Customer Reviews: Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire, Swedish Wonder (does not fit Kindle Fire HD)
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on October 23, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I received the Verso Artist Series Cover for Fire Kindle today. I was pretty excited, I really liked the artistic pattern on the outside of this cover, and how it can be set at two different angles 45 and 70 degrees. This makes it very handy when you want your hands free, or if you are watching movies, etc. However, that's about all I liked.

The cons that I could see right away are: the kindle is attached by elastic bands around each corner. If you run around like I do with my Kindle this is not a very secure way to have it. My old cover had the Kindle just snap into it and was very secure.

With the design of this cover, you have an extra half section on the back that allows you to set it at the 45 degrees. Here is what I noticed about that extra half section. When closed over the Kindle this adds bulk to your whole package, and the top cover seems to be wider than the bottom cover. This makes the whole package bulky and hard to hang on too. The top cover does not seem secure even with the extral strap in place.

While reading, I always flip the top cover under the bottom of the kindle, but with the Verso this tends to create a problem. You have that extra half section kind of just hanging out and the back cover tends to slip around in your hands. It's really hard to describe, but I can tell you it's irritating and not at all like my old cover which I had no problems with.

Lastly, the external strap that secures the front cover when it is closed has a tendency to snap back and under the Kindle device, then it is difficult to get it out from under the device.

All of this I noticed within a few hours of receiving the Verso Artist Series Cover. For the listed price I would have liked something more secure and streamline.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I received my Verso Artist Series Cover for the Kindle Fire, Swedish Wonder, I was very excited because I thought that I would finally have a case that was sturdy, cute, and would prop up my kindle so I would not have to hold it when I wanted to read. Unfortunately, the case did not hold up to its promises. When looking at the case online I thought it looked cute and stylish but when I received it, I discovered that it was made of canvas and that the colors were not nearly as bright as I had hoped. The inside seems to be made of some cheap microfiber that collects dust and fingerprints. After using the case for only a few days, it now looks dirty. My other major issue with the case is that it claimed to be "easily convertible from fully compact to standing in seconds". This claim, however, is completely inaccurate. I have followed the directions that were posted online and the directions on the insert that came with the case and no matter what I do, my Kindle Fire continuously falls down or slips soon after it has been propped. I also noticed that the version of my case that is pictured online shows that there is an inside pocket in the front cover which would be very convenient BUT my case did not come with a pocket and I found this to be very misleading on the product page. A positive feature is the elastic band that fits around the outside of the case holding it securely together.

The only thing that I think this case does well is that it is quite sturdy and does an excellent job of protecting my Kindle should I drop it or when transporting it in my purse or bag.
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on June 15, 2013
I am amazed at the quality of this product and how well it is made. It is a chic cover and it fit my Nextbook firmly. I thought I would've had problems but alas.. Almost none. It does sit on the buttons but that doesn't effect my device.
I like how it props up my device and the overall look is desirable. I am glad I got this and would order it again if I needed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 25, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
-Pretty look, cotton cover.
-Pretty navy blue soft interior.
-Fits my Kindle Fire (NOT the HD), Kindle Touch (the old Kindle), Kindle Paperwhite
-Package says it also fits: Kindle Keyboard, Nook, Kobo Wi-Fi, Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox, Sony Reader, Daily Edition, Sony Reader Wi-Fi, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7, & more.
-Has the handy elastic strap to keep it closed when you're not using it.
-Held securely by elastic straps on the inside.
-Elastic strap holders make it a versatile cover for using on other devices; measure your device before ordering.
-Can prop up your Kindle or tablet while keeping it in the cover.

-The cover may become soiled over time since it is a cotton fabric.
-Not as comfortable to hold like a book when reading because of the fold-under/stand; it flops around a bit.
-No inside storage pocket on mine.
-If you use the stand, you need to read in "landscape".
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I liked the style of this as soon as I saw it online. It's an elegant looking style. I even liked the feel of it, at first. It has a canvas-like feel over a hard cardboard interior.

This material does not necessarily make for a stable case though. There are a lot of slippery parts to it, making it bend and not close correctly. When you flip the case open to read it, the back part may bend in half. It flips and flaps everywhere.

It also does not stand up properly for viewing. Most cases flip open and stay upright very easily but this one does not. It's hard to fit it into the wedge and it's hard to keep it in place. And when you do get it to stand up, it takes very little for it to lose balance.

Nice looking, but flimsy.
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VINE VOICEon February 7, 2013
I like the words on this cover, very motivational and interesting. The fabric itself is a nice touch, too, however it's harder to keep clean which is why I knocked a star off as this isn't as easy to clean as leather, plastic, etc , but it still looks very nice, just quick to absorb dirt. Recommended all the same, though, as the pattern is lovely and flips nicely for watching!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire, Swedish Wonder (does not fit Kindle Fire HD) is an attractive case that provides good protection for your Kindle Fire or similar sized tablet. This case will not fit the newer Fire HD 7" model. The cover includes a collection of multi-colored printed words for visual appeal. The canvas surface has a nice grip-able texture. And the cover has a clever folding design that allows for 2 standing positions for horizontal viewing.

++ Attractive case with the "Swedish Wonder" design from the creative team Sisters Gulassa
++ Italian canvas-like fabric provides grip-able texture for securely holding the case
++ Thinner cover flap makes it less bulky than most stand cases
++ Elastic corners hold your Kindle Fire securely in place
++ Flexible design can be used with similarly sized tablets
++ Allows easy access to all ports and controls
++ Soft interior fabric protects your device screen
++ Adequate drop protection for your device when closed
++ Long elastic closure to keep the cover shut
++ Clever folding design allows for 2 standing positions for horizontal viewing

-- Thicker cases may provide more cushioning and protection against drops
-- Elastic corner bands may be less durable or secure than plastic corners or thicker bands
-- Some might consider the MSRP a premium despite the good looks (Your mileage may vary)


This case provides a good balance of features and eye-catching looks. There are plenty of stand cases for the Kindle Fire that provide more protection but with more bulk. This case provides a large number of features in one of the thinnest form factors available. I recommend it.

