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on August 29, 2014
First of all, I would like to say that this the best watch I've had in this price range. It is very appealing and comes with all features you would expect from a sports watch. The build quality is very sturdy and not cheap in the slightest way.

The packaging the watch came arrived in good shape and was wrapped around the display stand. There were no instructions included but you can figure most of the functions by fiddling around with the watch for a couple minutes. The watch arrived much earlier then I expected, only took 3 days for the package to arrive in my mailbox after I ordered it. (I chose standard shipping, but it was most likely delivered so fast because I live close to the shipping carrier)

This watch has amazing functionality and the buttons are responsive to the touch. Sometimes it's a little too sensitive and I accidentally press it, but this is a very minor nit pick as it rarely happens to me. The features include a stop watch, date/days of the week, backlit display, and water resistance up to 330 ft.

The red color encompassed around the watch and buttons is very vivid and will definitely catch your attention when you glace over it. The wrist straps felt a little bit flimsy but that was most likely due to how ginormous this watch is! The size of this watch is massive and covers my entire wrist. I actually like that as I can easily see the numbers on the screen. I love wearing this watch while jogging as I can accurately tell the time. It also makes a great compliment for swimming as I regularly use it in the pool since it is water resistant. The style of the watch also gives it that cool sleek look that will look great when you wear it in public. If I didn't know any better, I would of that this was an expensive watch that would of cost at least $100. That's how you know a watch is of superior quality when it deceives you like that.

Even though this may be considered as a "cheap" watch, do not correlate that to an inferior knock-off product. This is one of the best bang for your buck sports watches you can get for the price and you will regret not buying this great watch!

TL;DR [Buy this watch, it is a fantastic sports watch that has style, functionality, and durability]
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on January 10, 2015
I bought this watch along with an Invicta watch. I couldn't decide with type of watch I wanted and with this watch being as inexpensive as it is just bought both. I was originally going to buy the Casio Men's AE1000W-1B but Amazon was having selling issues when it came time to checkout with that watch. So I looked and found this one. I'm glad I did.
Now, of course the Invicta is better made and of higher quality but that doesn't mean this isn't a good watch. I really like so I'll keep it for my weekend watch. It's nice and big, almost as big as the Invicta, which is a diver watch, so it's pretty big but very light and comfortable. It's very easy to read and has a light, not as bright as Timex's "Indiglo" but it's cooler -- it lights up the numbers as opposed to whole face.
It's probably not as nice or as durable as a Casio G-Shock this is meant to replicate but for under $25 and I bet it tells time just as good. My only real gripe is that the band isn't very well made. I'm sure if you don't abuse it it'll last as long as the watch but one good catch on a door or belt and this band will most likely rip. If you're giving this to a kid or you're very active I'd say absolutely buy the watch but just be advised you'll probably need a new band before you need to change the battery.

Overall it's a pretty good cheap watch. Not made of the best materials but if you're looking for a sub $25 watch that has a light, date. alarm and chronograph I can't see how you be disappointed in this watch.
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on February 21, 2015
So far this watch is really nice, comfortable and was easy to setup. I gave it 4 stars because the instructions are kinda lacking it seems so that leads to my questions.
1. Direction - The watch has the north, south, east and west on it. There is online how to find where you are with a analog watch that has the hour and minute hands. How does the north, south, east and west work on this watch? Maybe a link to directions possibly?
2. Depth while in the water - This watch has the marking for depth, has anyone used it? How does this function and read on the watch?
Overall this watch functions good exceptmformthese two items I listed which I have not found any info pertaining to the functions and how they work on this watch or if they actually work or are only decoration.
If there are any links with info I would love to visit the site and see what's going on and figure these out.
I do have one request...if the directional is the same as the analog watch in finding the direction, can it be listed in steps where the north should be or the hour hand should be and the rest of it.
I understand it should not or cannot work on a digital watch....but as others will agree, I know where the numbers should be on the watch in regards to what time it is. There are marking on the bezel for all the numbers on the watch also.
Thank you for your time in answering my questions.
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on November 6, 2013
This watch is very nice and does not look cheap. It looks like one that you would buy at a store in any mall. Make sure you look at the dimensions of the face before you purchase like I did. The face of this watch is large. I do not mind that at all. It is a masculine watch. Also like one of the ratings said, the light up dial is excellent because the numbers themselves light up blue. It is not back lit. All-in-all this was a great purchase so far and I would recommend this watch to anyone. It is beautiful and well made.
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on March 17, 2016
I brought this watch because red is my favorite color and I liked the big bulky look and it looked well made! I must say that I am very satisfied with the quality of this watch and it's heavier than I expected which is a plus! Listen guys if you don't like big face watches DO NOT buy this watch! It is NOT for kids, and even in last hole in the band it still fits a little big I guess I gotta get fat! I just have smaller wrist. It is a bit of a task setting. But I'd buy it 10 times over.
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on April 14, 2015
I have to premise my rating with the cost of the unit (under $30). This is not an expensive (over $150) superlative chronometer or stop watch, despite being made to look like one. It is not.

