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on July 28, 2012
I had purchased Poetic Profilm to protect my new Ausus Transformer tablet and became extremely frustrated with trying to apply it effectively. A friend said he had never had luck with any of the less expensive protector sheets, so I decided to pay a bit more and get the ArmorSuit Military Shield. Some of the reviews said it was important to follow the directions and even suggested watching a video first, so I was a bit intimidated about the application process. But it was really easy! The system requires putting the included liquid on your fingers for easier handling of the sheet, and on the sheet itself. I may have used more than necessary, but following the directions on the package, it went on perfectly the very first try. and unlike others who have posted reviews, I didn't have any issues with air pockets - not a one remained after using the squeegee to remove the excess liquid. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to protect a tablet or phone etc.
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Top Contributor: Crocheton March 11, 2017
OMG what a pain in the butt... 2 people tried, this doesn't go on clean...
I thought I ordered Tempered glass screen protector, not this thing, silicone or whatever it is.
I will NEVER buy this or anything like this again.
Returning... Now I need to find Tempered glass to fit this Asus transformer TF300T. 10.1"
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on May 22, 2012
This is the second Armorsuit i have purchased from YesAvenue. The first was for my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. I must profess that i was more than a little anxious when i bought that and watched the video showing how to apply it (link to youtube included with the Sheild). It looks like you are applying a LOT of water to apply the sheild, in reality its like most liquids, it just APPEARS to be a lot..though you do have to take a few steps to protect your device, like making sure it is Powered OFF and battery removed if possible, and dont squeegee the liquid towards open ports/switches. Following the instructions, i washed my hands ..then prayed my hands with the included solution, and both sides of the Shield. Tkae care to apply the shield as close to the correct position as posible on first application. You do have a little slide room, but not much. Once the shield is on use the supplied rubber squeegee to express the liquid from under the shield, this will leave just enough to activate the adhesive, and ensure the sheild stays in place. It really is a VERY EASY process, if you buy the full body sheild, you can use a hairdrier to the sheild, especially to the cut peices to get a good fit. There were some bubbles under mine i couldnt get out...and a slight frosting in one corner. I emailed YesAvenue and had a very quick resopnse, explaining that these will disappear within a few days, and if they did not to contact them and they would replace the sheild. It happened just as they said..within 24 hours the frosting AND the bubbles have gone...and i have a wonderful new Crystal Clear sheild. This sheild is Easily as good as the ZAGG invisible sheild..(which i have on my Nook Color and which is applied exactly the same way, has the same lifetime warrenty) etc at one third or less of the Cost. Why would you buy your sheild anywhere else. Get them for all your devices, you wont regret it. YesAvenue is a superb vendor, wish all the Amazon vendors were as good.
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on June 29, 2013
I've had my TF300 for a year or so, and initially I purchased a competitor's product to protect the screen, as I had used their products on our family's phones. The competitor product was difficult to install on the TF300, and once "dry" and ready for use, the touchscreen no longer responded to touch, or intermittently would respond. After about a week with this, hoping it would get better, I removed the competitor screen protector and just used it without one.

I saw the ArmorSuit product and thought I would try again, but I wanted to ask the question about the touchscreen, and on the Amazon product screen, it offered a place to ask questions. The answers I received convinced me to give this a try and the results were amazing.

# The instructions were in LARGE enough print that I didn't need a magnifying glass AND my reading glasses to actually read, and I truly appreciate that.

# The product was EASY to separate from the backing (Versus the competitor product)

# The cutouts on the product matched EXACTLY (Versus competitor product)

# There was plenty of water spray to do a second application if needed (I've had to use secondary bowl of warm water in the past with competitor product as the spray ran out during application process)

# The best thing of all is that once the overnight drying/setting occurred and I turned it on this morning, there is absolutely NO CHANGE in touch screen performance!

I would recommend this protector for any device with a touchscreen that you want to protect.
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on June 12, 2013
I was quite pleased with the installation of this screen protector. I usually have to install these in a bathroom with hot water running to minimize dust. I would recommend doing that anyway. I installed mine in a server room where a majority of the air is filtered anyway. I was a bit hesitant about using the spray as I have never done that before. I have to admit that was the slickest and fasted 5 mins (mostly reading instructions) for applying the shield. This thing was worth every penny. You can notice that there is a screen protector on the device but you can say that for every screen protector out there. I would highly recommend this shield to anyone. You have to be careful applying it because is seriously edge to edge fit. Very Very Pleased!

Update!: I have noticed over the last few hours as the shield is drying that it has become more clear. It is almost completely clear. I would say this is by far the clearest screen protector I have ever used. I almost can't tell there is a screen protector on it anymore. There are no bubbles, the ends have not come up, and it is very resistant to finger prints. Also I agree with the other reviewers that don't take heed to the bad reviews on how it doesn't stick or it looks bad. That is caused be users mistake and not following the instructions to a T. Great product!!
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on April 18, 2013
It was simple, followed the directions, and there was no problem in applying it to my ASUS 10" TF300T. I gave it 24 hours as requested, and you can only tell the shield is on it if you look at about a 70 degree angle from perpendicular to the screen. It looks terrific and I haven't found one issue with the screen sensitivity. If it really improves in the next couple days as the supplier implies, it will the best shield I have ever worked with. I will admit I was more liberal with the spray on fluid than recommended, but the fluid on both sides really helps to apply the shield.

