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on January 6, 2014
Of all our baby swag, this is hands-down my favorite. Our son slept in a freestanding bassinet for a couple weeks but outgrew it, so we switched over to this. I wish we had started with it! The first section of this review pertains to Arms' Reach Co-Sleepers in general; the second part is specific to this model. The last paragraph shares a couple of tips that have worked really well for me with co-sleeping.


I love the co-sleeper because it allows me to lay down next to baby and watch him fall asleep. I think that being beside him is comforting to him and I know it's comforting to me. :) With the free-standing bassinet, my options were to sit or stand beside him to watch or to let him fall asleep in my arms or on our bed and then try to transfer him. Before he was born, those options both sounded completely reasonable... after he was here, not so much! Momma likes her sleep -- I can't even imagine walking down a hallway to get to him in the middle of the night!

The AAP recommends room-sharing but not bed-sharing because it reduces SIDS rates (unless a parent is a smoker). I've also seen a couple of studies that conclude that, when in the same room, Mom and Baby's sleep cycles sync up so that Baby wakes up when both are in a light phase of sleep. After sleeping with this product, I believe that's true. Even though I'm waking up in the middle of the night, I'm surprisingly easy to rouse. Plus, since Baby is right beside me, I wake up when he starts whimpering rather than when he's full-on crying, which is more pleasant for us both.

Baby is a couple inches lower than the bed, and there's a short railing on the side of the bassinet that adjoins the bed. This is a safety design so Mom can't roll onto Baby and Baby can't roll into Mom's path. I've seen some reviews complaining that Moms expected to just slide Baby over for breastfeeding, and that is not the case. I do have to sit up, reach over, and pick Baby up, then scoot back to the head of the bed to sit and breastfeed. However, my legs never come out from under the covers, so this is way better than standing up or having to walk down the hallway! When we're both laying down, he is truly within "arms' reach"... I can touch him, pick up his pacifier, etc.


As to this model specifically, I chose it because it was the least expensive and I have no regrets. The manufacturers' webpage shows pictures of all the models side-by-side, so it's a good place to get an idea of the differences. This model is attractive, but it prioritizes function over appearance... under that fabric is metal tubing that resembles a hand truck or library cart. However, the fabric softens it up nicely and the bassinet is very stable.

The biggest positives I see for this model over others are price and adjustability. This one can be adjusted in two-inch increments -- it has a system like crutches or school desks where you press a button on the leg and adjust up or down, then the button pops back out at the next setting. I like this because it's hard to gauge what your height preference will be without actually having the bassinet (for the record, I measure my bed at 28 inches but I prefer the lowest height setting, which places the top of the mattress at 19.5 inches from the floor).

The potential negatives for this model are looks, small size, and lack of portability/versatility. I think it's quite attractive, but the other models definitely have more attention to design. With a footprint of 34"x20", it's also the smaller version (depending on your space, that could be positive or negative). The Ideal Co-Sleeper is roughly the same size as a Pack-and-Play at 39"x25". Some of the other models function more like a Pack-and-Play in that they fold up with a carrying case and convert to a play yard, so keep that in mind when you're choosing -- this one converts to a freestanding bassinet but does not fold up or convert to a play yard. Also, the other models require separate risers if you want to increase the height.

**EDIT 2/16/2014: My son is now 3 months old and will outgrow this soon. He's a big guy (tracking more like a six- or seven-month old), but I'm bummed that we won't be able to keep using this as long as I'd expected. If you have any height in your family tree, you might want to consider one of the larger models.

**EDIT 4/12/2014: We're closing in on five months, and my little guy, tracking at the 85th percentile for height, is still comfortable in this! I'm pleasantly surprised. He is quite cozy, but it looks like he'll outgrow it around the same time he starts pulling up. I couldn't be happier with this co-sleeper.

**FINAL EDIT 5/19/2014: My baby finally outgrew this at 5.5 months... he actually still fit, but started moving around too much in his sleep. I'm glad we went with the smaller size as the larger size would have been a tight fit in our bedroom. This was a great, great purchase.


