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on December 13, 2015
I have roughly 500+ movies, either sets or individually. Before now, I've used the IKEA Billy shelves to house them together, but it means purchasing extra shelves every time things start to become too crowded. Thus began my search for space saving options. I didn't want to stare at movies lining my walls any longer and really didn't want to spend a lot of $ on this project. DiscSox were the ideal outcome, but out of the range I wanted to spend for how many movies I have. So I came across a lot of binder options and in my opinion, think the Artisan binder is one of the best.

Each Artisan binder has sixty pages that hold two discs on the front side, two on back, for a total of 240 discs. There are four different sections each separated with a three ring binder. They're about as wide a a DVD case is tall. Once full, a binder weighs roughly 15 pounds and there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room between each page. I like to keep every title alphabetical and I know I will be adding to my collection, so to be safe, I removed four pages from each section to leave plenty of extra space and add-in room. While you can put only one movie on each page, I opted to put two discs on each, often combining sleeve pictures one behind the other. However, with sets that come with two discs, I will keep those on one page. If a set has 2+ discs, I will usually cut the cardboard cover around the DVD/Bluray case (if it came with one) and just attach it on the next side. Just to make sure certain discs and sets were going together, some movies with one disc, still did end up having a page of their own.

Also, having a decent collection of TV show seasons, I don't really know if this is a convenient option because now I feel like I need cover art for each page. To be honest, I may keep my TV shows in the cases they have... Still undecided. Like many others, I still have a couple shelves worth of rather nice sets or steel books I can't yet bare to get ride of, so it seems like I'll still have a small shelf of movies.

I bought a total of five binders. Four are used for movies, one for games and TV shows. With the pages I've taken out, I have sixty four extra pages, so I'm really not planning to buy another one of these for a long time! But, because I've decided to have extra space in each, having five of these are definitely still a large storage option. Much better than 5 bookshelves, but that's an opinion. To organize things, I have a paper list of all the movies I own that I keep near my "theater system" and then a list in each binder of what's included. For now, I've simply labeled each binder with what's inside to keep track of the binder order as well, for example "Mirrors - Spider-Man". For me, this process took 8+ hours to complete.

The biggest complaint I have about these is I HATE three ring binders that don't have a latch you can press to open. Which means if I fill these completely, I'm using my hands to rip apart the 3 ring binder in each section each time. I think having the latch would make it so much more convenient when removing or adding pages as often as I will. It's also rather bulky, changing out a movie quickly and grabbing another isn't as quick as grabbing one off of the shelf due to the size.

I have yet to have any issues with the pages scratching the discs.

But aside from all of that, this is definitely a cheaper option than the DiscSox and more convenient that simple CD cases with the number of discs it holds. I would recommend these to someone who has roughly 150~ movies and probably not for someone with as large (or larger) collection than my own unless you're comfortable with having all the extra cases.

Good luck fellow consolidators!
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on March 28, 2015
Great use of space! I want to get several more of these. As you can see, this binder takes up much less space than all the plastic cases! The best part is the DVD jackets fit so well in the pockets, so I can keep them with the discs. Overall, very well designed & constructed.
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on June 17, 2016
So far this case is absolutely amazing. It seems to be built very well and I believe it is going to be very durable. I love how they designed the pages, they are very easy to turn due to having four separate binders inside the case. I Alphabetized the case and it makes it way easier to find movies then it did on the shelf and it cleared up a lot of clutter. I will update if anything changes.
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on March 22, 2011
I have entire cabinets full of DVDs. They threaten to take over every bit of available space in the living room. I really wanted something that would allow me to reduce the bulkiness of the collection, while keeping it relatively easy to look through and find the movie I'm looking for.

I got this binder after reading reviews on a few different products because it seemed like this one was the one that best fits the DVD artwork and booklets. In practice, movies with thin paper cover artwork fit just fine, but heavier paper and the DVDs with cardboard covers instead of the plastic DVD cases have to be folded in the middle of the spine. Not a huge deal, but I know there are plenty of neat freaks like me who will have a fit at the thought of creasing the covers.

Something else that occurred to me as I started transferring my DVD collection to this case is that I have quite a few DVDs that are in unusual packaging that can't really be collapsed down to fit. This poses two problems: first, I'm still going to have a stack of DVDs to deal with because for one reason or another I can't part with the original packaging, and second, this tends to throw off any cataloging system you might implement. If you're looking through the folio at movies, you might not think about the movies that aren't in it.

