Customer Reviews: Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation, 16GB, Silver
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on February 6, 2015
This device after warranty period stop working. I use this product very little I own many other iPods, shuffle 3rd, 4th and iPod classic 3rd, 4th, 6th the last one Nano third generation finally the nano seventh generation this device is garbage it will not hold any charge whatsoever after relentlessly searching the Internet for a solution to my nonworking iPod seventh generation nano this is my conclusion I spent $150 on a device that is useless. Everything was done before coming to this conclusion updating software restoring the device etc. to be honest I don't care whether or not you purchased this device, I'm just giving you a warning I'm sitting here with a useless digital media player I am not going to go into any details describing my problems I'm having with this device to be short this device will not hold any charge whatsoever after hours of being plugged in. I am not trying to discourage anyone from buying any Apple products they make a lot of wonderful products the iPhone 6 MacBook Pro etc. I don't know what's going on but their current iPod lineup is severely lacking
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on September 2, 2014
Everything as stated - and that includes the statement about how the iPod nano was not in the original packaging. It turns out that Apple had a recall program where they sent new iPod nanos to people who had some kind of problem. This unit was one of those intended to replace some disgruntled person's iPod nano. But all the stuff was there.
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on June 3, 2013
The fact that this product is small and can hold a lot of music, you would think would make a great product that is easy to use. Here is the catch, the lack of any lock button muting all the outer buttons makes this product a real hassle to use. I LOVE working out, and having my music shut off mid song or have the volume increase to ear busting. It's is a real pain in the arse. TO remove something that has been on EVERY other apple product I've used, is a major oversight and borderline stupid. To remove something that is essential to use and helps deter theft is stupid. I would strongly recommend you skip this one.

It's my bad I bought the product and ASSumed that is would have the all the features the past versions of the product had.
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on February 8, 2013
Great product. Great features, especially the FM radio which works very well. Everything ended however when it went dark after 3 weeks of light use. I presume it had a bad lithium battery since it will not turn on and will not charge. Amazon allows for no returns on this product so I am off to the manufacturer. In the future I will buy these products only from a brick and mortar. The Amazon savings are just not worth the cost!
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on November 25, 2013
My son's Nano stopped working after about 3 months. (It wouldn't charge.) I took it to the Apple Store today, and they confirmed that it was defective and agreed to switch it out for free (since it was still under warranty). However, they said that if I wanted to reproduce the engraving from the defective one, I would have to call the Apple Care Store. I asked if that was going to be a hassle and I was told: "No, it's easy. You just call and you'll get a new one within a week, and they'll send you something so that you can return the defective iPod."

So, I called the Apple Care Store. First, I had to talk to three different people. (I didn't realize that this was such a complicated request.) Second, I was told that I would receive the new iPod two weeks after they confirmed that the old one was defective. In other words, the two week clock wouldn't even start running until after (1) they sent me the materials to return the old one, (2) I received the materials, (3) I mailed the old one back to them; (4) they received the old one; and (5) someone confirmed that it didn't work. Apparently, it didn't matter that they had the notes from the person at the Apple Store confirming that the old one didn't work - they had to confirm again that it was defective.

I decided two things: First, I'm just going to take it back to the Apple Store and get a new one without the engraving. (I'm sorry son.) Second, I'm about to buy a new phone and was leaning towards the iPhone, but now I'm going to get a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead.
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Just picked up the new 7th Generation Nano last night and I am impressed by the engineering and design that went into it. Upon unboxing I noted that the unit was exceptionally thin with a nice feel to it. The user interface is Apple easy (as is usually the case with Apple) and I was able to get it up and running in a few minutes. I did note that no charger is included with the Nano but the Lightning connector does have a USB plug which works fine in my existing charger blocks. The unit came with the new earbuds which fit a bit better than the older style but they still won't likely fit snug enough to jog around the neighborhood without falling out. The color screen is larger than my pervious 5th Generation Nano and does a good job of displaying the pictures and movies I have stored on it. Moving through screens is simple once you understand that it uses the same swipe and pinch technique as my iPhone - the volume, on/off and sleep functions are similar to the iPhone as well and will make the learning curve on this new Nano fairly quick. The FM radio is much improved in sensitivity than my older Nano and does a good job of pulling in weaker stations and the sound is quite good. All in all, a nice addition to the Apply family of portable music players.
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on August 18, 2014
I am infuriated by this model. I once had a 2nd gen nano which was as close to a Bradley Tank as a nano could come. Perfectly functional, wonderful product, NEVER failed. It just didn't have the space I needed. I decided to "upgrade".

Enter the 7th gen nano. Lots of great bells and whistles that I will never use, which presumably is what nets it a five-star rating from Apple devotees. I can watch movies in HD on a 2" screen? 10 out of 10 perennially employable ophthalmologists agree, the iPod nano 7th gen is a fine product! Don’t forget your vision checkup!

That there is no way to mechanically lock the nano is beyond me. How was this omission allowed? Did Apple's engineering department summer interns design it? Already a number of times, I arrive at work, drop the nano into my bag, set the bag on my desk or on the floor. When getting ready to leave, I pull the nano back out, only to find that at some point while settling in my bag, the nano's play button was pushed, activating the nano, and leaving me with 2% battery charge right before heading out. AWESOME FEATURE. Now instead of music to distract me on my commute home, my mind is full of thoughts of rage directed toward Apple! Kudos!

Lesson learned - next time when purchasing a nano I will also buy a gilded and bejeweled chalice, filled with a finely-textured cloth woven from unicorn mane and brown recluse spider silk. I shall place my nano within, then place that into an anti-gravity chamber. Hoping, always hoping, that no force will disturb this tiny, fragile wonder from its slumber, to deplete its battery playing music for the flippin ether.

