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Archer: Season 1
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$9.29+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 9, 2018
What could possibly keep this DVD from getting 5 stars?! Well, it might not work...that is the only think I could think of that would keep this DVD from getting all 5 stars!!

Archer is in my opinion the BEST written adult animation show on TV...I grew up watching 'Get Smart' & '007' and this series just does a superb job of making adult humor out of the characters!! Archer himself stumbles into success much more often than actually out smarting or witting the enemy...Too Funny!!

If your sensibilities are high and you are offended by adult humor comments and situations...just don't buy or watch it...but, if you are open to hard adult humor, then this might be a favorite for you too!! It isn't porn, but is pretty crude at tymes!!

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World!!

Be The Change You Would Like To See The World Make!!

Free Hugs!!
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on February 23, 2015
You have Archer; daring, handsome, sophisticated, and he gets shot in the foot a lot. You have Lana kane; tough, sexy, gorgeous, highly lethal, and she has "man hands". You have Malory Archer (Archers mother) cold, calculating, ruthless, and she's the biggest horn-dog I've ever seen --she makes ME blush!! You have Cyril; the brainy man with a huge inferiority complex that desperately wants to be an agent like Archer but is stuck in accounting...you also have a secretary that is an absolute freak of a nymphomaniac. A three hundred pound dairy maid that's the office gossip (who is also a horn-dog) . Oh and don't forget the gay intelligence man...or the Head Of Science and who is ..??..IDK ...either on powerful drugs, waaaay to self medicated, mentally unstable...possibly all of the above. In fact I'm pretty sure it's the later. The craziness and action is non-stop!
Okay, this show is straight up crrrazy!! DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. And one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. I can't figure out who I like best; the clueless, spoiled mommas boy Archer that is just too cool (and lucky) in spite of himself. Or Lana, whom, even though she's a made up animation character, I AM IN LOVE!! This show is hilarious. It's kind of a mixture of "Get Smart" with a tiny bit of the immortal "James Bond" add a dash of the "Black and White Spys" from Mad Magazine....shake it up (not stirred) set it on top of some mad scientist's doomsday device with a big fat red button that says "DO NOT PRESS" in HUGE red letters and....well, there you have it....you know your going to push it, right? Archer would!
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on October 27, 2013
OVERVIEW: The comedy series "Archer," created by Adam Reed, was first announced on FX in the fall of 2009. Reed credits the inspiration for the show to a personal experience in which he was unable to muster up the charisma to hit on a beautiful woman; he later fantasized about a suave, debonair spy who would always have the right moves. I have absolutely fallen in love with "Archer;" I can't get enough of the continuous wit and exceptionally clever dialog. Unlike other animated shows, "Archer" utilizes complex plotting as well as character development, allowing viewers to watch and rewatch episodes without sacrificing entertainment value. I am personally humbled by the various cultural references employed by the writers--it just goes to show how involved intellect must be in creating comedy. I fully understand that much of the show's content may be deemed offensive to some viewers, so to enjoy it, it's best to keep in mind that "Archer" is written in a satirical manner. It is fair to warn, however, that the series earns its TV/MA rating quite well through use of crude language, violence, and sexual situations; basically, it's probably not suitable for children or anyone who isn't a fan of that sort of comedy.

The storyline centers around Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) who is the sort of spy Reed had imagined, only with a few extra character `flaws'--he is pretty much a sociopath. Despite bearing the codename Duchess, Archer is considered the world's most dangerous spy; were he not absorbed with promiscuity, alcoholism, expensive toys and tactlenecks, he might also be considered the world's best spy. Archer works for his self-centered and emotionally distant mother, Malory Archer (Jessica Walter), at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) based in New York City. Fellow ISIS employees include agent Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), comptroller Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), agent Ray Gillette (Adam Reed), HR Director Pam Poovey (Amber Nash), Head of Applied Research Dr. Algernop Krieger (Lucky Yates), ISIS whipping-boy Brett Buckley (Neal Holman), and nut-job secretary Cheryl Tunt (Judy Greer). Other recurring cast-members include: ODIN agent Barry Dylan (Dave Willis) and Archer's valet, Woodhouse (George Coe; Roy McCrery in flashbacks).

