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on February 28, 2015
I watched the first three seasons of this hilarious spy/thriller spoof, Archer, free because I'm a prime member. It is THE FUNNIEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN! Now, normally when the free episodes run out on a prime series, I just find something else to watch until the season eventually becomes available on Prime...but THIS show, I can't help myself!!! I am buying all the remaining episodes and seasons. The witty banter and crrrazy antics that the agents of ISIS --Archer, Lana, Gay Ray, Ciriil, Pam, Cheryl (or Carol depending on what mood she's in) Dr. Krieger, and last but not least, Mallory (Archer's Mother)-- get into is just the funniest stuff I've ever watched! Guy's if you haven't seen the Archer series, you are missing out on true hilarity! ***NOTE*** DEFINITELY AN ADULT CARTOON. Oh, and the guest/voices of some serious stars? How about Burt Reynolds, Timothy Oliphant...even the stars love this show.

Yes. It's that good.
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on October 14, 2013
Finally I can watch an episode/movie in H.D. through Amazon Instant Video..

Archer is awesome.

However, as above stated, the first H.D. thing I buy has Commercials from FX Network. And I cannot actually d/l the programming like the kindle customer can do? That is just downright wrong! For some reason, Thankfully, I could skip right past it. Not seeing any of the commercial. If this continues..I will not purchase any more anything from FX.

As for Amazon:
(For some reason my computer with an awesome Graphics Card (w/ back up physics graphics card (all of which has been stress tested. Plus, the best that can be bought in the industry of graphics performance.)) and Quad Core Processor,
(possibly 5x's better in Computing speed and capabilities than any smart device or kindle period!))

I Guess Thanks should not be involved. I paid more money,for this, than just buying the disc. With the disc I can copy it and put it on my other devices. Keep that in mind Instant video. There is a diff.t market out there that sells just discs. Make the digital download a digital download for all.
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on October 7, 2013
I feel very mixed about Archer 4. First, let me stress that I ~LOVE~ Archer, it's one of my favorite shows. What I like about Archer is that it has a sitcom feel — it tells an actual story with real characters, it just throws in a lot of pratfalls or ludicrous touches to keep things amusing.

That doesn't change in S4, but I feel like the tone changes a little. The show feels like it's slowing down. Compared to the non-stop madness of S1 or S2, S4 strolls along casually, taking lots of time to dwell on minor character interactions and admire all the baggage its character development is building up.

Don't get me wrong — some S4 episodes had me laughing, and hard. A few S4 episodes were some of the funniest the series has produced. But not all of them were funny, which is a first for Archer. Some of the episodes just draaaaaaaaaag along, eliciting a chuckle or LOL here and there, but mostly with forced humour. It's like the writers want to tell a drama story sometimes, but feel obligated to force in punchlines every other sentence.

It's also disappointing that Gillette has been steadily relegated to a background character who only shows up in a scene so that a homophobic slur can be thrown out. Even the episodes that "star" him barely have him doing anything, compared to previous seasons where he was treated as an actual character front-and-center on missions. Kind of disturbingly anti-progressive.

Actually, it's not just poor Gillette. The entire series has become more self-abusive. ISIS went from seeming relatively competent in S1 to a pathetic joke by S4 — it's gone from "funny slightly-underperforming agency" to "just depressing". Cyril's incongruous "womanizing nerd accountant" personality from S1 deteriorated into just a generic nerd character with all the stereotypes in place, existing mostly to be abused instead of irritably competing with Archer. And even Archer himself has degraded from a respected James Bond playboy into a depressing, awkward mess. It's like the writers don't think their own characters are cool any more.

Archer is still funny, and I still love the show and the characters. But it feels like it's losing its footing, slipping from a fun, flashy spy parody into a sort-of lethargic dramedy that keeps recycling the same character tics over and over again and stumbling back-and-forth between abandoned, half-hearted attempts at setting up character arcs and subplots.

This may be a growing-pains period as the show shifts creative direction and figures out what works, and what doesn't. Or it could be the slow decline that most long-term creative endeavors tend to slump into as they run out of energy and ideas, or start over-thinking everything. Only time will tell.

For now, Season 4 has enough hilarious episodes and moments to justify the cost for me, and if you're an Archer fan I recommend continuing S4 if you haven't seen it yet. Please don't misunderstand my meta-analysis — there are some GREAT episodes in Season 4! But the flat, dud episodes have me feeling a little uneasy about what S5 will bring.
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on September 1, 2013
If you aren't familiar with Archer at all, skip to the next paragraph. This season starts off weak. The first 1/3 of the season is good, but it does not meet the quality established by the first 3 seasons of Archer. If you stick with it, the last 1/2 of the season is SOLID! I'm not sure what happened at the beginning. There is a new character who was somewhat alluded to in the end of Season 3. The writers spent way too much time on this character in the first few episodes. Luckily for all of us, the writers figured this out!

