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on September 9, 2013
I picked up Appointments With Heaven By Reggie Anderson the last day that Jacob was on this earth. I was struggling along with his pain that day so sat on the couch by him and read. I needed something spiritual to help me get through it.

I've read several books about Heaven before. I don't doubt that some people are able to get a glimpse of Heaven while here on earth. It's just hard to know which books are honest and which are not (because some I've read seem so far fetched that you really have to question them).

Written by a doctor who not only had his own glimpse of Heaven but also has had some with patients as they cross over. It's a subtle glimpse at Heaven. Reggie Anderson tells us how he lost his faith for some time and how he gained it back. How caring for the living and the dying has helped him see parts of not only Heaven, but also hell.

The book kept me interested the whole way through and helped strengthen my own faith, especially in a time when I needed it.
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on May 30, 2016
Death is not the end, rather it's the doorway to Heaven and eternity with loved ones and Jesus -the One Who loves us most! Your fear of death will be quenched and washed away, replaced by an eagerness to someday make it to your real home. I know from experience the pain of family members going home before their time. Between 2001 and 2015, 10 of my closest family members have gone home to be with Jesus...a godly grandmother and mother-in-law, my 29 year old son and his 2 babies miscarried shortly after conception, my father-in-law, father, son-in-law and mother (the 4 of them dying within weeks and months of each other) and lastly my husband recently, the love of my life next to Jesus. As a strong believer for almost 30 years now, it has been difficult to let them go. None of them died naturally. BUT, God saw me through each one's journey home to Him. Like Dr Reggie, I long to be with them and Jesus, but it is not yet my time. I too have had some glimpses of things on the other side and yet I "know" there are many glorious discoveries yet ahead of me over there. God is good all the time, and yes He can be found in the midst of pain and grief - if we will choose to look for Him. This book will inspire the readers to look for Him now and in the eternal life ahead. Thank you Dr. Reggie for sharing the wonders of God, Jesus and Heaven with us!!!
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on June 8, 2014
There I was, year after year, visiting with Dr. Reggie Anderson, in his Ashland City (Tennesse) office, asking him to heal me from my this and from my that kind of ailings. One thing I noticed, during my health updates, was the good doctor's taste for soothing, Heavenly art... on his office walls.

But I was a fool. And, as my dad always said, I didn't use my brain to think... and to ask more about those pictures.

That's why I am now in complete after-SHOCK over finding out that Doc Reggie has enormous insight on where we go (just in case his healings should twist a bit haywire ;)

On a more serious note, I must tell you: this book is a BUCKET LIST item. YOU SIMPLY MUST READ IT BEFORE YOU DIE!

And, if you elect not to... well, you'll have to call Dr. Anderson on that one.


This book will definitely open your mind

This book will help you read your Bible better

This book will strengthen your faith

This book will lead to good discussions with your favorite people

This book will comfort you

This book will give you hope


This book will also give you learnings about all what a person must go through to become your doctor. Thus, on your next visit, hug your Doc :)

