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on April 12, 2013
The product itself is fantastic and my stars are based on the product being a great deal and a great device.

But for anyone thinking of buying from Amazon, be warned. I purchased one of these for someone on her birthday and it was listed as new. Amazon seems to only sell iPad minis from third party sellers, not from itself, meaning another company gets the iPads from any source they want, sends them to Amazon, and Amazon ships them. One of these sellers listed an iPad mini slightly above retail price, but cheaper than all of the other iPad minis on Amazon. In fact, when I searched for iPad mini, it was the seller and product page the site automatically directed me to. The page indicated it as new, and sold it to me via Amazon. When my friend got her iPad mini, it looked new, was packaged and sealed like new, but when she turned it on, it was tied to someone else's icloud account. I called apple and gave them the serial number. Sure enough, the item was used, only had about 60 days left in the warranty (instead of 90) and was registered through Apple to a different customer. If I wanted a used iPad Mini, I would have paid less. Much less.

I even emailed the user who had previously owned it (since her email address via iCloud was showing up when my friend tried to access the app store. I emailed the previous user just to make sure it wasn't a stolen product. She explained that she had purchased it a few weeks back from At&T, not from Amazon. She wanted a wifi + 3g version, not just wifi, so she returned it and somehow, the third party seller got their hands on it and sold it to me as new.

In the defense of of the third party seller, once I got their phone number from Amazon and called them (most seller numbers are not on Amazon, you have to call and request a phone number), they provided a scary explanation: They explained that there are problems with Amazon's FBA system (fulfillment). Sometimes, iPads are returned with nothing but index cards in the box and Amazon thinks there is an iPad inside. Sometimes, products mingle, and so another seller's used iPads might be with a different seller's new iPads. They explained that they have a very legitimate source of iPads and have been selling iPads for years and that this is a rare occurrence, although it has happened before. I have no way of verifying any of this, so I can't blame Amazon or the seller. All I can say is that for such a large purchase, and one that is a gift, you are better off buying from a major retail store that doesn't sell used items at all (or buying from Amazon when it is shipped and sold and fulfilled by Amazon). Right now, this product is actually on sale at Walmart.

Amazon refunded me but now my friend has to return her birthday gift. I recommend buying from someone other than Amazon. For this particular product, it's probably the cheaper route to do that anyway. If you do buy from Amazon, call Apple with your Serial Number and verify it is a new, unregistered product with a full 90 day warranty. Don't get scammed.
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on July 22, 2016
I bought this for myself March 2016. Went on vacation July 2016 and all was well then while I was on iPad it turned off and will not come back. I didn't spend this kind of money for it to work for 4 months. I ended up taking this iPad to a phone surgeon store, paid $30 for them to look into it and see it can be fixed, which it cannot, this is what was found (see picture below)
They plan to write a review of their findings, I will post when I receive. Digitizer was out on iPad. LCD connector had been shorting for some time and was melting the inside, as well as around the inner sides. You can see this in the photo. The man from the phone surgeon store also expressed it was his opinion that this would have been known prior to them "refurbishing" it and that I got ripped off. I know I took a chance on purchasing a refurbished iPad but I feel as if I put my trust into the wrong place and I am posting this so maybe I can help others not make the same mistake. I sometimes expect people to do the right thing and not be greedy, therefore placing my trust where it is not belonged, this definitely being one of those times.
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on May 24, 2013
First of all I need to say that this product arrived perfectly on time. It was as brand-new as you would have bought in the Apple store.
The product itself is a top class technology. iPad Mini is very mobile, which is the biggest advtange over the regular iPad. It has all necessary and far from necessary functions. Battery life is absolutely amazing. Display quality is not as high as retina, however, you will not even think about its bad sides. If you are an iPhone user and this is your first iPad - you will need to get used to the little specifics of the keyboard on Mini. 1080P HD video is just a beauty to watch. No lagging whatsoever, just pure class. Overall this is a high class product that will let you feel the whole world in your one hand.
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on February 10, 2014
I bought this NEW IPad Mini and had it shipped in two days and it arrived on time. After reading a previous review about receiving a used IPad Mini instead of a NEW one, I made sure to check it out completely by taking it out of the packing before giving it as a present. I definitely think I got a refurbished IPad Mini and here are my thoughts on why:

I watched a YouTube video on unboxing a new IPad Mini to see how an IPad Mini came packaged. At first I noticed the box had a few dents but thought this was due to shipping. Also the serial number on the back and all the bar codes seemed to be rubbed off and not easily visible to read (I still have my Ipad box after 2 years and the bar codes never smudged). Next I noticed a lot of particles on the surface of the screen which is odd and the back of the IPad looked a little worn (not so silvery in a few spots). When watching the YouTube video, I saw that there should be three papers included in the box, a card with all the buttons, an apple sticker, and some other information. My box had no apple sticker and only one card.

I turned the IPad one and it worked and was fully charged (Ipad’s and Iphone’s usually never come fully charged). When I eventually gave it as the gift I set it up for my mom and it was not linked to anyone’s account and turned on like new.
To double check I searched the serial number on Apple’s website and the Ipad Mini only had about 3 days left of phone support when it should have either 60 or 90 days (I forget the exact amount).

