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on November 6, 2012
I've never used a cover like this one before and I was a little unsure of it. It's sticky as all get out. Thank heavens for the application spray it comes with. They should also tell you that you must be naked and in some kind of anti static vacuum in order to apply this protective film. Any dust, lint, debris that is in the air, will be attracted to it and stick. Again, thanks for the application spray. Once the protective film is on, forget ever trying to take it off. It's a little more "rubbery" feeling than I am used to, but it doesn't seem to impair touch screen use. And I do like knowing that both the screen and back and sides of my phone are protected from damage. I don't think anything is ever getting through this sucker lol. But now that I know how to use it and what to expect from it, I definitely feel I would by it again. It's an American Made product at a great price. Time will tell if it lives up to it's name. Judging from most of the reviews on here, I have no doubt that it will.
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on November 28, 2012
Let me start out by saying, I am not nuts. I do not generally get so mad that I throw things. However, tonight I did. I slung everything I could get my hands on for about 20 seconds, and unfortunately, my new Note 2 was in my hand. I slung it against a door frame, hard, where it proceeded to split into several parts. A little while later, when I had regained my sanity, and realized that I had killed my one and only business phone, I went to pick up the pieces and parts. Well, lo and behold, not only was nothing actually broken on my phone, there wasn't a scratch on it (It booted up and works just fine). I was already impressed with how it handled the depths of my purse, with keys, nail files, jeweled sunglasses and Lord knows what else rubbing up on it. But this one really was amazing. I can't totally attribute the lack of screen breakage to the ArmorSuit, because I hear the Gorilla Glass in the Note 2 is great - but door frames, and tile floors on top of that - it was pretty impressive. There is not a scratch on it, all plastic is fully intact. I will say my husband was VERY impressed, the man who has paid to have the glass replaced in his iPhone at least twice after simply dropping it on the tile floor. The ArmorSuit was a little tedious to put on, especially around the edges, but I wasn't in a hurry and really it went on as nicely as could be expected. I wasn't really great about the 14 hours of unplugging that ArmorSuit recommended, but it has still handled changing phone cases (a couple times a day) like a charm, even on the edges. Most impressive - thanks ArmorSuit - I really do love my phone and want it to stay intact and am awfully thankful I chose to try this.
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on October 31, 2012
If you have ever used an Armorsuit protector before you know what to expect. This is no exception.


+Extremely Durable
+High Quality
+Easy Install
+Lifetime replacements(never had to try yet)
+Once installed right, almost completely invisible


-CAREFUL! Don't Press to hard with the stylus. by doing so I made trails in the protector that I can see when the screen is off. These shields are suppose to work things like that out over time. I have yet to see an improvement on the trails in 4~ days.
-Side pieces are slightly hard to put on. but just take your time.


I just feel good knowing that my new expensive phone is protected by an invisible shield. THANKS ARMORSUIT!

UPDATE 11/13/12:

marks from stylus are still visible, so you can discard the "scratches work their way out" bit. but not worthy of docking a star as its my own fault for pressing too hard.

UPDATE 5/4/13:

not as big of a fan of armorsuit anymore. after a few months of working with my phone in my pocket, i pulled my phone out one day with the front suit missing. this isn't technically armorsuits fault and I don't blame them. However I don't think i will be buying them for phones in the future because they come off too easy for a active pocket-able device. -1 star
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on December 28, 2012
This was my first try of a 'wet' application for a protective device and I had my doubts, but just follow the instructions and the application of this protective shield is a piece of cake. Due to the 'wet' application you have the freedom to move the shield around until it is perfectly placed, and it is easy to get rid of most of the little bubbles that form in the process.

The package includes protective shields for the front, back and all sides of the phone. It also comes with a cloth and plastic scraper to iron out the bubbles.

Only 4 stars because:
1 - Applying the side protection is tricky and they could provide some hints on how to make this more practical. I battled with this and had to apply the wetting fluid multiple times to get it right. At the end it looked OK but I had one little corner that would not stay down.
2 - After waiting a day from applying the covers, the front cover still had little uneven patches. Not bubbles, but what looked like little 'stretch marks'. These were not distracting, but not nice regardless. They did not go away and it is now 3 weeks so I guess they are there to stay.

