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on November 3, 2016
The ipod was a little scratch which was fine for the price but after a little while of having it- it started acting insane. It would shut off randomly and have a white screen. Then it wouldn't turn back on for hours even when charged. It would deleted all my music for no reason and then refuse to redownload it, without trying 500 times. It shut off while on the charger and wouldnt turn back on. It would say it was dead then turn on when charging then shut off and say the cord wasnt supported after it had been charging with the same exact cord. Terrible. So many problems with this IPOD not worth it. I bought this ipod because my other idpod of the same exact generation's buttons stopped working and even that IPOD works better than this one.
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on December 14, 2017
Purchased from Empire of Electronics and I am very happy with the product. They said everything buttons and all worked and they did mean everything works. I was scared because I saw a bunch of these sellers on eBay listing these items as new so I scrupulously went through the list to find a description I believed and a seller I didn't find on eBay. This seller still might be on there but at least this was a legit sale.
The battery was my biggest concern and I think it's dropped like 2% over night while it was on and it's played over an hour of music. I've got a long history with iPods so I will say this is exactly what I wanted and the price is good for an Apple product (over inflated cost due to popularity/assumed quality).
It's an iPod so if you've had them (I have 3 now including my Gen 3 which is still kickin 15 years? later ) they are rock solid assuming it wasn't broken and they aren't easy to break. My iPod Classic Gen 4 got soaked for an hour in pouring rain and it still works with the same battery 7 years later. I have two vehicles with iPod decks that can't use my OG Gen 3 so I bought this one and plan to convert the old one into a cooler stereo deck. The point is these things last forever. The Gen 3 and Classic have the best interface. Not impressed with the Touch's interface but the screen itself is beautiful and if I loved Apple for more than an iPod and if I was familiar with the iPhone interface, then I'd probably be pleased. Probably need to learn more about the interface and I might like it more too ;)
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on August 25, 2013
you're stuck having to deal with Apple, and for that I'm giving it four stars. Had to download iTunes (went with 10.7 version since so many people seem to hate 11), wait quite a while until the program imported a copious amount of music, then create an account at the Apple Store (happily there's an option for "None" with the credit card info), then activate and wait forever while the device loaded music, then reconfigure stuff and then--well, anyway, it took awhile to get the thing up and running. Maybe I'm being petty, but my last mp3 player was a breeze and so much easier to set up. It was by Samsung and played all kinds of audio files. First time I used it I plugged it into my computer, dragged music into the folder and I was ready to go. Didn't have to log into anything, didn't have to download a program I've had before and disliked, didn't have to convert anything. Not so anymore.
No complaints about the device itself. I bought it new and at a great price. Works beautifully so far and is so easy to use. I have it plugged into my receiver and the sound through the speakers is amazing, really amazing. Apple does make a great product, I just hate what you have to go through before you can enjoy any of their products.

October 12, 2013--It's been a while and I still like this device but if you use wifi the battery will run down in no time. Apple says you should get 40+ hours of music from the Touch. On their planet maybe. Turns out there are many, many, many, articles online about battery issues for this model. Turning off wifi (or putting it into Airplane mode) will make a huge difference, but if you bought this for checking email, messaging (search online for an app to do that), or roaming the web you'll be charging the battery every day or so. As a music player it's pretty flawless, however, with great sound and a really easy user interface, and since that's why I purchased it I'm sticking with four stars. If you want more you'll need to move to the 5th generation or just bite the bullet and get an iPhone.
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on December 20, 2012
Apparently, you are not allowed to leave negative feedback against Amazon any more, so here goes a positive one. I was so excited when my new iPod showed up in a book box with absolutely no padding or packing material in it. I have to commend Amazon on not wasting our natural resources on useless protection that small expensive items certainly would not benefit from having. Afterall, iPods are indestructible, right? Anyway, it was cool how I could rattle the ipod around in the box freely and make sounds like a giant moracca. Keep up the good work Amazon. Maybe next time I order something small and expensive, you could take the conservation a bit further and just slap a shipping label directly on it. No need to waste cardboard. If you are one of the backward thinkers that still believes wasting our precious natural resources is necessary, you will probably want to get your products elsewhere. But for us forward thinkers who know packing material is just hype, this is the company for you.
