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on September 28, 2016
It's too good to be true. I bought this because my 8 gig was acting up after 7 years of faithful service and the price was tempting.. When I received the Ipod it worked fine for 30 days. On the 35th day the left side of the screen stopped working. This meant I could not access the playlists. By day 44 the slide to unlock stopped working. Now I had a expensive paper weight. The only thing I can say about this is DON'T buy it. I have had Apple products for more than 25 years and never had a product fail. I suppose it had to happen, who ever did the service work on this Ipod needs to brush up on their repair skills.
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on September 3, 2013
When I first got this Ipod I had to have someone help me cuz I couldn't figure out why I kept getting a weird thing on the screen. Needless to say I thought I received a broken or malfunction Ipod. The person fixed it for me to use it and show me how to work it. It didn't come with instructions it was just an Ipod, headphones, and cord to plug it into the computer. Headphones came broken but I did work with the people that sent the product to me to send me a new pair.

I bought this Ipod used cuz it was cheaper, still the best thing I have ever bought. The background on the Ipod could have been a little better since the picture goes on the lock screen and not on the background of the main page. But it doesn't bother me none.

If you never had an Ipod before I would really buy one that comes with instructions or have someone help you so you know what to do especially when it comes to the itunes with the plugin on the screen. Drove me crazy. With the help of the company and my friend I was able to get that off.

I use it everyday and its the best thing. I haven't ran out of room yet and have over 500 songs and still have plenty of room for more songs I keep collecting more everyday.

As for getting it used, there was scratches on the screen and the back. Not very heavy though. I really recommend this product to anyone that wants an Ipod. It maybe discontinued by the manufacturer but its still a great buy..I would do it again.

It states that its Black. The one that I got was silver which was fine cuz I also had gotten some cases as well to help protect it a little more.. Always read used products before buying so you know what you get when you get it.. ( YES IM A REAL PERSON)
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The Ipod Touch is a device that will change the way you watch videos, listen to music, play games, and surf the internet. The Ipod Touch is a must have for those of us who travel with any frequency. The ability to watch videos, podcasts and listen to music is outstanding. However, with the addition of the application store I have found that the Ipod Touch is a great tool for the office.

Applications that I use
- Unit converters
- FInance options
- Metals quote
- High Powered business calculators
- Weather
- Chemistry applications
- And many, many more

Other great Applications for travelers
- Slingbox application which will let you view your DVR or Slingbox
- MLB app that let's you follow every game pitch-by-pitch AND listen to the audio broadcasts!
- Books - through a Kindle app and other book readers

Things you will want to consider buying

Mophie Juice Pack - Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPod Touch 2G will more than double your battery life (6+ hours of video)
Transparent Clear Snap On Crystal Hard Cover Case for Apple Ipod Touch Itouch 8GB 16GB 32GB 2G 2nd Generation Trust me you do not want to drop your Ipod Touch and cause damage
iKross 3-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for iPod touch (Clear) Do not risk letting you screen get scratched!

Final Verdict-
A game change for those of who travel - everything that you need will literally be at your fingertips!

5 stars - how did I live without it?
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on March 20, 2010
The iPod Touch, Generation II graced this earth sometime in September of 2008. I wanted one sometime after, but didn't get around to getting one until about a week ago. But it was worth the wait!

The black device known as the Touch is great. It has a gorgeous glass screen that displays colors perfectly and beautifully. If you turn to the back of the device, you can see that it is indeed an "iPod" and how many Gigabytes the iPod has. For kicks, I even use the back for a mirror!

The sound on the iPod is pretty good. Even without the headphones, if there isn't any/much noise and clatter going on, you can hear the music or video or movie pretty well without headphones so people complaining about the sound without headphones are insane. It's not a car you are in, it's just an iPod. And for that, the sound works great.

The actual touch screen feature, unless you have a touch-featured phone takes a bit of getting used to at first. I, having an Apple iPod nano 4 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL for a year and a half or so, and knowing it pretty much inside and out, was still a bit confused for a little while. But I got over it. Picking songs or videos, moving it from the up side to its side to switch from cover flow mode to album mode is not only easy but cool-looking.

The applications (or apps) and their ideas seem pretty cool, but the games (that I have played so far) don't really cut it. I haven't played many at all, but if it's not geared towards a little kid (I'm soon to be 25) it's something that loses its novelty fast. The apps I looked forward to are the iTunes store or even the weather app which I used for the first time today. I also wanted to check out the amazon app which I do have and used today but was disappointed that you can't rate other peoples' works. I know it's just an iPod Touch though and it's a minor quibble.

