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on April 24, 2017
I have bought this cat litter in various sizes for a while now. The quality of the litter—how fine or coarse it is, dust, clumpability—varies so much and so unpredictably that I conclude there's a quality-control problem at the factory. Sometimes it's fine, occasionally it's unusable. Looking at the other reviews, I think the people saying "it's changed for the worse" have gotten a bad box.

The first photo shows litter from two boxes, bought about a week apart. You can see that the one on the left is much coarser, almost like small pebbles, hurtful to paws. The second photo shows the results when wet, and you can see that the one on the right clumps well, but the one on the left barely clumps at all!

I suppose it's fine if you're willing to return a bad box every so often. When it's good, it's OK litter, clumps well, doesn't throw a lot of dust. But when it's bad, as in the box photographed on the left, it's simply not usable. I urge anyone who gets an unacceptable box to complain to Amazon—pressure on the supplier is the way to force change and for Arm & Hammer to tighten up their QC. Some variation between batches is OK, but this much is not acceptable.
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on February 1, 2017
Have been a loyal supporter of Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance Free litter for many years. Was thrilled Amazon was offering the product so it's delivered to our door. Unfortunately, the contents of all three boxes were BROWN and coarse (vs grey and fine) and did not clump like the larger boxes I've been getting from the market. Definitely more dust when pouring out as well. Not sure if the smaller sized boxes use a different type of sand, but our cats hate it as well, so there's much more sand outside the box than in it after they finish their business. Definitely NOT the same quality! Inferior litter, poor clumping quality and significantly more dust. Donated opened boxes to local cat charity. Will NOT purchase again!
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on January 1, 2018
I've been a long time user of Dr. Elseys litter for many years and with Amazon canning the economical sale and opting to sell their own budget brand instead I needed to find a replacement. I started with Arm & Hammer Super Scoop trying to continue keep the cost down and will be sticking with it!

The main problem I had with my prior litter was the odor and urine / ammonia smell that would build up in a covered can to deadly levels. Opening the can would be a wave of deathly odors and I would have to hold my breath for every scoop.

This litter, with the inclusion of baking soda, is night and day better at fighting odor than Dr. Elseys is/was. I am actually amazed at how significant the difference is and no longer have to hold my breath while scooping.

Clumping is just the same, no issue or differences to report there. Scooping from the corners is the same as well. The only difference here is the dust levels. Yes, this has some dust to it when scooping as many budget litters do but that is worth it to me while keeping costs minimal for something going straight from box to box to the trash.

I'll be buying more.
EDIT: I paid $13.99 for this with Prime & free shipping -- i see it's already not being offered at that price anymore...
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on April 4, 2017
I got this 14 lb box of Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter as an add-on item to compare to others we've tried. For the current pricing of 4.63, it's 33 cents per pound which is comparable to others we purchase.

The dust isn't bad but the tracking is, I vacuum frequently anyway but this would track all over the house. It also doesn't clump nearly as well as others we've tried for the same price.

I won't buy it again or recommend it to others. Two stars because it's not too dusty. We added some baking soda for more natural scent blocking. Uploading photos so you can get a closer look at product info. Smile. Hope this helps.
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on December 20, 2017
I literally cannot believe the cost saving when you purchase the 40 pound size. When I think about the days of yore when I lugged overpriced litter home from Target and up three flights of stairs I shudder. Those days are over. Not only is it the same quality brand name product you’d get in the store, it’s a fraction of the cost and delivered to your doorstep.

Convenience factor is amazing. Price is amazing. The litter does exactly what it is meant to do. Clumps and seals and cleaning is a breeze.

My ONLY complaint, and it’s not a big enough issue to remove a star, is that it’s unscented. I find in our small, urban space litters enhanced with Febreze or the like are advantageous. However, I just grabbed some litter box deodorizer for like 2 bucks, and problem solved.
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I was incredibly impressed by this version of litter, after being disappointed by others by Arm & Hammer.
It's unscented, and I really like that; it's just annoying to have the house scented by cat litter. But still, it absorbs odors greatly; you can't even tell I have a cat. The baking soda in the litter really does the job.
Also, it clumps perfectly. It's so easy to scoop this litter.
The litter is dust free, but my cat still makes a mess around the litter box (it's not that low tracking).
It's an expensive litter, but Amazon has sometimes very great deals on this (although with longer times for delivery); a $0.4/lbs or lower deal pops-up regularly.

While the add-on 14 lbs one is cheaper per lbs, I find that this product is different and lower quality than the 26 lbs and 40 lbs. My review does not apply for the 14 lbs litter, which is a terrible litter which clumps poorly and makes a lot of mess.
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on January 12, 2018
When you have a cat or cats and they're indoor pets/family, I feel it is important as ever to assure their litter box has a proper litter for your kitty as well as everywhere your kitty may travel in your home. I've been using this brand and and occasionally switch the type up a little depending on the price or sales and Arm & Hammer cat litter never disappoints me. It's a perfect texture and clumps perfectly every time without breaking up or spilling back into the litter box leaving it contaminated. Dust free, and I really mean dust free which is very important as well as this litter does not track out on kitty's feet. Scented or not, you won't be reminded the kitty has just used the litter box because this litter traps all odors. I hope I can always purchase it.
p.s. Time before this order, the heavy duty box had somehow been torn or broken open before arriving to my doorstep and plenty of litter had been spilled out. I notified Amazon and instantly was being sent another box to replace the first one at no charge. I'm extremely pleased as usual with Amazon and it's sellers = ) !
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on March 22, 2017
Never again!

I bought this because it was an addon and because I had not tried this brand as yet, so here was my opportunity. Never will I buy this brand again; I will stick to Tidy Cat Clumping brand from now on.

This stuff was/is terrible. It clumps in HUGE boulder-size clumps and stays so moist it is hard to get the scooper cleaned off afterward. I guess when they say "Super Scoop" it is because you will need one to clean out the massive clumps. Moreover, there was nothing fast or easy about this product. After the first couple of attempts to clean the litterbox, I gave up and mixed the remainder of what was in the carton with a new bag of "Tidy Cat" clumping formula to finish it off.
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on March 15, 2017
I have been using this litter for a few months now, my kittens seem to really like it. I had to get this version because the other kind was sold out. I took a chance and only used this in one of the two boxes i have. Well guess what? the box with this was full of deposits to the point where the kittens let me know they preferred it.
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on August 8, 2017
I'll never forget the first litter I ever bought... My local grocery store had a store brand, sand-like litter that was super cheap. Being a broken college student living with my best friend (my cat!) I opted for it. Let me just state for the record, I had carpeting where this catbox was kept.

To my extreme dismay, I come home from work to see my little buddy had had a long day in his personal desert. Also, it had migrated to the carpet! 10 - 15 minutes later after I put the vacuum away I still feeling sand on my bare feet in areas that I missed.

Needless to say, I got rid of that cheap stuff that same day.

On my subsequent journeys to find the best poop-sand, I eventually came across, "Arm and Hammer Super Scoop - unscented" in about 23 pound packages. $16 dollars, "the good stuff" I thought, the equivalent to a bathroom in a 5 star hotel? I decided to give it a try.

The clumping (to the point where they are actually hard after only a few hours), the unscented-ness, and the relatively clean after effects from this litter caught my interest, but my cat's reduced potential to wreck my day commanded my attention. Arm and Hammer litter found a life long customer that fateful, stinky day.

Then I came across this 40 pounder on Amazon for LESS than I was spending on 23 pounds in the brick and mortar pet stores in town. Well, let's just say every month my mailman gets a bit of a workout! :)
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