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on December 15, 2013
I gave this computer to my husband as a birthday present and he absolutely loves it! He formerly had the 15" MacBook Pro, and this new version's lightness and thinness (due to lack of a CD drive) pleased him very very much. The speed is remarkable, and unlike the MacBook Airs recently released, this has NO PROBLEMS with connection to WIFI nor any problems with dropping WIFI connection. The battery life is outstanding and under normal use (web browsing and email) lasts longer than apple's estimates.
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This was a huge (!!!!) purchase for me. Not just in terms of the cost (ouch), but because I've been a PC user since day 1.

I took the leap last year and bought an I-pad (another ouch) and I love it. Needing a new computer, I grappled with whether to go the Dell route (as usual) or to Apple. Believe me, I fretted, researched, sent email inquiries to people (thanks folks), and chewed some nails before pushing 'buy.'

Like anything new, there has been a learning curve for me, as I try to figure out what's familiar vs what's different with an Apple unit. Thus far, things are falling into place, though a lot of it is by trial-and-error; that, and looking for answers on Google.

Anyhow, I'm still a new-bee, but I like this. The screen imagery is amazing; the photo downloads are super quid; and the keyboard is easy to use. As others have noted, this is real lightweight; maybe a little heavier than a bottle of wine.

So, I'm in and here I go. If you're wondering whether to do the same, I can say yes, though it is helpful to have some prior experience with Apple products.
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on August 11, 2014
During the first week of use, the macbook started locking down constantly until the where that I couldn't use it for over 20min. Then I took it to the Apple repair center in Brazil and they found out that the video card was not working and since it's integrated with the motherboard, they had to replace the entire motherboard. After repairing, it seems to be working nicely, therefore I feel like I have a refurbished laptop. And I bought a macbook just because I thought it would not happen with an Apple device.

Now talking about the laptop itself, it's awesome. It's fast, powerful, light, beautilful and the retina display is great. Texts are more legible than ever, images are displayed greatly. I would be definitely be in love with this macbook if it wasn't for the initial issue with the video card.
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on March 23, 2014
I am a Mac User for the last 3 years. I was owning multiple versions of MAC BOOK AIRs , and I have decided to try the very similar specs of PRO.

It is definitely heavier than AIR (200 grams) which you notice only when you play with it at home. It is slightly smaller in WxL dimensions, which I like. I also like the thinner black frame around the screen , compare to the silver one on AIR.
Battery life is highly dependent on what yo do , and how you manage your applications and screen brightness.
If I am careful, I will manage to squeeze out 8 to 9 hours of battery life (compared to 12-13 hours on AIR).
But If I use a lot of SKYPE and/or Flash Videos (youtube) - than the battery can barely last for 3-5 hours, and the laptop gets EXTREMELY HOT and NOISY - Which I really hate.
Retina screen is nice, and I use it in 1680x1050 resolution , which gives much more screen space compared to 13" Air.
I simply can not comprehend why SKYPE is using so much processing power
Overall - it is a very good computer ( overpriced , like all Apple goodies) - it will serve next 2 years for sure as my single - all purpose laptop.
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on April 22, 2014
I'm a small business owner and have to buy a dozen or more PC's a year. I've had every generation of PC since the 086 processor. I was leery about switching to Mac, but wish I had a made the move sooner. The MacBook is the best PC I've ever had. Out of the box it works perfectly. I can remote access my VPN at work with a free Mac app. The quality is much higher on these. I'm used to buying a few $2,000 PC laptops a year, with the expectation that those will last a couple years at most. The MBP will probably last twice as long. I'm not buying another PC laptop anytime soon. I never want to work with Windows 8.
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on April 13, 2014
The Mac Book Pro Retina 512 has been excellent so far. It is fast, lots of storage space, good battery life and apple support has been called twice. Each time the response was prompt and was just what I needed. That is rare in today's world. I transitioned from many years of windows products. The transition to Apple has been less of a problem than expected. There are a very few things I am dependent on that has no Apple version, therefore I had to install Windows. I chose Windows 8 and am not yet comfortable with that program. It is radically different from Windows 7. The installation was simple once I understood. The step by step wasn't clear. Overall, I have been well pleased. Delivery from Amazon was prompt, though it did require a signature and I wasn't told of that. The signature should have been expected due to the price of the item. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. The screen clarity is simply amazing.
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on May 22, 2014
As a long time Windows user I grew tired of the OS. It seems the computers would eventually bog down so much it was barely usable. Even for just web browsing. Not to mention the anti-virus and malware software subscriptions. Windows 8 was the final straw. I just really did not like it.

I liked the iPad so I decided to switch to a Mac. There is obviously a learning curve with a new OS and it took some time to figure everything out. I'm still learning but I like it. OSX is nice and clean. It's not loaded with bloatware. I had a MacBook Air but I didn't care for the screen so I upgraded to the rMBP. So far so good. I transferred via my Time Machine backup from the Air and it was a snap.

As for the computer itself, it's very fast and the screen is crisp and clear. And most important; it scales properly with almost everything. I do quite a bit of photo editing so the screen is important to me. So far the computer has been running cool and silent. I haven't tried any gaming yet but I'm not big into games. I got this mostly for photo/video work.
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on June 19, 2014
The build quality here is superb! The screen is amazing and does not glare when viewing at different angles! That's a huge plus when watching movies with someone, one of us would always tilt the screen ever so slightly before on the toshiba.

The keyboard is super solid and responsive and nobody makes a better mouse interface than apple, the glass touchpad is accurate, very responsive and a joy to use with gestures.

This thing is like having an ipad with a keyboard, it comes on as soon as you open it up and boots up in a couple of seconds.
You never hear the fans due to the design, it's meant to hit two different sound frequencies so they stay quieter.

Overall, a very sweet machine to use.
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on March 8, 2014
I have been using Windows machines for the past 20 years, various manufacturers. I was very nervous about making the switch to a MacBook, but am very happy to say I am not disappointed with my decision. This machine has worked flawlessly since I opened the box on Feb 13th and after a small learning curve, I am very comfortable using this machine for most of the tasks I performed on my Windows machine. I've run into a few problems running programs that are not supported by OS X or should I say that these programs do not support OS X. I don't see this as a MacBook issue, but a software issue, eventually they will catch up. I will be installing Parallels or the like and hopefully this will allow me to scratch this negative off my list. Other than that, no issues and no regrets.
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on February 14, 2015
My very first Mac and I love it. I still prefer my PC for work but for my personal laptop I love my Mac. It just works with no issues and the keyboard and touchpad are so much better than anything on a. PC. The screen is beautiful.

My only gripe is that the front edge (on either side of the touchpad) of the unit is sharper than it should be. If you use the touchpad a lot, the edge will really dig into your palm. There is a video on YouTube where a guy straps his computer to a vice and uses a file dull the edges. While I wouldn't ever do that myself, I definitely have occasional issues with the sharp edge.
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