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on February 21, 2016
My son saved up money all summer from doing chores at home, grandma & pa's house, birthday money, and even asking uncles if they needed help with project to buy this himself. He was young and miss placed it a lot!! It got beat up in backpacks and dropped on the ground. It still works to this day! I was very hesitant on letting him spend that kind of money of what I thought of as a to but he had worked so hard for that money and it was his so I gave in. I guess he proved me was a pretty good investment!
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on July 17, 2012
I know it's not a mini-iPad, but that's what my kids affectionately call the iPod Touch (4th gen). I already own the iPad 1 and 2 and an iPod Touch (4th gen). Needed another "toy" for my little man who was left out of the i-electronics. With hundreds of apps created for kids 5 and under, the iPod Touch is a gerat portable mini-tablet for my kids to stay out of trouble when traveling or when required to stay quiet and still. As mentioned before, since I already have the iPads, a lot of the same apps are available on the iPod Touch. The only drawback I found was the latest iPod Touch I bought came with iOS 5.1, which makes it incompatible for some of the apps that were on my other Touch with version iOS 4.3.3. I am sure the apps that are incompatible will eventually have an update, but my kids are a bit impatient and can't wait :)
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on April 3, 2013
Best device purchase yet. I have been able to combine all my stuff on one device. Rockin! Thanks Apple!

Update: 10/19/2013 Okay, its been several months since I got this apple ipod. the first apple anything i ever got and guess what! still WOW! I still wonder, why did I ever use knock offs and cheaper devices. This things does more than I need it to. I use it for my singing engagements because I can plug it into any speaker system and I have instant Solo performances, I use it for business sales, I use it for keeping appointments, and much more. It is more effective than all the other devices I have combined. the size helps too because I dont have to lug around several pieces of equipment to accomplish one thing. I also make wifi calls form it. smokin!
Only one draw back-the charge is very very weak. I can get a few hours use out of it then I have to have my charger handy to keep active with it. I am a bit surprise that a device this reliable would have such weak battery life. If you can put up with charging quite often, this is the way to go!
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on February 18, 2015
This product arrived quickly and as advertised. This was originally purchased for my wife as a Valentine's Day gift and she did have some minor issues with the charging cable and getting it set up initially. She is not able to updated to the newest iOS in order to run certain apps. Since it was originally purchased for her to use strictly as an iPod to play music overall she is satisfied with it and if she's happy, so am I.
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on January 29, 2012
After having two other mp3 players break on me, a Sony walkman and creative Zen, in a short period of time, I decided to go ahead and buy an iPOD 32G 4th generation. And so far, so good! This thing does everything! The only thing is you have to have WiFi to use all of the functions and you can't talk on it. But it does have facetime and messages. I bought a portable WiFi connection, cricket crosswave, which is cool to use with the iPod if there isn't a WiFi connection wherever you are. Putting music on it was fairly easy and start up was fairly easy however make sure you have WiFi already established so that you can get started right away.
The camera on it takes pretty good pictures! There is no flash so make sure there is some light. It has a front and back camera. The app store has all of the same apps as the iPhone.
Having the ipod has freed up a lot of space on my phone! I use to have hundreds of songs and photos on my phone.
The one thing I would change is where the headphones jack is. It's at the bottom which is annoying! When I plug it in my car its hard to rest it in my cup holder cause of the cord sticking out the bottom.
Other than that, this is the coolest little gadget! Love it! It really is worth the hype and the money because at first, I did doubt it was all its cracked up to be.
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on September 14, 2013
Like a fool, I had my iPod and headphones in the magazine holder on a flight. When I removed the headphones to put it away, the iPod became detached and was left in the bottom of the holder. It had a black rubber cover on it and in the darkness of the plane, I totally missed seeing it. Once I got to the hotel, I realized it was missing when I went to recharge it. Called the airlines and they said they will look, and will call us back only if they find. No calls, so some lucky passenger or cleaning person got an early Xmas present at my expense. I upgraded to a white iPod Touch 32gb to ease the pain of losing my iPod. The white will stand out more and if it doesn't, I also purchased the red Coca Cola cover for. I haven't receive it yet but other Amazon reviews say it takes a month.
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