Customer Reviews: Apple iPod shuffle 4 GB Silver (3rd Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on May 24, 2009
2nd Generation vs. 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle Breakdown:

The Weight: 3rd Gen weighs .38 ounces while the 2nd Gen weighs .55 ounces... I promise you that you will not be able to tell the difference. This catergory is a tie.

Controls: 3rd Gen puts the controls on the headphones cord (on the cord that goes to the right ear bud)... this could not be more annoying. To say I hate this control system is an understatement. The controls are so far up the cord that you can not see it when you are looking for it. I can not state this enough I HATE THE CONTROLS OF THE 3rd GEN.

Space: The 3rd gen hold 4 gigs of music, apple has discontinued the 2nd gen 2 gig version so now all you can get is 2nd gen 1 gig... I thought this was a big deal, but I use my shuffle purely for running, and 1 gig is over 12 hours of music! needless to say, 2nd gen 1 gig shuffle is plenty.

Accessories: I know this does not sound like much, but with the 3rd gen, you must use their headphones... they are basically the same crappy iPod buds that fall out of your ear whenever you move that comes with every version. Since I got my iPod Shuffle for running, buds are not sufficient.

Long story short, you don't need the 4th generation shuffle, it is a horrible product. Get the 2nd generation 1 gig version, I promise it will meet most peoples needs.
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on June 23, 2009
I'm a runner, sometimes I run all day and all night. I was so excited to have a shuffle that could contain play-lists (Books on tape have never shuffled well with music...). On run one, 1/2 hour in, the volume control went out. On run two, all controls have gone out. Likely cause is sweat. it happens as far as I can tell with everyone... runs right down the cord, straight into the controls - what on earth were they thinking !! ??

$80, less than 1 hour of use, I've attempted to navigate the apple support/repair site and have ended up throwing the thing away. I'm hoping that by writing this I will feel some sort of resolution and can move on (and back) to the several second generation shuffles that I still have.
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on August 13, 2009
After enough walking to work up a sweat, the stupidly placed volume/playback controller dangling below my right ear stops working. Symptoms are either no response to being pressed or a random generation of commands without being pressed. In either case, continued enjoyment of music is impossible. After a few hours in the sun to dry out, the controller may start working again. I had the sweat failure happen twice and also the same failure happen once without sweat on a high humidity day.

About every other online review of these earphone/controllers mentions this failure caused by sweat/moisture. And it's not like there is a remedy. You HAVE to use the stupid Apple-supplied in-line controller and it HAS to dangle right next to your jaw. It is impossible to use without dampness transfer and once a little dampness gets to the controller you are out of luck.

I took my 3G Shuffle to an Apple store to complain and wouldn't you know the genius at the genius bar just gives me the puzzled look and the "I never heard of such a thing" routine. After I wouldn't accept the "go home and restore your shuffle" solution, I was eventually given a new earphone/controller. Now I'm afraid to actually use the shuffle for music while walking since it seems certain that the controller will fail once I work up a sweat. Sure - Apple will probably replace the earphones again, but do I have the hour to spend getting a replacement every few weeks?

I really wish that I had bought another 2G Shuffle instead of this new, flawed design model. My previous 2G lasted a year and a half with no problems and still works pretty good as long as I smack it once in a while. The 3G I bought lasted about a month before the controller failure happened.

The controller really ought to be sweat proof since by design it has to get sweaty if one sweats.
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on August 18, 2009
Apples is dragging their feet on this.
Anyone who works out or goes out on a hot summer day beware.
Sweat (that salty water) can run down the ear bud cable into the control buttons and renders the shuffle useless.

They will offer to replace the ear buds but demand a full refund - it will happen again
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on July 2, 2009
I've had my iPod Shuffle (3G) for about a week, and it failed several times halfway through my workout. The controls seems to short-circuit by the moisture/sweat and it would either pause, go into playlist VoiceOver, or change volume on its own. This seems to be a problem many people are experiencing from Apple's user discussion groups. I am currently working with Apple support on getting it replaced, but from some of the postings on the discussion group, the replacement seems to be the same headset design and suffers from the same problem.