Read this book many times over. Study its Bible references. Take it to heart. And take your heart to the Lord.
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on August 27, 2014
Appointments with Heaven is probably the best recommendation of the Tyndale Summer Reading Program. I've already recommended it to many people and plan to purchase more for those I know who have lost loved ones. I started the audio book a week before my father in law passed away. And finished it a week after his passing. I found it to be so much comfort to me and my family.
Author Reggie Anderson starts off telling his story of his growing up years, going off to college, and how became an atheist. He also describes his struggle with God after a tragedy happens that affected him deeply. I loved how Jesus came to him in a dream. That turned his life around. He then becomes a Christian, husband, father and a country doctor.
He tells about his patients. And most importantly he tells how those who had passed to the other side. He saw Heaven through those moments. His descriptions were so vivid. The story about the blind woman who was able to see the angels was pretty awesome. He even saw hell through an evil man that passed.
I loved hearing how he comforted those who were left behind grieving the loss of their loved ones. My favorite part of the book was the last few chapters of the book. I won't tell about it but I will tell that it is amazing. I never will see a passing of a loved one the same again. I'm glad I was able to hear those words right after losing my beloved father in law. Such an inspiration and great comfort.
Highly highly recommended
10 plus stars!!
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on May 14, 2014
If you are looking for a physician's perspective and experience with Near Death Experiences in the vain of Doctors Eben Alexander, George Ritchie, Raymond Moody or Mary C. Neal, this may not be your book. Dr. Anderson's experience in the afterlife came to him in a dream, whereas those I have mentioned personally experienced clinical death, each resulting in a powerful NDE. While virtually every book I've read concerning an NDE involved some type of "travel", Dr. Anderson's experience involves the soul passing through what he calls a veil. He believes that heaven and earthy existence are close to each other, virtually adjacent, and as I understood it, perhaps similar to two dimensions occupying the same space. He provides sincere and, I believe, very credible first hand experiences where he has witnessed the passing of patients "through the veil" into heaven. Perhaps, once through the veil, the soul then travels towards the light. Who am I to know or say?

Dr. Anderson is a Christian who places Jesus at the center of his life and, to me, this is what gives this book significant credibility. Those seeking to learn of heaven through the near death experiences of others need to be discerning of their source material, as this could be very fertile ground for the enemy. That being said, books such as this describing aspects of heaven can provide insight, hope and knowledge of the afterlife. I know some theologians decry these books (and movies) as blasphemy. Respectfully, I do not agree. As we close in on the end-times, Revelation refers us to Acts Chapter 2 verse 19 where God says, "I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below...." I view this book as the Lord showing us some of His wonders in heaven.

"Appointments with Heaven" is a very pleasant, well written piece of gentle literature. Even when he is telling of dark and brutal experiences that drove him from God; Dr. Anderson maintains a certain poise, leaving me to firmly believe that, as far as sinners go, he is a good person. His is a good book and I heartily recommend it.
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on July 12, 2016
The first third of the book describes the life of the author when he is growing up. It includes his relationship with God, his move away from Him after a big negative event, and his return to God.

The rest of the book focuses primarily on how he senses the presence of God when someone is close to death. Most of the stories are interesting and some of them are downright entertaining. Two stories that stand out is one about an inseparable couple and another one about a blind lady who misinterprets the mission of some angels. You couldn’t make up these stories.

It’s also good that he didn’t write the book about 5 years earlier, because some significant events mentioned, like Maria’s Big House of Hope, wouldn’t have yet occurred. It was definitely worth mentioning.
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on September 14, 2017
This is a great book. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to know more about heaven. Although this book is not just about heaven; it's about living this life closer to God. Dr. Anderson is the kind of doctor I would like to have. He listens, feels and is in touch with his patients and God has revealed to him much that a normal person cannot perceive. That's because he is in touch with the Almighty Creator of all that is.
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on February 2, 2018
I am very interested in Heaven and this book is absolutely one of the best I've read. We should all prepare for our life after death and, at the very least, be inquisitive about what God has in store for us in the future. This book also helped me to open my mind and my ears to hear what God needs me to do here on earth. I found this book very exciting & informative as to how we become even more creative in Heaven as well as continuing to grow and produce once we are there. This is a book that I will buy several copies of and try to share with as many people as I can.
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on September 10, 2017
A real life story from a real man of God. Dr. Anderson takes you through his childhood as well as his adolescence before becoming a doctor. His connection with God will be a breath of fresh air to those who have doubts about the after life. I have the audio version that I listened to a few times because it is refreshing to know how God makes everything right even when we become angry with Him, if only we would not give up on Him but continue to trust.
Brother Albert
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on August 20, 2016
I converted to Christianity some time in my young teenage life after being raised by Atheists. I had to keep this conversion a secret to avoid repercussion. I believe that my past has resulted in my extraordinary interest in the subject of near death experiences & stories related to experiencing heaven. I have read many of these books & this is my favorite so far. It is so inspiring and I highly recommend it.
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