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on May 25, 2016
This review is about the product received: AppleCare, purchased through Amazon, from a 3rd party seller, used on a new Macbook Pro 2015 (purchased in 2016).
I'll answer the main questions: "what does the product look like?" and "does it work as expected?" Assuming you wanted to purchase AppleCare (I'm not saying whether or not every user needs to purchase it), this is a reputable method to purchase it. You can purchase this product from Apple, on Amazon, and at some authorized Apple Resellers. As far as I've found, the prices are locked in the Apple Resellers and from Apple, but on Amazon the price can be lower (which is a win for the consumer).

Item arrived in a bubble mailer, undamaged. Item was shrink wrapped and presumably unopened. Inside was a booklet explaining AppleCare and a small card with the "Registration Number" printed on it. (You'll need this part)

To register, click the "apple" at the top left of your mac, go to "about this mac", go to "service", and then there is an option regarding AppleCare (at the time of this review it said, "Tell me more about the AppleCare protection plan". From there, you'll sign in, then click through to register an AppleCare on a device, then enter in the Registration Number, the Serial Number of your laptop (go to the "apple" again, "about this mac") and your other details. Note: On the product I received, there was a serial number printed on the box. That number isn't valid. You enter the Serial Number of your laptop (see directions above). (If you don't, you'll end up on the phone with Apple for 30min trying to figure it out). Check to receive electronic confirmation and you'll get an email confirming that. Mine said:

"Thank you for registering your AppleCare Protection Plan.

Serial Number (your serial number)
Agreement Number (your agreement number)
You should receive your Proof of Coverage within 10 business days via postal mail.

Some reviewers had mentioned receiving "old" versions or Canadian versions of AppleCare. I recommend you pick from a reputable vendor, preferably one Fulfilled by Amazon (with free return shipping if the seller was in error) in case you get a defective product & have to mail it back for a refund.

Easy as. Whole registration process should take you less than 5min. Enjoy
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on May 31, 2014
I rarely purchase extended warranties. Apple's products are very well made and you don't often need warranty service. But hard drives go bad. RAM goes bad. Screens go bad. Stuff happens. Just replacing any one of those, especially now that most of those components are no longer "User Replaceable" is so expensive that the coverage from AppleCare would pay for itself with one component failure.

PLUS, if you need some sort of tech support, you have it for three years now instead of 90 days. You may not need tech support. You might be pretty computer savvy. But every year Apple updates their operating system. Things don't always go smoothly and you may need Apple's tech support to help you iron out a kink. If you are on your second or third year with your computer and you have an issue during an upgrade, you won't have the help you may need without AppleCare.

PLUS...AppleCare is fully transferable. It's linked to the computer's serial number, not the owner's name. If you're like me and decide to sell your 1 or 2 year old computer to buy the newest, latest, and greatest, it is so much easier to sell if the buyer knows that they will get a year or two of warranty and tech support for it.

Buying it here on Amazon at a price much discounted than buying it from Apple, makes it pretty much a no brainer.
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on December 29, 2013
This is insurance - and hopefully you don't have to use it. However, there are a lot of issues that have been reported with the new retina MBP models (13 and 15) including creaking chassis, screens that have a great deal of yellow tint or uneven back-lighting and there is still some image retention issues. Some of these symptoms are non-existent for some, and for others, they have gone through 5-6 units before finding one that meets their personal requirements. The issue is that these issues can creep up well after your 1 year warranty expires and the most recent retina MBPs are no longer user friendly to replace parts (e.g. RAM soldered to motherboard).

