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on December 28, 2011
Purchased this to replace my old G5 tower. Already had a new monitor, keyboard and mouse. Upgraded the RAM to 8 GB from Crucial, which was trivial to do and a lot cheaper than buying the thing from Apple with 8 GB installed.

After a couple of weeks, I have to say that I love this little bugger. Not as quick as the new iMacs, but I really don't like all-in-one designs for much of anything. The lack of an optical drive has proven to be a total non-issue, though if needed there are plenty of options to add an external including one from Apple. Without a doubt, this is the quietest computer I have ever owned.

My only complaint is that I used Apple's included Migration Assistant to move from the G5 to the Mini. That was an error. Migration from the PPC architecture is smoother if you just reinstall apps and copy data via file sharing. I have done this both ways and a lot of trouble can be avoided by just biting the bullet and starting from scratch.

Once I got the transition issues resolved, this thing turned into a marvelous tool. It's plenty quick enough with Photoshop CS 5.1, even with large images stored on an external Firewire 800 drive. Aside from the problems with the transition, everything just works. No hassle, no thinking. It just does what it is supposed to do, and I don't have to think about the machine at all. That's what I bought it for, and that's what it does. The tiny footprint on my desk is nice too.
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on January 23, 2012
I have the previous generation Mac Mini and I love it. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this review with it.

The new version is even better! I have it running as a HTPC running Windows 7 (and OSX when needed)connected to my 60" LG Plasma via HDMI. With so many multimedia players and TV devices, it's probably an overkill but who doesn't like a powerful device with muscle to spare?

I run 90% Win7 and 10% OSX. I have them running all the time (24/7). People ask "why not use a PC, instead of spending more on a Mac?". I always tell them that it's because it just works. I don't mean it to sound like a cliche, but it's true! Neither one of the Mac Minis running Win7 have EVER failed (I think it's pretty funny). My 3 Macbooks have crashed a few times running Windows in the past but not the Mac Minis. To be fair, I think it has a lot to do with the improved stability of Win7 and bootcamp drivers.

I do have many Macs(5) and PCs(4) and I like them both for different reasons so don't think that I'm an Apple fan boy. I just think they are worth the extra money.

btw, they are whisper quiet. You can hear something if you have your ears right next to them(literally) ...virtually silent even at high CPU/graphics usage.
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on May 1, 2014
This is currently (May 2014) the fastest 3d graphics on a mac mini, even though this model is several years old now. The "new" mac minis do not have dedicated graphics, so they are a downgrade in that respect. This thing is no screamer, but it does the job. The iMacs all come with built-in monitors, which was something I didn't need. Ashame that apple doesn't offer better desktops for people like me who have good monitors and just want the computer. I know...they're a phone company now. Still, at least I found this one and for not too much money. Get it if you don't want to spend a fortune on an imac (or don't want to pay for a monitor) and you need better graphics performance than the newer model.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2012
As a life-long PC users, we were a bit hesitant to make the transition from an older (5+ years) Dell desktop to a Mac. Fear of the unknown and all that. But as we spend most of our time on our home computer either online, listening to music, working with pictures and home videos and as Macs are said to excel in these activities...we took the plunge.

And it's been great. Most of the issues to this point are simply a matter of figuring out Mac keyboard shortcuts versus PC keyboard shortcuts. More important stuff - computer set-up, transferring files, etc - has gone without a hitch.

We used a basic external hard drive to move content from the PC to the Mac; that worked perfectly for pictures (via iPhoto "Import") and music (via iTunes "Add to library"). I'm still working to get videos imported correctly (and I've only spent about 53 seconds on the task - not enough to evaluate it fairly).

Finding apps and such is different than it is on a PC, but - once I figure out where things are - things feel simpler. I like the Dock, Spotlight (search) makes finding anything easy, Finder is intuitive ("intuitive" describes much of the process, really), etc.

The Mac Mini itself has been great. Lots of disk space, adequate processing power (nice and quick), shutdown is fast, boot-up is reasonably swift, it awakes from sleep quickly (and without bugs), it's extremely quiet (the only time I've heard the internal fan was during the initial transfer of files to the new machine), and its foot-print on our counter is remarkably tiny. We connected the keyboard (via USB), mouse (via USB), and VGA monitor (via this port: Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter for MacBook iMac or any Display Ports) from our old PC and that's worked quite well.

So, overall it's been a smooth transition to an excellent device.
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on October 15, 2011
The Mac Mini is an amazing computer. I use it for Adobe Creative Suites and the computer runs flawlessly. I can have multiple programs running without issue. It stays very quick. I love the HDMI out port for the display. I have the computer hooked into a 46" LED TV on occasion to play internet television shows, ESPN3, and Amazon Prime videos on the TV. Using a standard HDMI cable, the picture is crystal clear. I have hooked previous computers into TVs and the text is fuzzy, but the text maintains perfect clarity for getting on the internet on such a big screen. I have not really touched on much here, just some of the great features of this computer. You can't go wrong with the Mac Mini. I mainly use a Full HD LED 23" monitor and it is great.
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on July 13, 2012
This is the fourth Mac Mini I've owned, and they just keep getting better. Graphics good, performance quite good for a Mac of this cost. Loving the new RAM upgrade form factor - I can finally retire my putty knives!