I decided to keep the Ipad Mini and give it as a gift anyway as I don’t think it would have been worth contacting the vendor and filing a claim however I am disappointed that it most likely was not a new Ipad Mini. Also Apple does not sell these models in stores anymore as the Ipad Mini Retina is now available.

My review is mostly to inform you to buy this product directly from Best Buy or any other electronic store if you can or order a used IPad instead of a new one.
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on December 2, 2016
bought this for our 4 year old. from the beginning this iPad had issues not charging. i went back and forth with the seller telling them it would not charge. i sent it back a few times, i was sent multiple chargers. i just wanted to send the unit back. but the seller did everything in their power to have me keep it. understandable though. finally i gave up and tried to resolve the charging problem myself. i used the charger from our macbook air and that seemed to work for a while. finally the charging port just stopped working all together. i called apple for support and they tried. i brought it to an iPad shop, BE AWARE! i was told by the in & out apple repair shop that the iPad mini takes a very precise soldering technique that not very many people can even do. so i couldn't get it fixed. went back to the seller to return the item and they would not accept a refund. in their defense this was about 6-7 months after purchase. however, knowing the issues i had in the beginning they should have worked with me. not great customer service.
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on September 28, 2016
I purchased this for school for my middle schooler. It arrived on time and it's pretty good condition but the screen had a darkened streak on the bottom of the screen. Not a big deal it's refurbished but after turning it on I realized it is extremely slow. Like so slow it takes 5-10 seconds after typing something for it to show up. And that was with absolutely nothing but factory apps on it. It was so slow to do anything that it was pretty much unusable. I purchased the black version for one of my other kids at the same time and even though it says they are pretty much the same the black one was so much better! I was able to return for a full refund without any issues so that's the reason for the 3 stars. If you're not worried about speed then it's a nice little tablet but if you need one that works decently then go with a different one. It's possible that I just got a bad one but from what I've heard from other people it's hit or is with this version of the iPad mini.
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on May 20, 2015
I bought this iPad refurbished after doing months of research.
I wanted something at a discount from the newest mini, and I looked at all the models before deciding on this one. They are all the same size, so really its just the gHz and the camera that are improved, but I didn't care about those things so decided on this generation.

This mini is really one of my favorite purchases. I already own a macbook and an iphone, so it really was an impulse and convenience purchase, and one that I was hesitant to make (because I already have a lot of tech stuff). As I already own apple products and love them, I didn't look at any other tablets, so no comparisons here. But I am really happy with my purchase. I was worried that the mini would be way too small, but it is such a perfect size. It is super convenient and fits right in my purse - and it is so light I almost forget it's in there!

I bought this case from the seller Stephen Parnell, and I was super pleased with its condition. Honestly if I didn't know I bought a refurbished mini, I would think it was brand new! Some VERY, very small dings on one corner edge but that't it.
I feel like this device is a little slow to charge, which is a bit odd, but other than that, very pleased.
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on April 19, 2016
My first time owning an iPad. I was very excited to receive this. I own a few other tablets but this is my first Apple tablet. My sister recently moved and has an iPhone and has been hounding me to get one. I love my Samsung so I decided to get the next best thing and get an iPad so I can facetime with her. I have had a this a little over a week and have used it daily. Great quality camera. I love being able to iMessage. Easy to use. Comes with iPad, usb cable as well as the charger. Front/ back facing camera. Long lasting battery. I would suggest getting a case the same time you order the iPad as well as a screen protector (neither are included).
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on February 28, 2016
The first time I ordered the Black and Slate original iPad Mini, I was sent an iPad Mini 2. I was so close to keeping it, but I felt so bad about keeping a free upgrade. The sticker on the plastic packaging said iPad Mini Black and Slate, but the box and iPad Mini inside was an iPad Mini 2 space gray. So I contacted Amazon and they authorized a return and a refund. I reordered from a different seller, figuring this was a fluke. My new iPad Mini came... another iPad Mini 2 space gray. The same problem: the sticker on the plastic packaging said iPad Mini Black and Slate but inside was an iPad Mini 2. What's more, the deception seemed more deliberate here: the sticker on the plastic was placed in such a way as to cover the HUGE "iPad Mini 2" box label on the back. I called Amazon to inform them that something fishy was going on at one of their distribution centers. I also told them that after trying to do the right thing THE FIRST TIME, I wouldn't be returning this "free" upgrade. I really DID want the original iPad Mini Black and Slate because I think it's BEAUTIFUL. Sigh... But I'll keep the awesome upgrade. Yaay!
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on June 16, 2016
We bought this to replace an iPad with a broken screen months ago and got the quality that was expected. No issues and has been working great since we've gotten it. I love apple products for many reasons but some of my top reasons are the ease of use, seriously my niece was just over a year old figuring this thing out and at the age of 3 there is pretty much nothing she cannot do on an iPad or iPhone. Also, I've never ever had an issue with a virus on an apple product yet I've had laptops and other brands slow down and stop working often. I do recommend this to anyone.
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