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on March 21, 2015
Visually exciting movie. CGI and Shade Shell animation mixed very well and the syfy storyline about the future of human kind and bioroids (sorta like clones constructed by genetic structuring science) living in a Utopian society until a stray military faction wants to destroy the bioroids because they can't trust them. Lots of action Robot killer, Mecha suits, and a real twist near the end that could spell the future of humans and bioroids.
I saw it when it came out in selected theatres, bought it on DVD in collectable tinbox, then bought it in Blu-ray to include it to my collectable DVD tinbox set.
Great story. great actors, and cutting edge on new type of animation. Lots of action and nail biting ending.
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on February 18, 2013
You can't beat the quality and the effort placed in this movie. The graphics are amazing and so real. I thought some of the scenes were actually real. The characters and action are intense and believable.

Summarized story: Revolves around this hardcore elite combat soldier. She kicks butt and takes names. She gets recruited by a special projects division in seemingly peaceful utopia. The plot unfolds where humans and bioroids are coexisting without fear of war in a isolated city, however, significant scheme unravels where the key is our heroine. Mecha combat and realistic fight sequences.
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on May 31, 2012
Appleseed is a stunning animation movie. The visuals are amazing, supported by a solid scenario. The opening scene is one of the best I've ever seen.

Many people dislike or dismiss Japanese anime as "cheap", "childish" or "commercial". This movie may definitively change their mind.

Appleseed is not only about action. It is also addressing complex and deep emotional and society issues. The heroin loves a man whose body has been destroyed and replaced by cold cybernetics. She defends a world that is stabilized by human-like machines, humans having proven to be impossible to be trusted to be left alone. She has to make difficult choices (before pulling the trigger of course).

Appleseed can be seen at various levels, hardcore action or deeper as a reflection on love, society and loyalty. In any case, it is definitively worthy to be purchased.

Not suitable for young children due to violence and complexity.
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on February 12, 2009
I saw this in the theater and was very pleased after having seen the original animation on a rented VHS years ago when I was younger. The original animation was confusing for me in terms of plot, but I do remember it being cool visually. This movie really blew me away in the theater, as it was the first time I had seen an anime truly realized in 3D graphics/animation. Also, the characters and the plot where much more refined in this movie than the original animation, and it was much more interesting and captivating for me. The ending is pretty epic as well, with a huge scale scene of destruction taking place.

I felt the creators of this movie had done something really revolutionary for the anime industry by making this decision to make the movie in 3D. Own a piece of anime history with this movie, because its one of the first ever full 3D anime to be made.

The metal case is sweet, but the action figure that came with this special edition is the only thing that bugged me about this product because it is not made very well. It is heavy and the plastic of the body is thick which makes it seem well made, but the arms bend in a really stupid way that is terrible. The sculpting isn't that bad, but again the arms are the real problem, and on mine the arms keep falling off with the slightest pressure.
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on February 21, 2014
The original Appleseed was rendered using traditional Japanese hand drawn animation; i.e. anime or "Japanimation". This is a CGI update given a cell painting finish to give it a kind of "hand painted" quality to help the viewer absorb it better. The visuals work, but, like I say, this is not the film I saw some twenty five years ago on VHS.

Still, it's kind of neat for what it is.

Oh well.
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on January 25, 2018
A very good anime using CG. The plot is a little lacking but the action and artistry is fantastic.
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on October 8, 2007
I won't say what the story is about. You can read all about the plot in the editorial review. The story was average to me. But the artwork, music and sounds were exceptional. I love the imaginative weapons, vehicles, and hardware that is thought up. It's so good that it's as if the artists are mechanical engineers. The people move with fluidity. The vehicles move like they are real. And if you like weaponry and like watching it in action then this film is a must for you. Lots of fun to watch. Attention to detail is extraordinary. I loved the music too. I wish there were more animes like this one. One of my favorites.
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on April 21, 2009
The future of mankind is in the hands of a super computer that can detect the way humans feel. Olympus is the last civilized city on our war torn Earth. And humans share half the population of the city with Bioroids (almost too human Androids). While most want to live peacefully in this serenity, there are others who fear the robots. And where there is fear, there is usually a crap load of fighting. Deunan is a female warrior who is brought into Olympus to help save the city from the people who want to destroy it and kill every Bioroid in it. But within Deunan lies a secret that not even she remembers. With the help of her lost boyfriend Briareos (who is now mostly machine), she begins her search for the whereabouts of the Appleseed. The one thing that will help save not only the Bioroids, but also humanity itself.

After many attempts of trying to watch this movie all the way through, I finally got the time and the energy to get through it all in one sitting. The reason I say this is, even though it's a decent story, it can be pretty long winded sometimes. Way to explanatory. I fell asleep once during the scene where Hitomi is driving Deunan to the elders and she begins to just talk and talk. And then I once fell asleep during what I believe is pivotal moment where the elders are telling Deunan some things. Mainly because of just too much talking and explaining.

The animation itself is done really well movement wise. I for one am not a fan of cell shading though. So the `coloring' of the drawings themselves just look, well, kind of stupid to me. Not all the time though. Sometimes I see something and am really wowed by how it looks. Then a minute later something looks totally bland, because of the cell shading. The mix with cg and drawings and cell shading, even though done pretty well, just wasn't for me. I'll take the drawings of Akira or the cg animation of FF7: Advent Children over this type of art any day.

The story was good but sometimes to clichéd. The twists were nothing we hadn't seen before. And even though it was sometimes to drawn out, it was still a lot of fun to watch, once the good parts were going at least.

In the end, I seem to be about 50/50 on this movie after I keep reading my own lines. So with that being said, I would say give it a rent one day if you are into sci-fi or end of the world type of movies. Unless of course you're a big anime fan, then I'm sure you will love this. Both my anime friends love it.

P.S. The gunshot to the forehead was a sweet scene.
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on March 24, 2018
excellent product, excellent shipping
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on January 27, 2018
Love this series
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