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on June 17, 2014
Greg Palast tells it all regarding "black gold" and much more. Is he the next one on the NWO list?

June 28, 2014 --- I just finished reading "ARMED MADHOUSE" for the second time. What a profoundly shocking book about what is going on in the NWO! Do I believe 100% of it? No, just 99.9999%..... Greg has much courage to communicate to all of us what is going on behind the propaganda curtain --- especially with the OPEC types. Such shame! Such lack of compassion for the least of these! If I had the power, there would not be billionaires or even millionaires! There would be this thing called: "SHARING." I watched the movie: "NETWORK" which Greg wrote about extensively in Chapter 3: "The Network --- The World as a Company Town." This movie was right on the mark!
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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2007
"Ok, what is it? Read it to me." Apparently, I had just uttered one of my rather frequent expletives as I was reading Armed Madhouse, and my wife wanted to know what it was THIS time that I found so incredulous.

And that's what it is like to read Greg Palast's new book. I mean, I'm someone who basically keeps up with Palast's reporting via his emails online, but this book is just chock full of "Holy Mackerel!!" moments. It is a revelation. It is great investigative journalism.

Palast aims his investigative team like a spotlight onto the dark corners of our times: whether it is the Iraq war and how we really got there and why it looks like nobody knows what they're doing and why Ahmad Chalabi is sitting next to the first lady at the state of the union one moment, and the next thing you know he's being arrested and charged with being a spy for Iran; or the 2000 election results, and how the touch screen machines are the least of our problems in 2008; or the Katrina debacle, or the real goal of No Child Left Behind, or why Harriet Miers got the Supreme Court nomination, or why we co-sponsored a coup against Hugo Chavez.

This truly is essential reading for an informed electorate. I can't endorse it highly enough.
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on February 21, 2011
Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?,
EXCELELNT BOOK, I give it 10 stars...this books deserves 10 + stars, not just 4 or 5.

This is an excellent book. A friend of mine turned me onto Greg Palast. This Armed Madhouse tells it like it is in AmeriKa.
Like Vegas, like the stock market. the Profiteers run the show, by hook, or by crook. Amerika got dupped into two elections that were
stolen, and 2 wars that will not end before 15 years in each country.
Irag was divided up so that Oil would not flow, raising the price. Afganistan got bombed because the Gods put
Amerika's oil under two wrong coutnries, Iraq and Afganistan...that is all.
Kerry and Gore both won the electons by the states of Ohio and Florida. Don't ever believe anything else,
and Greg Palast puts up all the evidence for everyone to see. Provional ballots, hangng chads, thrown away votes..thown away AmeriKans.

The Republican Party is sinking Amerika with its debt and bible thumping attitudes, and by hook and crook.
ARMED MADHOUSE, is an Experience. You can flip through every page, any page at any time and find something new that you
should have known.
Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?,
EXCELELNT BOOK, I give it 10 stars...this books deserves 10 + stars, not just 4 or 5.
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VINE VOICEon July 4, 2006
If you are concerned with America, our way of life, our political process, and there is only one book you can read this year, I recommend you make it this one. Using creative colloqualisms that may annoy or amuse you, you cannot get away from the author's facts, statistics, leaked documents and information that prove why we really went into Iraq, how your vote was stolen or not counted, and how you are producing more today and earning less, and how your rights and security are being taken away from you.

In five long chapters, Palast covers a wide range of topics. I began highlighting important portions of the book for this review. In short order there was too much highlighted text to add here.

But it's Chapters 4 and 5 that will really scare the hell out of me because I realize that even if all of us vote, it is not enough. Palast shows:

*how the republican machine kept minorities from voting in 2000, 2004 and will keep them from voting in 2008.

* with statistical evidence how voting machines were too few in minority communities or too far away. Either the lines were too long or the trip back and forth was.

* that Kerry's name didn't even show on the ballot in some places.

* statistical anomalies where Black, Hispanic and American Indian votes where not even counted, or their machines didn't even register a vote for president. In white neighborhoods, such anomalies were almost nonexistent.

* how provisional and absentee ballots were simply discarded, or mailed to the voters too late to be returned and counted.

* how voting machine error and evidence were destroyed even after there were calls for an investigation that secretaries of states ignored.

* how voter reform is nothing but a blatent attempt to perpetuate this fraud rather than fix it e.g. In New Mexico anyone now challenging a vote must put up a $1,000,000 bond first!

* how the Republicans still managed to list thousands of law-abiding, registered voters from voting because they were on felon lists (even in Ohio) where there is no law against that.

* how republicans are clamoring for national ID cards (poll tax)costing $30, which will require that you to produce an ID to get the ID! Palast muses how many people are going to risk jail voting twice when you can barely get many of them to vote even once, or how many felons will risk going back to the jail just so they can vote. (In many states, they may.)

Palast got wind of some of these vote-destroying practices before the election and published and broadcast them to British and European audiences where they received wide attention, everywhere except the US of A. Now that our networks are owned by conglomerate businesses, the chances of receiving such news is nil.

Over three million votes tossed, unrecorded, thrown out, or people kept from voting, and the democrats did nothing! Even I thought more people had voted for Bush, but with Mr. Palast's evidence, Kerry won.

His last chapter is equally disturbing. Americans are producing more, yet taking home less. Power deregulation and higher gas prices have replaced the increased taxes we were not going to have. Both industries have forced black-outs or profit gouging. Companies have reneged on their pension and health care contracts while maintaining those for management. We are now making less wages than we did when Lyndon Johnson was president. Our Department of LABOR actually shows businesses (in public registers) how they can avoid paying overtime to their workers by making them hourly wage earners or simply calling them managers. That's our US Department of Labor!