Battery life isn't bad. It could be better, but I get decent play on mine and it lasts some odd hours. Not 8, 10, or 12 like it SAYS it does, but maybe 5 or 6 while playing music and the odd video or two.

Wi-Fi is a peace of cake when the connection around you is open. It automatically loads to what app you are trying to use that requires the internet once you open that particular app. I haven't any other experience with, say, a private connection. Not yet at least. I will update this once I get a router and play around with my Touch some more at home (if this review is even relevant still). :D

All in all, it's not a good device but an extraordinary one. I have some minor problems with it (and this won't matter to anyone but me) but updating from a nano to a Touch, when looking at the composers to a song, the names no longer slide slowly so you can see who composed that particular work (or in my case, who wrote that track because I put the actual lyricists down instead). Although radio kinda sucks these days, I think it'd be nice to tune into the local radio stations with an FM Tuner but sadly, the Touch lacks that too. Also, the battery life could be a bit longer. However, on the upside, the thing charges pretty fast.

I must say it was 258.11 well spent!
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With hundreds of reviews already submitted about the iPod Touch 16GB 2G, I'm not sure I can add much that already hasn't been said.

I love this device. It is functionally magnificent. The addition of the volume control, which the first generation didn't have, makes this infinitely more user friendly. The screen is bright and razor sharp. Photos look great on the screen as do videos, movies, YouTube and whatever else you view. The syncing capabilites have meant that for me, I can finally bury my old Palm Pilot... may it rest in peace.

This is the ultimate travel companion. I can watch video, play music, keep track of email, appointments and surf the web when in a WiFi area. The 2G has voice recording capability if you use a microphone enabled headphone like the General Electric earbuds with inline microphone GE Earbuds with In-Line Microphone. With the added protection of a Belkin Silicone Sleeve for iPod Touch Belkin 2-Pack Silicone Sleeve Case for iPod touch 2G (Black/White) you can keep your iPod Touch scratch free and looking good.

I never thought I'd get so much use from the iPod touch. To be honest I hardly ever even use it for listening to music. But I have downloaded dozens of useful, fun and mostly free apps from the Apple store and find them amazingly inexpensive and useful.

This really is an amazing device. It strikes the perfect balance between function and form. The only improvement I could envision is a sliding keyboard because the touch typing leaves something to be desired. Other than that, this is nearly perfect.

5 stars and I'd give it 10 if I could.
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on May 26, 2016
Bought this for my boyfriend so he could stop having to carry around his heavy iphone while working out and draining his phone's battery. Really bought it for it's bluetooth capability because his car has only the tape deck, so he uses the jam classic portable bluetooth speaker with it. He also uses it to pair with his bluetooth on ear headphones when he is working out and while he's at work. He takes it everywhere with him and loves it!
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on April 2, 2009
I purchased this after my company started running it's software on it. I use it for my job. :)

I replaced a WinMobile device that I fried by putting in the wrong charging unit. I had that unit for almost 1 1/2 years. No chance of that with the iPod.

I got the iPod, started playing with it and found -
1. I can do more on this than the WinMobile device
2. Email from our exchange server is easier and more reliable than the WinMobile (ironic, huh?)
3. Apple has made it very easy to get apps on it
4. Smaller and easier to carry
5. Overall a much more useful device

I have not had a single bad experience with this unit since I purchased in early Feb. If this one goes, I will get another in a heartbeat. Solid product, solid apps, well worth the price, IMHO.

I stream video out to my workshed behind my house. I control my 2 DSM-520 unit in the house. I check email on the road with the WiFi. I keep with the markets throughout the day. I watch movies on plane trips. I read books on it. I play games on it. I use it for work. What more can you ask for?
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on April 16, 2010
I bought this iPod last June, and it is still just as enjoyable as the day I got it.
I am cautious about the battery and try to charge it every other day to prolong battery life, and it performs just like new. As expected, apps with heavy battery use (using the tilt function or high-contrast movies) are especially draining. But for playing music, I can ride all day long on the motorcycle and it still has plenty of juice at the end of the day. I love the web-browsing - a huge improvement over my Pocket PC the Touch replaced. The mirror-like finish is gorgeous - I added a rubber jacket with clear protective sheet to preserve the finish and keep it from getting scratched (I've seen what a nail file can do to my sunglasses in my purse!).
If I'm this excited about the Touch, I can imagine how giddy I'd be with an iPad!
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on October 23, 2008
I had read that the speakers on the new 2nd generation iTouch was really lacking so my expectations were low. However, these speakers rock. Granted, if you're in a loud surrounding they are not loud enough but then again if you're in a loud surrounding it would be rude to have speakers that are loud enough to hear over other noises in my opinion. There's nothing I hate more than music on the subway from someones boom box or gadget when it's not music I would choose to listen to. So for those that are complaining about the speakers you need to understand that they are perfect for you personally....just not for everyone else around you.....that's why there are great little portable speaker setups out there to purchase just for those times when you wish to annoy others...or listen on the beach....and other louder surroundings.