I bought this watch because the face was big and it looked like it would be easier to read while swimming; it is. The function buttons on the watch looked big and like they would be easy to press; they are.

The watch looks like it has a movable compass bezel because it has N, E, S and W on the face. But, this is not a movable bezel. I think it is for show and serves no purpose. A dishonest attempt to make the watch look more expensive and more functional than it is.

I received this watch on time. I could not open the case to get at the instructions. I had to break the case to get at the instructions.

The instructions are written in a very small font size on a tiny long piece of paper. They are almost impossible to read, especially if you wear glasses for reading. The Instructions are very difficult to follow. I found instructions on the internet that were supposed to be for this watch, but the buttons were not in same locations, e.g., reset was on bottom right instead of top left. There was a phone number to call for help. After waiting on the phone for about 15 minutes, a representative did talk to me. She told me to follow the instructions starting with step one and go through each step without missing a step. I told her that was not working and I needed more help. She then said that I needed to talk to another representative and was transferred to that person who was not there. I left a message on her voice mail, but she never called me back after two weeks.

After working with the watch and the internet instructions for about 2 hours, I was finally able to set it up properly and test all functions.

The watch has a light button, but the light does very little and does not stay on long enough. If you are in a totally dark room with no other light, it does work somewhat.

I just used the watch today for swimming at the local RecPlex indoor pool. The stop watch function worked great and was easy to read in indoor pool light. This watch has 330 FT on its face at the bottom. I guess this watch is supposed to be water resistant to 330 FT. No sane scuba diver would use this watch for deep water diving. So again, this appears to be advertising hype, which most of us will never to able to test.

Anyway, no water got into the watch after swimming for about 30 minutes.

Conclusion, for under $30, this watch does do what it was intended to do – track time.

This watch is too big and ostentatious to wear for daily ordinary use.
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on June 12, 2016
So far this has been an amazing buy. For the price you really can't beat Armitron watches for everyday use. Not the most feature packed watches on the market but have features that most people need and/or use on a regular basis with the exception of a countdown timer. The lack of a countdown timer is the only real drawback of this watch in my opinion.

Also, the watch is big but not heavy so I've found that the watch is very comfortable to wear over long periods of time despite it's size. This may also be due to the very soft rubber or resin the strap is made of. It's very flexible. I love the orange and gray color scheme but there are a few other color combos if this one doesn't do it for you. The watch is kept good time over the last few months I've owned it and has also functioned flawlessly when worn under water.

If you've been eyeing this watch for awhile I recommend biting the bullet and just getting it. You won't be sorry.
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on February 12, 2017
Been wearing it since the day it came in the mail. Comfortable even though it is a bit big. I have a fairly small wrist for a man and it looks large but does not spin over onto the side of my wrist like my last watch (A cheap Casio) that was driving me crazy. Had to get away from Casio and this is keeping time well so far. Off less than one minute in 45 days or so. Only drawback I see is the shape of the LCD digits are a little funky--like they are out of the James Caan Rollerball movie.
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on April 12, 2017
Nice looking watch! I've had a lot of luck with Armitron watches and I keep coming back. I get more complements on my $20 Armitron than I do on a $500 Michael Kors. So, I decided to buy an Armitron for my boyfriend in hopes that he'd love the brand as much as I do. He did! Looks great on him. Colors are very nice and it has all the extras he likes. He has a small wrist so I was afraid this would be too large but he actually likes it that way. Happy when he's happy!!
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on June 15, 2016
Bought this watch 2 years ago as a replacement for another brand whose silicone band broke. I love the look of the watch, but you'd think these watch companies would provide readily available replacement wrist bands at a reasonable price. I mean, they HAVE TO know by now that these bands have a limited lifespan. They portray this as a sports watch, so you'd think the band would be more durable... not so much. I've treid to fix these silicone bands with super glue before, with no luck. Because the watch is relatively inexpensive, I don't have a beef with having to replace the strap after two years. I just think they should make a $5 or so replacement available via the same outlets that sell the original, or provide a replacement strap or two with the original purchase for an additional fee. The watch itself continues to work fine. I don't want to buy another one just because the strap broke.
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