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on October 20, 2011
A long overdue follow up to a seperate review. I felt it kind to pass along a warning to anyone thinking of dealing with this company.

Anyone who has attempted to deal with Archos's support, tried to return a faulty item or get a product of theirs serviced has come up against the concept of "let the buyer beware" in a BIG way.

I have just experienced for a second go around just how they attempt to weasel out of anything they can and generally abandon any responsibility for their products.

Most recently, while it was still possible to get some of my money back-- I returned an ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 16GB, their latest "high end" offering... for a "partial" refund though the thing had hardly been opened and was in pristine, brand spanking new condition. the reason for the return was that it basically was not what it claimed to be ie that the performance, the screen and the wifi were all horrid)

The real story however is what preceeded this item and was the result of them offering to give me a sizeable discount when my previous tablet, still under warranty was shown to be defective, rather than repairing it. Since the original tablet was a smaller screen and they made it sound like it would take a very long time to get my original purchase back if I insisted on its repair, I agreed to their 'bargain'. Long story short--- strike one, strike two--but wait, there is MORE!

Coincidentally, a couple of years ago I bought the then high end model, the 160gb Archos 605 media player for a friend's birthday present. Following this most recent go around with Archos and their 'new' crop of tablets, I happened to mention to this friend my current experience. He flipped... cluing me in that he had been hung out to dry by these guys, barely a month after receiving my gift, but not before he had spent another $300. for them to nickel and dime him to make the media player fully functional. The thing bricked on him in less than a month--and after a week, during which they fenced with him in emails, not offering replacement, refund or satisfactory repair he gave up and tossed it where it belonged... in the trash, along with their worthless warranty. He felt so badly about tossing out the expensive gift, he kept it to himself until I mentioned this most recent circumstance.

Bad products, lack of support and no shame for fleecing consumers with the promise of anything more than shiny bricks.
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on October 19, 2007
I bought this to replace a Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player (Black) that had been stolen. I really liked my Zen, but I wanted to see what new stuff had come out in the time since I bought it. This led me to getting the Archos 605 80GB instead, mainly because of the optional TV hookups. I've never liked to watch movies or TV shows (or even music videos) on my PC monitor because I can't relax and enjoy something passive while I'm at my computer. I'd also never used the Zen's video capabilities much because the screen was too small. The Archos 605, on the other hand, could be hooked up to a TV (with the DVR station or other accessories--I bought the DVR station), which would allow me to watch downloaded TV shows and movies in comfort--and even better, with other people (it's difficult to crowd around a computer desk to watch a movie), plus I'd be able to watch stuff on the go with its larger screen.

The wifi access, web browser plug-in and PDF reader also helped sell me on the Archos 605. I particularly looked forward to being able to read ebooks in PDF format.

So when I ordered the Archos 605, I was thinking of it as an MP3 "with benefits."

When the Archos 605 arrived, I found out that its screen was totally large enough to watch video comfortably. Shortly after I got it, I watched two and a half seasons of Weeds on it. It's fantastic! I can carry a TV show into the kitchen to grab a snack, etc. When I'm home alone, I'm even able to rely on the built-in speaker--for TV shows, I don't need fantastic sound quality; I just need to be able to hear what they're saying. It's very cool; I'm very addicted. :)

Like I said, I bought the DVR station with it. I had wondered how a video file from the Archos would hold up enlarged on a TV screen, but no worries--the picture quality is good (we have a 32" set). I've recorded some stuff from our TiVo onto the Archos, and the picture quality is good in that direction, too. Since we do have a TiVo, I haven't used the Archos as a DVR (with the downloaded TV listings and scheduled recordings), so I can't say how easy that is to use, but it's definitely easy to manually record something, and I was happy to see that I could tell it how long to record for.

As an MP3 player, it's not as good as the Zen, simply because it's not, primarily, an MP3.

One way the Zen (and probably most other MP3 players) is a better MP3 player than the Archos is that if you power the Archos 605 off while you're playing music, it doesn't automatically start up where you left off when you turn it back on. Instead you boot up to the main screen, and then you have to tap the "resume" icon; otherwise nothing happens. In this way it's less "plug and go" than my Zen was; sometimes if I'm only going to be driving for a few minutes (like a hop from the grocery store to the gas station), I won't bother starting it up at all. Also, the way you lock the controls takes a few seconds longer than the Zen did. With the Zen, you just slid the switch to the lock position. With the Archos, you hold down the TV button until the lock icon appears on the screen.