Everything about my iTouch is great. The graphics are great. The ease of using iTunes to upload is great. Can't say that the help staff at Apple are useful....actually quite rude and have the elitest attitude. However, that does not change the greatness of the new 2nd generation iTouch.

The new added speakers as I stated above are perfect for me. I use my iTouch during the day at work at my desk and I can hear it perfectly but I'm not disturbing others in their work centers...it's great.

The fact that I can get on the Internet anytime I am in a wireless area is perfect. I did not wish to upgrade my phone quite yet to the iPhone due to the extra cost of all those fees that AT&T requires you to sign up for weather you want to use it or not. With my iTouch I get to decide when I want to sign on and surf the Internet for a phone number, address or even check my email....and at no extra cost each month!

I originally thought of waiting for the next version of the iPhone so I could get the Nike sensor addition (assuming Apple adds it to the next upgraded version)....but I wanted to use the Nike sensor and did not want to buy the new Nano to use it. For just a little bit more money than the new Nano I am able to surf the Internet, keep my contacts and address book with me at all times.....and many other cool features that I would miss out on with the Nano. IMHO why pay the cost of a Nano if all your're getting is a music storage device? Why not get the iTouch and get gadget after gadget included. Of course I have always been a Palm Pilot geek so this was the new age step up for me.....bascially it was a win win situation.

The Nike sensor added to the iTouch was a sweeeeet option. If you haven't checked that out you really should. It is a great motivator to get out there and exercise. With the Nike sensor you can track your miles walked, calories burned, etc and graph it online at the Nike website. AND.....if you start getting lazy and haven't uploaded your data in awhile....or even worse...haven't gotten out there and exercised....you will even receive an email encouraging you to not give up...it's great...and motivating.

In a nutshell....you can't go wrong with the new 2nd generation iTouch.
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on April 22, 2009
First of all, I want to say that I strive to make my reviews as helpful as possible. So please tell me it you think my review is helpful so I can improve my future reviews. I would suggest downloading the latest version of iTunes before buying an iPod or especially an iTouch. I had my iTunes library finished before I even ordered an iTouch. I put 7 movies, 48 albums, 6 audio podcasts, 1 audio book, and over 150 photos on iTunes. And yet my iTouch is still only half full. It can be pretty nerve racking to hope that nothing will go wrong during a sycning prosses that takes over 20 minutes! And something most likely will go wrong. But if you read the user guides found at [...] you shouldn't have too much trouble setting up your iTouch. You have to have an iTunes account to buy songs and podcasts and register movies, which can be obtained by having an Apple ID (at least that's how I got mine). Once you 're all sycned and powered up, you can start playing with your new toy. By touching and holding on any application, you can rearrange and delete applications. You can only delete downloaded applications though. Flip through cover flow by tilting your iTouch on its side in the music application. Or surf the web using Safari. I've found the Safari application works just fine most of the time. And a little note regarding the home page: I have not found a way to remove a home screen, so if you add the New York Times to your home screen, I'm not sure if there's any way to get it off later. And unless you're constanly on the internet, you will want to turn off the wireless. It really drains the battery. You would only get like 2 and a half hours of internet before the battery dies. The email is fast, and it gives you many options on how your itouch and your email server work together. For instance, when you delete an item on your itouch, it will either be displayed on the server as trash, or it will just be removed from the inbox and moved to the folder of your choice. You can accsess all of the same folders you can accsess on you regular email account and edit them in the same ways. Calendar, maps, contacs, weather, and stocks all work as you might expect them to work. Choose many different locations to be displayed on weather. The same with stocks. I am amazed a the sensativity of the screen and ease of use. Although it may take some skill to gwt through the set-up process, it's absolutely amazing to see what Apple has done with the 2nd GEN of the iPod touch. Read some of my other reviews at the app store on iTunes.
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