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on December 16, 2011
Looks nice. Glad i got it. I have a 7/14 cup Aroma cooker for more than a year that im very pleased with but needed something smaller.

Works great.

Only caveats ive learned is that

a) you cant cook 3 cups of "real" basmati type rice without it reaching lid. I turned the steamer upside down and put lid on that as temporary measure. Rice came out just fine, but you cant easily stir it after it goes to warm mode to fluff it up while it cools down/cooks more because its reached the top of pot.

b) you must absolutely rinse out the rice a couple times so the water is near clear so you dont get all that froth. (guess all the complaining about spilling is about that. i cheated once and didnt rinse... ofcourse it says this in manual.

Cooks rice great, easy to clean, looks very nice and its tiny.

Also, Aroma sells replacement parts unlike other manufactures. (including the non-stick inner pot) ( $6 each, i already ordered two to put in storage for when i drop/scratch them)
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on September 17, 2015
excellent rice cooker! Arrived ahead of time and in its proper packaging and original box.
review image review image review image
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on May 10, 2017
Great price -- still makes good rice but scorches easily. My 9 year old Aroma rice cooker was scratched -- when I moved I gave it to a thrift store out and ordered a new one. I'm sorry I did. Even the lid on this new rice cooker is cheaply made. What happened Aroma?
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on May 19, 2014
I read all of the reviews and found them to be true. This little rice maker is awesome! It works just like it should. I have read many reviews and some of them say that this thing does not work like it should, what I/we have found out is that most of these people must think that magic is real? For general white rice this works like stated in the instructions, actually most if not all of them work like the instructions say. But you must experiment a little because it all depends on things like where you live believe it or not because of altitude and things of that nature just make the recipe like it says and then make small adjustments from there it will work just like it says. i/we have made dinner many times and have to this day not have a problem. This works like it is supposed to work, buy one and you will see… REMEMBER you may have to make small adjustments for Brown rice or others but that’s it if you can’t do that and just want to blame the machine that you have the problem not the machine…s
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on May 8, 2014
Now that I've had this for a while, just want to write a little review on it. My old rice cooker broke (not from this brand and it was a 3 cup) and I searched around for a new one. I decided on this one due to the little steamer attachment on top. Now, I'll admit I've not actually had a use yet for it, as I usually just throw veggies in with meat that I'm cooking on the stove, such as when I make stir fry and things like that. I'm paranoid about meat/poultry not being cooked all the way, so I'll probably not use the steamer top for meat, but eventually I'll get around to that for veggies.

The rice cooking part is fantastic. I've had to adjust the water a bit after a few uses, so while I'm glad for the little guidelines in the book, I feel that one full plastic cup of rice needs the next line up from the 1 line in the cup. After that, the rice came out perfect, before it was a little dry, and I'm not sure if that is due to having too much rice, or not lining it up right. But either way, with adjustments, it's fine.

The product is a nice red colour, and doesn't feel cheap at all. It's a snap to clean, I always wait for it to cool off before washing it down. As a pro tip, NEVER put the wet bowl back into the base, ALWAYS let it dry completely before putting it back together. Water can collect in the base and break the appliance, or burn on the little hot plate. Ventilation is very good on this product, just point it away from your cabinets to prevent wood warping of course.

The cable I feel could be a touch longer, I have oddly placed plugs in my kitchen, and one socket I can't even use due to the placement of the refrigerator (I'm in an apartment), so I share two plugs between a microwave, toaster, mixer and now this, so I'm constantly unplugging and plugging things in again. A very minor nitpick, but I feel like I should mention it for people who have awkward plug placements.

All in all, a very nice product that I don't regret getting.

As of January 2016, this cooker is still going strong with no signs of major wear. If it ever does break down, I will be getting this kind again!
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on August 22, 2017
This rice cooker works pretty well and overall I'm satisfied with it. I find that I have to add a little more water than it recommends, or else my rice comes out underdone and too dry. Also, the bottom gets a little crispy, but if I unplug it as soon as it gets done cooking and stir it around, that helps. I really like the steamer basket and I use that way more than I thought I would. Overall, this rice cooker has made cooking a lot easier since we eat a lot of rice, and now I don't have to have another pot on the stove to look after!
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on June 5, 2017
Yes it only makes 3 cups of rice but bonus is that I can put meat/veggies to steam at the same time. No waste and that's a plus for me.
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on August 23, 2017
Pretty solid rice cooker. The batches are small, enough for just a few meals. The small hole on the lid will spurt starchy water all over your counter. This can be avoided by placing the included spoon over the hole. It allows ventilation but doesn't make the mess. The directions are somewhat confusing. Do the following:
-Fill included cup to 3/4 cup mark
-For each 3/4 cup of rice fill the bowl to 1 mark on the bowl (1 x 3/4 cup of rice fill water to 1, 2 x 3/4 cup fill water to 2)
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on April 18, 2016
This Aroma rice cooker has a great feature, a nonstick surface! I noticed it right away and said "wow". My wife even mentioned that she pulled the rice cooker out of the fridge with last night's rice still in it and the rice came out so easily and cleanly that she didn't even wash it before using it again tonight! We had previously had a similar rice cooker for 5+ years so these things last a long time. I like how you can use the cup that it comes with to measure out 1, 2, or 3 cups....pour them into the cooker and then just fill water to the line. Yes, you can make rice also by following the instructions on the side of the rice bag and using a sauce pan but this is very convenient because it doesn't require you to use a measuring cup. We are a family of 5 right now and this rice cooker is just enough for us. In a few years we will probably want to get the 12 cup cooker, especially for big rice meals like sushi night.
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on March 28, 2012
I bought this to replace a $50 rice cooker that I was completely disappointed with. This cooker is great, but like other reviews mention, you MUST rinse your rice. Rice getting frothy and bubbling over is not the cooker's fault. This is a small pot, so there isn't a lot of spare room for froth without it coming out.

The only two criticisms I would offer of this pot:

1) It can be hard to read the water line markings inside the pot. I can't think of a way to improve that without compromising the nonstick surface though, so it just is what it is.

2) Calling this a 6 cup cooker feels deceptive to me. I just tested it to see how much water it holds and 6 cups comes to the exact level where the lid sits. It would hold six cups of still/non boiling liquid, but you definitely wouldn't be able to stir it without it going all over the place.

I still give this thing 5 stars. It's plenty of room to cook what I need on a regular basis - I just wish there was a slightly bigger identical version so I would have room to make bigger batches in case of guests.
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