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on September 20, 2016
What others have mentioned is 100% true. Apple has done a disservice to their customers by allowing this product to continue to be sold. It has clear failure points and people who have to move it (students, people who cannot live on a single charge per day) are at a horrible disadvantage. What I learned long ago was to purchase 2 units. The first unit is set up where I use my computer at home. I never pack this up nor move it. If I don't move this charger, it will last a long time. The second one is for traveling. If I can use my computer without charging it during the day, I will not get my charger out. Many people are used to always pulling their charger out and plugging it in, but this is exactly what damages it. So trying NOT to charge it is the only way to keep this charger from breaking. My system works well and this replacement is for my daughter. But Apple should have repaired these chargers more than a decade ago.
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on November 9, 2015
The charger worked for a couple weeks. It got hot, as other reviewers have mentioned, and subsequently started popping and seemed to have burned out while it was plugged into my computer. It released some fumes and now smells like burnt up plastics. I have requested a return/refund so I will update this review when the issue is resolved. Edit: I was quickly refunded.
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on June 30, 2016
This charger does what it says on the tin, but I'm currently on charger #3 in going on five years with my MacBook, and I'm getting pretty sick of having to replace them every so often. Charger #3 is currently covered in electrical tape, and I fear I won't have long left with this one before it becomes a fire hazard.

It isn't "user error", I never coil my charger tight enough to cause it to literally split open. The covering of the wires is especially thin and flimsy in the area next to the plug where it connects to the computer, and the fact that this is a known issue that nothing has been done about for such a long time is disappointing. Every single one of my friends and colleagues who use MacBooks have the same issue. This is not an isolated incident.

Photo included is of Charger #2. #3 is quickly on its way to this extent of damage.

These are too expensive to need to be replaced so frequently. Shame on Apple for selling dangerous, poorly designed chargers.
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on April 21, 2017
Received my so called Apple 85 W MagSafe Charger today. Had to replace the original one as it fraid on the end and I overheated my MacBook Pro (bought in 2011).
I was so happy since I couldn't use my laptop for about a week before finally deciding on ordering this charger. The reviews weren't the best but better than on the Apple website which only gave it 1.5 stars with over 1,440 giving it just 1 star.
Anyhow. Needed a replacement asap. So when the charger came I couldn't wait to plug it in. All looked like a genuine Apple product. Plugged it in, started charging my laptop, which was a great sign since I didn't know if the old charger fried my hard drive. Everything seemed to be working alright until about 20 minutes of charging. Then I started smelling burnt plastic. I looked at the laptop, it was fine but when I touched the charger (square box) it was very hot to the touch. I could barely touch it. My old charger never got that hot. I immediately unplugged it both from the wall and my laptop. Had to put it on the tile floor in my bathroom as I didn't want the carpet to singe from the extreme heat of the charger.
Not sure what to really do now as I saw others had the same issue and it seemed to be "normal" for this particularly charger. I don't know if to send it back get a replacement or keep it until I have the money to replace my MacBook Pro and get a new charger with a new laptop.
If the charger gets hot after 20 minutes of charging how hot will it get to charge the laptop to 100% which takes a little longer?? Will it fry my MacBook Pro to a crisp?
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on August 31, 2016
It's okay. It gives you both the power block and the attachment into your computer, but personally my cord frayed at the end that connects to my computer and I didn't need another block. It's really pricey though, and that's a factor to take into consideration. It frayed itself after about a year, which is far too soon given the $80 I paid for it. So when I went hunting for it's replacement, I went straight to ebay and bought the $20 attachment that goes into the computer without the power block, and it's worked so, so, so much better. If your whole cord system has gone bad, this isn't an awful investment, because you do get the whole cord. However, I'd be prepared to buy something cheaper from ebay which is a lot more durable than this.

It sucks because I love apple, but this is just a money grab by them because there's no way they don't find an alternate solution to the power cord breaking otherwise.
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on July 14, 2016
Since I can't use my computer Apple Macbook Pro without charging it, this adapter is required. It is way too expensive and it lasts not even a year, in my experience. The cord or the rubber lining of the cord give out in a very short time. I bought the expensive adapter rather than the cheap imitation so it would last and I am so disappointed and angry with the cheap workmanship in this product. It seems the intent is to have to replace it over and over again. The lack of value is inexcusable!!!!
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on October 1, 2016
BUYER BEWARE: The cord I received was NOT a genuine Apple product despite it being $75! The seller was MacConnection so stay away from this seller!

Here are some tips for determining if your cord is genuine or not:
1. Charging block should NOT get burning hot! Genuine apple charging blocks get warm/hot, but this fake one got so hot that I couldn't even touch it.
2. Cord (including the square block) should be the same weight as your current cord. Don't throw your original broken one away yet so you can compare!
3. The little light on the end of the cord should take a second to turn on on a genuine apple product. On the fake cords, the little charging light turns on instantly.
4. The cord length should be exactly the same length as your old genuine cord. The fake cords tend to be a little shorter.

Hope this helps!
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on November 27, 2015
This magsafe doesn't work properly it makes my early 2011 macbook pro unusable. It makes this static noise while using headphones also it creates some sort of interference between my mac and my external monitor while using the mini dvi adaptor, and not to mention how hot it gets to the point that it even smells like burnt plastic. According to the description and reviews this charger is supposed to be a used like new original magsafe charger turns out this is nothing but an overpriced fake. In case you're wondering how i know its the charger causing the interference well the moment i experience this frustrating episode of never go cheap otherwise you'll regret it this idea come to mind of using my original magsafe that came with my Mac and voila my Mac is no longer making weird sounds and i can use my external monitor the way its supposed to work. So fellas save yourselves a lot of trouble and possibly messing your beloved macbook for good and purchase your charge directly from apple.
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on May 19, 2016
Some people say they received genuine Apple chargers. Other people claim they have received fake chargers. My guess is that most people are getting fake chargers which have been made to look like Apple branded products. I believe the charger I received is a fake. It looks REALLY good. It has the proper embossing and it has what look to be appropriate markings. However, there are a number of online guides showing you the features to look for to identify a fake charger. Based on those guides, my charger is a fake. It has a shorter than normal cord, the light on the plug comes on and off differently than the original cord and a plastic bevel is present on this fake that does not exist on the originals. Finally, this thing runs hot. I measured it at 152°F. That's hot enough to cook food with. My original Apples have never done this. I expect it will burn itself out in a few months so I am going to use it as a backup and buy another from Apple. It was easier to buy from Amazon but the price was the same from the Apple website. Buying one of these is a crap shoot at best. Just buy from Apple.

UPDATE: It lasted less than one month and then just died. As expected....
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on November 28, 2015
This came looking brand new...too bad only a month and a half later, it stopped working. There is no visible external damage to the wires, brick, or magnetic connector. It just stopped charging all together. The light does not come on when connected and my macbook is continues to be dead and useless. This is the third charger ive had die in the past 6 months. Im at my wits end and dont have the budget to shell out for another.
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