The two negative aspects mentioned above are minor issues and if I could give 4.5 stars it would be a more fair rating. I will purchase this again if I need a similar product.
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on December 15, 2012
This screen is as close to clear (non existent) protection that you can get; it is very easy to apply; the key is to use plenty of solution so that you get the screen on even; then remove the bubbles allowing any tiny bubbles to go away in a day or two. I applied the full protection decided not to use a case; the screen front and back protects the phone.

I have read reviews now about overlapping and marks with S Pen that I simply do not understand. The screen protector was perfectly sized for both front and back and the use of the S pen requires no force and leaves no mark's on the screens surface.

I did have an issue with Galaxy III screen and customer service responded within 2 hours of my question and my issue has been resolved; thus if anything has occurred contact customer service who will help you solve the issue A+++ customer service.
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on June 3, 2017
Fast Delivery, perfect i want~!!
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on November 15, 2014
Had it "professionally" installed at sprint and still managed to get one scratch on the lower part of the phone by the button. The part that was suppose to cover the button only lasted a few days before getting lost. The plastic is too thick and you have to press hard to get your phone to respond to the stylus or finger. It already failed for what I intended it's initial use and it just made using your phone not so fun. It just gets in the way, does not improve your life in anyway.
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on November 11, 2012
Bought 3 of these for me and my friends. The Note 2 is a big device and this product fits it perfectly. You can feel the quality inside out, right from the packaging and to the spray and instructions. Only drawback is that it needs to be done in a very precise way and in a very clean, dust free, and if you can *air free* environment! It took me over an hour to get it all done, the front and back are fool proof, the ones that need time and consumed most of it is the sides. Maybe that is not their fault because the device design is very thin and slippery on its sides. I am giving my Note 2 a 14 hr rest time after application and still have a Samsung Galaxy SII to apply this to! Overall, a very high quality product.

On a side note, the Gorilla Glass 2 on the Note 2 doesn't need any protection. Go to YouTube and search for "Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Knife Screen Scratch Test" and you'll see what I am talking about. I bought this for the sides and back protection ad its all made of plastic and doesn't seem to be scratch resistant. I hope the manufacturer realize this and offer back and side protection only as the Gorilla Glass 2 is very tough on its own.

After 5 months:

OK So Its been a while. I cant agree more that this product is heavy duty but it definitely doesn't work well with Spen as other reviewers mentioned. Spen leaves marks on the screen that doesn't go away over time. Positive thing is you cannot see these marks when the screen is on, but its very present when the screen is off.

Another thing, due to the phone being very thin, the adhesive went away on the parts of the volume rocker and the power button. other than that, the back is perfect and it didn't come out.

Their lifetime replacement is real, the downside is you have to fill the printed form and send it to them. which will have your credit card details. Did I mention that you actually have to PRINT and FILL it?
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on December 6, 2012
I have never tried phone protectors like this before and I was a bit skeptical at first. After purchasing it and applying it to my Galaxy note 2 I have to say that I was sorely mistaken for being skeptical. The touch screen does not seem to have loss any sensitivity, the screen itself has remained fairly immaculate, and the body has been well protected. All this while still having the added dimenion of less than a milimeter all around.

I would recommend this to anyone that would like to have a nice "non-existent" protective layer for their phone.

Thanks Armoursuit!
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on November 20, 2012
I chose and ordered this item based on photos and description, but during the installation found the battery cover piece to be especially hard to keep in place while wiping the water away. Maybe the thickness was the issue for this type of product, though it looks like once installed, it would protect the phone sufficiently. Also, due to the thickness of the shield on the front piece, when my seven year-old grandson got his hand on my phone and had fun with the pen and the drawing app, I found permanent streaks or marks from the drawing activity. The pen of Samsung's Galaxy Note II has a rubber tip, so I do not feel the damaged the shield, but somehow left permanent indentations. I was totally surprised and dissatisfied.
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