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on June 30, 2016
This charger does what it says on the tin, but I'm currently on charger #3 in going on five years with my MacBook, and I'm getting pretty sick of having to replace them every so often. Charger #3 is currently covered in electrical tape, and I fear I won't have long left with this one before it becomes a fire hazard.

It isn't "user error", I never coil my charger tight enough to cause it to literally split open. The covering of the wires is especially thin and flimsy in the area next to the plug where it connects to the computer, and the fact that this is a known issue that nothing has been done about for such a long time is disappointing. Every single one of my friends and colleagues who use MacBooks have the same issue. This is not an isolated incident.

Photo included is of Charger #2. #3 is quickly on its way to this extent of damage.

These are too expensive to need to be replaced so frequently. Shame on Apple for selling dangerous, poorly designed chargers.
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on August 31, 2016
It's okay. It gives you both the power block and the attachment into your computer, but personally my cord frayed at the end that connects to my computer and I didn't need another block. It's really pricey though, and that's a factor to take into consideration. It frayed itself after about a year, which is far too soon given the $80 I paid for it. So when I went hunting for it's replacement, I went straight to ebay and bought the $20 attachment that goes into the computer without the power block, and it's worked so, so, so much better. If your whole cord system has gone bad, this isn't an awful investment, because you do get the whole cord. However, I'd be prepared to buy something cheaper from ebay which is a lot more durable than this.

It sucks because I love apple, but this is just a money grab by them because there's no way they don't find an alternate solution to the power cord breaking otherwise.
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on November 28, 2015
This came looking brand new...too bad only a month and a half later, it stopped working. There is no visible external damage to the wires, brick, or magnetic connector. It just stopped charging all together. The light does not come on when connected and my macbook is continues to be dead and useless. This is the third charger ive had die in the past 6 months. Im at my wits end and dont have the budget to shell out for another.
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on October 24, 2016
Third OEM apple cord since 2011. I am with no doubt this cord is designed to fail. Also tried two different knock offs which were downright dangerous; one cause need for major repair. Power pack is heavy compared to cord; therefore, impossible to prevent light cord from bending repeatedly in the same spot. Unless used in a completely stationary manner, it will fail. I've had PC laptop cords fail, too; however, the, admittedly much cheaper, windows machines were obsolete long before I could get frustrated with all the bad cords. I wish there was either a durable or cheaper, safe alternative. Cord three is ordered. Will replace in again in approximately 2 years.
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on November 9, 2015
The charger worked for a couple weeks. It got hot, as other reviewers have mentioned, and subsequently started popping and seemed to have burned out while it was plugged into my computer. It released some fumes and now smells like burnt up plastics. I have requested a return/refund so I will update this review when the issue is resolved. Edit: I was quickly refunded.
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on January 18, 2016
Although cheaper then an a power brick directly from Apple, it's claim to be "New" and "Genuine" I find slightly off putting, let me explain.
1) I noticed was that the prong adapter/extension cable DO NOT sit completely flush with the brick. It goes in at and angle and leaves a noticeable gap.
2) The mag safe cable plastic feels...different. It wasn't just me who said it, I asked several people and even compared it to my friends brand new MagSafe cable that he bought from the Apple store. Though this might be subjective I also noticed that there was a kink in the cable about half way through, almost as if the inner cable was twisted but the outter plastic wasn't.
3) The light on the MagSafe port about 90% of the time doesn't light up, when it does the orange "Charging" color is very dim.
All of this leads me to believe that this is a really, really, good knock off OR the MagSafe cable was replaced with a 3rd Party/After Market cable, which would explain all the above.
All of that said, the cable does charge my computer, which is what it is supposed to do, but the above mentioned does cause me some worry.
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on February 3, 2015
As advertised. It charges my MBP and does all the wonderful things that a power cord does. You know... Charges the battery and turns my laptop into a desktop. Although, for the price they charge for these things, I was at least expecting a kiss on the cheek and some cab fare in the morning when I woke up... Alas, just a fully charged laptop and that" walk of shame" feeling I get when I look at my bank statement.
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on April 21, 2016
I hate this charger and I hate Apple for not coming up with something better. I can only surmise that this cord is part of their business plan. It is so flimsy, I am lucky if it lasts 6 months. When I called Apple to complain they tried to make it sound like I was doing something wrong! "Oh, are you moving it around a lot? It is supposed to just stay in one place and not get moved very much". Oh THANKS APPLE, glad to know that my LAPTOP, (i.e. PORTABLE computer) has a cord that is NOT portable. Really? So the last time I bought this (I think at this point I'm approaching the cost of the macbook pro in what I've spent on cords) I was really careful. I kept it one place. I didn't ever twist the cord. I moved it as little as possible. If I were forced to take the cord with me, like to a library (gasp, sorry Apple), I coiled it as gently and as carefully as possible while keeping it all in line and tangle free. Did it make a difference? Nope. Not even a little. So here I am writing this review after just having spent another $80 while my computer lies dying and I HAVE A PAPER DUE AT MIDNIGHT.

Signed, I'm never buying another Macbook in my life
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on August 29, 2014
Works as described. Three stars given solely because of Apple's terrible design - which ensures that these reliably fail after a year or two of regular use.

Aftermarket adapter makers could improve on Apple's garbage - but, for one reason or another, none do. All of the knock-offs - and I've tried three separate vendors - are even worse. (The rectangular bricks often sold as an alternative to this one hiss loudly - defective transformers? - and often fail to satisfy a typical Macbook's power requirements.)

Buy this, but reconsider your choice of computer vendor.
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on August 10, 2017
It comes in 2 parts & really didn't realize it until I unwrapped. I really didn't [ay attention b4 purchase. I just knew I was buying the brand & not a generic cord...I want it to last...if I'm lucky maybe the laptop will go another 6 yrs! My original cord lasted 6 yrs. Grandsons said apple is known for cords to not last. He had to replace for an ipad cord. Perhaps that is so customers must buy. That being said I didn't feel so bad. My original one was used hard as I take laprtop to summer home every time we go...wrap up & unwrap is different that being stationary at home or whatever. It seems well made & time will tell. Not sure if I should complain about origianal cord lasting 6 yrs. It literally was separated from the plug at juncture where it connect to large square. If I was handy..perhaps repairable??? Interesting I just reread some reviews. Others had same complaint only mine lasted longer. For the price apple should have replaced this $80 cord for the life of the computer This is a lot of money.
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