus protection a thing of the past, the frustrating time needed for Windows from switching it on to the moment it is ready to work: A thing of the past.
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on April 7, 2014
This is my first Mac and I love the computer so far. The display is beautiful and will almost definitely look better than any other screen other than phones that you come across. The slimness and weight of the computer is definitely appreciated and makes a big difference when compared to the previous model. The keyboard feels great and the trackpad has worked perfectly. I would recommend this computer to anyone in this budget range. I cannot say that I would not consider the previous model, since many drives and ports (no CD drive) were changed with this model. Considering this, the price is more expensive. To pay the extra price for this model, one must place heavy weight on how much the improved display will mean to you. If having the retina display is not important to you it does not make any sense whatsoever to get this model. You will be happier with the cheaper previous model that includes the disc drive, Ethernet port, etc.
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on November 20, 2014
Got a great deal as a newer model came out. If this machine is still $200 less then do it! That minor bump isn't even noticeable. Don't forget to add to your account on May help later with any wrty issues! Overall my first mac and i aint going back!
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on December 9, 2014
First off, I wanted to note that there is now a more recent version available with a faster processor available. I got this in the summer and just now sat down to write a review.

I have been through probably 5 laptops in my lifetime. Some had battery issues, some had screen issues and all had fan noise issues. This is the first laptop I have owned without any of these. It is also my first macbook - all my other laptops have been windows based.

The battery life on this laptop is amazing. I can watch three movies before the battery dies. When it needs charging once a week it takes about an hour to fully charge. This laptop is absolutely silent. Unless you are running a game, the fan isn't even on. My only complaints are OS based. Some of which are fixed in the newest update. I haven't updated because I hate the new look. I bought a laptop, not a tablet or a phone. I expect it to look clean and can sacrifice some CPU/APU processes to make it look nice. I don't understand why windows 8.1 and OSX are trying to make the interface look like a tablet.

At the time of purchase, this was honestly the best value. Awesome battery life, high resolution screen, the fastest SSDs on the market and instantaneous boots are what you can expect from the latest MacBook Pros. If I were to rethink my purchase, I would have went with the 256GB version due to faster SSD and more storage. The OS doesn't take up much space, so for me the storage isn't too bad considering I have most of my large files on network storage. I didn't realize that the 128GB version had a slower SSD until after I purchased.

Upgrades are nonexistent. Ram is hard-soldered. SSD form factor is proprietary (not interface, just pinout). That being said, this thing will run HD video perfectly and I don't see a need to upgrade until a few years down the road. Apps/Programs start almost immediately. The laptop wakes from sleep quicker than you can open the screen. The battery life is compromised in sleep mode, however - It will go from 100% to 30% in about 6 days of no use in sleep mode. The network card is amazing and is faster than any other wireless device on my network.

If you are a current Windows user, don't be put off by OSX and this machine. It really is inexpensive for what it has to offer and the OS is very easy to use. I was amazed the first time I downloaded a zip file and it was already extracted. I got a virus on it once. I made a dumb mistake and tried to use some software that was somewhat subject. 10 mins later, I was able to get rid of it and never saw an issue since. You don't need costly or ad-prone antivirus software. It is difficult to find any laptop with this resolution, let alone battery life, in this price point, Windows or OSX based.
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on December 8, 2013
All I have to say is, WOW! This laptop is by far the best piece of hardware I have ever purchased. I could not be happier (granted it has only been a few days).

- Build quality is unrivaled.
- OSX: I am a CIO and have used many different brands of hardware and operating systems throughout my career and I was always hesitant to move to Mac since I've mostly lived in a Windows world. My fears have been erased. OSX gives you plenty of options for customization and gives you powerful command line and automation tools if the geek in you needs the outlet
- Specs: Price was not a problem when put up against other "ultra books" with similar specs. Also, at this point in time the Iris graphics and PCIe hard drive are ahead of the game even when compared against more expensive models such as the Samsung Ativ ultra book.
- Battery life: With the screen brightness down just a touch and just basic life, I'm seeing almost 12 hours of battery life. Enough said.
- Integration with other iDevices: Airplay and Airdrop are nice touches when you own an Apple TV and iPhone.
- Lack of touch screen: A touchscreen isn't necessary for OSX, nor would it even be optimal. However, in the touch screen world we live in, this could be seen as a negative. Definitely not a deal breaker by any means because the touchpad is amazing!
- Lack of ethernet port: There are times when wireless doesn't cut it. I realize there is a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter, just haven't taken the plunge yet.

Bottom line: Buy it. Now. You will not regret it. There is not laptop on the market that even comes close to the quality and specs of this machines. It just feels natural. Also, once you get used to OSX, you quickly realize that there is no reason to fear the switch. You get a special bonus if you already have an Apple TV and iPhone. There are pretty nice integration features.
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on May 13, 2015
This is my first Macbook and I starting to loving it. Works very fine, very fast, and the graphic resolution is amazing. The only thing to complain is the memory storage (128GB) I hope that this will be enough for me. I'm a little worried about the programs to install because for storage I use an external disk that is more efficient if you like to go with some of your stuff with you.
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on April 9, 2014
For years I have wanted to ditch windows and the PC standard, but money has always been an issue. Finally able to buy, I spent almost 2 months deciding which iMac/MacBook to buy. Really wanted the15 inch mbpro retina, but finances would not allow. Now proud owner of the most amazing computer I have ever used. The included programs are so much easier to use than windows . I could not be happier. Learning curve is at times steep, but that is my own issue not Apples. I write plays, and the MacBook Pro makes it an easier and faster process.
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