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on January 22, 2014
This could be a great book for learning to use Final Cut Pro X but unfortunately it is already out of date. The files in the data disk included with the book will not work. The publisher provides a download fix on their web site but it is hard to find. (I should also point out that they took a month to come up with the fix after the release of version 10.1 of FCPX. They should have been able to do it much faster and they should have let people know that it was in the works.) As you move through the lessons, many things do not look or behave as they are described in the book which is a problem for someone trying to learn the software for the first time. My suggestion for people thinking about the book would be to wait for the 3rd edition or select another book that has already been revised for FCPX version 10.1. It is unfortunate that the author doesn't maintain a web site dedicated to her book which could contain revised material better suited to the new software. In short, the author and publisher should provide better customer support.
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on March 24, 2013
For those that didn't know when you order the kindle version there is a link in the book so you can download the Video Editing stuff that comes on the DVD with the paperback book. So save your self some money and get the kindle version.
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on August 10, 2013
When Apple updated the legacy version of FCP to FCPX, I could hear the collective moans. Many editors jumped ship and switched to Adobe. Nothing wrong with that. I'm an AE user myself. With FCPX sporting a completely new architecture, whether I stayed with FCP or moved over to Premiere, I was going to have to learn a new program. Thus, I decided it was in my best interest to hold off, before making any long-term decisions. In the meantime, I continued using FCP7. After careful consideration, and after the dust settled, I finally decided to stick with FCP.

I am an Apple Certified Pro in both FCP6 and FCP7. All my training has been done through Diana Weynand and her team. Whether in a classroom, online, or through her Apple Professional Training Series books; Diana is pretty hard to beat, and this book is no exception. It not only provided the quality training I've become accustomed to from Diana, it also reaffirmed my decision to stick with FCPX. Honestly? I was a little nervous making the switch from the legacy version to FCPX. We all love what's comfortable and familiar, right? Diana makes it easy! She really does know her stuff. That's why Apple continually asks her to write these certified training books. She helped get me where I am today as an editor, and she will always be one of my first resources when it comes to FCP training. That's not a knock at all on the other great training options out there (Larry Jordan, Michael Wohl, etc). All are extremely knowledgable and professional in their own right. I've just decided to stick with what has always worked for me. Truth be told, Michael Wohl's FCPX book is next on my list, and I routinely follow Larry Jordan's newsletter and his knowledgable insight into this crazy world of editing!

Bottom line, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the basics of Final Cut Pro X, especially if you're a legacy user making the switch. Diana's method of training will help make FCPX seem like less of an obstacle to overcome. While there is always room for improvement, FCPX is getting better and better with each upgrade. Future upgrades are only going to improve upon an already great program! So, what are you waiting for? Download FCPX, buy Diana Weynand's book, and start editing in FCPX!...
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on January 21, 2014
I have been playing around with FCP since the days of FCP HD. This program is very powerful and is not easily mastered so I have been on a quest to learn all I can to master the program.
First I purchased the FCP HD Apple Certified training manual but I found myself very confused. A great set of free videos on FCP X can be found a izzyvideo (dot) com. I learned a lot there but I was still somewhat confused. Then I purchased this book and things became a lot clearer.
Each author of a course has a different agenda of what they dwell on within the training. This book is well written and covers all the basic operations to a tee. I would suggest reading it to even non beginners.
Remember that it was written for FCP X but now FCP 10.1 has been released. I would say that 99% of what is in this book applies to FCP 10.2 also.
The attached media did not work on 10.2 however, I contacted Peachpit Press and within 2 days they had an update. So the attached media will work fine after downloading the update from the Peachpit Press website.
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on March 1, 2014
When I went to film school, I was warned away from FCP X. So I bought Adobe Premiere Pro and a student version of Avid. Both very powerful programs. Both have advantages and disadvantages and so I couldn't recommend one over the other necessarily. It just depends on what you do and where you do it. Anyway, a few months ago I got the notion to try FCP X. It surprised me! It quickly became apparent that it too was very a powerful and complete editing tool. In some ways better for me than the other products because of how seamless it works on my mac. I especially love how it organizes my footage. But it wasn't until I bought this book and read it that I discovered all the very cool features of this program. I highly recommend this book for anyone new to this version of Final Cut Pro.
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on March 18, 2013
I've dabbled with FCP X 10.0.7 for a while now, importing some old footage and trying to go through the manual and look at some online tutorials. But this course is the real deal. Not only does it provide some excellent media to work with (both video and audio), it also really demonstrates a workflow and methodology for skimming to find 'good' footage and marking it, and putting it all together in the timeline. All in a very friendly manner. Top notch training material.
I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to really get into the power of FCP. The Kindle edition is a bargain.
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on January 8, 2014
This a great book for learning step by step how to use Final Cut Pro. Each chapter is well written and very explanatory There are areas in the chapters that 'throw you a curve' and ask you to do something 'yourself'. It approaches your learning as if you were working for someone else and you are required to finish or change a task. It helps you learn all the shortcuts as well. The videos that come with the book are unbelievably helpful for you to do a hands on learning. This book is vital in learning the program. It is easy enough to learn yet explains things very well. I can't tell you how much help ;this book has been. I have been editing with Pinnacle since version 8 and all the way through version 15. My jump to Mac was seamless and this book has helped me.tremendously. I highly recommend this book!! It was life saving in learning all the ins and outs of the Final Cut Program!
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on December 28, 2013
The DVD or downloaded content doesn't load correctly on the latest generation MacBook Pro 15 and there is no way to forward questions or ask for help on the book's website. I am stuck with an expensive paperweight.
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on September 28, 2013
I was struggling to switch from Final Cut Pro 7 to FCP X. I tried some online tutorials, with some success, but hit a few roadblocks. FCP X is a lot different from FCP 7. I saw a lot of bad reviews (of the application not this book) but once you get into FCP X you realize it is great application.

So, enough about comparing FCP 7 to FCP X. About the book. An editor who is teaching classes on FCP X told me to get this book, start with Lesson 1 and go through the book. I have been doing that. I actually paid cash for some one-on-one lessons, but found it was better to go through the book on my own time.

The book comes with a DVD. You load the lesson video files, start by learning how to open and manage "Events" and "Projects" and learn how to import video and scroll through it, and organize and label it. I am a semi-professional editor. I have worked at a TV station and can edit a TV news story. I have a YouTube channel, and I have just completed a documentary in FCP 7.

If you are going to learn FCP X, this is the book for you. I highly endorse it. Do not try to guess and use FCP X intuitively. Sit down and do it right. It is worth the investment.

Spend the money on this book, then spend the time following it step by step.

One final note. I have used a lot of manuals. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing something in the manual that doesn't appear the same or work the same on your computer. I have not had that problem with this book.

Feel free to contact me with questions.
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on August 7, 2014
This book is superbly written and leads to a comprehensive understanding of professional video editing. The author has done a remarkable job of making understanding complex editing a breeze. Far superior to other books on the topic and absolutely essential to understanding Final Cut Pro X 10.1 and 10.1.2 (just released).

I wish the author had included a reference version of his finished work for comparison as the student progresses through the book.
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