Season 1 Guest Stars: mole agent Crenshaw aka Kremenski (Shelly Desai), Cuban agent Charles (Thomas Lennon), Cuban agent Rudy (R. Ben Garant), UN Intelligence Committee Chairman Torvald Utne (Jeffrey Tambor), head of ODIN Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor), freelance assassin Elke Hubsch aka "The Needle" (Audrey Wasilewski), former Cuban spy Ramon Limon (Ron Perlman), German freelance assassin Mannfred (René Auberjonois), German freelance assassin Uta (Kat Cressida), and double agent Conway Stern (Coby Bell).

ARCHER: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE--premiered on January 14, 2010 with the episode "Training Day." The first season focuses on introducing the main characters and their manners of interaction. The various plots also set in motion a few themes that carry into later seasons; just a few examples: Who is Archer's father? Will Lana and Archer get back together? What will come of the rivalry between Barry and Archer? Why does Woodhouse take such abuse?

SPECIAL FEATURES: [10 Episodes/2 Discs] The Original Unaired "Archer" Pilot*, Deleted Scenes, Unaired Network Promo, The "League" Pilot Episode, "Louie" Pilot Episode, and The Making of "Archer": 3D Animation, Art Direction, Backgrounds, and Storyboards.


Episode 1*: "Mole Hunt"--(unaired pilot) The season opens on a simulation exercise where Sterling Archer is being interrogated by fellow agent Crenshaw. We learn Archer's codename, Duchess, is actually an homage to Malory's beloved and deceased Afghan Hound. When Archer is pressed to settle his ISIS expense account, he fabricates a mole hunt in hopes that fear-mongering will convince Pam to grant him mainframe access. Once he realizes none of his coworkers are going to help him get into the mainframe, Archer employs his super-spy techniques to break in. During his after-hours ISIS infiltration, Archer accidentally discovers a real mole, Crenshaw/Kremenski, misappropriating funds for his escape back to Russia. Now that the fabricated mole, coincidentally, turns out to be real, Archer must use his powers of `classic misdirection' to save ISIS (and settle his expense account).

Episode 2: "Training Day"--A drunken Sterling accidentally foils the plans of an IRA suicide bomber, thus saving the `bacon' of an English diplomat (who Archer refers to as Santa Claus). Lana, to the dismay of Cyril and Malory, appears a little gaga over Archer's knack for heroism. In order to keep Lana's attention on Cyril, Malory intervenes and orders Archer to train Cyril as an agent; Archer takes it upon himself to prepare Cyril for failure, prostitutes, and other smut.

Episode 3: "Diversity Hire"--Due to some recent `vacancies,' ISIS is low on minority agents. Malory hires Conway Stern, a `double whammy,' to fill the diversity quota as is mandatory for tax deduction status. Lana, for fear that her continuing tenure as top agent may be threatened, questions Conway's legitimacy as an ISIS agent; Archer focuses on intercepting the possibility that his mother and Conway might engage in a sexual relationship.

Episode 4: "Killing Utne"--In order to swindle a lucrative contract, Malory plans a dinner party to seduce Torvald Utne, the chairman of the UN Intelligence Committee. Even though Sterling is forbidden to bring a date, he runs into Elke Hubsch on the street. Elke, aka "The Needle," gives Archer the impression that she is `for hire,' but she is actually an undercover assassin tasked with killing Utne. Meanwhile, Malory has hired Mannfred and Uta (German freelance assassins) to pose as wait-staff; she actually arranges for the fair to pretend to assassinate Utne so that her ISIS agents can foil the plot and save Utne's life, and thereby secure the UN contract.

