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on February 23, 2014
I purchased this game after seeing Will Wheaton's show TableTop on the Internet.

Last night I brought it to a gathering of adults who had never seen a game like it, and were initially put off. After some cajoling, they stepped up and tried it. I won the first game, but everyone else wanted to play it again, and the second time a gentleman won who had been the toughest to convince to play.

The comments I received were like, "This is the most unusual game I've ever played," and, "I'm engaging parts of my brain that I never use!" It was a hit and a half, so if you're reading this you need to get this game.

Best with four, five, or six players. The more players, the greater the experience. Also keep one person in charge of dealing the cards, shuffling and revealing the selections, basically running the game. I filled this role last night since I owned the game. Also, find something to use for an active player token. It will cut down on some confusion.
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on February 16, 2017
First, the box I received didn't come with the old score track as pictured in the photo. Instead of the built-in scoring, it came with the actual playing board with score track on it. This new option is better, and not a mismatch I will complain about.

The game itself is simple enough to teach to anyone and full of light-hearted fun. If you have people in your family or gaming group that enjoy art and abstract thinking, they'll enjoy this game. It's game that can easily be enjoyed with kids while still remaining fun for the adults - always a good thing! Some say the cards in the base game will get boring, which is probably true if you play a lot. This can easily be remedied by adding an expansion or two. This box comes with enough space to store 3 expansions in it, which is yet another bonus in the updated version.

We've come up with 2 player variant as well since the only reason we avoided buying this for so long is that we often only have 2 players. If you do have 2 players, it's still worth having for times when you can play with more, but the 2 player variant will ensure you get more use out if it. Our variant is simple: the active player (giving the clue) will still contribute 1 card and the other player will contribute 2 cards as listed in the 3p variation in the rulebook. In addition, you will draw 2 cards off the top of the deck, without looking at them, and mix them in. BOTH players will then try to guess which card belonged to the player. If the original player's card (the one who gave the clue) is guessed, both players gain 2 points. In addition, if the clue-giver guesses the other player's card, the secondary player gains 1 point. The winner is still the person who gets to 30 points first.
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on December 4, 2015
First off, I did not get what is pictured above or on "TableTop" with Wil Wheaton -I really wish I had, it looks nicer. Instead of a nice three dimensional board to move the pieces around, I received a small flat one-sided piece of cardboard with some wide spaces. It gets the job done, but it doesn't look NEARLY as nice. It's disappointing when the product picture looks so nice and what you get feels so flimsy. In place of that 3D board, the manufacturer has included a plastic black tray with tons of extra room... Perfect for all the extra expansion cards they'd like you to spend more money on. It's enough that it feels like you're missing pieces, but in reality it's a built-in upsell.

The game itself is pretty fun, but I assure you with a group of 4-5 players, you will run out of image cards and have to reshuffle the deck to re-use them. When you start seeing the same pictures on the table more than once, a lot of the whimsy really fades fast. If you're willing to invest in the expansions, which provide an additional 84 cards each, you'll get much more mileage out of the game before that happens. As is, it felt very short on content from the very first playthrough.

I would still suggest this game for families, and for adults as well. But know that you may be getting something a lot more plain looking than what is pictured, and you may need to invest another $20-40 bucks in expansions before it feels like you have everything it was supposed to come with.

If this were a more complicated game, with different card types, or lots of pieces, I would be more understanding. But they got cheap on the product, there's really only one type of content, and they're clearly more interested in selling you more of it, rather than giving you a complete product. $40-50 isn't unheard of for a complete, high quality game, and if that's what the manufacturer wanted from consumers, they should have included a lot more cards, and the nicer board pictured in the product listing -instead, they chose to sell you half a product at what only seems like a good deal until you notice how little there is.
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on December 24, 2015
We are a game playing family and we love this game. My only complaint, is that the scoring board is not built into the game as shown on the picture here; instead, it is a long board that folds in half to fit in the box. I was hoping for the one shown, as the image of that and the cute bunny markers were one of the reasons I purchased this game to begin with. As it turns out, the bunnies tend to tip over easily so we don't usually even bother with them and just use pen and paper instead. (The grandkids love playing with the bunnies separately) Lucky for us even though the bunnies were a flop, the game itself wasn't. It is kind of like a picture variation of Apples to Apples with pinch of strategy. Apples to Apples, you can figure out how some people will interpret stuff and more or less play to them if you have the right cards, Dixit is much trickier since everyone is voting, not just one person, and you have to convince some but not all of the other players to vote for your card. We have already purchased 2 more expansion packs and they are all equally as unique and intriguing as the original set.
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on February 25, 2016
Never played it. :) Seriously. HOWEVER, my daughters of 5 and 3 love to "play" this game with mom and dad. We sit around and make up stories based on the art on the cards. Someday I will comment on the scoring system, but based on the art and the premise alone, this is a great game.