If you're playing from a playlist when you turn the unit off, and then you hit "resume" after you turn it back on, it doesn't seem to resume the playlist--it does indeed play the song you were on, but it's playing it from the album instead of the playlist, so the next song after that is the next song on the album, not the next song on the playlist. Possibly this is glitch that will be fixed in a firmware update (or perhaps has been--I haven't updated my firmware in a couple weeks).

Finally, changing the play mode (normal, shuffle, repeat one, repeat all), takes a lot more navigating around than it did on the Zen. It really shouldn't take that many clicks.

Sound-wise, the Archos is good as the Zen was, and its drawbacks as an MP3 player aren't so onerous that I'd consider buying a separate MP3 player. The Archos does well enough.

The PDF reader, however, turned out to be a disappointment. First, it takes several (loooong) seconds to go to the next page. Second, there's no way to bookmark where you are so that you can pick up where you left off. I figured I could just remember what page I was on and use the Go To Page feature to get back to it, but the Go To Page feature uses a slider, which is nowhere near as quick as if they'd let me type in a page number, and it takes a long freaking time for it to then load that page. Ugh. So this thing definitely hasn't replaced my Palm Tungsten for e-reading.

I haven't used the web browser or wireless much. It seemed pretty slow the times I have, and there's no "tap feedback" in the Content Portal, so when you tap on a link, you often don't know whether the tap has registered or not because the screen stays the same while the Archos (slooooowly) downloads the data for the next screen. That's frustrating. The web wasn't as frustrating as the Content Portal; I just haven't had much of a need to use it.

Another downside is that there aren't any cases for it that will protect the unit while allowing you direct, immediate access to it, the way the skin I had for my Zen did. Instead it comes with a padded, envelope-like case that you have to slip the unit completely out of if you want to use it. (To be fair, it's much better than the cloth pouch that came with the Zen.) Leather case options are limited, and all the ones I've seen require you to open the case in order to view the screen or access the navigation. The one from Archos won't even let you turn it off with the case closed, which isn't very handy if you're listening to audio and want to shut it off quickly.

I don't know how many hours I'm getting out of my battery. I did listen to music for 10 hours on a recent road trip without it giving out on me, but I didn't keep going to see how much more I could get out of it. I've also watched a couple hours of video without it running out of juice--and again, I ended up dropping it in the DVR station (which charges it) before it did run out, so all I can say about the battery is that it's lasting long enough for my needs.

Despite the caveats I've listed above, I LOVE my Archos 605. I love being able to take TV shows and movies with me everywhere. I love that I can finally watch bootleg concerts and other stuff I've downloaded on the "big screen." It's easy to use. The DVR station is easy to use. The two work together seamlessly. The Archos holds a ton off stuff. It plays my music. It lets me browse the web if I need to.

I'm happy with it, definitely. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that future firmware updates will make me even happier with it.
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on November 20, 2013
This had everything wrong with it from the get-go. Not going into all of the details....it spent more time being repaired than enjoyed.
I would never buy another Archos product because when it finally used up it's short life, Archos said that they no longer serviced this model. Amazon was terrific and sent me a refund after I sent them a detailed chronology of my trials with Archos.
Thank you Amazin'-Amazon !!
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on November 26, 2007
This is by far the coolest portable video player or MP3 player I've owned, which is saying something because I always want the latest & greatest.

After using an iPod (some version or another) for the past several years, I would worried that I'd have to tinker too much to get this to work. As a busy working professional, I didn't want to have to fiddle too much with the device - just wanted it to be plug and play.

It really couldn't be easier. I own a MacBook Pro, so I attach it like a portable hard drive and just drag and drop files onto the Archos. I don't have to sync to Windows Media Player. I can also easily attach & grab files from my work PC or other Windows PC in the house.

I have 25 GB of music, all my photos, 40 to 60 hours of video (AVI format), data backup, etc. on this baby and there is still 98 GB left! It's insane that so much is packed into such a little device.