The construction of this folio seems well done. My one complaint is that with the four sets of binder rings across the very wide spine, as you fill up the book the pages tend to not lay very flat. I'm not sure that there's much that can be done about it, but it might be problematic with a very full collection. The pages seem a little flimsy, but I haven't had any tears or rips, despite shoving some pretty tight cover art into the pockets. The layout with one artwork pocket and two disc pockets on each side of the page is nice, but most of my movies have only one disc, so on most pages there's an empty disc pocket. This means that ultimately, if I insist on keeping the artwork and discs together, I'll need two or three of these folders to house my entire collection. But that's fine, because just one of these folders takes up only about a third as much space as the movies in their DVD cases did.
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on September 23, 2016
This binder is kick ass! I have over 500+ dvds and I'm now transferring them from the cases, which were all in a huge ikea bookshelf, that took up a lot of space in my guest bedroom. Also during the moving around of furniture, the book shelf broke so I had two choices, get another pricey bookshelf or get this binder. Well this binder is working great! I'm probably going to need to order 3-4 more binders and some extra pages, which might end of costing me 120-140 bucks, but 4-5 binders on a small shelf or one big as book shelf! I love the fact that you can put dvd inserts also, and on dvd sets that have more then one disc I put two disks in a slot and if I need more room I put a few behind the dvd page insert without any problem or dvds getting scratched up. Well worth the money(it is somewhat pricy in my book) but if you really want to save space, this is a most buy for you dvd collection. Dvds are well in view when you flip the pages, even tho I liked having my dvd cases, this has changed my way! A must buy for dvd collectors!!!!!
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on October 7, 2017
Lost one star for inconsistency: I ordered 2, and I'm really happy with them except for one thing... Just one of them has these horrible ugly embroidered yellow logos on it (see photo). I want to order a third, but I'm afraid it'll have the same ugly yellow! I would return it but I noticed after I had already filled it and you couldn't pay me enough to take all of my discs and covers back out of it after all of the hours I spent putting them in! instead, I'm going to see if I can remove the ugly stitching with a seam ripper. It might not be a big deal for some, but a big part of why I purchased these was to achieve a nice, uniform look. These are not uniform!

Other than that, these are great. I was nervous because some reviews said the DVD covers don't fit, but I dont know what they're talking about because they fit fine. I have two from wider cases that had to be folded closer to the middle of the spine instead of along the seam, but they still fit. The video games are more of a space problem because so many of them have thick instruction inserts. I want to purchase a third one to have devoted to video games for this reason.

The rings seem sturdy, and I like that they're easy to take out and move around so I can keep them
At least semi-alphabetized as I add new discs. The pages appear to be decent quality. All of the stitching appears to be good quality and the material is nice.

I will warn you - they are heavy when they're filled! I'm an out-of-shape 36-year-old woman and I can handle them fine, but you might want to look for something smaller if you have trouble lifting things or want small children to be able to use them.

I had three large plastic bins full of movies and video games, and they all fit into two of these cases (on most pages I put two movies and doubled up the covers). On last count I had around 250 movies (including several multi-disc special editions and television series) and maybe around 50 video games. I honestly thought I was going to need two more cases for everything to fit well because some reviews said they're too bulky when full, but I don't think they are.

Overall, I'm very satisfied. I'm just very disappointed about the ugly yellow logos. :/
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on December 21, 2017
So far I like it the book was packaged well as it came in a huge box to protect it
I'm able to double up my art work booklets into one page I see what people mean if you're a true organized person and want to have the dvds in alphabetical order once you get the dvds in it hard to remove pages to move them around once the rings are open cause just like any other 3 ring binder the rest of the pages fall out in that one section then it's a pain trying to get them back in to snap learned my lesson there lol
Other then that I like it I'm able to zip + close it with no problem it's very big and wide so find a space to put it before buying it.

I'm getting ready to purchase another one to fit the rest of my dvds in it I seem to have over 500 whole wall space it's nice I get to see my wall again lol 😂😉
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on March 25, 2014
If you have the problem I had (moving to a smaller home and realizing the movies no longer fit like you had 'em!), then this is just the ticket. I initially bought one of them as a test to make sure it will suffice. And it MORE than sufficed. I quickly bought two more for my entire 500+ movie collection, which originally took up 3 standard bookshelves and one cabinet.

My absolute favorite feature is definitely the slots to accommodate the DVD covers/inserts. That way you can feel a little better recycling all those empty cases without sacrificing too much. Even though each page is designed to fit a typical 2-disc DVD and that DVDs insert, you can totally put two inserts into the one slot. It will be something you'd have to do mostly for those DVD's that are only single-discs. What I did was simply push one of the inserts further up into the groove so that I can still see the title of it without it being completely blocked by the insert in front of it. Sure it's tedious, but it was worth it.

FYI, the DVD covers from the case CAN fit inside the designated slots by folding along one of their natural creases. That way you're not damaging the cover (if you're that protective over them, anyway). However, there may be certain covers that you may just have to add your own crease, like for instance, the covers that come from a rare 3-disc case, which is typically wider than standard cases. I myself have no problem with creasing what I need to, but everyone's different.

My only complaint is not having those nifty buttons on the top and bottom of the rings so you can easily open the binding rings, but it's so minor, it barely even warrants a mention. All in all, a GREAT space-saver. I managed to fit 90% of my entire collection in 3 albums, purposely excluding movie anthologies or TV seasons.

Highly recommened!
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on January 16, 2017
Our DVDs were packed into a four-drawer bedroom dresser. We purchased this album so we could declutter and take back our dresser. What a great buy for a great price! We downsized the DVDs we no longer wanted and installed the remaining into this album. We love that we can remove and move around pages. Our entire DVD collection now fits into this right-sized album and is concealed in a cabinet underneath our television. The faux leather is nice enough; it is sturdy, strong, and does not look cheap. We alphabetized and were able to leave gaps for growth, though in today's streaming environment, we expect little to no future growth. Love to declutter!
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on September 18, 2016
Are you sick of taking up so much space with DVD cases? A good resolution to the problem are these great DVD cases that also hold the cover sheet. I bought my first one about a year ago and it cut down so much space and my entertainment center I was actually able to put out some extra Christmas decorations. Then of course for Christmas we got a lot more DVDs and as we got more through the year I purchased another case. They work great very easy for the kids to access the DVDs and the DVDs get put back in the right spots more often then they would have when we just had the DVD cases. They also have extra sleeves you can purchase also if you have just a few more to add instead of another case. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to save space and cut down on all those ugly DVDs hanging around the house.
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