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on December 13, 2016
I have owned a few of the older generation iPod classics, Generation 4 and earlier. They all worked great throughout their lifetimes but being carried around through work/school every day eventually lead to them being dropped and needing to be replaced. They all lasted me at least 2 years or so. When I ordered a 6th generation iPod classic the moment I started using it I had issues with it. The scrolling was extremely slow/laggy, it would randomly freeze and skip songs several times. When I tried to select a song about half the time it would freeze for a few moments and start cycling through songs until it would stop on one I did not select; it was very frustrating. After about a week of this I decided to return it for a new one, thinking it was just a bad egg. The new iPod 6th generation I received had similar issues, and the battery on this one randomly died after about 2 months of use. In doing some research it sounds like this is a somewhat common problem for a lot of the newer generation iPods, as well as a decrease in sound quality. I'm not sure if this is because Apple is trying to move away from the iPod entirely or what, but it has been an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. I would not recommend any iPod classic that is 6th generation or newer.
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on October 1, 2016
Bought this item in may because i was going to buy a motorcycle with the old ipod hookup. Finally got the bike in september, and then decided to open this package and put music onto it. After about 5 minutes of synching with itunes, i get errors that it cannot synch, i tried with a different computer, same message. I took it to an iphone/ipod repair agent who ran some diagnostics on it, he said the hard drive is shot, it had over 4000 reallocs (whatever that means) and it should be under 10. So ultimately I spent all this money for a paperweight...and cant return it because it was sitting in the box for over 30 days.
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on March 19, 2017
"JRG Utah sells bad ipods" This was the title of another customer's review of this product from JRG Utah. I really should have trusted that, as my experience mimics that experience, and the experience described by many other customers. They're clearly using faulty replacement parts to refurbish the product, resulting in something that may last you four months if you're lucky. After that, it's $200-$400 down the drain. Their customer service is awful, and suggested as a fix to the problem, "Convert the bitrate of your music downward." As though high-quality sound is the problem. When I contacted them about the skipping of tracks, then the freezing, they replied that "We hear this often," and recommended the bitrate conversion mentioned above. It's just defective junk, though the original product from Apple (discontinued) was awesome.

If you don't care about wasting your money, choose this seller. Otherwise, look elsewhere. These people will only take your money and frustrate you.
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on April 5, 2016
This is a godsend! And I love the fact that is has so much space. I have been able to put a considerable amount of music on this little device and I covet it! Since I have over 50,000 songs in my personal catalog, having a working player means a lot to me. I don't like using my phone for music because there is a considerable drain on the battery. With this unit I am able to listen to several days of music, usually averaging 6 to 8 hours at a time, and very rarely hear songs repeated.
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on April 13, 2016
i purchased a refurbished 120g ipod from JRG Utah in July 2015. i received the 120g ipod from JRG Utah in Aug 2015. it arrived with an air bubble under the screen. i didnt think this was a big long as the ipod functioned properly. it worked for a couple of months before beginning to show signs of weakness. it would just cut off from playing for no reason about once a week. sometimes it would shut down completely...requiring a full itunes system restart. this would dump all saved data and require for all of my music to be downloaded all over again. this went on for another couple of months...until the ipod started cutting out only after being played for 1 minute. at this point (8 months later) i contacted JRG Utah for an exchange...not a refund. i kindly proposed the problem and asked nicely for an exchange. i even offered to pay for any shipping charges. he simply passed the issue off as "the return policy period has expired". he had no interest in customer receiving a quality product. so if you are looking for a $230.00 refurbished 120g ipod that lasts 4-8 months....JRG Utah is your man. and for the record...i took very good care of that ipod.
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on June 14, 2017
I purchased a “Good” conditioned iPod Classic from “Gadgetz Inc" with “tested and functions 100%” in the description and this iPod classic is none of those. It doesn’t respond when I press any of the buttons, it doesn’t light up when connected to my laptop or a wall socket, iTunes doesn’t recognize it, and doing a hard reset only results in my laptop attempting some kind of recovery program with a load bar only to do nothing once the loading bar fills up. I spent about $145 hoping for a product that would free my smartphone of all my music and instead I feel like I got scammed instead. It also came in a bag marked "Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation," which was odd, as if they couldn't type the proper name onto the label. I even charged it overnight and it still doesn't turn on.
review image review image
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on April 22, 2014
Even after many hours of frustration and troubleshooting, I could not manage to get the iPod to properly sync to my or anybody else's iTunes. It was clearly defective, saying that it was syncing my music but then after waiting and leaving it to sync for hours it wouldn't sync more than 30 songs. Every time I tried to restart the syncing process it would completely freeze iTunes for up to 5 minutes, and would do so every time I attempted to change any synchronize settings. I tried several different USB cords and several different computers and every time it was the same outcome. I even reinstalled iTunes, but nothing would help. I'm not sure whether something happened during the shipping process or if the vendor simply sold me a broken iPod, but either way, it is NOT worth it to buy one of these. I would definitely not recommend anyone else this product.
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on October 2, 2009
I just purchased this item and find it easy to use and love, love, love the small light weight size. It works very well with iTunes and is easy to download cd's and purchased music. I haven't tried it with pictures or anything else yet. Also love the large hard drive on this one too. I did buy a case for it since the back is so shiny I was afraid it would scratch. One little thing I found a bit difficult at first is the way you have to adjust the volume. Not used to using the center wheel for adjusting or changing things. I owned an Mp3 player by another company which had a button on the side to adjust the volume. I am getting used to it. Guess it just takes time. The sound quality is great and I now see you can buy a Bose portable item to hook up your iPod anywhere and use it without the earphones. Great idea. Easy to use for first time too. Just plug into your computer to charge the battery and follow directions.You can Sync or add songs from your library while the battery is charging. Also very easy. Love this item.
This item does not come with a car charger or A/C adapter. I bought them separately here on Amazon for a great price and bought the case separately here too.
I would not hesitate to recommend this item for purchase. The only disappointment I have is that I was not able to have mine engraved through this site as this was offered on other sites for this item but the price on this site was much better.
So since I keep it in a case, it wouldn't be seen anyway. Put an address label on the back.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 24, 2009
I have several small MP3 players that I carry around, but finally gave in an bought the 120GB iPod Classic to put all my music on one device. For the most part, I'm happy with it. It of course stores a huge amount of music, and what it does, it does pretty well. The video is clear and smooth. It sounds very good once you get rid of the garbage ear buds that Apple still insists on pairing with their iPods. The thing I hate the most is the iPod's marriage to iTunes. Pretty much, Apple doesn't want you using your iPod on more than one computer, or hooking up another iPod to you computer. There's are ways around it, but it's a hassle. I can hook up my Sony players to any computer, and drag and drop songs all I want. All in all, the iPod Classic 120GB serves the purpose I bought it for. Sound very good. Store all my music. Be portable enough to carry around with me.
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on August 6, 2009
Like some people has pointed out in their reviews, this is a fantastic ipod if your planning to carry around lots of music and content with you, but before you rush out to buy one, here are some aspects that i would have love to know before i bought mine.

Firstly, this is a slow ipod. ( because of its hardware technology, might take a few secs to load a song, it might even freeze for a couple of secs in the worst case ) secondly, the click wheel is not as sensitive as other ipod models, wich means its somewhat complicated to operate, lastly since i bought the black version of it, i assume this version is easy to scratch on its front side ( not to mention the backside, looks like I've had it for years and i bought it 2 weeks ago )

Besides that, its the same ipod we all know and love, the battery performance is good, the weight is also ok, and the screen is all right for its price.
if youre not bothered for the things I mention above, you should definitely get one.
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