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on February 23, 2014
I purchased this game after seeing Will Wheaton's show TableTop on the Internet.

Last night I brought it to a gathering of adults who had never seen a game like it, and were initially put off. After some cajoling, they stepped up and tried it. I won the first game, but everyone else wanted to play it again, and the second time a gentleman won who had been the toughest to convince to play.

The comments I received were like, "This is the most unusual game I've ever played," and, "I'm engaging parts of my brain that I never use!" It was a hit and a half, so if you're reading this you need to get this game.

Best with four, five, or six players. The more players, the greater the experience. Also keep one person in charge of dealing the cards, shuffling and revealing the selections, basically running the game. I filled this role last night since I owned the game. Also, find something to use for an active player token. It will cut down on some confusion.
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on February 16, 2017
First, the box I received didn't come with the old score track as pictured in the photo. Instead of the built-in scoring, it came with the actual playing board with score track on it. This new option is better, and not a mismatch I will complain about.

The game itself is simple enough to teach to anyone and full of light-hearted fun. If you have people in your family or gaming group that enjoy art and abstract thinking, they'll enjoy this game. It's game that can easily be enjoyed with kids while still remaining fun for the adults - always a good thing! Some say the cards in the base game will get boring, which is probably true if you play a lot. This can easily be remedied by adding an expansion or two. This box comes with enough space to store 3 expansions in it, which is yet another bonus in the updated version.

We've come up with 2 player variant as well since the only reason we avoided buying this for so long is that we often only have 2 players. If you do have 2 players, it's still worth having for times when you can play with more, but the 2 player variant will ensure you get more use out if it. Our variant is simple: the active player (giving the clue) will still contribute 1 card and the other player will contribute 2 cards as listed in the 3p variation in the rulebook. In addition, you will draw 2 cards off the top of the deck, without looking at them, and mix them in. BOTH players will then try to guess which card belonged to the player. If the original player's card (the one who gave the clue) is guessed, both players gain 2 points. In addition, if the clue-giver guesses the other player's card, the secondary player gains 1 point. The winner is still the person who gets to 30 points first.
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Dixit has become one of my favorite games. It's easy to teach, the artwork is gorgeous and it's extremely fun to play. In each round, one player is the "active player". She looks through her hand of cards, selects one and gives a clue to the other players about the image on the card. The other players must then find a card in his own hand that matches the clue. Every player puts their card down and the cards are shuffled around and placed faced up. The non-active players must now guess which was the active player's original card. The goal of the active player is to have some but not all the non-active players guess which was her card in order to maximize her points that round.

The point system doesn't reward you for being quite obvious about your clues. For example, if you see a card with a tornado on it, you'd be better of giving a clue like "alley" for tornado alley or "Oz" for the Wizard of Oz, rather than just "swirling windstorm". Non-active players are rewarded for using their creativity to throw off other players.

The artwork provides a lot of material to work with it and is subject to a lot of interpretation. Sometimes the game might be subject to analysis paralysis - when the game is stalled because one player is taking a lot of time to choose a card but i haven't seen this as a problem in the game as usually players are enthralled with the artwork and trying to come up with clues for future turns.

The game will probably get old fast after repeat plays, especially if its played routinely. Luckily, Dixit has numerous expansions that are worth looking in to.
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on November 23, 2016
Do you always seem to have the second best card when you play Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity? Well then, you're in luck. Because when you play Dixit that makes you the winner!

In this game, everyone is given a handful of picture cards. Players take turns selecting a word to describe a picture in their hand. Everyone plays a cards that fits that word including the word selector. The cards are laid out, and then everyone but the word selector votes on which card best fits the word for the round. (Obviously you can't vote for your own card.) Then the points are tallied. If everyone voted for the word selector's card, then everyone else gets points and the word selector gets nothing. So if you have a picture of a teddy bear, don't say "bear" for your clue. There are common themes in each of the art decks, but specific elements aren't necessarily in your competitors' hands. For the word selector to get points, at least one person has to vote for their card. That keeps you from randomly throwing out a card that has nothing to do with your word. The other players get points for each vote their card gets, so they're trying to match the word as best they can. Like I said, here it pays to be second best. You want a lot of people to vote for you (to keep your competitors from scoring points), but not everyone (to still get at least some points for your round).