A few comments on Archer overall: Archer is an animated series about a wholly inappropriate spy agency. Think South Park meets 007. If you find yourself hyper sensitive to offensive statement stay CLEAR. However, if you are a person who appreciates the differences and believe that cheap satire pointing out all of our weaknesses can help us appreciate each other and generate understanding then go all in for Archer! Yes, few people can get away with saying the things in Archer; however, most of us can appreciate the differences.

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on April 27, 2016
Funny animated series with no laugh track…because it doesn't need one, Lana. Situations are serious, mildly sophisticated, always adult yet predictably sophomoric with seemingly no boundary beyond which the show's writers won't boldly tread…i.e., anything goes. Literally laugh-out-loud funny. A solid cartoon series not for children under 21. Watch all seasons as often as possible, then do it again from the beginning. Never gets old, and yet somehow catch new, subtle references and innuendoes previously missed. Loving every episode. Keep 'em coming! ("phrasing! … anyone?)

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on March 22, 2013
The advertisements? WTF?!
Why am I paying for this again?

Lose the adverts.

Season 4 is alright. Not nearly as good as seasons 1-3. Something is missing. Series feel a little directionless to me.

Please kill of Cyril. He is the worst character and the most annoying. Totally useless.

Glad to see Pam and Cheryl getting more screen time. Greiger is always great to see and to see what antics he gets up to.

Gillette, now that he mobile, great to see him again.

More Katya and Barry please, they have been in the background too long. What about bringing back Carter?

Pam and Cheryl in the field together, unleashing chaos on an unsuspecting country would be a boatload of fun.
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on February 25, 2015
"Um... was that not rhetorical? Seriously?" It's Archer; how could it possibly get less than the full 5-stars? Ha! The season opener is a fun cross-over with another series (no spoilers) and keeps gathering steam all the way to the two-part undersea adventure finale. Ron gets a spotlight episode and Krieger gives Ray a special gift that panics Archer. "Your clothes... give them to me..." and tons of other great one-liners make this a season to not just remember, but watch over and over again! "Said your mom!" A gassy, big dog; the Pope; Chef Lance Casteau and gun-totin' Lupe in a classic Chevy station wagon are just a few of the highlights of Season 4. Lots of fun in the classic Archer style!
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on April 17, 2013
This is the fourth season of the show, and by this point you should know if you like it or not. I fall squarely in the "like it" camp.

FX has ruined the experience of watching this show on-demand by prefixing it with loud, obnoxious advertisements for their other properties. Their ads are literally people being loud and obnoxious, I'm not making it sound any worse than it is in reality.

By adding bonus material at the end of every episode it becomes more cumbersome to go straight from one episode into the next. The bonus material at the end is far less of a problem than the 17 seconds of ads before hand. I don't like paying full price on Amazon for bonus material as if it were the same value as a real episode, so packaging it on the end to avoid the extra charge is mostly fine by me, but coupled with the ads before hand it just reminds me how bad FX messed up the packaging.
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on February 22, 2013
The first two seasons of Archer tickled me. It tickled me in ways probably better left undisclosed, so, naturally, I was ecstatic for the return of the coal haired vivant in season three crowned with the three-part special "Heart of Archness". But, I was to be disappointed. "Heart of Archness" was a total wash for me, capitalizing primarily on tropes the series already ran a little ragged in season 2 and blasting me with story driven by nothing other than a bent towards nonsense; I was ready to give up on this series. Luckily, a couple of handy and occasionally mustachioed surprises managed to keep me in the fight even thought it seemed like the series was on the downhill slope with an incredibly unsatisfying conclusion to "Space Race: Part II" at the close of season three.

Season four feels like being born again. Thanks to a canny cross over to H. Jon Benjamin's other voice "Bob" from the Fox series "Bob's Burgers" I was pulled back into a warm embrace I'd long thought cold. The character driven comedy is back and the personas that I love to hate and hate to love have powered back into the spotlight. Everything that drew me into the series has been taking its Flinstones chewables, because that brief hiatus of good sense seems to have only done them good. It feels great to laugh out loud again; thank-you, Archer.
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on March 16, 2013
I thought all the people complaining about ads in Archer Season 4 were talking about the streaming version. However, there are ads for other FX shows before and after the episode in the downloaded version. Unbelievable. I bought the first 3 seasons of Archer in HD from Amazon and even paid extra to have them early instead of waiting b/c I enjoy the show so much, but I won't be buying any more season 4 episodes until the ads are removed...which might be never! Honestly, do I really want to see the same ad for some other show which will probably end up canceled in a year or two every time I watch an episode of my favorite show? Do I want to sit through two minutes of crap after each episode when watching episodes back-to-back on a playlist? News for you FX, I don't watch any other FX shows and now you've got me boycotting the only show that I've ever bought digital episodes for besides South Park.
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