I would not recommend the iPod Shuffle (3G) for workout activities until this problem has been resolved.
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on March 15, 2009
Ok, this is the most useless upgrade for technology I've seen in a long time. Yeah, you get more space by moving the controls to the earbuds, but many people don't like the Apple earbuds, and I personally don't use earbuds almost at all. I use my Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (2nd Generation) for two things: music in the car (with a cassette tape adapter), and hooked into the LINE IN on my mini-stereo at work (using a male-to-male mini-jack cord). I very rarely ever plug any headphones into it, and when I do I use my trusty fully-padded noise blocking phones for better fullness and quality of sound.

There are a million and one iPod accessories, why hasn't Apple ever come out with alternate headphones? I think they're missing out on a big market of customers who can't stand the standard fare. And the positive reviewers are saying "who cares? there is an adapter being made for other headphones." Well, my wallet cares, for one. Why would I shell out extra cash on top of the price for this (let's not be afraid to admit it) 4 Gigabyte HARD DRIVE, which is what it's been reduced to now.

This new generation of iPod is Style over Substance, Gimmicks over Function, and to be fair, COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. The 2nd Gen shuffle is what, a year old? And works great? And fits anywhere? I mean, what pocket of Apple customers did the 2nd Gen Shuffle miss out on that this new-fangled version will pick up? This new shuffle only exists to exploit Apple's loyal return customers out of their hard earned cash. Stick with the 2nd Gen, it works great; or if you need the extra space, buy a Nano. Just avoid this latest incarnation.
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on August 31, 2009
I loved the idea of having multiple playlists so I could switch between them on long runs and bike rides. But the controls are not sweat proof and shortly into any activity the headphones go crazy skipping around from playlist to playlist and the volume controls stop working. They work again after given the time to dry out, but the issue quickly repeats with the next workout. Others have suggested wrapping the controls in plastic wrap but that hasn't worked for me plus it's cumbersome. I've gone through two sets of headphones and have switched back to my 2nd generation shuffle.
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on September 1, 2009
After one day of use the earphone control shorts out when the slightest bit of sweat drips on it. This product was made to be used when working out. Apple's marketing even says so. Unfortunately, someone really dropped the ball on the design of this one. Completely useless if you sweat even the slightest bit.
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on June 13, 2009
I liked it @ 1st.
I liked the size which is why I bought another shuffle.
Didn't mind the headset controls although they could be annoying.
Was very happy with the size.
Problem was that headset broke in about 2 weeks!
With clicking that headset for all functions I don't see how it would last that long.
My old iPod shuffle still works fine but I wanted the ability to create song lists for when I exercise.
I guess I'll have to get a Nano now & deal with the size.
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on August 11, 2009
My experience reflects that of many people who've commented on the flakey headset, and how it completely shorts out when you exercise due to moisture in the air. It's completely insane, but the folks at Apple didn't think that people would want to exercise with this (or use it in warm humid weather...I wonder what happens if you travel to the Bahamas, etc.) because within 20 minutes of exercise, the thing always starts behaving randomly and is unusable.

I've gotten three replacement headphones from Apple, each time the Apple "Geniuses" telling me that this one should fix it....never does. They're also totally clueless about the problem and when it will be fixed/addressed by Apple. Apple's apparently not being very honest to potential customers and existing owners about the problem and dealing with it quickly.

I was given this as a birthday gift and it's totally useless. An $[...] POS that cannot be used at all beyond 20 minutes.

Apple....I'm an owner of a Macbook Pro and iPhone and they're good, but I have to say that this experience has really ruined my opinion of the company because they're so dishonest about fessing up about it and dealing with it. It's really sad and pathetic.

->Don't buy this piece of crap.
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