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on February 1, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have spent some time using several different brands and styles of covers for my new Kindle Fire HD. I have had a regular kindle for two years and love it. I am peculiar about covers - they need to be functional, protective, slim, and easy to use the kindle while in the cover. Below is a comparison of several brands that I used that I liked. All of them are gentle on you kindle and will not cause scratches.

1. Verso Trends Series: These are great, stylish, less expensive covers. They are among my favorite. There is something for everyone and they stand out. They give your kindle a bit of flair, personality. Other covers feel like you've paid for something that millions of other people have and are just as dull as the million other covers out there. The magnetic clasps work great. They are easy to carry and use while in your cover. They do not have a lot of protective value though if you drop your kindle. Also note that all of these covers say on the packaging that they fit most 7-8" e-readers. I can attest to that since they fit my nook as well.

2. Belkin Chambray standing case covers: These are my all around favorite covers. Sleek, yet simple, functional, the included stand works very well without being cumbersome to use and it isn't too bulky, even having a stand as part of the cover. The band to hold the kindle shut and the padding adds extra protection in case you drop your kindle. Not as good of protection as something that zips up, but a great case on the go. The price is right as well. I have something against spending ½ of what you paid for your kindle on a cover.

3. Belkin Quilted Standing covers: These covers have a clasp on the front that works just as well as the other Belkin stands, but I do think they add a little bulk. I also worry about the fabric, which is very glossy being broken by car keys or other pointy objects. Otherwise, a great cover.

4. Belkin Glam/Mod Tab Standing Covers: These are also great covers that have the same quality as the standing case covers, however the added tab can get in the way. It is completely up to your preference if you want a magnetic tab or an elastic strap.

5. Malware MicroShells: This shell offers the best protection and is very slim. It adds almost no extra weight or bulk to your Kindle. The stand is perfect and will not slide over like some cover stands. The modern feel and functionality make it an all around great choice for a cover. It's my second favorite to the Belkin Chambray covers.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This cover from Verso Artist series is definitely eye-catching, but not one of Gulassa's best. This cover design was drawn from the work of Sisters Gulassa, Lise and Cyrille. They are a duo who are well-known for "creating prints that are fresh, artistic & exotic. The color is stone washed in appearance and definitely doesn't catch my eye as much as I expected. Admittedly, it is lovely but a bit of a disappointment color wise. Their theme is "Vivid Living." but stone washed is not vivid. Nonetheless, I do like this cover very much, but if you are expecting bright and lively you'll be sorely disappointed (I was).

Inside it is covered with a navy blue "velvety microfiber fabric" that almost feels like suede. This cover can be set up for viewing in the landscape mode. This Verso "Swedish Wonder" style is compatible with the Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard, NOOK, Kobo Wi Fi, Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox, Sonny Reader Daily Edition, Sony Reader Wi-Fi, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7, and more. I tried a first generation NOOK in this and because of the depth, it's not a great fit because the cover doesn't close as well as I'd like.

This is a lovely Sisters Gulassa cover from the Verso Artist series that has that laid-back aura about it. The cloth cover has a slightly rough buckram feel to it. The Verso Versailles and the Swedish Wonder both have an elasticized band to keep the cover closed when not in use, a feature I appreciate if I'm going outside the home with any electronic device. I've listed a few from the Verso series I own so you can check them out. This is a beautiful case, but not quite as expected ... the color is not as vibrant as pictured and, at this time doesn't have the inside pocket I was expecting.

VERSO series covers:

Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire, Swedish Wonder
Verso Artist Series Cover for Kindle Fire, Say Yes
Verso Versailles Case Cover for Kindle Fire - Black/White
Verso Prologue Marbled Blue for Kindle Fire (Blue)
Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire, Tan
Verso Trends Darwin Red Croc for Kindle Fire (Red Croc)
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This attractive cover for the Kindle Fire is very pretty, with inspiring words in a cloud collage sprinkled across the cloth used for the cover. Makes the Kindle Fire "feel" more book like and expresses a little personality of the user. I like it.

The functionality is good too, although it took my husband and me working together a minute or two to figure out how to get the cover to turn into the little stand you see in the photo. We did it! It did take a little fussing and figuring, though.

I'd give the cover 5 stars except that, like most Kindle covers I have tried, this cover doesn't "disappear" seamlessly while you are holding the device to read a book. It takes some juggling, adjusting, trying to find that comfortable spot for your hand, etc.

This cover does have an elastic band to hold the cover open (braced against the back) so you can hold your Kindle in one hand to read. However, you either have to hold the entire thing (a total thickness of a little over an inch) or insert your hand between the back and front, which seems to work because the cloth fabric of the cover acts in a non-skid way for your hand. But it does feel like you've got your hand jammed in between the covers of a book. I wasn't crazy about that.

The best Kindle cover I've tried is the one I bought myself when I got my Kindle Fire: Marware Eco-Vue Leather Cover for Kindle Fire. It's padded leather, the device fits snugly in the clips, it has an elastic flap to hold the front cover open/ closed, and a snug flap that can be used by either hand to hold the Kindle and cover in one hand to read.

Recommendation: It's a nice cover and works well, but not the best one I've tried.
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