Finally, a couple tips that made my co-sleeping experience even better. :) First, some other reviewers (on other models) mention having to get rid of bedside tables. I did not get rid of mine, but I did rotate it 90 degrees so that the drawers open away from the bed. I put the co-sleeper beside/below the nightstand and can still easily see and reach Baby. However, I don't have room for a lamp there, so I set up a lamp a few feet away with a remote control outlet (search Amazon for examples). That enables me to wake up with Baby, turn on a light, pick him up, and feed him... all without getting out of bed. Amazing!
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on April 6, 2017
I put this together and apart several times because the instructions are unclear. However, it only took me 15 minutes with all of the assembling/disassembling to put together. The height is good and we like the open storage which makes items easily accessible. It is sturdy and easy to move from room to room.
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on February 2, 2017
This product was just ok. It is great quality and construction. The adjustable legs were a great touch and part of the reason we bought it. It seems like it would adjust for most beds but not ours. In addition, my son would not sleep in it. We returned the product for a rocking bassinet. He now sleeps and it is wonderful.
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on April 30, 2017
I'm trying to think of anything I don't particularly like and I can't think of anything... My son's grown out of it at 6 months (19lbs 26.5 inches). But ONLY because he's pulling himself up on the rails- but he's always been very strong and physical so if your child isn't moving around a ton yet it'll last even longer. He'd still fit in it for an inch or two if he wasn't doing that.

I guess only thing that could be improved is if the tires had tread or grip. I detach the bassinet to move it around during the day and when he's awake in a room with woodfloors he'll move the bassinet by rocking himself or moving too quickly. That's really whatever though.
Other then that extremely inconsequential thing I plan on storing it for the future because it was so useful.
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on February 25, 2017
It's tough - I've had two babies and both have wanted to sleep snuggled up with me; we both sleep better that way (with my first in a basinette, she would wake up about every hour or two - but slept really well if next to me if I had an arm around her). But there's all the dire warnings of increased rate of SIDS/smothering with bedsharing... what is one to do? Is there a best of both worlds?
I really liked the construction of this EXCEPT where your infant sleeps is purposefully a few inches lower than the bed and there's a bar that's higher up (on the level of the bed) in order to try to keep the areas separate. Sorry that just didn't work for us I can't really drape an arm down like that. This ended up being more of a changing table and spot to park him for a moment than a true co sleeper.
It's well made and attractive but having the baby on a different level than me just didn't work. What did work was having a crib with one side off up against the bed. I was hoping to find a product actually designed for the purpose rather than making it myself (I'm fond of DIY except when a baby is involved) but still looking.
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on July 4, 2017
The baby isn't here yet, but we have the bassinet assembled and ready to go. I really like how it looks and how maneuverable it is. We have tile floors and it glides smoothly across them from room to room. It clicks easily into the mattress straps when I put it next to the bed. Since the baby has a full nursery upstairs, but is sleeping downstairs with us for a few months, I used the bottom storage for onesies and extra supplies we may need in the middle of the night. The storage is huge underneath and could hold a formidable amount of baby stuff. The mattress is thin and comes with a thin sheet, and as other reviewers have mentioned fits a king size pillow, but I would not recommend doing this. I feel like a baby could roll off into the gap it would make. Overall, really excited to use it.
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on April 5, 2017
A great option for small homes/ rooms, or not! We had the room for a crib but preferred to have baby right next to us, but not in the bed. It's a safe, convenient, compact option. Also we were able to move it around the house during the day and keep baby elevated and secure, away from pets and toddlers.
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on June 4, 2017
Love this bassinet!! Goes securely next to our bed and allows me to just reach over and soothe my little one and get to him easily for those nightly nursing sessions. No need to sit up and look over the bassinet to check on my baby as I can see and access him easily (which is great since I'm recovering from a csection and sitting up tends to hurt right now)
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on February 5, 2017
So far, we are very happy with the co-sleeper. The size is really good for our space and the height works perfectly with our bed. I also love the storage bin under the co-sleeper. I just wish that the storage bin was a little easier to access, but overall, this is an excellent product and feels like it is built for quality.
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on February 8, 2017
This bassinet has been an absolute lifesaver! Our baby is able to sleep in the room with us, within reach of our bed without actually co-sleeping (and all of the dangers associated with it). My wife only has to lean to the side to pick up our baby and nurture him through different periods of the night. Alleviates having to even get out of bed which is huge in salvaging as much sleep as possible in an otherwise sleep deprived time of our lives. Great quality, stable, practical, and safe!
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