This game is a lot of fun and accessible for non-native English speakers (unlike other games with voting mechanics like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, etc, which have heavy elements of American pop culture and slang). The track and scoring system keep the game moving quickly, so games don't take forever to finish. The art is fantastic. It's whimsical and imaginative, and sometimes I have trouble not exclaiming "that's so cute!" when I see new cards pop up for judging. Also, there are expansion packs for when the picture cards start to get stale.
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on December 24, 2015
We are a game playing family and we love this game. My only complaint, is that the scoring board is not built into the game as shown on the picture here; instead, it is a long board that folds in half to fit in the box. I was hoping for the one shown, as the image of that and the cute bunny markers were one of the reasons I purchased this game to begin with. As it turns out, the bunnies tend to tip over easily so we don't usually even bother with them and just use pen and paper instead. (The grandkids love playing with the bunnies separately) Lucky for us even though the bunnies were a flop, the game itself wasn't. It is kind of like a picture variation of Apples to Apples with pinch of strategy. Apples to Apples, you can figure out how some people will interpret stuff and more or less play to them if you have the right cards, Dixit is much trickier since everyone is voting, not just one person, and you have to convince some but not all of the other players to vote for your card. We have already purchased 2 more expansion packs and they are all equally as unique and intriguing as the original set.
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on December 27, 2017
This is one of the BEST board games for kids and grownups, everyone can play. We're often surprised by the things our kids (7and 10) think up.
About the game board that people don't like: it may look nice, but it's irrelevant for the game. The board is used solely for scoring purposes. I've only seen the flat (European) version, so I'm used to it. We often go away on weekends and the flat board is perfect for packing. The board in the photo looks too bulky. I recommend Dixit, and this edition, 150%.
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on June 9, 2017
This is a very fun & short game. Though the game says 3-6 players, it's fun if 4-6 play it. With 3 players 3 only, it gets boring.

The art on the cards is mesmerizing and well done. The game has very simple rules, and the box has 2 empty areas for 2 expansion decks in the same box.

Game Play
The idea is to get the most points to win.
The active player (whoever turn it is) chooses one of his cards and gives a hint of what the card has. It can be a word, a color, a song, a movie name, a character description, ...etc. The goal is for *some* (not all) people guess which card is yours. When you get partial correct answers, you, the card owner, and all those who guessed correctly advance 3 points. If nobody guessed your card, everybody advanced 2 points except you. If everybody guessed your card, they advance 2 points except you.

The game is simple, but the art on the cards is complex so you have to think of very tricky hints according to the people you're playing with, i.e., you have to know the people you're playing with to play mind games on them in order to get points.

Example: If some of the players know a specific movie and the others don't, give a hint from that movie so you can guarantee a partial guess and win 3 points.

With 4 players, the game takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.
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on December 8, 2016
We have this game at our house and have been playing with the kids for the last year or so. They live it and it's a good game to play with adults and kids. It's also a good game to get the kids thinking. We have the base game as well as several additional card packs.

Our kids (currently age 8) have come a long way in their creative thinking since we started playing. This is mostly due to their natural development, but it's much more fun to play with them now and this game has definitely contributed to development.

We recently purchased the game as a gift for another child's birthday and the kids broke it out at the party to play. There were six kids age 9-11 and they could all play together and loved it.

With the availability of new card packs, it will take a long long time before the game ever gets repetitive or old. It's one of my favorite games in our family game night rotation.
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on December 29, 2016
I discovered this game at a friend's party. We were all graduate theology majors at the time and the clues everybody gave were really creative and made us all think.
I fell in love with this game right then and there.
So I bought my own copy and took it to my grandchildren's house. They are 9, 7 and 4. Well, they loved it too! Of course the clues were much different. But that's the beauty of the game.

The art is so amazing it just naturally elicits imaginative responses. The whole family played it recently (3 children and 3 adults ) We kept score and you know who won? Without any help? The 4 year old!

If you're looking for a game for all ages and abilities that requires no reading at all (no words, just pictures) buy Dixit. Then add an expander set every Christmas (it does make a great gift.)
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on February 11, 2016
What a great creative game. NEVER take a game recommendation from game store owners. I've been burned twice. You say, "Since you're out of Dixit what is a good game for non-hardcore gamers". They say, "Code Breakers". They are wrong. Borrring! Nerds don't get it. Well, game store owner nerds who are trying to sell a slow-moving product that's enticingly cheap.

DIXIT however is great. Very creative and simple. Interpret the meaning of drawings. That's the core. It's also not a game that is MUCH more about the process and less about winning. Cards Against Humanity is like that but in that case it's more about laughs than winning.

Looking for a game with great art, simple rules and probably a few laughs? Try this. There's a reason it's so popular. It's because it entices all kinds of gamers, not just hard core board gamers.

I'd get more into gameplay but if you're interested there are plenty of YouTube board-game review sites. Will Wheaton has one that's very cool. Tabletop I believe it's called. Check it out. Great way to see if a game is "for you".
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