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on January 23, 2011
There's a little pain before the reward, but it's worth it!

My Archos 43 was a Christmas gift that my parents chose from my Amazon Wish List. Of course with the supply problems, I didn't actually get it until January 22nd. (It was ordered in November.)

I'll be using it to replace my 8 year old and failing Palm Tungsten C PDA.

You won't need my decades of engineering and programming background to make your Archos work, but you will have a glitch or two during the updating and software installation process. Just hang in there!

Out of the very well packaged box came my Archos, a USB cable, ear buds and the paperwork. My first impression of the unit was the solid construction. It doesn't feel cheap and flimsy like so many products do now days. Turning the unit on, I found the battery at 60% charge. Following the manufacturers instructions, I let the unit charge for several hours to top off the battery.

Once charged, the unit took me through a very simple set-up routine that only took a few minutes to complete. My Archos connected right away to my home wireless network, and indeed I can use my Archos 43 everywhere on my hobby farm. I've been over 200 feet from my router and still had very good reception.

First things first - Let your unit go out and find the updated firmware and install it. The download took about 5 minutes. After the Archos reboots with Froyo, the real fun starts.

After initial setup, select the "Market" icon and download the Arctools widget (which is called: com.arctablet.arctools.apk) and install it on your machine. This will give you the official Android marketplace and allow you to download the Adobe Flash 10.1 driver. This was important to me, as my pad will be used to monitor a 24hr ustream channel that I run.

Note: I had to do this process twice before Marketplace would work. The first install seemed fine but Marketplace wouldn't launch. Uninstalling and reinstalling Arctools did the trick.

Next of course, you'll want to add any other cool software that you fancy. I track satellites, keep ham radio logs and read Kindle books on my new Archos (to name a few.)

I'm not crazy about the audio player interface, however there are many others to choose from in the Marketplace so no worries on that. Sound quality is very good (to my over 50 ears) and video playback is smooth with the audio in sync. I run the very old Windows 2000 operating system, as well as Ubuntu 10.10 and both systems see the Archos 43 just fine. Dragging and dropping audio, video and picture files into the device is a breeze.

I've also been able to stream movies and audio directly from my 4tb networked file server. Of course this will eat your batteries pretty quick. Best to just watch video directly from the Archos with wifi turned off.

If you're up to it, download the Eclipse compiler and Android software development kit and start writing some of your own apps. It's not that hard and there's nothing like writing your own software.

After using my Archos for 24 hours, I can truthfully say that I would, and probably will buy another. My wife and adult son are already asking for one of their own.

Two Month Follow-up

I've had my Archos 43 for a couple of months now. I still love it.

Battery life is great and I've had almost no trouble with it. Every once in awhile, an app will cause a complete freeze (App's fault, not the Archos) but holding the power button for 10 seconds will force a reboot and all is well again.

The Google Marketplace patch works great, though I've found some apps that are marked not compatible with the Archos actually are. I'll get the appp directly from the author and side load it and it'll work just fine.

Would I buy another one? YES and I will soon!


3 month update

I bought another one, but the reason stinks. I got fumble-fingered and dropped my Archos. Of course, like buttered toast, it fell screen side down onto a piece of angle iron in my metal shop and destroyed the screen. Needless to say, I went right to Amazon and got another one, as I've become so attached to it I can't live without it!

I'll check into having my broken one fixed, as the display itself is fine and it boots up fine. I'll give it to my wife when it's fixed...
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on February 10, 2011
I freaking love this device but to make it really shine there are a few things you should do...

At first I was disappointed by the resistive touch screen. It was always giving me incorrect key passes and I couldn't figure out why. I had been using the plastic cover it came with for about two weeks and I finally took it off. I was a bit worried that I would scratch the screen but so far I have had no problems and as an added bonus when I took the screen protector off the screen became much more responsive and accurate with key passes. So... (TAKE THE SCREEN PROTECTOR OFF) If you have never used a capacitive touch screen before it will take some time to get used to it especially people with larger fingers (no offense) also as a note I suggest you recalibrate the screen after you take the protective cover off.

Suggestions to improve your android experience:
-First get arctools in appslib so you can get access to the android market + If you want to have the most apps to choose from follow these steps (the android market will sometimes not see the device as compatible with certain apps)
This will get you most missing apps from the market, except some "protect market apps" like NYTimes.
Setting-->Manage Applications-->All-->Market (Clear Cache then 'Force Stop' -- DO NOT clear data)
Setting-->Manage Applications-->All-->Google Services Framework (Clear data then 'Force Stop')
REBOOT That is it...