Apple repairs are VERY expensive if you are not covered - so AppleCare is a no brainer for your expensive rMBP. It is expensive, but this vendor had it much cheaper than Apple and the registration worked fine for me - no issues and all legitimate. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to spend the $$ for the insurance, and in most cases I don't get extended warranties - but for my new 15'' retinal MBP - I like the comfort of knowing I am protected for 3 years with Apple's excellent customer service.
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on November 1, 2014
The Apple Care Protection Plan offered by Amazon is the same as it is from the Apple Store -- only cheaper. In the past I'd bought the AppleCare Protection Plan from Amazon and installed it at home without a hitch. However, this time I had a problem, and had to take it to the Apple Store for help. I printed out my Amazon Invoice and brought it with me, and the tech installed it for me with no problem. I suspect that there are probably bootleg copies of the plan floating around, and Apple may be extra-sensitive about installations. However, since I had proof of purchase from an authorized reseller (Amazon), they were happy to install it (if you live too far from a Apple store, they likely would talk you through it on the phone as long as you have POP. And many people purchase from Amazon and install at home with no problem -- this is not a universal issue.)
Remember to save all your paperwork, and purchase and install AppleCare before the first year is up. Apple used to be more flexible -- you could walk in with an 18-mo old Mac with a major problem, and they'd sell you AppleCare and cover it -- but not anymore. And Apple isn't what it used to be -- major hardware problems crop up in the first two years with far more frequency than they used to (after failing on four attempts to repair my MacBook Pro, Apple actually had to replace it)-- so AppleCare should be considered the cost of doing business, and not an "extra".
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on May 15, 2014
Have a 15" macbook pro retina. THis is for the physical apple care box with the code inside, and not for an instant code via email. Either way if you have prime it is not a big deal. If you have a retina macbook pro you need to get apple care considering a simple repair can cost you upwards of $600.

My prior macbook I did not get apple care because I could replace most of the parts myself, with these retina macbooks you really want to get the applecare just in case.

Edit 6/7/16:

I got my MacbookPro 15.4" retina repaired for a track pad and screen issue. The total repair cost would have been $1,100. I am extremely happy I bought the apple care.
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on November 25, 2013
WARNING TO CONSUMERS: Many other Purchasers and I have been burnt by this fact: Apple recently changed the way it figures the purchase date of your Computer... they will NO LONGER take your word (EVEN if you provide DOCUMENTED RECEIPT) I purchased Brand New Apple 15" M.B.P. Retina Display from Amazon Seller, and Apple ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE MY Purchase Date, EVEN THOUGH I SUPPLIED THEM WITH Documented Amazon Receipt!!! Apple insists on using the date APPLE SOLD COMPUTER TO THE VENDOR!! I personally lost a MONTH of Warranty due to this!! I've seen many other Reviews complaining of this fact!! Apple itself covers warranty extension and includes phone support for an added two years (3 years total including standard factory Warranty) Though, over the past year or so, Apple Phone Support seems to have gone down hill, and I'm not as impressed as I once was! Maybe if enough Consumers complain to the Federal Trade Commission (like I did) Apple will go back to recognizing the Date YOU bought the Computer!
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on September 12, 2014
I simply followed the directions inside the box, and had no problem at all getting registered with Apple for the AppleCare protection plan for my MacBook Air 13". After much research, the best price was available here on, however I would read the "seller" reviews before making a purchase.
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on July 23, 2015
AppleCare is a must! While you do get a year warranty with any new laptop purchase, this will keep you covered for 3 years. I work in IT and have had the unfortunate "luck" of having many major motherboard issues after year 2 on my company's MacBook Pros, so AppleCare is a lifesaver (and wallet saver). If you had a major issue after year one and didn't have AppleCare, the cost is often close to or more than the cost of buying AppleCare, so just be safe and get it! I recommend all my coworkers to get it on their personal laptops as well.
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on April 29, 2014
I purchased this at the end of my first year of owning my computer, when the original warranty was near the end. I think it is well worth the price. I especially appreciate the 3 years of free tech phone calls and have used that several times each year. Apple gives really great service and follow up.
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on November 22, 2014
Everything registered and worked fine and it was a lot cheaper than buying directly through Apple. I do suggest buying this even though Apple customer service is horrible, you're gonna need warranty because problems will happen with your laptop.
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