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on January 7, 2015
Ok I was very hesitant about purchasing this perfume because I read many reviews saying the packaging isn't the original and the perfume is a knock off I'm so glad I purchased it though because as far as I can tell the packaging IS the original and it ISNT a knock off the perfume comes in a sturdy cardboard cylinder with textured pink stripes with the pink sugar logo and a pink spiral on the lid the perfume bottle itself is a glass bottle with hot pink stripes similar to the tube it comes in also they wrapped it in a bunch of bubble wrap to secure it but I was a little disappointed when it came because the tube had a few dents and scratches on even with the huge amount of bubble wrap it came in

The scent is to die for and it lasts all day! But be careful because it is the strongest scent in the universe so a little goes a long way when you first spray it it smells of vanilla, berries, and cotton candy with a not so pleasant musk scent ( depending on your taste in scent) but as the day goes on the scent fades into a lovely cotton candy scent I can even smell it a few hours after school has ended
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on March 25, 2016
This is one of my favorite scents. A sweet vanilla scent that reminds me of cotton candy. I bough the first one in Paris years ago and when I ran out I looked on Amazon there was good deal so I got the larger bottle as a replacement for the one that ran out (1oz). If you don't like sweet probably not for you, I personally love it! Get lots of compliments when I wear it.
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on January 15, 2011
First of all, everyone has a different body chemistry. I don't suggest you buy this product blind. Go into a store, and use a Tester. I tried it on at Sephora. I loved it! Try it on first!

Second, this isn't a little girl's scent on me! It starts out citrusy, for a few minutes and then the floral notes come out to play. The citrus fades away and the red fruit comes out to mix with the florals turning it into a wonderful and sweet scent. Everything blends together so well that I can't even describe what it smells like, but it's delicious! The cotton candy finally comes out on top of the scent, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful, it still smells like something a strong, powerful, sexy woman would wear. Eventually the floral scent becomes kinda powdery. The powder, red fruit, and cotton candy is such a lovely scent. It's not overpowering to me at all.

Cotton Candy is my favorite scent, and normally I would mind it being mixed with other things... not this time! This scent is now my signature scent. I've got severe allergies, and it doesn't cause me any problems with them. I'm so happy with Pink Sugar! No burnt notes for me, it's not so sweet it's sickening, it's just incredibly beautiful. I expect my man to pull me into his arms and take a good long sniff when he smells me wearing this!

If you don't do a test sniff, and don't like it, try just dabbing a little on. Or try it at a different time. Your body chemistry changes at different times. This scent is worth a second chance. And if all else fails? You could give it to someone else. There are plenty of pink sugar lovers out there.
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on January 10, 2015
This stuff is the real deal. I have bought this perfume from pricey department stores like SEPHORA, and this one from this seller is the real deal. Same scent, same color liquid, same packaging, same everything. Only diff? Less than half the price here! Stock up ladies. This perfume is sooo fragrant, high quality, and real, just a dab and you smell the strength and real quality. You would be able to tell immediately if it was fake. I was skeptical for the price but it's not fake! Just a great price! Woohoo! 😁 And if it was a fake (although I'm sure it's not) I wouldn't care anyway cuz it's the same...everything is the same! These ladies on here that are saying it's fake and are spending 50 bucks more for the SAME perfume elsewhere are such fools. Haha. Buy this stuff, don't be dumb. Then go buy yoself a nice pair of shoes with money you saved.
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on March 12, 2011
I bought this fragrance because someone recommended it to me and because of the great reviews in here. All I knew about it was that it was very sweet. I really like sweet fragrances so I thought I would give it try since it had great reviews and it was very inexpensive. The packaging is so cute! It's adorable! I love it:)(like I don't have enough pink perfumes already lol). The perfume does smell very very sweet. It basically smells like candy. I feel like eating it sometimes haha. I obviously expected it to be sweet based on the reviews, the name ("Pink Sugar" I mean c'mon) and the packaging itself but for some reason I thought it was going to be a little bit more grown up. It reminds me of my first "perfumes" or scented lotions from when I was little which is not really a bad thing but it just comes to show that the scent is more childish than I thought. It also sometimes reminds me of baby powder which I really don't like because although I actually like the smell of baby powder I think it is kind of cheap for a perfume or body spray to smell like baby powder. Maybe it's just me but baby powder scents make me think of low quality for some reason haha.
I do however really like this fragrance because even thought it seems kind of cheap when I smell it right out of the bottle, when I put it on the cheapbabypowderlike scent is not noticeable anymore and it just leaves a very very sweet, pleasant fragrance on my skin and I really like it. Surprisingly it doesn't make my head hurt or bother me considering it is very sweet. It's just such a yummy, pretty, innocent scent and I feel super girly when I wear it :). What I also like about this fragrance is that I can wear it even on the most casual day ever because it doesn't really smell like "perfume" Maybe that doesn't make sense at all haha but what I mean is that it's not strong so I don't feel super dressed up with it. It could easily be my shampoo or my body lotion or my soap that smells sweet and nice and I like that :) Is my girly no commitment fragrance :)
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on May 7, 2013
My Aunt had this perfume when I lived with her in San Antonio and I loved the way it smelled! And I would always steal it from her and dowse myself with it every morning before work. So I was really excited to order it and have my own bottle! But when I got it in the mail, it was so old that it had turned into syrup and wreaked! I was so bumbed. But since it's wrapped in that cylinder can, you can't see that it's gone stale so I don't blame the seller. But still I was out $12.00 for skunked perfume. So I was pretty disappointed over all.
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on January 19, 2015
Okay. So im not sure how to rate this right now. Pink sugar is my absolute, hands down most favorite perfume in the world. I have ordered from this seller multiple times. Id say ive bought this perfume about 4 times from here. And every time Ive been pleased. The smell is out of this world. I get compliments everywhere I go. Its soft, sweet, rich, sometimes a little spicy. Perfect smell for me.