-(VERY IMPORTANT)The stock launcher it comes with is rather bloated and slow and it will give you hang time every time the home or app screen loads- Fix this with the LauncherPro App(free)- There are only three home screens (so choose apps and widgets wisely) but you can also customize the sticky buttons which is a plus.

-Get rid of any unused apps (many have settings to turn on at certain times which eats battery and CPU speed)

-Under settings- Power management- Set to overdrive ...you may not need to do this depending on what you use it for (I play online racing games so I usually keep it on) It really doesn't effect your battery usage that much.

Tangent Suggestions:
-Download Gtunes Music app and GamBoid Lite app (I just love these apps and they are free... nuff said)

-If you are someone who wants to text people but texting bills are to expensive or your parents will not allow it... ie: me ...might I suggest google voice. You do need to have a Gmail account! If you do, then you can set up your own number and text people (over wifi connection) and it's completely FREE!!! (Your number shows up as an actual number on their phone not some email address or server name) if you are really tech savvy you can set up a VOIP and make and receive calls too.

-***If you have a wall charger adapter with a Usb slot, maybe from your old Ipod, I used one from my broken Kodak Easyshare camera, feel free to use it to charge your device. You may want to check the label for variable voltage (It may say something like "switching adapter" or "100-240V") Just use the Usb cord the archos came with to connect to the adapter. Now it only takes a couple hours at most for my archos to charge.

-Consider buying a blue tooth gps receiver and pairing it with your archos to turn it into an effective GPS

That is all I can think of at the moment... but I'm sure there is more that I've missed. Feel free to ask questions.
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on March 31, 2012
Archos 43 4.3-Inch 8 GB Internet Tablet]] The Archos 43 does everything their advertisement says it will do, I've read all the reviews and complaints from other buyers and I'm not having any the bugs they're beefing about, I feel I got a fantastic price from Amazon, I read the instruction manual thoroughly, fully charged it as recommended and I'm having no problem surfing the net, installing my own apps for banking, ebay, PayPal, local weather, games and the thousands of apps available from the Google Apps Market (appslib), long charging time, short battery life, touch screen problems, all of these complaints do not exist on my unit, maybe I just got lucky with mine, but, I have another Archos a 101 and it works beautifully too, so maybe there IS something to reading the manual, I also purchased an 8GB memory card for extra space, but haven't needed it yet.

I think most of the complaints about the Archos 43 stem from pilot error and the fact that many of the buyers paid between $150. & $200. and expected to get I-Pad performance, "get real", "STOP CRYING" and read the manual, I feel if you do you'll find this is a nifty little device, I'm loving mine and the more I use it the better it gets. If your thinking of getting one "(Do It)" read the manual completely, fully charge it and I think you'll be as happy with it as I am----I recommend it!!! Eleanor B.
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on March 20, 2011
I was a big fan of the IPod Touch but loading music and videos with ITunes was unacceptable and so was the absence of an external micro SD slot. This player was the answer. Simply plug in the usb cable and copy and paste all of your files to the Archos device. It really is that simple. With that said comparing this unit to the IPod Touch there are some downfalls. The touch screen on the Archos is very difficult to scroll and if you have used an IPod Touch before this will be very disappointing. The unit also has a more fragile feel than the IPod Touch. Saying it is not well built is a bit strong but the IPod Touch has more heft and has a more durable feel. I am very satisfied with the Archos 43 and if it holds up well I will continue to support them.

After a week of trying to like this product sadly it went back. I could not get over the absolute inability to scroll the screen. I had two other issues as well, during a movie playback the video would flicker and freeze. This happened on all movies tested (played fine in other devices). The second while listening to music you would here a static noise every time a button was pressed on the home screen. It definitely was not just a sound effect since they were all turned off. Like I said I tried but three strikes and your out. Went with the Dell Streak much more money but no flaws as of yet.
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on February 1, 2012
I received my Archos 43 about a month ago after reading many reviews. If I had just read all the good reviews I would have purchased it immediately. After reading all the bad reviews they made it more difficult to decide as to buy or not. So I had to determine what I was going to use it for, that made the choice a lot easier. It seemed to me that a lot of the people that wrote reviews wanted to use it to build a space craft and the others wanted it for personal entertainment. I fall into this group. The Archos 43 does almost everything that I would like it to do. I'm not building a rocket ship to explore the moon. If you want it for that then save your money and buy a desktop computer. In fact right out of the box it was easy to use. Yes if fact it froze up a couple of times in the three or four weeks I've had it. It just takes a few seconds to power down and restart it just like your desktop. If this is a big deal to you then fool yourself into thinking you can purchase something that won't have this problem. When you find out what that is please let me know. I really like my Archos 43 and yes I reviewed other tablets. For the money and what the Archos 43 does compared to other tablets in it's price range this made it a no brainer for me. Check the Archos Fan Forum and you will get a lot more information to help you decide if this is for you or not. I love my little tablet and yes it would be nice to have a bigger one but I had to give up something to be able to carry it in my pocket. I have never wrote a review before but after reading all the reviews I felt this would be a good time to do so. I hope this helps you decide if the Archos 43 is for you. I'm going to give my Archos a ten star rateing.

