Customer Reviews: Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on September 9, 2010
Just to correct some of the previous reviews...the big problem with the 3rd gen shuffle was not that it was "too small" or even that the controls were not on the unit itself, but instead were on the headphone line...the problem was if those controls got even the SLIGHTEST (and I do mean slightest) bit of moisture on them it would totally jack up the shuffle. Now, what kind of activities would most people buy the tiny shuffle mp3 player for versus a nano or standard iPod? Oh, maybe jogging or working out? And what do you do with physical activities like this? That's right, you sweat! So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the problem with the 3rd gen shuffle...a problem that should have been seen before they ever even produced it. Just read all the reviews for the 3rd gen and you'll see that this was not just a minor issue, but a huge one that the majority of the users had to deal with. It is good to see they came to their sense and we can once again use the shuffle during exercise.

Now as for this one, I absolutely love it. It will vary with your bit rate, but the 2GB of storage will still hold a few hours of music which is more than adequate for most workouts. The provided clip on the back makes it easy to put anywhere that is comfortable for you and you don't have to buy any "holder" or even have a free pocket to carry it around. It is so light and small I actually just hold it in my hand as a jog so I can control it easily and it's barely noticeable. The full size button is very easy to operate. The battery life is great and while I have never measured it exactly, I usually work out about 3 times a week for an hour and a half and it's usually 2-3 weeks before I hear the "battery low" voice reminder from the unit. I think the simplicity of design, great functionality, small size, easy to access controls, and light weight make this player quite possibly the best one out there to use during a workout.

UPDATE: Dec 2011 - It's been well over a year and I'm still using my Shuffle every time I go to the gym or jog. It still works great. While I have had some issues with my iPod classic locking up and not even responding to a reset, this one has always worked perfectly.
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on August 10, 2012
I have two of these iPod shuffles and after using them for about 3 months I decided I would write a review. To start off I came up with a list of cons and pros of the iPod shuffle.

Pros (+)

* Small and Lightweight- this makes it a perfect mp3 player to exercise and/or work out.
* Durable Clip- Both the iPod itself and the clip seem durable and strong. You don't have to worry about a screen breaking on these and since it is so small and lightweight it can survive falls.
* Buttons- the buttons on the shuffle are very easy to use and it they work perfectly.
* Apple- When you buy an iPod you have to remember you are buying a quality product. All of apples products tend to be of great quality.
* Battery- Yes, it is true that this iPod has an outstanding 15 hour battery! This is what makes this iPod so much better than its rivals.

Cons (-)

* The price- considering that you are paying for only 2 GB of music storage for around $50 it does seem quite over priced even if it is an Apple product.
* headphones- I would recommend buying some different headphones aside from the ones that are included, because the ones that are included are usually very simple and most people tend to not like them as much a dither Headphones.
* Charger- Due to the fact that this is a small iPod the charger is small. In fact the charger uses e same port thatbyou use to listen to music; therefore, you can NOT listen to music and charge the device at the same time.


Overall I still think that it is a bit overpriced, but considering it's an apple product most people buy it anyways. If you want something small and durable I would definitely recommend this iPod as it has a stunning 15 hour battery! Hope this review helped you out.
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on September 25, 2010
I bought the iPod shuffle to replace my itouch during workouts (run, bike, hike). The ultra light weight and not-too-small size is very nice. Switching playlists with the VoiceOver announcements is handy. I'll keep fewer lists on this device and reduce the fiddle-time needed to switch playlists.

I like everything about the Gen 4 iPod shuffle except the sound quality. During workouts, I listen to songs with bass-driven beats with Klipsch S4 head plugs. On my itouch with equalizer settings, the bass beats sound rich and pure which impacts my workout. Sadly, the iPod shuffle sounds thin by comparison with the same songs and same head plugs.

I grab my itouch for gym workouts. I prefer the "full sound" and simply rest the unit in the bottle holder trays.

I grab my iPod shuffle for outdoor runs. The benefit of "less weight" is wonderful even if it means adjusting the ear buds regularly to get a bit more bass to drive my stride.

Other plus/minus points:

+ Battery life is great right now
- "Mini-plug to USB" cable is a liability waiting to be misplaced
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on January 13, 2011
My old shuffle finally died after a couple years, so I bought the newest model. I have a decent size library and frequently buy new music, so I thought being able to identify songs on the go would be a plus. It is, but that's the only plus on this model over the old one. Every other aspect in design and function is worse.

To start with, they've made it shorter. On the old model, there was enough room to easily get ahold of it and clip it to clothing There's about an eight of an inch between the back button and the edge, so now if it becomes unclipped while I run, I have to very carefully make sure I've gotten ahold of it perfectly, or else I'll accidentally hit the back button and start my song over. I don't have big, thick fingers. I'm 5'5, 125, so my fingers are probably best described as delicate. This sort of precision was not necessary on the old model.

Next, let's go to the software. On my old model, I never once had to consult the Apple forums. I keep going back on this one. It wouldn't play podcasts. The forums said that it's set to skip podcasts in shuffle mode. Turn it off shuffle. Done! Podcasts still won't play. Back to the forums. You have to uncheck "Skip While Shuffling." Done! Podcasts still won't play. I finally ended up having to uncheck Skip While Shuffling and change the type to music from podcasts. Now they'll play. Harder to find, but they'll play. On my old model, they just played.