I just recieved my bottle of Pink Sugar today and I noticed something was off right away. The spray top was different from the others i bought. And it doesnt unscrew like the others and its like glued to the bottle. I sprayed it and it smells right, but i just want to make sure i didnt recieve a bottle with something added to it. I guess you get what you paid for. But id rather not be lied to, ya know?

Anywho, i attached a photo.
review image
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on June 28, 2013
Pink Sugar is my all-time favorite perfume. I purchased the 1.7 ounce bottle from Sephora, and since I was using it every day I ran out quickly. I definitely wanted to repurchase but did not want to pay $45 again, so, I turned to Amazon! and at $24 for twice the amount of product I was getting from Sephora, I couldn't refuse. Although I was doubtful about getting so much more for a much smaller price, I decided to go ahead and purchase this anyway.

A lot of people in these reviews have been skeptical about this perfume when purchased from this dealer. I have looked very closely at the packaging. A lot of reviews have been skeptical about the lack of some sort of "Aquolina" logo on the packaging, however, the one I purchased from Sephora didn't have one either. So that's not the issue here.

The MAIN issue is that the smell is just... well... different. My old bottle was empty so I couldn't make a strong comparison, but I could tell the smell was much more alcohol-y. I'm thinking this was a result of poor maintenance of the perfume. Many factors can affect a perfume, the main one being strong heat/light, causing it to lose its fun scent, leaving the remains of a rubbing-alcohol smell. Yuck! This perfume did not have QUITE that strong of an alcohol smell. It definitely did smell like pink sugar, just a less-strong version of my old Sephora-purchased perfume.

OVERALL, I would say definitely go and purchase from this dealer if you are willing to sacrifice the long-wearing effect that this perfume has when purchased from a real beauty supplier like Sephora. After all, it is a great price and it really is not THAT far off from the more expensive version.
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Enthusiast: Makeupon February 13, 2017
Product is just as advertised. Came wrapped just as it would purchasing from sephoa. And the same great fragrance. My favorite scent of all time. sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. Just perfect!!
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on December 1, 2014
This was the best purchase I've ever made! I was a bit skeptical about buying this because it was only $20 for a 3.4 oz but I ran out of my other bottle I bought from Sephora so I decided to go for it. I just received it in the mail today and it is amazing. The bottle was in a brand new package with a plastic seal and everything. It looked absolutely brand new. The smell is super sweet and very pleasant, it may be a little too sweet for some people but I love sweet perfumes and I've gotten compliments on this scent many times. Some people compare it to chocolate chip cookies which I don't mind at all. :)
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