Update 2/25/2012

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote my review on the Archos 43. Since then I've had a Low on System Space warning which was a easy fix all you have to do is move a few apps from the System storage to the Internal storage or the Card storage if you have a card. That pretty much takes care of the problem and frees up some space and the Low on Space Warning goes away. I've also purchased a Holux M-1000C Sport Gps Receiver and purchased Sygic USA from the Android Market Store. The Archos43 now works perfectly as a GPS. Sygic uses the same maps as the TomTom and works just about the same way as the TomTom does. I have compared the two while driving and they show about the same views. I wanted to update this review so other people who have or are about to purchase the Archos 43 will know that the Gps will work on their Archos 43. The Holux M-1000C had great reviews and works great with Sygic. I wanted to do this update because some peoplle said the GPS wouldn't work and others said it wasn't compatable with the Archos 43. I couldn't find any recent updates on the subject but we have one now.

Update 1-6-2013

I have now had my Archos 43 for over a year and it is still going strong. I would like to see Archos make a second generation with a front facing camera for Skype and a built in Gps and some kind of app killer that would keep the apps turned off until you wanted to access them. I still love my Archos43 and would give it a ten star rating.
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on July 27, 2014
It seems to have some software glitches and arrived with no charging/data cable, so I finally had to buy one in a store. The seller responded appropriately and pleasantly, though the tablet sat around, unusable, for a couple of weeks.
I could not get voice-to-text or voice commands to work, as 3 different sites (including google play) reported that my device was not compatible with google voice search and a couple of others. I finally found a site (1 Mobile Market) that would work, though I had to download that market itself first.
Medigong was the meditation app I wanted, but no matter what I did, I couldn't hear the gong without wearing headphones (or holding this device close to my ear). These speakers are just too weak even for this. Emailed with the developer a few times and he responded helpfully, but finally ordered (on Amazon) an amplified speaker that I could plug in ($3.50!!), and I hope that works when it arrives. SInce I won't be listening to music, it didn't have to be higher quality, I just needed some volume.
Trying to move an app icon from one screen to another is difficult and frustrating.
Ditto with having to manually move apps/data to the SD card or internal storage, since they download to the tiny system storage by default. Why there is not an app to do this automatically, I have no idea.
At any rate, unless one is used to touchscreens (which I was not) and has good hearing (which I do not), the learning curve is quite steep, but sometimes interesting. The manual (online) is only very basic for some reason, so not very useful.
I can check my email in any wi-fi hot spot, which is one of the two reasons I wanted it. Meditation timer being the other.
The size is convenient, though it's too easy to hit the volume buttons by accident, just holding it.
Amazing to me how something this complex can sell for less than several hundred dollars.
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on December 8, 2011
I was looking for a decent but affordable andorid tablet, and found this used Archos 43 for about $160 from a private seller on Amazon. The transaction was smooth, the shipment arrives within 2 days, and the unit was in pretty good condition as described and works perfectly. Good and honest seller, will recommend.

Now the tablet itself. Good, and does *almost* every Android app you throw at it. I own a Archos 101 before, and was really satisfied with it. 101 and 43 are basically the same spec, except that 101 uses capacitive screen, and 43 uses resistive screen. You can google the good & bad between these two types of screens yourself. But translate into how it make a difference in your day-to-day use, the biggest disadvantage is that resistive screen has no multi-touch. Apps that requires simultaneous multi-point inputs on the screen will not work, and in some instances won't even let you install. A good example is "Cut the Rope". Some levels requires you to use two fingers at the same time to move objects. This is not possible on Archos 43.

Other than the screen, Archos 43 is fully functional Android 2.2 Froyo tablet.

Btw, Archos 43 is about $100 less than Archos 101. So I guess the price justifies the multi-touch feature.