I had to apply it twice because I didn't get it aligned on screen the first time. I couldn't move it while applied even though it had just been seconds after squeegeeing out the liquid, After pealing it off and spraying it again, I was more careful to make sure all edges were aligned. It was simpler to flush out the liquid with the squeegee than a similar experience applying a dry shield on my wife's 7" Nexus.
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on August 28, 2012
Have protectors on all my other screen products bit didn't think I needed it since the 300 is always in a protective cover. Then a coffee cup scratched the screen and a few day later I had a $200 cracked screen on my hands. Ordered the film immediately so not to endure another failure. The shipping was FAST. Read the instructions carefully. There is no need to spray the tablet itself, in fact you could cause liquid damage by doing so. Note the box has some tips as well, including using a hair dryer.

Installation was far easier than I expected. Read somewhere that a bathroom with some moisture from a shower will help with dust particles. That really helped. Now, the instructions says to wait 24 to 48 hours before turning the pad back on... I could of course not wait five minutes and was initially frustrated when the touchscreen would not work. A couple of hours later it worked just fine.

My case will leave small indentations when closed but the skin heals itself. An amazing product.
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on September 20, 2013
My biggest concern with this item was what sounded like a complicated installation. In actuality it was the easiest screen protector installation I've ever done. Shortest too! The whole process took less than three mins. From when I first went to wash my hands, until I was satisfied with the result and put it aside. If you follow the provided instructions, and watch the video(optional, as the instructions were pretty easy), the product preforms as advertised and goes on like a charm. It wasn't even half as intensive as it sounded. Wash hands, clean screen, apply some of the liquid to your fingertips and screen, position, squeegee. Let sit for a while. I noticed the very last tiny bubble gone in a little over two days.

The screen is slightly tackier now than it was without the protector, but there is no loss in sensitivity or response. The liquid application allows you to perfectly position the protector on your device, the end result being that you wouldn't know it was there if you didn't put it on yourself. You have a generous amount of time, and can even take it off and start over if you wish. fingerprints and smudges are much less noticeable now, resulting in me feeling the need to clean my screen much less often. Glare also seems to be reduced.

I highly recommend this product, and will be looking into getting more for other devices in the future. It was well worth the slightly higher price tag over other screen protectors.
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on March 8, 2013
At first glance, I thought if I bought this item, i'd have a real hard time placing my tablet into a keyboard dock.
The fact is that it IS a TEENY bit harder, but if you take the time to angle the tablet to the keyboard dock , it'll slide in as if there were no screen protector on it. It's a snug fit. When I mean take your time, I mean like 1-2 seconds extra to place it in.

The product itself is great! It has "self-healing capabilities" but only to MINOR scratches. So far, I poked it a bit and scratched it myself to test the self healing and it works! Only to MINOR scratches.

I used about half the pump liquid on my tablet and made sure none of the water particles got into the crevices.

First day - I was scared and needed to check on my homework assignment that I conveniently downloaded to my tablet.
After 4 hours, I got scared and decided to turn it back on and used it. It did not WORK AT ALL. The touch screen was all jumbo-mumbo and clicked random stuff. I thought I got water into the device, but to re-assure you, I did not. After 12 hours, I decided to test it, seeing if more of the liquid was still in there (was a hot day, 80 degrees and winds blowing 5 mph, left it near the windowsill)It was still unresponsive so I left it alone.

Second Day - It had major bubbles (cause I did the application WRONG) so I decided to do something stupid and REMOVED the military shield and applied the applicator and fixed it up a bit. Again, my tablet was not working, but there's less bubbles (probably like 8-13 bubbles, not micro-bubbles, like regular sized bubbles that couldn't be scraped away with a plastic card) I decided to wait a FULL day, not touching my brand new tablet.

3rd day, MOST of the bubbles disappeared and the tablet regained some responsiveness, but I still had to tap ~ twice as hard. So with that said, I left it ALONE again for another FULL day. It actually went from 8-13 bubbles to 6-7 MICRO-BUBBLES.

4th day, by leaving it out near a window where the breeze can get in, the tablet had 2 micro-bubbles left, and was FULLY responsive. It feels as if there's no military shield on it at all and it has the "naked tablet" feel *sort of*

I actually found out I had about 2 lint things under those "2 micro-bubbles" but blech, it's not noticeable... haha
I am content with my purchase and will buy from them again!
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on April 1, 2013
The screen protector itself is extremely easy to install. Especially for a wet apply. This is one of the easiest screen protectors I have installed. The most important thing to know about the installing process is YOU MUST BE PATIENT. I can't stress this point enough. The screen color will look distorted if you turn the tablet on right after. This is because the adhesive has to dry. After it dries the screen will look just as it did without a screen protector. Another thing, you do have multiple chances to get it right, this is definitely a plus. If you don't like where it is positioned, remove, wipe the screen off, and try again! This is a great product and I highly recommend it.
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