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on April 24, 2017
I have bought this cat litter in various sizes for a while now. The quality of the litter—how fine or coarse it is, dust, clumpability—varies so much and so unpredictably that I conclude there's a quality-control problem at the factory. Sometimes it's fine, occasionally it's unusable. Looking at the other reviews, I think the people saying "it's changed for the worse" have gotten a bad box.

The first photo shows litter from two boxes, bought about a week apart. You can see that the one on the left is much coarser, almost like small pebbles, hurtful to paws. The second photo shows the results when wet, and you can see that the one on the right clumps well, but the one on the left barely clumps at all!

I suppose it's fine if you're willing to return a bad box every so often. When it's good, it's OK litter, clumps well, doesn't throw a lot of dust. But when it's bad, as in the box photographed on the left, it's simply not usable. I urge anyone who gets an unacceptable box to complain to Amazon—pressure on the supplier is the way to force change and for Arm & Hammer to tighten up their QC. Some variation between batches is OK, but this much is not acceptable.
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on April 4, 2017
I got this 14 lb box of Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter as an add-on item to compare to others we've tried. For the current pricing of 4.63, it's 33 cents per pound which is comparable to others we purchase.

The dust isn't bad but the tracking is, I vacuum frequently anyway but this would track all over the house. It also doesn't clump nearly as well as others we've tried for the same price.

I won't buy it again or recommend it to others. Two stars because it's not too dusty. We added some baking soda for more natural scent blocking. Uploading photos so you can get a closer look at product info. Smile. Hope this helps.
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on March 15, 2017
I have been using this litter for a few months now, my kittens seem to really like it. I had to get this version because the other kind was sold out. I took a chance and only used this in one of the two boxes i have. Well guess what? the box with this was full of deposits to the point where the kittens let me know they preferred it.
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on May 25, 2017
Forty pounds for around $14! WOW, what a deal.

The shipping on it must be more than the whole purchase price.

It clumps very well. It's a little dusty but that is really unavoidable. I've been really impressed with odor control. We scoop daily. It goes for several months (2-3) before a total dump and replace is necessary due to accumulated urine smells (presumably from the accumulation of particles that got separated from the main clump). Prior to that point you never smell anything.

The mail carrier hates me because they have to carry to my office on the second floor every month or so, but we've worked it out now they just call me and I come down to load it in the car from the mail truck.
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My sweet cat likes the Arm and Hammer litter just fine. No problems when I changed to a new brand of litter,
as sometimes happens with cats, many of whom resist change - as do many people...
The A & H clumps well. No odor. Is dust-free. Good price. It is available in a light weight version too, for those like me
with back problems, though it costs a bit more.

Glad to have discovered this product and to be able to get it online, which was especially great for me,
because of the home delivery aspect. I appreciate that so many excellent pet products are now available on line
and are delivered! Saves my back as I 'gently float' into old age. I plan to buy this fine quality cat litter on line, from now

Makes owning my lovely pet a much easier responsibility. And as always, thank you Amazon, for the free delivery that
comes with your Amazon Prime membership. Now I can actually afford to order heavier products like this cat litter on line, rather
than trying to wrestle the weight home.
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Jeez, we've always used several varieties of Arm 'n' Hammer scoopable litter for our 2 large cats and 3 litter pans. It's always a hassle to buy it at Target or whatever store and lug it home. With not too much research, I discovered that for about the same price, I can get it hand-delivered right to our front door! Let UPS do the heavy work---that's what they're paid to do! One of these boxes lasts about a week and a half so I'm on constant alert to have an unopened one ready. They come so quickly, it's never a hassle to keep from running out. And the litter works great.
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on August 8, 2017
I'll never forget the first litter I ever bought... My local grocery store had a store brand, sand-like litter that was super cheap. Being a broken college student living with my best friend (my cat!) I opted for it. Let me just state for the record, I had carpeting where this catbox was kept.

To my extreme dismay, I come home from work to see my little buddy had had a long day in his personal desert. Also, it had migrated to the carpet! 10 - 15 minutes later after I put the vacuum away I still feeling sand on my bare feet in areas that I missed.

Needless to say, I got rid of that cheap stuff that same day.

On my subsequent journeys to find the best poop-sand, I eventually came across, "Arm and Hammer Super Scoop - unscented" in about 23 pound packages. $16 dollars, "the good stuff" I thought, the equivalent to a bathroom in a 5 star hotel? I decided to give it a try.

The clumping (to the point where they are actually hard after only a few hours), the unscented-ness, and the relatively clean after effects from this litter caught my interest, but my cat's reduced potential to wreck my day commanded my attention. Arm and Hammer litter found a life long customer that fateful, stinky day.

Then I came across this 40 pounder on Amazon for LESS than I was spending on 23 pounds in the brick and mortar pet stores in town. Well, let's just say every month my mailman gets a bit of a workout! :)
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on January 30, 2018
I was using Dr. Elsey's Ultra cat litter for the longest time, over 2 years, until the quality went downhill and the clumping ability was causing problems (clumps breaking apart, causing the whole box to need to be replaced as it would get dirty and smelly faster). For a short while, I tried World's Best, but my cat kept eating the litter since it was made of corn. This cat litter is on the dusty side (from the baking powder I think?) and while fragrance-free, it seems to have some scent to it. Other than that, the clumping ability is the best I've experienced so far. I love how clean it scoops, leaving barely any bits left behind. I've bought the double duty and multi-cat versions of this brand before but neither of them clumps as well as this one. I hope I won't ever get a bad batch like some people have through Amazon. Until then, I don't have too many complaints about this litter and will continue purchasing.
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on February 7, 2018
Generally speaking, I'm not sure I know anyone who "loves" dealing with cat litter, but this size was the economy choice when I was ready to order. The box is heavy, but that is in the description, so technically it is just as described; it's just bulky and a bit difficult to maneuver getting it up or down the stairs to where my cat's litter box is located. In terms of the consistency, it's the absorbent scooping kind, which I like, but it's not super thin like sand. It's not course and I don't have to toss out the entire contents of the cat pan when the litter is soiled, I can sift with a litter scoop and remove refuse as my cat uses the box. The box says the litter is fragrance free but it does have a scent, although it seems to be a "clean" scent. The smell isn't strong though; it isn't overwhelming and it doesn't seem to deter my cat from using the box. (Any cat owner knows they can be fickle about this.) Overall I would recommend this and would buy it again.
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I've been purchasing Arm & Hammer Fragrance-free for many, many years. I first switched because I hated the dust that other kitty litters stirred up. The Fragrance Free is perfect because not only do I hate artificial fragrances, I've read that cats do also. I'll note that the litter I receive via Amazon Prime is different in texture than what I used to buy at the grocery store. The Amazon litter has a finer texture. I've used it for weeks now and it definitely does not stir up any more dust, and my cat does her thing with both of them, so she and I are indifferent to the difference in texture.
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