OR. I just won't buy another nano.
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on January 16, 2013
I recently purchased the newest, 7th generation nano after my 3rd generation nano died. I use my ipod primarily to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Previous ipods have been great for that, but I'll be returning this one and shopping for an older version with a click wheel. To echo an earlier reviewer, the 7th generation was clearly not designed with audiobooks users in mind. If you need to go back in the text to hear a part again or because you were interrupted, the touchscreen is very clumsy and difficult to navigate, partly because of its small size and the need to stop and focus carefully (a two-handed operation), but also because it is unresponsive to cold fingers (I typically use it while walking the dog or jogging). Worse, if you lose your place in a book, which can happen inadvertently through an accidental touch, it is extremely hard to find it again. There is no way to view the time lapsed of the entire book, only the current "track" or chapter. ("Moby Dick" anyone?) Plus you need to drill down one or two screen levels--a nuisance in itself--to even view the screen that allows you to go back or forward in the track that is playing. By the way, if you go to the screen showing the list of chapters (again, way too easy to do by accident--and be careful not to touch that screen in the wrong place), it erases your bookmark in the chapter you were listening to. Either way, good luck finding your place again. Oh, and better hope your fingers aren't cold.

Another gripe: there's no "off" button to prevent the thing from being activated in your pocket or by a stray touch.

One nice feature I'd be glad if they brought back along with the click wheel: the 30-second rewind option. Having the FM radio is nice, too.

I don't need a video recorder or camera in my ipod, and the success of audio books makes me think there is a market for a well-designed nano for very basic users.
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on October 18, 2012
I debated heavily between getting a 6th generation Nano or the new 7th gen. I ended up going with the new Nano. I'm so glad I did. I think I'm in love with this thing. Here's why:

* New form factor -- I loved the clip, but the bigger volume buttons, slightly larger size and bigger screen make it easier to hold and use while exercising.

* New earpods -- much better sound, and more comfortable in my ears. If you have trouble with old-school round earbuds like I do, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe I have ridiculously tiny ears, because I always have to use the smallest silicone gels on any headphones, and traditional round earbuds are always uncomfortable (no matter who makes them.) But these new earbuds fit fine, and sound great.

* New connector -- now that I can see and use it, it's obvious that the Lightning connector is a real improvement over the old 30-pin connector. No more worrying if the connector is right side up. I got one of each cable and adapter type, so I can make use of all my old cables. The adapters work great, by the way.

I had also considered getting a Shuffle, but the FM radio and built-in Fitness programs really sold me on the Nano.

I had no trouble setting it up on Windows 7.

Overall, the new 7th generation is definitely McDreamy.
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on February 11, 2014
Battery finally died on my old Nano (5th gen). My 2nd gen is still going! and so is my 1st gen shuffle! My primary use of the iPod is for MUSIC when I am.... walking around neighborhoods, commuting to and from work, cleaning the house (also known as dancin' in my short-shorts), and hiking trails.

1. If you need to be extra careful of your surroundings (walking in an unfamiliar area, shady looking dude just got on the bus, workplace gossip is hanging around your cubicle) you do not want to have to constantly take your gadget in and out of your pockets to adjust your settings/ volume/ playlist, etc. It's like a big red flag of "Hey, Look at me!! I have an expensive electronic device you can grab right out of my hand!!"
2. The volume control on the side (& pause/unpause) can be tricky to work, especially if you keep your ipod in your hands rather than a sports-band or something. It also seems to skip songs when I don't want it to and then will not be able to replay or go back and as I'm pressing the + and - a women's voice tells me what song it is (I turned that off) and then I have to take the thing out of my pocket to find the song I was listening to when I was interrupted and then it won't go back to the song I was just listening to- yadda, yadda, yadda.
3. The Top "sleep" tab at the top is sensitive and goes off with the slightest pressure. BRING BACK THE LOCK SWITCH! You can't keep it in a purse, backpack, jacket, or pocket without something inadvertently setting it off and now your ipod is playing and draining the battery while you are at your weekly project meeting. The touchscreen is either too sensitive or not sensitive enough where I have to use two hands to properly navigate through screens and select features. Sometimes even having to press it more than once (It lights up brighter meaning I selected it? What's up with that?). Are my fingers too dry? Not dry enough? Too cold? Too Warm??
4. There is no way to shut off the ipod when it is plugged into the charger (I even asked Apple support) it just goes into a "deeper sleep". To turn it off, you have to disconnect it from the charger???? Are you kidding me?
5. No more big battery icon to tell you if it is charging/charged, you have to "wake it up" and look at the small icon in the upper corner and gauge from that.
5. No more voice memos unless you buy a mic.
6. No more "speaker" mode (kinda useless on the old nano anyways, but it was neat to let you know if your ipod was still on)

1. Included earbuds have sturdier input plug to prevent wires detaching from overuse.
2. Nice "extra" features of a fitness app, videos, photos, etc. IF that's what you want a teenie-tiny screen device to do. I don't care and I don't use these "extras". Am I really going to watch "The Avengers" on this thing? I don't think so. I just want my music!
3. Well, Obviously since it is Apple, iTunes syncs up without much trouble.
4. I'm glad they kept the radio feature

Overall, until I get my old iPod battery replaced for $59 at the Apple store, I will deal with this thing. It plays my music and it is OK (I should give at least 2 stars, maybe 3 - but I want to offset the Apple-oids that think Apple can do no wrong -and/or are Apple Employees themselves) and therefore offer a biased review (Hey- I LOVE Apple- but I call it as I see it!). Please bring back the click-wheel!
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