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4.1 out of 5 stars
Armitage III: OVA
Format: DVD|Change
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HALL OF FAMEon March 16, 2003
Anime science fiction seems endlessly fascinated with the question of the borderline between humans and robots. The answers are surprisingly complicated as the directors confront us with humans who are little more than sophisticated and psychotic machines, and robots that have the finer emotional constructs that their human counterparts are often lacking. In this DVD, which collects the original OVA series, we find one of the works that laid the groundwork for a whole genre.
Ross Sylibus has done what many cops do. Memories too intense he has left earth to become a detective in the Martian Police Department. His new partner is Naomi Armitage, a wisecracking, independent cop who dresses like a street girl. Their first assignment is to solve a string of murders where the victims are all beautiful robots. Special robots that are so close to human that they can become pregnant. They find a lunatic behind the killings and a web of conspiracy behind the lunatic.
The relationship between Naomi and Ross moves past an argumentative partnership as they discover some of the truths about each other in their struggle to stop a wave of anti-robot sentiment that seems about to overwhelm the Martian colony. Their feelings for each other tells is what human really means, even if it is clear to the end that few on either world really understand.
Director Hiroyuki Ochi has created a series that owes much to 'Bladerunner,' but avoids being a hackneyed copy for all its borrowing of plot devices. The aggressive role played by Naomi sets the two films apart, underlying the core humanity of the Type III robots that have been queued up for slaughter when they have outlived their use. Visually the film work and illustration are deeply satisfying, using a style that is more naturalistic than the anime stylings to which we've become accustomed. It is difficult to talk about work done in 1994 as 'seminal,' but the OVA and the related film had a great deal of effect on other anime. Consider this a must see.
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on September 19, 2014
This is the original "Armitage 3rd" the 4 original OVA episodes. This was made back in 1995, so its 90s. This is a cyber punk anime, and for its time was very good but at today's standards its well.. average. If your planing on watching the entire series, which i'd say go for it, it was a decent experience. Either watch "Armitage 3rd OVA's or Armitage 3rd-Poly Matrix" DON'T watch both, they are literally exactly the same except the OVAs have an opening and ending credit after every episode. Then after you watch one or the other you can continue the series with the second movie "Armitage 3rd Dual-Matrix". But basically if your into cyber punk or better yet 90s cyber punk your more likely to like this than your average anime fan.
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on April 2, 2013
I like the story line very much about robots in the future that help terra form worlds and bear children (If they are Thirds). It starts out a little weak about the "last country singer" being killed in the spaceport of Mars who turns out to be a Third. I was puzzled, had most people tired of that music and decided to choose other career paths in life. Our hero, Detective Sylibus has decided to immigrate to Mars and continue his law enforcement career. This is a good action story, fights, and a conspiracy about why the Thirds are being assinated. He doesn't realize until later that his new partner is a Third herself. The graphics are not great but you will ignore that as you follow the story. I believe you'll not be disappointed in your purchase.
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on March 18, 2007
This anime is surprisingly complicated. It opens with a seemingly random act of violence against an android, or "third" who is masquerading as a human. Then when a list of these "thirds" is released, there is a violent outpouring of anti-robot sentiment on Mars, where the story takes place. This series of episodes is interesting, in that it calls into question what defines humanity. Our main protagonist, Ross Syllabus despises machines due to the fact that one caused the death of his partner, and left him crippled. Naomi Armitage, our female lead, seems to react negatively whenever Ross mentions his dislike for machines. Some of the humans in this series are as bad as the supposed machines they destroy. The question becomes, at what point does a machine become greater than the sum of its parts. One of the thirds asks "If Humans don't want me, why did they make me?", this sets up the political undertones for the entire series. Although not directly explained, the seemingly random violence against the thirds is really part of a political power play. If you like good, fast paced action, with stunning animation, watch this series. The soundtrack is appropriate, if a little electronic. The Characters are multi-dimensional and engaging. The political undertones are a little complicated and not directly explained, but if you pay attention, you will be able to piece the whole story together fairly easily. This series is not for children, the violence is about what you would see on an episode of "24". I strongly recommend it.
