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on June 21, 2017
I love Mrs. Day's romantic fiction novels, this time being an exception, I was utterly bored with this strange English crew. For sure, this was anything but erotic & fell way short of characters we've previously loved; Eva & Gideon, for example. It required almost three weeks to complete because it was so boring! I won't even buy the rest of series, I'd rather read Bared to again. I'm sorry or such a negative review, it's not easy following up you own greatness with a sequel. But I'll continue reading your books; clearly you're not a bestseller by accident!
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on September 1, 2012
Jilted four years earlier by his betrothed (Lady Elizabeth Hawthorne)...Marcus Ashford, Earl of Westfield & Agent to the Crown is determined to win her again to "get over" her....(now that she is a Widow - -3 years of mourning completed). So, in order to be near her, he manipulates the Agency he works for, to be placed on her "case" of solving the murder of her husband (also an Agent to the Crown) and protecting Elizabeth from harm as she carries physical evidence (in the form of her deceased Husbands "Journal") that could possibly lead to solving his murder. But all is not as it appears. Mystery, subterfuge and intrigue abound.

A story of false assumptions and misunderstandings.....of two strong willed characters, too proud, arrogant and stubborn to reveal their pain to each other. Each blames the other for their broken engagement. Marcus wants an explanation for Elizabeth's sudden, rash elopement with Lord Nigel Hawthorne four years earlier. Elizabeth simply wants Marcus to leave her alone.

Even though they were once betrothed to marry, they are now nothing more than strangers bound by the same intense attraction they shared long ago......an attraction that defies all reason. Marcus' need for Elizabeth far outweighs his instinct for self preservation. He wants her and despises himself for this "need" of her. He wants nothing more than to rid himself from the endless craving of wanting her and he feels if he can only bed her....once.....he will forget her and be cured of this deep, intense need he feels for her. He would give his entire fortune to be rid of the desire and longing he has for her.

Aaaaaah....absolutely delectable!

This story wasn't as fast paced at other S. Day plots along this same genre (Historical Romance). But I gotta say I enjoyed this story enough to not want to put it down. The characters aren't as strong as they could've been...but still...it was a good story and I enjoyed it immensely. I loved Marcus! I loved his arrogant Alpha Male self....he was just so dang sexy!!! Major rowr factor. I loved that he persevered in his determination to "rid" himself of Elizabeth...thinking all he needed was to bed her and he could go back to his life. HAH! Delicious and delightful!!

Kudo's Ms. Day!
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on July 30, 2017
Nothing really special here. It kept my interest, but I found it to be like so many others in this genre. Certainly not unforgettable.
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on March 18, 2013
Forget everything you thought about 17th century restraint and decorum!
This is such a hot love story, filled with twists of fate and building tension. Day, does it again.
This was the firsti of the "Georgian" book I read, and to sum it up, if you like Day's writing. you will surely love this book. I especially like the fact that Day was able to voice the male protagonist inner struggles in such a coherent and believable way. Woman writers sometimes tend to think as women when they portray a male protagonist , and although , chicklit readers would love it , sometimes it affects badly on the figures' credibility. However, Day succeeds time and again to show males as they really are, and to voice their inner thoughts just as perfectly as she does her female characters. That is one of the many things I adore about her writing (aside from the hottest scenes ever....)
Enjoy your reading!
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on December 16, 2009
At first's half this book really turn me on, the love-scene is georgous (A-rating), although many but not repetitive at all (compare to : Renee Bernard - A Lady's Pleasure). I like the sizzle "unrequited love" chemistry between Lord Westfield & Elizabeth (who once jilted him coz of misunderstanding and elope with his brother's friend, but now she is a widower).
I devour every word come from Lord Westfield (I like him more than the Heroine) as they are always express his desperation to have her back.

May I write down one some sentence from the book : (No Spoiler)

Quote :
At her astonished gasp, his lips thinned further " Make no mistake. You fled from me once. I'll not allow it to happen again." He tugged her closer & the air sweltered between them. His voice turned rough. "I don't care if you marry the King himself this time. I will have you"

...His smile held no humor "She was to be my wife". He wanted his life back, the life free of pain, anger & sleepless nights. Elizabeth has taken it away & she could damn well give it back"


Oh this book has a great dialogue between them two & a little mystery. However I still not given 4* star since I almost lost my interest to finish the quarter end part of the book. Sorry. But this book is great to read. Maybe one of Sylvia Day's book I'll tried to find next is The Strangger I Married (that's all). Enjoy.
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on September 21, 2013
I was surprised to discover the book is more soft porn than adventure. It was probably written more for women readers than men. I was disappointed in the relatively weak, sketchy plot about the traitorous treachery in the Brittish secret agency. The character development of Elizabeth and Marcus was pretty shallow - they are both lusty and primarily interested in sex with each other, and not so much in getting to know and appreciate each other. I did think the descriptions of dress, decor, sociatal interaction etc. from 18th Century England were interesting and well done.
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on July 22, 2013
While I enjoyed the historical aspect, I found the overall plot to be quite boring. Even the love scenes, though very descriptive, were not engaging. I don't feel that we got to know these characters individually, or as a couple. Their interactions seemed mostly physical despite the author trying to say otherwise. I feel that romance took a back seat to everything else, which surprised me for the time period. It pales in comparison to the Crossfire series.
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on March 4, 2013
After reading Pride and pleasure, and the first of the crossfire novels (which I actually found better written than 50 shades) I downloaded the kindle version of this hoping to find the start of a decent trilogy. To my dissappointment, this reads like a reprint of earlier work, with over the top purplish prose and clichés and no character development. the author tells instead of showing. Also, I didn't like all the forced seduction scenes, especially in a historical setting. It reads like my grandmother's old romances except much more explicit.
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on September 13, 2014
I love any of Sylvia Day's books. Wasn't sure I would like this one at first because the heroine seemed to keep rejecting the hero, which usually annoys me. But, Sylvia has a way of pulling you into the story and her writing style is unparalleled. I was so glad I stuck past the first part of the book because it was well worth it in the end. She developed the relationship between the H&H so well that I understood the initial angst between the two. I would rate this book a 4.5.
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on September 5, 2017
Not what I expected from this author but still a fan of her work.
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