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on December 29, 2014
A nicely bound. The type is reasonably large, but not as large as some bibles out there. I'd say it's between a 10 & 11 point Times Roman looking font. Pretty easy to read, but I still need my reading glasses. This is a study bible so it's full of cross references, notes, chapter introductions with outlines and charts, maps, timelines & lists of people, places, etc. The pages could be a little thicker as you get some very light bleed through of printing from the back of the page (sadly I find this on most bibles today). Words of Jesus Christ in red letters. It has an index to notes as well as a small dictionary & concordance in the back by some color maps. The gold edging on the pages is a nice feature as it really helps keep finger smudges from showing. It does not have thumb indexes to the books, but other than that I'm very satisfied. This is a thick (2 1/4 inches) book, due in part to the larger type face, but primarily due to the copious notes. For every one page of bible text there is at least as much space devoted to notes and study material. I've uploaded a photo of a typical page to show the layout.
review image
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on March 18, 2017
Before I bought the Life Application Study Bible - KJV; I was considering buying a Bible from the Dollar Tree stores. If you are someone like me who is considering price over quality; I urge you to highly reconsider! This Bible is a little more expensive than a normal Bible, but this Bible really does give you more bang for your buck!
First, this Bible is not your traditional "normal" Bible. This is a study Bible. What this means is that it includes more content to help you to grasp these sacred words more clearly. The Bible literally becomes a textbook. For an example, at the beginning of let's say, Genesis; the top of the page has Geneis written with a timeline of events related to a Genesis, a quick summary, a quick introduction into the book, and vocabulary section for breaking down words.
The reader is given a quick glance of what to expect in Genesis before they even read it! Also using Genesis as an example, I love that the publisher has certain Bible people in a section lined off; with verses that are related to them. I can tell this Bible was heavily organized. Footnotes are at the bottom of every page.
Getting into the New Testament, verses that tells about Jesus Christ written in red. So, you can not guess what deals or does not deal with Jesus by the color of the lettering.
Next, I love the wealth of resources that has been pack into this Bible. At the beginning, there is space where you can calm it as yours! Places to list marriages, births, baptisms, deaths, special memories, and a family tree for a couple.
At the end of the Bible, the resources do not end! The first resouce is for Christian workers; so I am guess this also makes a great Bible for minsters! However, this is a great resource for all Christians as we are trying to lead more people to Christ! What this is, is to explain how people can become Christian, who was Jesus Christ, advice on how to speak about the Gospel, and how to apply this advice.
Other resources includes a table of weights and meaurements on Biblical times, a one year reading plan, abbreviation index, master index, index for different people in the Bible, dictionary/ concordance, space for notes, and ends with maps.
As you can tell, there is wealth of information and resources packed into the Bible.
The Bible is also gorgeous! I really love the brown and pink color cover. The cover is faux by the way. It is sewn and very well put together! The paper of the Bible is edged with silver.
Which brings me into the con about this Bible: the pape. I believe that the Bible should be handle gently; which this should be a given. However, the paper used in this Bible is too delicate. The comparison I can give is toilet paper, it is a very fine paper. I see this as a flaw as it is more prone to ripping and bleeding if using pens or makers.
With the con aside, I am so happy with my purchase! This is a great Bible and definitely worth every penny! Will serve me many years!
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on September 26, 2016
Not sure how this Bible got so many 5 star reviews. I love the Life Application study Bibles but this one is very low quality. I had the NIV version but with the changes I wanted the KJV. I traded in my NIV and ordered this one. The pages are so thin you can see what's on the next page easily. I'm very disappointed.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on June 3, 2011
This bible is very easy to read with the large print. It is one of the most complete study bibles I have ever seen. It includes its own dictionary/concordance, index, profiles on many biblical characters, vivid maps, harmony of the gospels, parables, miracles, prophecies and fulfillments, chronology of biblical events, an excellent spiritual commentary and an outline of each book including the author, date written, purpose, to whom written, key verses and a blueprint describing the places, themes and their importance. If you really are interested in studying the bible, this is a tremendous tool and an excellent value!!
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on January 13, 2012
This was purchased as a gift for my mother (in her 80') who regularly reads her (small print) Bible and is constantly wondering what the passages mean in today's words. A fellow member of my Adult Sunday school class has one she purchased locally, so I set out to find one for my mother, who is very very hard to buy for. She LOVED it! It is leather bound with a soft, handsome leather cover. The pages are not flimsy and turn easily and are filled with maps and explanations at the end of each page "translating" the KJV into today's meanings. I purchased the "large print" edition which is just perfect for any age. The print is not HUGE, but just a little larger than the typical "Bible" and makes reading it much easier on the eyes. I strongly recommend buying this Bible-- even if you already have a "regular" Bible. It is a wonderful learning experience and much easier than flipping back and forth between Concordance and a Bible. Worth every penny.
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on September 23, 2016
So happy to receive this. My other one is 12 years old. Hard to find large print KJV in stores, in fact impossible. Great binding and a WONDERFUL study bible
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on September 17, 2016
I'm glad I made the purchase for this teaching bible. The print is larger which I need and I love how my reading is explained. Yes it's a little large, but I expected that with the larger print.
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on September 29, 2015
I love the fact that this study bible has the commentaries on the bottom of the page. It makes it so much easier to understand. Excellent item and great colors on the cover.
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on June 19, 2017
Good quality
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on December 3, 2016
The glorious KJ Bible I give a five, as a wonderful and preserved translation. HOWEVER, the theological interpretations were disappointing! Done by an " interdenominational " committee, I have found a number of errors. For example, they misinterpret the SPIRITUAL unity of TRUE believers in such a way as to imply physical unity ( incorrect. ). Actually, doing spiritual activities with lost folks ( ie. Ecumenical. Movement ) is sinful. And forbidden in the Bible. What we do is witness and pray for their salvation. And some if the interpretations seem kind of PC, another error, as true believers do NOT separate truth from love.
Therefor, I DO NOT RECOMMEND that true believers get the Life Application Study Bible. I will remedy the theological errors of the notes by studying the KJ text, then the notes of GOOD expositition- such as Dr. John MacArthur; Dr. David Cloud; Dr. John Owen, and Charles Spurgeon.

The text of the KJ is extraordinary. However, the Study notes are not theologically sound. Therefore, I recommend that true believers avoid this Study Bible. Instead a regular KJ, and using notes of good expository. We are commanded to AVOID error, and these Study Notes integrate error. Very disappointed in the notes.

So, as a true believer in Christ
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