Yeah, it's bigger than an iPod touch, but it has 10 TIMES the capacity. It is fast, intuitive, and bright and crystal clear - it's almost like having a laptop to go around with you - a laptop that only has the fun features, and not the work stuff :-) I didn't even have to read the manual, it's very intuitive.

You can watch photo slideshows to music. It doesn't seem to let you listen to music & browse the web at the same time, though. The on-board speakers aren't the best ever, but it's cool they are there in case you are caught without headphones.

Yeah, I had to pay $30 extra for the WiFi, but I knew this going into the purchase. It's not like Archos hides the fact that some plug-ins are extra. The Opera browser on this thing is great. The screen resolution is vastly superior to any portable device I've owned. This makes the tiny text on websites readable even from a distance. The browser does tabbed browsing and loads complicated web pages like ESPN with no problems. Way better than the WiFi on a PDA, for example.

You can read PDF documents. An addition of Widgets is scheduled for release soon, which will add Calendar, Weather, etc. functionality. Can't wait!

I don't really know why some the reviews are so negative. It almost scared me off from buying, but it was just too cool to pass up. This really is the coolest thing out there right now that I have seen. And this is coming from an iPod lover and Mac owner, not a person who likes to trash anything that isn't made by Apple.

Fear not! If you have $400 to drop on this and about $60-$100 for add-ins, you will be "geeking out" as much as I am.

UPDATE: While the widget feature is nice (weather, currency converter, news, etc)... the coolest unexpected feature of the Archos (beyond what's above) is the fact I can store almost 100 movies and several seasons of TV shows and have it docked to my main 55" TV. [Note: Requires DVR Dock - $80 accessory]. I can easily call up any movie or show from my catalog without having to find the DVD. Also, we've used the DVR Dock as a pass-through to a 500 GB hard drive that we can access as well. What is very nice is the Archos serves a place in our home entertainment system all the time, not just when I am traveling. I also really like being about to use the travel DVR dock [about $30 accessory] to connect to the TV in my hotel room (using included AV cables) so that I can watch what I like and not have to rely on what happens to be on that night.
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on December 7, 2007
Bought this product with the dock. By and large, both work as advertised. Read the product description at to what it does - I'll go over the cons.

Biggest problem is this company has absolutely no support. Go to their website and there's no tel# and/or email address.

Big problem - I recorded dvd movies to the device. It'll let you play on the device but not on an external device (e.g. TV).

The user-interface is absolutely w/o "out of the box" thinking. very cumbersome and at times very unintuitive (e.g. copying files)

There's some video editing features - sometimes buggy but works.

Sometimes the mp3 file tags don't transfer over properly. This could be a WMP problem.

Also, bought the browser. works but i wish it played WMP video streams.

The company really needs to provide some sort of a support mechanism - at least a forum.

Happy with the product..but sometimes not so.
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on October 26, 2007
I've had the Archos 605 80 GB for about a month now, and have been very happy with it.

I was upgrading from the Archos Jukebox 20 Recorder (which has served me well for about 5 years now) and that's why I wanted to stay with Archos. The few times that I have used an IPOD I really have not liked it.

The main reason for upgrading was to get more hard drive space. The Jukebox only had 20 GB, which filled up pretty quickly. I didn't think I needed 160 GB, but 80 GB seemed reasonable.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to use this for video playing, but, as a nice surprise, the screen is very watchable, and makes for easy watching if you are on a plane or somewhere like that.

Upgrade the firmware (to 1.3.52 or later) as soon as you get the unit - with the installed firmware I had an issue where after a while of playback, the sound would start crackling. 1.3.52 fixed that.


- 80 GB of space, and not too bulky or heavy
- no need for itunes or special software, just plug it in via USB and it appears like an external hard drive
- can record inbound audio/video (but requires DVR station - which is a must buy, by the way)
- can also also browse via directories on the hard drive itself (my preference), or via artist/album/title/etc
- playlists are reasonably easy to create on the unit itself (though not so easy to do on a computer and then transfer the created playlist to the archos, that doesn't seem to work)
- has a 'lock' feature so that it can be carried around in a pocket
- the DVR player can be plugged in anywhere in the world (100 - 240 V)
- touch screen
- charge via USB