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on November 14, 2003
This is the original work that someone hacked to make the movie "Armitage III Poly-Matrix". If you saw and liked the movie but haven't seen this 4-part OAV series, you will like this. Just don't expect the dub cast from "Poly-Matrix" to be in this one.
As to the story, it won't win any awards but it is good nevertheless. Those who see "Blade Runner" are correct since that classic movie can be called the father of the cyberpunk genre of sci-fi. This is a cyberpunk series and it owes a lot to "Blade Runner", but it is not that movie. "Armitage III" is a tale of two cops, Ross and Armitage. Ross was a cop in Chicago who's partner was killed by a cyborg. As such, he hates cyborgs and other robotic creations, though ironically, he has a robotic leg. He then transfers to Mars and is partnered with the female Armitage. No sooner than he arrives then Armitage uncovers a murder at the spaceport. The murdered victim is a very famous female country singer, but everyone is shocked when it is discovered she is a robot. While cyborgs and androids are common, robots who look and act exactly like a real human are not supposed to exist. These are known as "Type III" robots.
Many themes are explored in this series. First are the roles of androids/robots in society. Normal androids are treated like slaves. Type III's have a will and are no one's slave. Also, the roles of men and women in society are explored. Earth has become a feminist nation and on Mars, men have fled to female androids for companionship. So is it OK for women to be strong, yet still be women (and not try to be like a man)? Is it OK for a human to love a human-like robot and vice versa?
I love Armitage as she's my favorite type of heroine. The romance between her and Ross isn't overplayed so don't worry about mush. Yet it is touching just the same. The art and animation are good. It didn't start out as good in the first episode, but improves a lot by the time episode 4 rolls around. The music is rooted in cyberpunk and those who've seen anime titles like "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" or "Divergence Eve" will see the music there is very similar. There's just a lot of good things about this and after seeing it, I am happy to purchase this title.
Bottom line: Skip the movie "Armitage III Poly-Matrix" which is just a hack job of this series and watch this title instead. If you've already seen the movie and liked it, you'll like this more.
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on December 18, 2002
This is an interesting 4 episode series which starts out strong and, unfortunately, ends weak. Basically we have the cop team of Armitage (who turns out to be a "third" robot) and her human sidekick Sylibus who are out after a suspect in a string of robot "murders". After a very exciting first episode, Armitage and Sylibus go their separate ways only to meet up and work again later as outlaws before the series finale. There are some really exciting parts in the first half of the series, unhappily the last half bogs down with unanswered questions. The conclusion is like a made-for-TV happy ending which disappointed, to say the least. I like this series anyway despite it's weaknesses and suggest that it is worth your time to watch. Armitage is one sexy babe.
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on January 12, 2016
love this movie
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on July 26, 2013
This is a good anime with poly plots.One is people trying to destroy robots & cyborgs.The other plots is about people saving robots & cyborgs.Here one cyborg is trying to get the secrets about them.Another plot is about a person trying to get secrets to make weapons of cyborgs.
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on November 8, 2002
The original 4 Episodes that Pioneer chopped to make the Armitage III movie. Unless you found the movie awesome this may be a waste of time for you but for a fan it the ultimate version. The first epiosde is kept mostly intact in the movie however the later 3 episodes show a lot of extra footage.
Armitage of a cyberpunk anime along the lines of Cyber city in concept (but with no swearing). A great watch for those who love some action with a bit of drama.
The voices are different, in my humble opinion Armitage's voice is better in the movie however the OVA's have a good enough voice. The big advantage I found was in Ross her partner, The OVA has such a better voice than the half asleep actor who played Ross in the movie.
In short if you haven't got the movie buy this, if you have and fell in love with it, buy this.
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on June 17, 2015
this video cleans up a lot of things that wasn't in the movie
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