Episode 5: "Honeypot"--Ramon Limon, a Cuban spy, obtains a sex tape that stars Nikolai Jakov, head of the KGB, and Malory Archer, head of ISIS. If the video is leaked, Malory can be charged with treason, which is possibly a ploy by Nikolai to force Malory to defect to Russia. In order to retrieve the video, Malory gives Ramon her South Beach condo. Archer is then dispatched to carry out the `honeypot,' which involves Archer attempting to seduce Ramon. In the meantime, Woodhouse regales undercover Cuban agents, Charles and Rudy, with romantic war stories from his past.

Episode 6: "Skorpio"--Lana takes a job recovering stolen missiles from notorious arms dealer Skorpio; the bounty will allow her to remodel her kitchen and the cruise of the French Riviera, aboard Skorpio's super-yacht, will given her a much-needed vacation from clingy boyfriend, Cyril. Malory tags along for a `conference' that is actually her own romantic cruise aboard a boat with Nikolai Jakov. Back at ISIS, the crew torments Cyril with thoughts of what Lana is ACTUALLY doing. When Lana's mission goes south, Archer is dispatched to rescue her.

Episode 7: "Skytanic"--The new rigid airship, Excelsior, receives a bomb threat which targets its maiden voyage. ISIS is contacted to place agents Lana Kane and Sterling Archer aboard in hopes that they can thwart the terror plot. Malory, jealous that her neighbor Trudy Beakman will on board for Excelsior's premier voyage, uses her connections to con a VIP cabin, thus bumping Trudy from the trip's roster. Fearing what may come of Lana and Archer sharing a cabin, Cyril sneaks onboard along with Pam and Cheryl; Cheryl continues to blackmail Cyril into sleeping with her.

Episode 8: "The Rock"--In hopes of gaining a security contract, Lana and Archer infiltrate San Mariano's palace, exposing any flaws in the security system. Despite their work, the long-term contract is awarded to rival agency ODIN, headed by Len Trexler. Cyril reveals to Pam and Cheryl that he has bought a ring and plans to propose to Lana; he is humiliated when the girls laugh at the tiny ring, spurring all ISIS employees to reflect on their meager salaries. The `drones' form a union and go on strike; Lana, Archer, and Malory are considered `management' because of their more significant incomes. Because of the strike, Lana and Archer must attempt a mission designed to reap revenge on ODIN and San Mariano without the aid of agency intell and satellite support.

Episode 9: "Job Offer"--Lana becomes frustrated when Archer fumbles during the pursuit of Kasparov. After ODIN swoops in and takes credit for the capture, Barry Dylan (Archer's nemesis) offers Lana a position at ODIN. Cyril fears Lana may leave him for Barry, so he follows her to Paris for the interview. When Malory fires Sterling, he seeks employment with ODIN as well; Malory retaliates against her son by blacklisting him. Archer further antagonizes Barry by sleeping with his fiancé, François, in his new office. Once ODIN receives the burn notice on Archer, Barry happily accepts the opportunity to assassinate him; Lana has to choose between Archer and her new job.

Episode 10: "Dial M for Mother"--Now that Cyril's secret has been exposed, ISIS puts a ban on interoffice relationships. Lana seeks revenge on the cheating Cyril by sleeping with everyone in the office. Malory's secret about Sterling's paternity comes into question as well, and the top candidates seem to be Nikolai Jakov of the KGB, Len Trexler of ODIN, and Buddy Rich. Upset that he may not be Archer's father after all, Nikolai arranges for Mannfred and Uta to capture Sterling and implant a mind-control chip in his brain; Nikolai intends to use the chip to force Archer into killing his mother.
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on May 13, 2016
This is my new favorite show. I just binge watched Season 1 and absolutely loved it.

It's crude, politically incorrect and just plain wrong. And so funny.

This show is NOT for everyone. If you are easily offended, move along. It's humor essentially revolves around skewering everything under the sun. Also, although it's a cartoon, it deals with a lot of adult stuff with little regard for whom or what they target.

