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on June 9, 2012
I have a galaxy Nexus from samsung -- its a big phone and unfortunately will no longer fit in my belkin strap... Considering the options, this is unfortunately the best. With that being said let me say what it does and what it doesnt:

what it does:
Holds my phone

what it doesnt do:
protect it from sweat (the entire thing is fabric except for the face)
give me a sense of security (the open top is loose and just seems like a potential accident waiting to happen)
fasten securely (the belt seems a bit sloppy sometimes -- although I have NEVER had it unfasten)

All in all, its the best option as of 6/12.. but hopefully higher quality bands come out soon.

[EDIT as of 11/5/13]
Funny that this is a top critical review... Regardless here is my update...
I have since moved to an HTC One -- this still holds my phone but barely (stress Barely as it tends to still pop out every now and then). The plastic has started to warp from use and it has started separating from the bottom lining of the case.

For consistent use over 1.5 yrs I am satisfied with its functionality -- its holds my phone -- but still wouldn't really say this is a great product -- just acceptable.
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on August 19, 2013
I have the Galaxy S4 and the Otterbox cover. The cover is in 2 pieces, the hard protective and the outer rubber part. When I slip the rubber part off, then I can slide the rest into the slot on the armband and it works just fine!
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on September 22, 2014
Good product - and it fits my iPhone 6 without having to remove the Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Bumper Case, though admittedly that isn't much to brag about as it's a very slim bumper case. But, it's still nice/convenient.

The phone fits in snug and isn't going anywhere. Not afraid of it falling out.

I purchased the iPhone 5 version when I first got that phone 2 years ago, and it lasted through the entire time (and is even still usable today). This was while seeing use a good 3-5 times a week, every week. In all that time the seams did start to come apart a tad, and the screen structure warps a little, but the phone is still held securely in place and can be used normally.

I also have 15" biceps and can still fit and wear the strap comfortably (as advertised).

Note that it does not completely prevent moisture from reaching the phone, so I wouldn't recommend going for a run in heavy rain. It's fine in light rain and for sweating though - I sweat like an animal and the worst I've seen get through is some minor condensation. Never have had any actual water damage or issues.

That said, it would be nice if there was a material in between the fiber and the phone to prevent that – but for $15 I’m content.
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on July 25, 2013
The Galaxy S4 case is almost perfect. It's easy to slide the phone into the compartment and it's held securely until you're ready to remove it. The armband is long enough to comfortably fit a guy with average to larger biceps. The velcro used to adjust and secure the armband is a lot gentler on microfiber running shirt sleeves. The only real negative is the lack of a keyholder. But I think you could secure a key in the headphone cable strap by putting the key on a a very short piece of cord loop, and placing both under the velcro with the headphone cable. I also like the fact this case was made in Taiwan, and not the People's Republic of China.
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on April 6, 2012
I bought this armband for working out at the gym so I could stop worrying about my phone dropping out of my pocket. I'm not sure why I didn't buy this sooner, with the constant fear of my phone falling from my pocket gone I can focus more on what I'm doing. Several people mentioned the need to buy the extension for the arm, personally I have pretty small arms, so I don't need it. But I can understand that if you have average to large arms it may not be quite big enough for you. I run and lift with the armband on, and while I was nervous the first time I was running on a treadmill, the band stayed tight and didn't go anywhere. It took a little time to get used to having something strapped to my arm at first, but now I'm not sure how I ever got by without it. It's a little difficult to get the phone back out, I find the front plastic sticks to the phone pretty good, but I'm never in a hurry to get it out, so it's not a big downside. The phone works just phone through the plastic face, not that I use it much while I'm working out, but it's nice for when I do want to change something on the phone.

Overall nice armband, phone fits well, armband doesn't move around while I'm working out. What more could I need?
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on December 4, 2013
I have not actually gone for a run with this armband, but I've used 2 others, so I feel I can compare them effectively. This is the best armband I have found. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3 (Google phone from about 2 years ago). My daughters have the LG Google Nexus 4 (bought 1 year ago). Both phones fit. I have a slim Cruzer Lite TPU case on my phone, and my phone fits easily with no parts sticking out and without stretching it much, though it still feels snug enough to not fall out. My daughters have thicker cases on their phones, and while they fit because it is stretchy, I think the seams will be strained over time, so I'd recommend buying the bigger size (this armband does now come in a bigger size). I measured the part of the case that holds the phone, and it's approximately 3" wide x 5.75" tall x 0.5" thick. My phone is 2.75" wide x 5.5" tall, and it is completely covered.