- no voice recording feature like the Jukebox 20 had (used to use the Jukebox 20 as a dictaphone). though this might be possible using the DVR recorder and a microphone, which I have not tried
- battery life - as noted here, the battery life doesn't seem to be quite what is advertised, music about 10 hours, video about 4 (though this is with the occasional suspend and resume). The battery dock seems to be a necessary purchase (have not purchased yet)
- why is the earphone jack on the opposite side of the player from the control buttons? If I am carrying this thing in my jacket pocket, I need to take it out of my pocket and out of the carrying case to change tracks, volume, etc
- not quite sure why there is an external speaker on the unit? seems unnecessary
- since it has a touch screen I really don't use the buttons very often
- not really a con, but I liked the fact that the Jukebox 20 had removable AA batteries, the archos 605 is an internal battery that cannot be removed

Wish list:

- would be nice if this unit had those headphones where it has some of the controls in the headphone cable itself (like some portable CD players have the headphones where in the cable there is a control for volume, change tracks, etc) so wouldn't have to take the thing out of my pocket to do this

Have not tried yet:

- WiFi web browsing
- video recording

Highly recommended unit!
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on September 8, 2008
I will start by saying it has been several months since I bought this Media Player. I'll give a list of some pros and cons and let you decide what you think of them. As with any electronic device, there are both pros and cons.

By now most people know that for this player, you must purchase additional plug-ins to view some videos and to browse with the Opera browser.
I have read many reviews about the short battery life per charge. This is true when using the screen often. You can adjust things to make it last a little while longer, but if you watch a movie, or browse the internet, I would recommend getting the mini dock for additional juice. You can watch an entire movie plus some additional time, but don't plan on watching 2 or 3 full length movies on one charge, unless it is docked to the DVR station, or has the additional battery adapter.
As with most Wifi products, internet browsing is slow.
Also, as trivial as it may sound, there is no holder for the stylus. Sure you can use your finger, but sometimes it seems you need the stylus for better response for the touch screen.

Great size and quality for viewing pictures and watching movies and browsing the web.
The touch screen works very well with only a few hiccups here and there.
The side buttons are nice to have at times when the touchscreen is not cooperating.
The speaker comes in handy when you want to play something for others, or just to have background music.
Every video I've loaded has played on my player, as I bought the plug-in.
Watching Youtube clips on this is very nice. Sometimes it takes a while to load, but once it does, it is great.
The 160 Gig drive is a must for keeping lots of movies, pictures, music, and files. If you can afford it, get this larger drive. You will regret it when the lower capacity drives fill up.

So yes, this is a nice product overall in my opinion. It has only locked up on me a few times since I've had it, but I keep a handy paper clip in my wallet to push into the hole which resets it. Movies look very nice on this, however, I think they look better on my Creative Zen Vision:M player, but that screen is much smaller. The picture is still very nice though. Transferring files is fairly fast with the USB 2.0 connection.
I also bought the Mini Dock and the DVR station. I wanted the MiniDock for the extra battery life, as well as a very portable charger.(charge time varies, but seems to fully charge in about 2 hours. Just a guess) I bought the DVR station(which also charges the device) so that I can record my own shows easily, and it also has video ports to watch the movies and such on a TV. It isn't high def, but it is still cool to be able to watch what you want on the go and share with friends and family.

Do I recommend this to someone considering it? Well, I can only tell you that the only regret I have about buy this 605 Wifi is that just a few months later, the new series was lined up for release. I think they look so nice, and they do everything this does, and more, in a nice new sleek package. The one version will have 3.5G for internet anywhere, which would be nice also, so that you don't have to rely on a stationary Wifi connection. But for what the 605 Wifi has, it is a great device which has provided me with numerous hours of entertainment on my train rides to work.

***Also, I purchased the Noreve leather case for the 605, and I love it. As a bonus, this case has a slot for the Stylus inside. Kinda looks like a ladies wallet, but once you get passed that and understand that you paid good money for the 605 Wifi, you want it protected from damage. I don't have any problems with the buttons not fitting in the case. And it is easy to slide in and out of for DVR station usage.
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on October 15, 2010
My roommate had a 2 generation old Archos player and loved it. I borrowed it a couple of times and loved it too so that is part of the reason why I purchased this one. However there were some positives but many negatives with this product which I outline below. Btw, I just wrote this review recently but I purchased the item a long time ago. I know Archos has a new device out and I hope they learned from their mistakes with this one.

