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on October 27, 2016
I've had 5 boxes of this litter delivered from Amazon and the performance is terrible. This isn't the same litter that I is stocked at big box stores. I purchased the exact same type at Fred Meyers and Walmart and that litter performs great! I don't understand why there is any difference purchasing the "exact same" product from Amazon, but there is, and it's disappointing.

The litter I've received from Amazon is considerably larger sized sand granuls, it is darker in color (wet in appearance), and lacks a quality clump and odor elimination. I thought maybe it was a bad batch and I would work through it. After 5 orders I've given up on amazon.

The exact same product I purchase at my local stores is NOTICEABLY better litter. It's lighter in color, drier, clumps much better, and vastly improved odor elimination. Yes, I know it sounds crazy or odd, but there is a difference and that is my experience with this litter from Amazon. SEE THE PICTURE ATTACHED. The litter on the left, with the large UPC code on the top of the box is from amazon.

I usually don't write a review unless I have a great experience or an experience that differs from the average user. Unfortunately, this amazon purchase was highly disappointed and perplexing as to the difference. I would NOT order or recommend anyone order this litter from amazon.
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on May 26, 2016
Do not buy this litter. I live in a household with five cats. Amazon was out of stock with my usual litter and I thought I'd try this to save a few bucks. However, a few days after I started using it, three of my cats started sneezing, and one ended up with an upper respiratory infection. A fourth cat ended up with a urinary tract infection. Now I'm not saying that these incidents are related to the litter, but my animals became healthy again when I dumped this litter out and went back to our previous litter, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Premium Litter, although two also needed multiple veterinary visits.

So be warned that this litter could cause problems for your furry friends. I know many mentioned the smell, which did not bother me, but I guess it did bother my cats' sensitive noses and systems.
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on October 22, 2013
We used to buy this litter a lot when we had two cats, but sometimes buy it when ultra last is out of stock as we have only one cat now. Overall this litter is excellent if you have two cats, it is a lot stronger than regular litter that is made for a single cat. The scent of this litter has a powder smell to it that is not strong but is strong enough to block out the smell of cat pee. We scoop the litter daily as our cat is very picky about having a clean litter box.

- Litter clumps well, easy to scoop
- Has nice mild scent, blocks cat pee ammonia very well

- The handle at the top of the box can be weak at sometimes and rip

Country of Origin: USA
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on January 15, 2017
Sorry, had to change back to one star. I was very happy with the lite fragrance that came with the litter. I also appreciated the lack of dust when pouring. I have COPD so dust is a big issue for me. However, I have a major concern with what the litter is made from. I have 5 large cats and 4 large litter boxes. Each time I scooped, I noticed shiny pieces that almost looked liked tiny shards of glass in the litter. I watched my cats paws closely for any evidence of blood or cuts and found none. A big relief. Since I can't find out where A and H are getting the litter or what its made from, I am going to switch back to my old litter to be on the safe side. Has anyone else noticed these shiny shards? If Arm and Hammer would state the source, I might have considered but at this point, I don't want to take the chance.
P.S. My 5 cats seem happier since I switched back to their old brand. Plus I'm not finding litter granules in the water bowls either. I think one of my cats was using the water bowl to wash out the large granules stuck between his toes! Granules are dangerously large!
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on December 8, 2016
Oh boy, how to get excited about cat litter....we were using the cheap cat litter, non clumping, and was tired of going to the store to get multiple bags at a time. We got this with the dash button to try it out. First thing, when we get low on litter, we press the dash button and a few days later there is a box of litter on my doorstep, priceless. Second, never using a clumping cat litter I was not sure what to think. We changed it over and waited. The cats used it with no problems. When scooping, the poops and the peeps came out in chunks. The smell was ok. With the previous litter, there was always a bit of a gagging going on, but this was not terrible. Once done scooping, we just needed to add a little more. Even though this was a bit more expensive than our previous litter, this will last longer. I would recommend this with the dash button!
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on August 18, 2016
I was really happy with this litter! I spent 5 years loyal to Trader Joe's pine but no longer live close enough to any stores that carry it, unless I wanted to waste space stockpiling it. I decided to make the jump to clumping litter and ended up choosing this one based on price and reviews. I have 2 very big cats (one over 20 lbs) that are a real challenge for any litter to keep up with, but this did a good job.


- It comes right to your door within a few days! I hate wrestling 40lb boxes in and out of my trunk and into the house. Love having it just show up.

- The smell is strong without being overpowering. I'm not overly sensitive to smells, and their box is in a little half-closet in the laundry room, so the fragrance blended in pretty nicely and was similar to the faint scent of detergent and fabric softener already there.

- It works! With two cats using it, I was never able to smell the box from outside the room. With some cheaper plain litters I'd used in emergencies, you could smell the cat pee after only one or two uses. This was good even if I was away and didn't get to scoop the box for 2 days. No more walking in to dirty cat box smell.


- It clumped well, but the largest clumps never completely held together. I assume this is because my two cats would pee in almost the same spots and keep them from hardening. Smaller spots were a dream to scoop up easily, but the big ones would often break and take a bit more effort to get everything. Probably not an issue for a house with fewer/smaller cats, or more boxes, or if you're like me and don't mind the breaking very much.

Overall it's a really effective litter, and even though you may be able to find some for a little bit cheaper on sale at a big box store, the fact it comes right to my door is more than worth it.
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on October 20, 2016
I liked that the litter clumped well which makes it easy to scoop and clean the litter. What I did not like was the litter claims to have advanced odor control but that has not been my experience it smelled in know time and I have one cat with a extra large, covered litter box that I scoop everyday.
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on August 31, 2016
My cat absolutely loves this litter and I think it was a good choice for her. It smells very fresh and the easy pour spout worked great. Scooping it is easy and the smaller litter pieces it's made up of help the excess litter fall right off when you scoop. It did a great job clumping up, which also made scooping easier. Although, one downfall to this lightweight, smaller litter is; my cat made a mess with it, flinging it and tracking it out of the box. It does keeps the odors down, but I could smell a mild odor after three days, even after scooping a few times a day. Overall, I think it is a good product and I would definitely purchase it again.
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on August 30, 2016
I'm very glad I found this Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter because I recently adopted a kitten and never knew how much litter prices were until now. This 40lb box of litter is on sale for under $15 which is about half of the original asking price. This is now my go to litter as the stuff in stores nearby is too expensive and not as good of quality. This litter clumps well and does a better job at deodorizing than other litter I've used. My cat also tries to hang out in her litter box every time after i change the litter so i think she enjoys the smell of it as well. I thought that the litter was such a good deal I even sent a box to my grandma and her gang of stray cats that come live in and out of her garage and she was very thankful. I would recommend this litter because it did the job and exceeded my expectations for the price. FYI I have one cat and I think we go through a box of this litter every month or two depending on how often we change it. Hope this review helps!
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on April 4, 2016
We have 3 indoor cats and all the smells that go along with that. I have not found a little that totally eradicates the odors, but I don't think that is possible. This Arm & Hammer Double Duty litter is about the best of the clumping litters we have tried. I continue to try other brands and varieties, however, in hopes of something better. There is a fragrance to this litter, so someone sensitive to that may want to avoid it. However, our litter box is right across from my bedroom and I'd rather smell the clean litter than the poop. It does not have a ton of dust, even when my cats get rowdy in their box. This is one of the less expensive litters I have purchased and it works okay if I scoop is at least 1x daily.
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