On to the functionality....the armband is very soft and stretchy and lightweight. It isn't bulky. The Velcro is very strong. There are 3 holes in the bottom for your headphones no matter where the hole is (this does not include the cutout corners you can see in the photo). The plastic over the front is pretty thin and responsive. Sweat will eventually soak through the back, but that's the case with almost any armband. If you have a case on your phone, it shouldn't be a problem. I had one that had plastic behind and in front of the phone, but it made it almost impossible to insert the phone because it would stick to both sides.

More on sizing....My arm is about 10" around, and I have it pulled almost to the tightest it will go, but I like it very snug, and it's stretchy. So, there is room for much bigger arms, but if you have very big arms, get the extension. Smaller arms would fit it fine as well (this is one of the smaller ones I've seen), though it's still too big on my 12 year old daughters.

As I said, I haven't used it while running, but my running partner has the iPhone version of this and has used it for 2 years and has had no problems with chafing or bouncing or anything. This feels much more secure on my arm than any others I have used. The fabric is a soft neoprene, which feels really nice.
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on April 27, 2017
Advertised online as being compatible with an iPhone 7 (see first photo). When it arrived today, it's clearly only for the iPhone 5 and 6 versions (see second photo). Way too small. Returned it.
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2013
I got this for running, and what I like about it is that the strap's Velcro clings tightly to my arm however high or low I mount it. I also like the small Velcro flap that you see in the picture: it lets me tuck in the slack headphone cord so it doesn't bounce around when I run.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the Galaxy SIII into the Sport Armband is to take it out of my protective cover and slip just the phone in. I can somewhat easily use the touchscreen through the clear plastic, but I don't expect the body of this armband to protect the phone very well if I drop it.

I do sweat a LOT, but so far I haven't soaked the thing enough to make me worry about my phone--the compartment slips the phone in through the top and it doesn't seem that my SIII is going to slide out.

Overall, this is a very good case, just with the caveat that I have to take my phone out of its cover to put it in.

NOTE: This review was posted under the Sport Armband for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and more. If you are seeing the review under another type of phone, be aware that Amazon sometimes does this and we reviewers have no control over it.
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on January 31, 2014
- Armband is relatively comfortable - material isn't irritating
- LG G2 Phone fit inside (even with slim-fit cover)
- Stays in place on upper arm while running
- Good Quality Materials

- Plastic is too thick - Makes touch screen unusable
- Inserting and removing the phone is quite difficult (with or without slim fit case)
- "Tune Belt" headphone cord holder doesn't hold - Cord releases quite frequently from velcro strap.
- Headphone Jack hole on the bottom isn't cut correctly - fabric partially covers the hole.

I haven't found an armband that really does the job. This model makes using your phone practically impossible once it's behind the plastic sleeve. The plastic is thick and "sticky" - it really grips both the front and the back of the phone. So - It will securely hold your phone while you're working out but that's about it. I think that the LGG2 is especially difficult in this case because the manual buttons are on the back of the phone - making it hard to even turn the screen on to see what time it is. (knock-on doesn't work through the plastic either!)
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on April 29, 2016
This is my 3rd tune-belt. 2nd for this particular phone which is an Apple 5C in a Spigen neo-hybrid case. By far the best armband style case I've seen/used. Comfortable and durable, it stays put on my arm throughout my workout sessions. My previous Tunebelt was a size under this one which worked great with my 5C until I added the Spigen case which was just enough bigger to stretch and eventually start loosening seams. This model fits perfectly over the Spigen cased 5C and looks to be just as well made as the previous tune belt arm bands. I hit the gym with this several times a week and when I walk out I am a soaking wet mess which includes the armband. The phone on the other hand doesn't seem to see any of that moisture and operates fine through the plastic screen protector if I turn the band on my arm so I can see the screen. I have NEVER had a phone fall out or even worry about that so reviewers who say otherwise I would venture to say bought the wrong size. Look and research carefully! there are a bunch of these and the size descriptions on Amazon are sometime missing if not flat out wrong. The comparison charts below some of the models are fairly limited in worth for this product too. Go to Tunebelt's web site: [...] to find the right fitting armband then come back to Amazon armed with the right model number to search for. Also note that the band is supposed to adjust for an arm circumference up to 16"....don't bet on that. It will fit 16", but you may need 3 hands to get it on If your bicep measures over 14". I recommend you get the extension band they sell for these if your arm measures 14" or more. The only other negative is that it'd be nice if it had a little key pocket, but on the few occasions I've needed one, I just slip it in the main pocket behind the phone. There are slightly cheaper arm bands, but this is worth the small added amount
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