I would highly recommend watching an episode or two to see if you love or hate this show. I loved it. Besides, where else can you hear the star of a show exclaim, "She is like the Pelé of a*** s*x."
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on July 31, 2015
Either you like it or you don't, there's really no point in giving away plot-points of any one particular season. If you have been watching since day one like I have, you strap yourself in and go where they go.

Archer is a highly intelligent new series from the last decade that has filled my life with laughter, knowledge, catch-phrases, and memes that permeate through the privy circles of my family and friends to be fully released at both inappropriate and opportune times (phrasing). The first couple of episodes in the first season don't exactly hit the ground running, but it ramps up almost instantly (in particular the character development of both Cheryl and Pam, who by far made the most significant journeys). Every year it continues to impress me with the unique situations and story lines, the insane, brilliant, and often purposefully obscure references to anything from food, to shoes, to glassware, and of course the witty, snarky, and ribald dialogue - I adore this series.
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on May 23, 2016
I love Archer, it's one of my favorite shows on TV.

Season 1 however; is not my favorite. The animation is worse than subsequent seasons (budgeting obviously) and some of the characters (like Pam) are totally different than they are in later seasons/towards the end of season 1. Archer's first season is still great and necessary to setup the rest of the series but for re-watchability it's my 2nd least favorite season (behind season 5).

If you're new to Archer, definitely start here you'll need the knowledge going forward and you'll get to enjoy all the starting points for running gags like "phrasing".

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on December 12, 2013
Exceptionally funny! Intelligent humor stirred in w/ a dash of Toilet/slapstick comedy and running gags, evenly layered into a pan and baked to perfection! Haven't been able to stop watching since I was turned onto this show. Voice acting is top notch and spot on. As if James Bond was a selfish, obnoxious, traumatized, drunk, immature, man-whore whose mother is M. Though chock full of racist undertones (sometimes overtones), bad language, sexual content and outlandish antics, this show is an instant classic. I'd say the only thing holding this show back from being an NC-17 cartoon is the lack of nudity. Definitely adult oriented, but so worth the time. And speaking of time, the episodes fly by and end quickly, leaving you wanting for more. If you like cartoon shows like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Bob's Burger's, Brickleberry and the like, you will most certainly love this show.
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on January 25, 2017
If you've been living under a rock, Archer is about sterling Mallory Archer, a secret agent working for his mother and working with his ex girlfriend Lana. He drinks like crazy, has sex like crazy and abuses his housekeeper. Add in a dimwitted secretary, outrageous Pam, and Cyril, who you feel bad for sometimrs and other times can't believe you feel sorry for him. This is a fantastic show. It has tons of comedy but tons of suspense and drama.
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on December 23, 2013
Without question the funniest show on television (live action or animation). The jokes are almost so whitty that you may catch yourself laughing even after the given pause in dialogue. Also you will frequently have to pause/ rewind to hear the dialogue clearly as you (and your friends) will be laughing so loudly you may miss jokes coming after the laughter has started. Granted it is very adult-male friendly (a lot of 18+ girls that i've tried to show this too have been either 100% for or 100% against) as the humor is very very smart yet disrespectful if you take offense to cartoon (ehem, no one should!). To end on a high note the newest season starts in January and the creators have said they are going to have new feel to the show, that could be great or could be a step backwards. Either way, watch where it all began in this first season.
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on May 20, 2014
Worth the money to have access to a very funny show at any time, special features were a terrible let down!

The following is NOT a plot spoiler, it IS going to save you frustration:
The "unaired pilot" is NOT a new episode! It is a parody of one you've already seen from this season, and quite frankly, not funny.

None of the other special features are worth watching either, lots of them being about promoting other shows that have nothing to do with Archer.

Archer is a GREAT show that clicked right from the beginning, poking fun at the '60's super-secret-spy genre and is remarkably funny, clever, and is worth re-watching over and over! But when you buy this DVD set, but it for the show, not the special features.
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