Please note, if you are upgrading from prior Minis with older processors, that the i-series processors use a LOT more power. This doesn't mean your electricity bill is going to skyrocket, it still uses practically no energy compared to a standard desktop computer. But it does get hotter than prior versions, especially under load. When I am doing a full-quality render in a 3D layout program, the fan spins up to top speed and the sound, while not annoying, is quite noticeable. As soon as the render's over it slows back down again. And the exterior of the case, while never getting to "burny burny" hot, will become quite uncomfortable to touch under full load. Be sure to leave lots of room around it in all directions to allow proper airflow to the cooling system.
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on January 18, 2012
Bought this Mini to replace my PC which I built. I've been building PC's since high school (90) and I'm pretty fond of building my own, until recently I just thought that bulky building and research was not necessary. Other folks mentioned that I should just get a dell or HP and I considered it, but the hype sucked me in, and it's not that bad. I enjoy that it comes in one box, everything is very small in packaging and when it comes time to resell, it's very easy. I tried the Lion OS, but it's not for me so I duel boot to win 7, it's what I use mostly at work and I'm just old enough to not stop now. I like the Lion OS, but it will take some getting use to.

I would def. recommend this item, especially if you consider that resell value is there compared to a dell/HP equivalent. It's quite and it's nice looking.

It can get warm when playing games. We play Rage and Battlefield 3, pretty well I might add, and the fan blows, but not like it did with my other PC.

Surprisingly it's a good value, not a great deal compared to PCs, but the resell got me as there are tons of folks nowadays who flock at a sell-able mac mini if you want to unload to get an update, I perceive that I'll upgrade in 2-3 years, which is about right, or just give it to relatives for a gift when the time is right.

As for win 7 use, it's great, I should have bought this before upgrading my rig last year, now I just use my other build for a door stop, all that time and research for nothing, oh well.

I'm not saying this is for everyone, but it's def. a nice unit and works for me, it can play games and a slick looking machine.

I'd recommend getting a USB hub as getting to the USBs is difficult, when the thunderbolts HD go down I might purchase one, and considering it's up gradable in RAM and SSD equipment still leaves me the opportunity to upgrade.
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on January 23, 2013
I'm a technology geek but other than a very brief involvement with Macs back in college, I had rarely if ever interacted with them. I never stopped hearing about how much better they where for graphics, photography etc and as a photographer I finally decided hey, what the heck, let's give it a shot. After using it and my HP box I can say it's fine. I have learned to appreciate the iPhoto and iMovie programs but still prefer some aspects of Picasa (the watermarking is much easier).
Before I get yelled at for admitting to using Picasa and claiming to be a photographer let me say this. I have Adobe PS, Premiere, Elements and the Nikon software for RAW but they are all horribly slow. I started shooting film and my opinion is that if I've done my job right in taking the pictures, I don't usually need to do a full blown edit on each one in PS. Unless I've royally screwed something up, Picasa is a very logical and fast way to move through a thousand wedding photos.
I was going to upgrade the RAM but so far haven't run across anything that has slowed it down enough to need it. I love the small form factor and silent operation. I don't think Macs are some god's gift to operating though. In many ways they are more of a PIA to do simple file management than a PC but I'll take ownership of not reading the manual and just diving in. With use, it has gotten easier.
I don't like the non CD Drive for installing older software and it doesn't have a firewire connection but I know both of those things going in and if I both of those on my PC so I just get by with the wi-fi and thumbdrives. On thing that is annoying even though I know it would ruin the appearance which is verboten in Apple land, is that everything is in the back. I've gotten pretty good and finding the SD Card reader back there by feel but seriously, for a company that claims to have the user in mind, couldn't they come up with something that makes using it actually easy, like some way to see where the usb ports and SD Card reader are located instead of having to use the braille system?
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on March 24, 2012
Honestly, without the DVD drive, it reminds me of the Macbook Air but with upgradeable memory (which is remarkably easy to do). This is a sleek solid block of aluminum that just happens to have computer inside. Additionally, it is nearly silent; the small fan is able to keep the Mac Mini nicely cool without disturbing your work environment. The biggest knock against this comes down to the hard drive. It should not be replaced by those faint of heart. It requires significant disassembly. However, you do have the option to take advantage of Thunderbolt and get a nice external RAID, to use an external USB drive, or it is possible to get a Mini with a larger hard drive installed.

Three stars are because it feels like Apple cut some corners on the hard drive size and speed and not installing enough RAM for the price. If the $599 version came with a 7200 RPM drive (or an SSD!) and 4GB of RAM, then you would have a great little machine. But, since the hard drive cannot be replaced by a user (easily) and OS X struggles to work with a mere 2GB RAM, it is worth considering the higher spec model... and to be honest, that starts to puts the price closer to the much more capable iMac... if this is going to be a primary desktop computer, I'd suggest getting the iMac instead. If you are looking for a little home theater box, order 8GB of RAM at Amazon (cheaper than doing the upgrade through Apple) then go to Apple and get the model with the larger hard drive (because only Apple offers certain upgrade options).

To wrap up: It's a decent little machine. I love the form factor, the CPU is adequately powerful for running multiple applications, it offers good connectivity options (HDMI, Thunderbolt, 4 USB ports, SDXC slot) and you get the pleasure of running OS X. I just wish Apple had made the hard drive upgradeable (put it in a small removable tray - like a hotswap bay) and included more RAM as standard.
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on June 17, 2012
I bought this thing months ago now. The price couldn't be beat here on amazon. No tax, free shipping. I didn't need a warranty. This thing is still running like a champ. I went ahead and purchased extra ram here on amazon too, great price.
I've got it hooked up to a 40" and everything looks great. It's really snappy. It can run all the 1080p content on the web without a problem. The small form factor is great. Makes little to no noise at all. Runs cool, especially for my tiny room, i don't wanna cook in here.
I use it for browsing, music, and videos mostly. It's pretty much my HTPC but a Mac. Works great as one too. This thing will run games as well with its dedicated graphics card, but i've got my xbox for that.
Overall i'm still happy with my purchase of this product and it does what i need it to do. I won't need an upgrade for awhile. Thanks amazon.
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