[Update]: Over a year later and I still haven't played this thing as designed! Ha! Still recommend it wholeheartedly, however. We bring this out every few weeks, lighten the rules, and play a few rounds with the girls. It is great for a cold night where you want them to use their imagination! Not disappointed in the slightest.
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on April 18, 2017
I bought this after I was introduced to the game by family. My son, which are 7 and 4 years old, totally got hooked into the game. They get so good with their imagination, I was blown away. Although we kept playing over and over again, the boys can always come up with different idea and imagination. I loved each pictures on those 84 cards. What a beautiful and somewhat odd drawings. Totally recommended to instill creativity of thinking on the kids as young as 4 years old! I love myself some Dixit and I'm looking for buying the expansions.
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on October 14, 2015
Dixit is in rarefied air when it comes to games. First, its gobsmackingly beautiful and crazy art style will pique everyone's attention. Next, it will force new players to employ a divergent approach to giving clues. During play, the game will engender hilarity, bewilderment, deep analysis of other players' potential viewpoints, double guessing, and ultimately an incredible amount of satisfaction . At the end of the game, it will make even non-gamers clamor for another game. Then, after the third or fourth game, those non-gamers will get home and promptly log-in to Amazon to purchase their own copy. Dixit is a simply transcendent gaming experience that belongs in any game collection.

+ Gobsmackingly beautiful and crazy art style
+ Extremely simple to learn and play
+ Encourages creative and non-traditional style of thinking
+ Superb interaction and engagement between players
+ Rewards knowledge of the other players
+ Brings emotions to the table ranging from hilarity to consternation
+ Always an enjoyable experience regardless of score
+ Easy for players to jump in and out during a party setting
+ Accessible for all ages

- The base game should really include more cards
- Lends itself to inside jokes which can alienate some folks
- Competing to win breaks the communal experience because clues start being tailored for just one person
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on April 1, 2017
We played this game at a friend's house and both my daughter (6th grade) and I loved it, so we bought it for ourselves and bought one as a gift for an 11 year old. The artwork reminds me of children's book illustrations, lovely and quirky, and the game is good for a broad swath of ages (maybe 8 and up?). It's easy to explain the rules, which makes it a good game to pull out when another family is over.
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on March 4, 2016
The game play is great simple and fun. The art in Dixit, aides your imagination. The deception element can work extremely well or not so well it depends on how well you know the people you are playing with. Sadly the fun of the game was severely dampened, because I did not get in the box what I expected. The picture upon which I decided to purchased the product, promised that I was going to get a beautiful center piece that tracks a players score, instead I find I get a flat, uninspiring, piece of score board compared. I was told that the cover art may vary, but not that the insides would. Now I no longer trust Amazon.
review image
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on December 27, 2016
We SOOO wanted to love this game. We even gave it multiple chances and plays hoping that maybe we were just in the wrong mood when we sat down to play- but it just never- ever- not even for 1 second got interesting or fun.

We are a family of 5 with varying gaming likes and needs. The 2 adults like a variety of games from heavy strategy with lots of set up to fast filler games as well as less "thinking" games as our kids call them. For example we have played at different times in our "gaming life" and enjoyed games like Dominion, Civilization, Castles of Burgundy, Biblios, Apples to Apples, Things, Carcassonne, Ticket 2 Ride, HIve. To give you a sampling. Of our 3 kids we have a 16 year "fine I"ll play with you" type, a 13 year old who wishes she were good at games but just isn't and would be happy playing payday 10 times in a row! and a 10 year old who begs to play the "big kid games" but has the patience and self control of a flea so that doesn't go so well". But even with that crazy mix we have been able to enjoy family game days with a variety of strategy "lite" games and silly games such as Apples to Apples, Zooreka, Zooloretto, Stratego, Ticket Ride, Black Sheep, Castle Panic, Selfie, Things.

All of those games have been successfully enjoyed by all of the different gamers in our family. We were hoping that Dixit would be a nice new addition for our rotation and since we have an artist in the group we thought and the art will be and added bonus.

I guess we were hoping for an apple to apples art version..but boy were we disappointed. The game was slow and dull and painful to finish. And after you had seen the cards once...all you could think about was the word or phrase the you or the previous person had used for the card. WE REALLY wanted to like this game and gave it so many chances but all agreed that it was the bust of the holiday season. I don't recommend it for anyone!

Thank you amazon for accepting our return! We will try a different game!
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