This book is too important to ignore. This book tells you that you cannot ignore politics simply because you don't trust politicians. They are sapping our earning power, our quality of life, and our rights. The only constituents they have are the ones with the deepest pockets. This book should stir you into action, to make sure "voter reform" does not take your vote away, to ensure that there are voting machines that give you a printed receipt, that secretaries of state do not have conflicts of interest with voting machine companies or work for a presidential campaign at the same time they are counting votes.

This book reminds me a little too much of "Animal Farm." I see the 59,000,000 people who voted for Bush as being the same as the character Thumper, the horse that works hard, looking for his reward in the end. Thinking he is going to the hospital, Thumper is sent off to the glue factory by Napoleon (guess who?)when he is too sick to produce anymore. If you actually believe that this administration or congress actually cares about Americans over business interests, than you really need to read this book.

We could take a page from Equador, Palast insists. They knew their election was rigged. They struck, and took to the streets, and chased the usurper out of the country. We might have to do the same if we don't want to end up in the glue factory.

If you don't believe it, ask the pilots of United Airlines when the company managers reneged on honoring their pensions but kept their own.

Happy Independence Day!
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on April 7, 2015
Interesting. We all need to prepare for the worst. Have food and water to last your family at least for three months or more. Weapons and ammunition enough to at least make a valiant attempt at defending your'self and family.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2007
This book is crammed with information and (a novelty for the times we live in), truth, as opposed to 'truthiness,' This is the real stuff in largely undiluted form, so be prepared: it can be dense and at times, a bit confusing to remember all the players, although Palst does his best to make reading about greedy scoundrels doing nasty things fun.

Palast is a hard nosed detective-his years as a fraud investigator have been put to good use in reinventing himself as an investigative journalist par excellence. While Greg Palast should be a household name here in the states, he is almost completely unknown in his native land. Luckily for us he found a home with the bbc, or these stories might never have found their way into print. Excellently researched and brilliantly written in an engaging, witty and ascerbic style, Palast's stories are so potent that one reviewer was compelled to say they may even alter history. This is no exaggeration. As I write this and the investigation of the dismissal of the 9 prosecuting judges goes forward, a story appeared a couple of days ago in a Chicago paper linking that story with GOP caging lists, those same lists which came into Palast's possession shortly before the 2004 election. In a recent talk, Palst noted that in one intercepted memo, Karl Rove gloated that the caging list story had yet to surface in the american press. Better wipe that smug grin off your pudgy face Mr Rove. It ain't over until the fat ummmm... person sings.

This is a mind bogglingly dense expose on the infighting between the newcons and BIg Oil over the Iraq war and economic policy (hint, it WAS about oil, just not in the way we thought!), the aformentioned caging lists and throwing out of "provisional votes" in the 2004 election, hurricane Katrina mismanagement and god knows what else. I'm only halfway through the thing.

What distinguishes Palast from othe Bush bashers etc is that he's actually interested in the Truth rather than pumping up his own ego. He works harder than the rest and has a way of getting people who should know better to spill their guts into his hidden digital recorder. He also has a knack for procuring confidential documents that shed light on the interests and actual reasons behind our foreign and domestic policy decisions and who really shapes them. By the way, Bush is rarely on the "A" list of policy makers, if on the list at all.

There is an edge to Mr Palast's writing. He is in his own words, "not a nice person". He can be very tough on people and is not above holding a personal grudge. A case in point is Al Gore. Palast seems to hold such a grudge-he felt spurned by Mr Gore (although I forget the details.) Palast obviously identifies with working class people and resents those who have had the benefit of economic privilege. In his defense, he is a 'nonpartisan frat boy basher', but when he gives Mr Gore a going over it seems beneath him in its vitriol and personal malice.

I don't usually read political books- but this one is different. It abounds in insight, intelligence and is steeped in irony. It is hard to put down. I wish that every american, regardless of political persuasion, would read it. But you and I both know that tragically, they won't.
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on August 17, 2014
Palast is a remarkable investigative journalist. If you've suspected that "something" is rotten in the kingdom of U.S. elections, at all levels, you were right. It's astonishing how corrupt and manipulated elections are. It should be mandatory reading in schools (but hasn't a chance.)
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on December 31, 2012
Wild story about how the government and big corporations really interact.

Read why BP will never ever pay any money for ruining the Gulf of Mexico. How they told everyone they can't believe this ever happened because it never happened before and then read about the two times it already happened to them and we just never heard about it because they kept the lid on the news in the countries where it happened.

Read how a few big tycoons are stealing the country blind.

This book will make you see red and it reads like a spy thriller!
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on January 16, 2014
Greg Palast is an excellent author for those who want to know what Washington is all about. He deals with the political scene in a straight forward fashion leaving little to the imagination. It is written in common everyday language. It is not a doctoral thesis from some political theorist who double-speaks every other sentence. He'll offend some with his honesty. You won't want to believe that they are actually doing this to us. For the person on the go.
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on January 27, 2010
an entire war being orchestrated out of smoke filled back-rooms, so to speak. (I am trying to write this review as Palast would write it himself). But seriously, this is a MUST read! It is all documented. all fact. written in entertaining enjoyable style. This book fills in the blanks the main stream media purposely leaves behind. In fact, it is the job of the MSM to create a plausible and surprisingly erudite confusion/fog so that those who know better can carry on. Enter Palast, center stage, and the fog clears, and the public are armed with knowledge. I really don't want to give away any more punch. Drink it in yourself! cheers.
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