P.S. I was very happy with the price I paid for this little Android device 'cause I thought for the money this is the cheapest full-fledged Froyo device I can find at the time, until my brother told why don't you get a used high-end smart phone from CowBoom.com and just use it as a Android tablet? I was like f@#$....
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on July 2, 2012
...this was a decent device. ATM today, here and now I'd easily go for a Samsung 4.0 or 5.0(more features, better stock firmware and overall build quality) over this puppy any day of the week.

pros: plays some video and audio formats OOB(most of the common ones), nice size and weight for what it is: combo portable video/audio player. Personally I never used mine much for audio, but it was fine for outdoor video(mediatomb shared) and light web browsing.

cons: resistive touch screen is middling, not very responsive but not completely horrible, i.e. the A32 has a MUCH more responsive resistive touch screen but is pretty useless as anything other than an audio player(320x240 screen res(this is awfully restrictive), 128MB RAM(this is BAD but ok for audio only) but same SoC TI OMAP 36xx)

Screen itself isn't the greatest, looks OK straight on but viewing angles are pretty awful.

firmware: Archos firmware on these gen8 tablets is AWFUL. Hacked up froyo(2.2) with no market access outside of hacks, and firmware updates that introduce as many bugs as they purportedly fix. The newer gen9s(only larger sizes unfortunately) are Google blessed and come with a more vanilla Android experience and official market access(well play store(stupid branding) now) and are more likely to get actual major OS updates.

apps lib: HORRIBLE. Do the market hack or be prepared to sideload as there isn't much useful in appslib.

RAM: 256MB of RAM is fairly skimpy, then again it's fine for mostly video/audio and maybe some light web browsing.

Build quality: pretty cheap. Little better than china tablet knockoffs.

ear buds: they're garbage. Do your ears a favor and just pitch them straightaway. (Sound is OK but most people that I've talked with found them uncomfortable to say the least if not irritating to painful physically. Quite simply stated these are by FAR the WORST earbuds that I've ever received shipped with a product.)

camera: pointless. It's not horrible, but anyone with a cell phone already has a FAR better camera than the one on this. I took a few test pix outdoors and indoors, while they weren't bad my getting old and crusty "smartphone" w/a 3.2M pixel cam took better photos, and my subsequent newer phones with 5M pixel camera were even better yet.

The bottom line is that given the price there is absolutely no reason NOT to spend $20 more for a Samsung 4.0 or 5.0 or even just to make do with your phone(does anyone has a 3" screened phone any longer?) So when I purchased mine in early March 2011, I'd've probably scored it a 3, but today I'd have to be honest and give it a 1, skip it. but I'll put in a *** as I never bothered to review it before.
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on December 4, 2011
Archos 43 4.3-Inch 8 GB Internet Tablet Given to my daughter as a birthday gift and she was unable to use the MP3 player app as the screen would freeze and the music would stop. She would have to restart the app to get the music going again. She only wanted the MP3 part so I bought her a regular cheap MP# player and it works fine. I now have the Archos and am attempting to learn how to use it. I could not get it to browse the internet or accept the WIFI connection at McDonald's As I have previously with my laptop. I will continue to try to understand it. I should have bought a Kindle Fire.
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on June 16, 2012
I've had this product for almost exactly a year now. The main reason I got it was for the bluetooth tethering support, which worked amazingly well. I had a $35 phone plan with unlimited data on a dumbphone and could tether as much as I wanted with no penalty.

- Great media player. Plays every obscure audio or video codec that you could possibly think of.
- Good subtitle support.
- Bluetooth tethering, which works out great if you have a data plan on a bluetooth-capable non-smartphone.
- Vanilla Android; almost no bloatware (there's appslib, but you can download ArchAngel and sideload the Play market just fine)
- 1GHz processor, runs about 800mhz natively but can be overclocked
- Built-in kickstand which is kind of cool, makes watching videos pleasurable if you have a flat surface in front of you.
- Decent battery life
- Runs most apps well

- Slow due to only 256mb RAM
- Only 300mb out of 8/16GB allowed for apps (which fills up incredibly fast)
- Cheap, crappy plastic hardware, bends easily
- Few custom ROM choices, there's only UrukDroid which isn't that much of an improvement.
- Resistive touchscreen is a BIG problem. I have had major issues with the screen spazzing out completely and being unusable for minutes at a time.
- Microphone and camera have atrocious quality; mic sounds like you're talking into a tin can and camera is fuzzy unless in perfect, clear daylight.
- Updates are few and far between; many updates tend to fix one problem and introduce another.
- Price is the biggest problem here. You can find sturdier devices with better hardware, better software and a capacitive screen for way cheaper.

In conclusion, the 43IT is a good media player. That's it. This thing would be a bargain at maybe $75 or so, but at almost $200 it is absolutely a massive rip-off. Do not buy this unless the price goes down. Get a Galaxy Player or an iPod Touch instead.
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