-Plays back virtually any video format and resolution without transcoding. This was an awesome feature. No more late nights before long trips converting all my videos to a compatible format.
-USB Mass storage device. As a result of this and the fact that it plays back almost all video formats, this means that no software is needed for this device and it doubles up as a portable hard drive.
-Nice interface. Easy to use and navigate, looks pretty and allows you to view photos and play music.
-Kickstand. This may seem trivial but it is nice to be able to rest your hands while watching a movie on an airplane or train or whatever

-Proprietary USB cable. The previous generation used miniUSB so why did Archos have to go all proprietary on us? This means that there is yet another cable to drag along with you on your trip if you ever need to charge or access the device. You are also at Archos's mercy in that if you ever lose the cable and they ever stop producing this cable you are screwed and if they are still producing it, you are still screwed because they're charging $20 for a replacement cable
-USB charging only using proprietary cable. ZOMG no wall charger either? Yes, I acknowledge that its easier to just charge with USB but it takes FOREVER to charge this thing that way. You can get a wall charger but they charge you an extra $30-40 for it when realistically it should have come with the device to begin with.
-You need to pay an extra $30 for the browser. Seriously?
-Poor value. As you can see from above, there are a ton of add ons you need to pay for which add up really fast
-The buttons are very rough. The buttons are made with roughly brushed metal which feel like sandpaper and are sharp around the edges. Not a nice feeling device at all.
-No slot in the device to hold the stylus. The case they give you fits the archos nicely until you try to put the stylus in. #()*$#

Archos is a good company but they made some bad design decisions with this model. I would still borrow my friend's older Archos over using this one.
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on June 17, 2008
I've always been a user of the Apple Ipods since they first came out. I still own 3 of them! I don't really consider those portable video players. Watching movies on such a small screen? No thanks!

I don't want this to turn into an Archos vs Ipod Touch review, but I have to point this out. I recently purchased an Ipod Touch 32gb version and could not even get myself to open the package. I ended up spending a ton on it and felt that for what I needed it just would not do the job and returned it. For MY use, 32gb is not enough. I understand it's expensive, because it's a flash drive and made by Apple. It's also really cool, so i'm supposed to pay more for that I guess. I know that sounds dumb, but yes, the Ipod Touch IS pretty cool.

Picked up the Archos and plugged it into my Computer. No drivers to install AT ALL! Took me hours to get my music and video collection organized with Windows Media Player, but that's my own problem. It turns out that you don't even need to use Media Player to copy files over. Nice! That's what I prefer.

The price isn't that good and after all the small "upgrades" of codecs you can buy, it probably comes out to a little less than a 32gb IPOD. I haven't added it all up.

Yes, they do "nickle and dime" you, but it's not as if they're forcing you to buy stuff you don't need. The most annoying thing is making an XVID movie with ACC sound, only to find out that it won't play due to needing a thirty dollar codec download. Stupid thing won't even play without sound! Geez, at least play the video and disable the sound. I had to instead either A) Buy the codec or add in mp3 sound. Second most annoying thing is actually telling you in the device that you can buy a codec for playback.

Charging the device via USB is a pain. It's slow. It's almost if they mean to make it slow just to get you to buy the dock charger. That's another thirty or so.

The orange menu icons are ugly and the interface is a bit "clunky" as someone pointed out. At least you can change the background. They also could simplify the display by turning off certain menu items. Simple is good.

Seriously, I can't possibly going into details as to how many things this thing can do. There is NO WAY EVER the Ipod Touch can match it. I could play around for hours it seems like.

Here's the coolest thing I didn't know about this device before buying it. You can setup and share video on your PC with TVERSITY or Windows Media Player and connect to it with this device! 160gb not enough? You can access all your media on your PC with this device if you wanted.

Now onto more negatives. The web browser is slow. It's not my connection. Browsing webpages is slow, yet playing youtube videos is perfectly fine!

Another VERY BIG negative is that this doesn't seem to support any lossless audio codecs that i'm aware of. There is WAVE format, but that's a HUGE waste of space. Could they at least offer FLAC support?

