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on April 4, 2015
At this price, you expect to get a good product. And that's pretty much what this is.

The ease of use, the features, and capabilities of the OS are all there, and the performance isn't bad.

My complaints have to do with the physical design. The SD card slot is shallow, so standard-sized cards won't fit flush. They may think that if they make it easy to keep a card in the slot, people may use it for storage expansion rather than buying a whole new MacBook. Also, there are only two USB ports, one per side. I'd like to have had more.
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on November 10, 2013
A little about myself:
I am a college senior and a very techie geek. I've went through ALOT of laptops and other electronics. I've used this guy for about a week now. It's been a very positive experience.


1. Battery life. I took this guy to my 8 hour workplace, and after the entire day of light use, it STILL had around 40% left. The previous MacBooks usually would be around 5%.

2. Screen. Absolutely stunning. Less glare, more pixels. The stuff on the screen looks painted on. You may have experience the Retina display on an iPhone, but it's a different experience on a bigger screen.

3. Speed. i5 + SSD is no joke. It'll zip through everyday tasks like a champ.

4. Build quality. One of the best built laptops ever made, and I expect no less from Apple. I prefer this retina's build quality over the older macbook pros and airs because it doesn't make ANY sound. The other older models seems to have a slight creak, this one doesn't. They also made it slimmer and lighter than the 2012 retina. Also love the thinner bezels.

5. GPU. The integrated Iris 5100 graphics card is surprisingly powerful. It has a whole 1GB of VRAM. Still can't run the latest games with respectable FPS and texture settings, but it can handle more than an integrated graphics card should.

6. Trackpad. This is the #1 reason I prefer any Macbook made after 2009 over Windows laptops. The trackpad is just absolutely amazing. Even after all these years, I have not had one Windows laptop that can match the Mac's trackpad.


1. Speakers. I wish Apple would improve the speakers on the 13" MacBooks, but then it might get even more expensive. Speakers just don't sound nice at all, but then again it is a very thin 13" laptop.

2. I feel like they should've added more USB ports instead of having 2 Thunderbolt ports.


With the price drop, it's much more competitive. The price was the reason I didn't get the 2012 models, simply way overpriced. The new prices made me bite. If you are looking for a secondary computer to your main desktop, BUY THIS ONE. I prefer this macbook retina over the Air any day. With only a couple hundred more, you get a better screen, faster processor, better GPU, and better build quality (Thinner bezels). The Air does have more battery life but who really needs 13 hours of battery life?

I decided to sell mine because this is my ONLY computer. In the end, I overestimated how much I could store in the 128gb SSD. In this day and age, 128gb SSD is just too small if you're planning on using it as your main machine. So like I said, buy this if it's your SECONDARY machine. If it's your primary machine I would say go with a bigger hard drive.

All in all, I loved my time with it, but had to let it go because of the limited storage. I ended up getting an older model Macbook Pro with the traditional HDD, and immediately I disliked the screen that I once loved. Once you go Retina you do not go back! The best laptop I've ever had the pleasure of using.


Another con I found for Macs in general: External mouse in Mac OS feels weird. I'm used to gaming on Windows, and gaming on Mac just feels terrible, mostly because Macs uses a higher mouse acceleration setting...Probably the same reason why the trackpad feels so nice. Installing Windows in bootcamp is a must for gamers.
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on August 2, 2014
I upgraded to this from a 2012 Macbook Air, and I am incredibly happy with it. While I am not necessarily a fan of Apple products in general (I use an Android Phone and Tablet, and a Windows PC and Media Center), I think that they really shine when it comes to laptops. They are small, portable, durable, and easy to use.

The higher resolution screen is incredibly good looking. I am loving the back-lit keys far more than I thought I would. I continue to love the fantastic Apple trackpad and incredibly easy to use multiple desktops.

The difference in weight between this and my old MBA is more noticeable than I thought it would be. I'm not super happy with the new mag connector for the power... it seems to come out far too easily.
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on January 9, 2014
I have owned many Laptops Operated with windows Microsoft OS and i never felt the Quality i'm looking for after Spending hundreds of dollars.

Light-bulb *Flashed".. and thought why not give Macbook a try AND thank God i did, beside the high prices compared to other laptops this experience was Superb.

After accepting the idea of macbook i got confused between (macbook pro-retina) vs( macbook air), The (air) Basically was lighter (not much) and lasted nearly 15-hours which is 7+ more hours than( macbook pro). The air had less specs in all aspects than (Pro).

The (air) was the winner for me since i'm willing to use the laptop mostly for traveling and carrying it with me to college.

The (Pro) in other-hand wins the battle in case of specs (as i mentioned) but in case of my usage i wouldn't Care-less for the specs because i'm a light user (browsing,movies,chatting and facebook..ect).

***Note: The previous Confusion between Air vs Pro was Before I witness the RETINA in my Eyes.

After Experiencing Retina in the Store, I immediately Went for (MacBook Pro Retina). For me, Not seeing pixels on a screen was a game changer in my laptops experience, I cant simplify this more than that Retina screen worth every penny.

* I gave this 5 stars because it was The Best laptop i have ever Used in my Life. No-Crashes,no-sluggish responses And after all a great Screen!!!

** I like everything about this laptop.

*** I recommend this for everyone, Only if you are so eager to have a crazy light laptop go with (Air) Although the (PRO) is not that heavy I take it everywhere i go with no problems.

Hope i helped. Thanks.

Edited: I bought Two for me and My DAD !! we couldn't be happier.
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on September 29, 2017
Bought it for my wife. She LOVES the Mac and I'm a hero.
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on November 20, 2014
Got a great deal as a newer model came out. If this machine is still $200 less then do it! That minor bump isn't even noticeable. Don't forget to add to your account on May help later with any wrty issues! Overall my first mac and i aint going back!
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on July 7, 2015
Fast, beautiful screen. The retina screen really makes this product. Its hard to read on my older macbook air after having this machine. The newer versions have extra ram. Otherwise this is the perfect laptop for students due to its size and weight. have been using it for light photo editing using aperture with a tiny bit of lag, but otherwise its been flawless for the past year.
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on April 30, 2014
Research Mavericks. Waking from Sleep and connecting to your Wifi is a known issue with plenty of users and known at Apple. NO KNOWN FIX YET. There are all kinds of remedies on the internet. Some are temporary and some just don't work. My real solution if I'm going to keep a Mac is to get one run I g Mountain Lion and upgrade once this glitch is fixed by Apple (I read one response in Apple forums that said this has been a known problem to Apple for almost 6 months, there had been 3 updates and the issue still exists)
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on November 30, 2013
Apple can keep the price the same year to year because they keep removing and downsizing items. CD/DVD is sold separately and attaches via USB, much like PCs in the 90's, $80. There's no ethernet port and if you want one to connect to your modem or if you want to easily use Migration Assistant, then you need to get a Thunderbolt to GigaEthernet cable, $30. Your disk storage drops by 60% to 120 usable gbs; filling up my 600gb backup disk is no longer a concern. The Retina display is nice. You might want to consider a non-Retina Mac which does come with a CD/DVD player, an ethernet port, and much more storage and pocket the extra $500. I wish I had. The laptop is nice and I like it, I am just not sure I would buy it again.
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on December 31, 2017
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