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on December 27, 2017
This is one of the BEST board games for kids and grownups, everyone can play. We're often surprised by the things our kids (7and 10) think up.
About the game board that people don't like: it may look nice, but it's irrelevant for the game. The board is used solely for scoring purposes. I've only seen the flat (European) version, so I'm used to it. We often go away on weekends and the flat board is perfect for packing. The board in the photo looks too bulky. I recommend Dixit, and this edition, 150%.
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on January 7, 2018
The cards have really cool designs and we love looking through them. It has started some interesting conversations about poetry and stories that the cards reminded us about. I wish they would update the main picture since that seems to make a lot of people upset that the actual score board does not match the picture. We don't really use the score board or even the scoring system. We just really enjoy playing the game. I do worry that over time, we'll keep using the same clues but we try not to make the clues super easy to guess without being completely obscure.
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on January 15, 2018
We loved this game, and have been able to enjoy it as an entire family many times in the month we've had it. The game itself is a lovely exercise in creativity and strategy, and has been a hit with all who've played: kids (5, 8, 11), mom and dad, and grandma & grandpa. The beautiful artwork has sparked interesting conversations and there have been many full on belly laughs!
The initial instructions are clearly written but kind of beefy. It's definitely a game that once you start playing, it makes better sense. Scoring is a little tricky also but an adult is usually able to work it out.
There are only two slight downsides to me:
1- the "winning" score of 30 can sometimes take a LONG time to reach (we sometimes alter the game to 20 to help with attention spans in the littler ones).
2- I wish it came with more story cards, because after playing 5 times or so, you've got a good idea as to which card might go to what clue... I believe there are expansion packs, but we haven't purchased one yet.
I first heard of this game from a blog about games that engage the entire family and are fun for kids and adults to play and this one does it!
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on January 7, 2018
The game concept and card art is excellent. Other reviewers have said they prefer art from other Dixit variants better, but as a newbie to the game I thought these were great! Only criticism is with game board and pieces: (1) Game board is awkwardly long, making it difficult to everyone playing to have a good "seat" with respect to the board. Also, it is misrepresented in the current image on the product page show a square game board, but the board that gets shipped is actually a very long skinny rectangle (someone should probably correct this). (2) The bunny pieces are very unstable and fall all the time. Because both the pieces and game board are quite smooth, the pieces very easily shift around, making it difficult to keep proper score as the bunnies advance. All this said, the game play is very fun, and I didn't find myself really caring too much about the score even thoguh pieces kept falling and sliding around. The game was a hit with my family over Christmas vacation, and everyone commented that they liked how even people who are usually "good at games" could still do well.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2013
I first played this among a Gaming Group I play with once a week, not long after it was one of the favorite "board" games among the other gamers at the Game & Hobby shop where we all play. Although it says 8+, my 7 year old daughter also took to it right away and it has since become her favorite game.

What I love about this game is it's a quick and simple play and for anyone and everyone. The set up is easy, deal six cards to up to six players, everyone picks a color (to represent them via Bunny on the score board and voting chips)and you pick someone to start. They pick a card from their hand, for example let's say Player 1 chooses a card with a Bunny on it and two doors before him, one red. This scene could remind the player of The Matrix (one commonly used with this card among our group), Alice in Wonderland (because of the white rabbit), Doors, Doorway or Entrance (because of the doors, obviously) or even Bunny or Rabbit (for the younger players, there are more rabbits in different decks).

Once he chooses his card, he says something that reminds him (like the above mentioned), let's say he chooses Alice in Wonderland as his phrase. The other players then pick a card from their hand, without revealing, that reminds them of Alice in Wonderland. Let's say Player 2 has a card with a cat on it somewhere that reminds him of the Cheshire Cat, so he plays this. Player 3 has a card that shows several cards stacked, the top having a Red Queen on it, reminding him of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. So he plays this. Player 4 has nothing that represents the clue so he simply plays a card he wants to get rid of.

Then all the cards are shuffled up so nobody knows who played what, then revealed on numbers 1-4 (or however many characters are playing). Then each player looks at the cards and chooses which they think the first player played (not nessasarily which they think is most like the clue, but which they think that player most likely played) This game comes in handy when you play with people you know very well as you can anticipate what they chose sometimes based on their clues, their cards and who they are as a person. This makes the play funner sometimes and also challenges players to be more abstract with their clues.

Each player votes anonymously, vote card face down, for which card they think PLayer 1 played. Once all votes are cast they are revealed.

If everyone picked then right card, everyone but Player 1 gets 2 points (penalizing Player 1 by being too obvious with their card or simply nobody else had a card that also represents the clue). Bunnies are moved up according to points.

If at least one person voted for another card, then the players voting correctly AS WELL AS Player 1 all receive 3 points.

The Player whose card was chosen also receives an extra point. They receive as many points as there are votes for their card, and those who wrongly chose their card receive none.

If nobody chooses the correct card, everybody but Player 1 receives 2 points (again penalizing Player 1 but this time for not being obvious enough). They also receive 1 point for everyone who votes for their card.

The player who chooses a card this turn obviously does not vote as they already know the chosen card. You also may not vote on your own card at any time.

It's a very simple rule set up which goes quickly as points are quickly earned and everyone's bunny races to the end.

There is also a different set of gameplay for if you are playing with only 3 people, making it harder to narrow down the few cards by having opponets play two cards instead of one, providing 5 choices instead of 3 in a 3 player game.

Definitley Highly Recommended, you'll be buying expansion cards as soon as you fall in love with this game, too. I've already purchased two myself. A must have for any gamer no matter what level or type of games you love, this truly is one for everyone. Simple and Great fun!
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on January 10, 2018
This game is great, and is a lot of fun to play. We were warned the cover art may vary and were OK with that. My issue is the game board we received was completely different than the one received. Instead of being built into the box as pictured, it's more of a strip. You can see it in the second picture, but the inside of the box looks nothing like the first picture.
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on August 22, 2017
I've played this game with my friends and family and everybody loves it! Every round is different and it allows for more creativity. I gave this game to my mother but I think that I am going to get another one for me because it's such a hit!
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on April 19, 2017
The artwork in this game is beautiful. We love this game. If you get this game, get an expansion or two with it. You will go through these cards quickly and bore with these easily. It is a great game to add to your collection, but you will quickly need that expansion.
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on February 3, 2015
I loved this game! The artwork is beautiful, The rules are simple, and and easy to pick up: Everyone has a hand of 6 cards, One player thinks up a clue to describe one of their cards and says it out loud. Each of the other players picks a card from their hand that they think fits the clue. Everyone puts their cards face down on the table. The person who gave the clue shuffles the cards, then spreads them out face up on the table. Everyone votes on which card they think is the first person's (there are voting tokens included). Then points are awarded, and the next person thinks of a clue.The rules for scoring are written out on a board that has room for tracking scores, so it's right there for people to reference. This is a great game for families, the game relies on pictures instead of words, so even younger children could play (the recommendation is 8+, that sounds about right). The game box is not only well organized, but it leaves room to store any expansions you may pick up (something I intend to do soon).
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on September 26, 2016
This is such a fun game that's easy for everyone to play together! This works well when I have a gathering with my friends and family who have a language barrier. This is a game where everyone can understand each other, also, little ones can play easily as well. The illustrations are also a plus in that I had to buy a couple more expansions because they're beautiful and it mixes the game up as well!
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