It's also a pain converting all my Itunes music over. For some of them, i'd have to burn them to CD and encode them to WAV and then to mp3. Not the players problems, but it is hard going without Itunes at first, but that's something i'd like to get used to.

I find it funny how people who love the IPOD touch say such negative things about the Archos. The one thing they seem to mention first is the size and how it's like a huge brick. Sure, it's large, but did anyone ever complain about how portable CD players were so large and a pain to carry around? No. This can still fit in a pocket and it's not that large. Obviously, you probably wouldn't want to go running or to the gym with this thing. For that, i'd go with something else. I find this to be more of a portable video player more so than a regular music player.

I do play a lot of WAVE files on this and even with a portable headphone amp, it does not seem to power my AKG 701 headphones as well as the IPOD Classic. I just wish the volume could go up a little higher.

I have to mention the touch capabilities. I honestly don't use them really, so I can't comment. I just use the buttons.

When playing a video, it takes 3-5 whole seconds to load. Oh Darn, better not buy this! Get an ipod, it will play them in 2!

I don't know if this is for everyone. It depends on what you need. If you want a music only player, then there is no point to get this probably. I actually now like to watch movies on this. Never really did that with the IPOD classic I still have and use.

Now all they need is a remote for TV usage and a Sound Dock like they do for the Ipod.

6-29-2008 UPDATE:

Unfortunately I am forced to return this. I REALLY wish I didn't have to. Three times now I have turned the device on and it freezes up. Once it would scan all my files and then reboot. Turn it on and it does this again.

Last night I connected it to my PC and it was not detected. Tried again and it went into an endless connected/disconnected state. Another time it shows a drive letter for the device, but will not let me access it. My PC is unchanged and not the problem. I did a factory restore of the device and now it was not even detected on any PC.

It's too bad and I really liked the thing. I may just delete the review, but I haven't decided yet.

So now I have a Dock and sixty dollars worth of upgrades that are useless to me now.
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on November 10, 2007
My first Archos arrived with WiFi non-functional. Thanks to Amazon for replacing the damaged unit as Archos customer supportwas ABSOLUTELY no help in trying to resolve the problem. As indicated in previous reviews, Archos support is terrible.

My second unit arrived with everthing functional. WiFi was quickly enabled and easily found my wireless signal and connected with no problem. The unit immediately searched for a firmware update and downloaded and installed. Since I primarily purchased this unit for travel, I did pay the extra price for the internet browser as well as ability to play MPEG-2 files. While pgms and movies download at a decent speed, I find that some web pages and sites are very slow with the Opera browser. Browsing tends to be easier using the Menu keys on the side of the unit (forward, back, etc.) I actually find the menu keys to be quite useful, It maybe just the way I hold the unit, but they are very responsive and toggle well. Links on web pages are often small and I have not figured out if I have to double or single tap to select. It seems to change up on me. I prefer to use the stylus over touching with my finger, however, am somewhat disappointed that there is no where to store the stylus (like the old Ipaq PDA's).

Connecting to a PC via USB and transering files is a snap. you do need to set your unit to act as a USB hard drive to use windows explorer drag and drop. Setting the unit as a media sync device was also easy, however, windows media player's quirks makes this more difficult than it should be This unit will sync music, video, and pictures and WMP was not intuitive to me to "not sync" my 1000's of misc photo's.

The media player is decent and does play some songs at a low volume. I assumed how I ripped them was more of a factor than the unit itself. The equalizer does a fine job of fine tuning the listening experience.

This player is excellent for watching will ripped video files or pictures. The picture is crystal clear and the screen does not show any smudges or dirt. I am not sure how archos did this, but kudos to them for an excellent screen.

In summary, this unit does a fantastic job with movies, pictures, and videos. WiFi on a working unit connects quickly, but the Opera browser is painfully slow at times. The 605 (30GB) model is a little heavy but has a decent form factor for what I purchased it for. There is no place to store a stylus and the shipped case is as cheap as they get. A leather case can be purchased from their web site like the browser and software to play other (MPEG-2) media files. The available links from the Archos portal is lacking content at this time, but hopes to expand at a later time.

The fact that my first unit was damaged and customer support was non-existent is the reason for the 3 stars.
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