I sometimes carefully choose each song for when I run. Other times I use Genius. No matter what I choose, it won't play in order. It always organizes songs by artist. Back to the forums. I have to create a playlist. Still playing only in order of artist. I have to click Copy to Play Order. Still playing only in order of artist. There goes my running playlist. Might as well only use Genius and keep it only on shuffle and hope for the best.

On the bright side, sound quality is fine, battery life is fine, headphones are fine. Otherwise, I wish my old model's battery hadn't finally died.
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on March 22, 2011
I put 5 podcasts into my playlist and loaded them onto my shuffle. The first podcast played, but when it was done, the shuffle went back to the beginning and repeated podcast number 1. I pressed forward, and it went back to the beginning of podcast 1. I put a different list of podcasts on the shuffle and the same thing happened -- only the first podcast would play. I tried using Itunes on two different computers, and tried resetting the shuffle with no change -- the first podcast keeps replaying and it won't move onto the next one. When I plug the shuffle into my PC I can see all of the podcasts listed and if I try to play them through the computer, they work fine. 4th generation is junk if you want to listen to podcasts. I called Apple support and they thought it was a bad shuffle. The replacement does the same thing. I called back and they said they had no idea what was wrong. Bring back generation 2! It worked beautifully.
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on October 24, 2010
I got the new shuffle strictly for working out (and to replace my 2nd generation shuffle). I particularly wanted the playlist feature so that I could have more control over the songs I wanted to listen to (I have different playlists for different types of workouts, plus I include some podcasts). I am basically satisfied with the new version. It does what it is supposed to do. Switching playlists is relatively easy (although the instructions weren't clear). The new software based battery-indicator feature is very helpful and a nice improvement over the previous version. The shuffle is almost perfect for those of us who want a very small, lightweight MP3 player for (hard) workouts.

My only criticisms are minor..

First, as many reviewers have indicated, the new 4G shuffle is almost too small. I'm not a big guy at all, but I have trouble with the controls on top; plus, when clipping and unclipping, you cannot help but press the buttons on the face. This is not really a big issue, but I didn't have the same problems with the 2G version.

Second, this is not really a fair criticism, but by changing the size, my old accessories--especially my armband--are now too big to fit the shuffle. So far, there still don't seem to be any third-party products (armbands) for the 4G. This is a bit of a hassle, as I don't like clipping it to my shorts are shirt.

Third, the placement of the headphone jack on the same side as the top controls is inconvenient. I use headphones with an "L-shaped" connector, which partly blocks the top controls. Not a big deal, but to me it would have made more sense to keep the headphone jack on the other side.
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on October 3, 2010
The fourthApple iPod shuffle 2 GB Blue (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL generation shuffle is a great improvement over the second generation which I loved in terms of the addition of voice-over, fast forward, etc, but why couldn't Apple have retained the same size as the 2nd generation? The 4th generation's size makes it inconvenient to attach the clip without interrupting the music selection. The only way to overcome this decided disadvantage is to clip the shuffle on before turning it on. However, I still am happy I bought it.

Now that I've tried the Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Blue (4th Generation)for a month, I'd like to amend my previous review by saying that this version of the shuffle is truly a remarkable engineering achievement. Even though it's capacity is only 2 GB, it's sufficient for hours of enjoyment and has great features e.g., long battery life, voice-over information about amount of battery left and title of songs being played and the artist. What more can one ask for for a reasonable pice of less than 50 bucks? I had previously commented about its too small size, but I now find this not to be the disadvantage noted.
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on June 17, 2012
I only bought this newer generation as my older 2nd gen.'s battery died after minimal useage in less than 2 yrs. I'm talking around 5 hrs. per week while I jog.
The newer verson is a bit smaller which makes it easy to hit the center play/pause button instead of the outside functions. Especially when attaching it to your choice of location. Smaller is not always better. The unit seems to be more slippery and easier to drop. The clip a a smooth edge without the teeth the 2nd gen. had. Much less secure for fastening. It will dislodge easily. Overall a much inferior product then the second generation. What was Apple thinking? Strickly profits. No improvements here. Very dissapointed and disgusted with Apple.
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on June 27, 2015
Device-wise, this is an amazing tool for working out. The sound quality's great and I love how I can just clip this on to my workout outfit and not have to worry about protection, etc. I own an iPhone and old iPod Touch and I was considering just buying an armband rather than shelling out an extra $20 for this device. However, this is way more efficient for running and I don't have to worry about extraneous stuff like phone calls or emails intervening with my workout.

I am taking off two stars because of the service I received from the initially seller. I initially bought a refurbished device from Five Arrows Companies, LLC. The iPod shuffle I received was NOT the blue that's described on THIS listing and it was all scratched up in the back (it was a metallic blue from the 2012 generation). I contacted the seller and asked for a UPS label to ship the package back immediately, explaining the misinformation, but I was told that I would have to cover shipping. I went ahead made a second purchase through Superior Trading, and not only did I receive the package two days later, but it was the RIGHT blue color (2010) and was absolutely gorgeous. The sound is perfect and the quality is great given that this is a refurbished product.

Moral of the story - go with "Amazon Fulfillment" if you're going to buy 'Used' or 'Refurbished'.
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on July 21, 2012
I am getting ready to send back my SECOND shuffle after I already had the first one replaced. Both units stopped working after one run with them. Any type of moisture around this unit will cause it to stop working. Both units would not play songs and could not be recognized by my computer when I plugged them back in. My older generation shuffle never had this issue so Apple dropped the ball on this newer version.
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